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OT: College bars around GW, late 90s - early 00s
Created: 3/4/2015 12:54:40 PMReplies: 21
3/4/2015 12:54:40 PM - squid

Hey all, I'm going to be writing a thing for about former college bars around GW from when I was there, which was 99-02. I think I remember most of them, but wanted to make sure I didn't miss any.

There was Odds, the lame club, I think on New Hampshire? Lulu's Club Mardi Gras, site of the famous fight with the team. Tequila Grill, Zei Club, Mister Day's, the old Froggy Bottom, Dark Horse (?) on Penn at 24th next to the Domino's (which foolishly accepted GWorld.) Any others? There was one I can't remember the name of, it was a basement bar that you got to from a staircase in the little pedestrian plaza at 21st, M and New Hampshire, anybody remember that place? It was super weird.


3/4/2015 12:58:04 PM - herve

Wasn't there a "Mr. Smiths" as well which was a bit of an old school dive with tables. Froggy Bottom used to be "Milos" and sold yards of beer.

3/4/2015 1:20:06 PM - squid

Hm, don't remember Milos, it was always Froggy for me. I think yards of beer would be bad news for me in those days. There was Mr. Smith's in Georgetown, with the piano player guy.

3/4/2015 1:29:18 PM - SDF

21st, M, and NH? You sure you have the right intersection? I worked in an office at that intersection for 2 years, and don't remember any staircase in that triangle island. I do remember gyros at Port of Piraeus, though.

Also, does Mad Hatter count? Because it should.

3/4/2015 1:31:31 PM - MinskMonster

Mr. Henry's was the underage bar on Pennsylvania. There was The Dome, (or the "Do Me"), the Black Rooster, and some others whose names escape me. 

3/4/2015 1:34:21 PM - Chrisw


Don't forget the brickskeller on 22nd st. 1000's of foreign beers before we knew how bad Coors and Bud tasted. Also the 21st amendment (forgive me if I picked the wrong amendment), and I know the Chinese restaurant on Penn near the hospital went disco on Friday and Saturday nights.

3/4/2015 2:04:39 PM - Boston Colonial

Was the place on 21st and M Abbey Road?

3/4/2015 2:05:34 PM - JAE

21st Amendment, The Exchange.


3/4/2015 2:16:14 PM - herve

Mr. Henry's was the place! Thanks for the correction!

3/4/2015 2:45:32 PM - Flyer Fan-DC

The 21st . . . every night after grad school. Made graduate school fun again. And the Brickskeller - this won't mean anything to anyone on the board other than Herve . . . after the GW-Dayton game many years ago - Purnell was still coaching. I was drinking there with the "Dayton broadcast team" . . . including a guy named Bucky Bockhorn, a legend in Flyerland. He ordered a Bud Lite from the waitress, which is, I guess, the equivalent of ordering vanilla at Baskin Robbins. Good luck tonight and Saturday.

3/4/2015 3:11:22 PM - squid

Good call on places like the Brickskeller and Madhatter -- I used to go to the Brickskeller all the time. It's a similar place called Bier Baron now.

Where was 21st Amendment? Is that also near Marshall's?

And what's the Dome? A few folks mentioned that to me too. Is the same as the Cellar, which I think was the place in the plaza at 21st, M and NH?

3/4/2015 3:17:01 PM - squid

This place isn't closed, but I also remember going to the Vegas Lounge at 14th and P, before anything was there, and Las Placitas in Eastern Market, as neither carded. Plus at Las Plac you could get relatively cheap Mexican food and tons of margaritas.

3/4/2015 3:32:53 PM - rocket

The Dome is/was where Squid describes it. Never went there but we had a Scottish nanny who went there all the time in the mid-eighties. Did spend a lot of time at Mr. Henry's way back when.

3/4/2015 3:33:13 PM - ChrisW


21st Ammendment is/was on Penn right off of Washington circle.

3/4/2015 3:34:03 PM - The MV

The 21st Amendment was my favorite bar, and there wasn't a close second.  Even though I met my wife at a different establishment.  OK, I guess it's tied for first.


3/4/2015 3:51:17 PM - GW Fan

I remember going to the 21st Amendment for happy hour when the office building next door was getting knocked down. The bottles on the back of the bar would all shake with each swing of the wrecking ball. Great place for after-hours card games. Abbey Roads was on L at 21st. I think there's a gym there now. Not sure if this was mentioned earlier but the Red Lion is still ther I think.  There was also EE Wolenskis in 2000 Penn.  

3/4/2015 4:11:01 PM - Bigfan

21st Amendment (may have had two m's) for some reason.

One Yukon Jack night was the highlight and probably lowlight of college drinking experience.

Went there even more after GW as it was a big softball hangout with cheap pitchers of beer, good burgers and some friendly bartenders.

Mr. Henrys, at least a long time ago, was not particularly discriminating on the 18 for wine and beer law (back then) and 21 for mixed drinks.

3/4/2015 4:56:03 PM - BuffBlue

There was this place - bonus points for whoever can remember the name - that was in the basement of a nondescript office building near M Street, something like Concessions, Recessions, maybe?  They had these ridiculous $10 open bar deals on the weekends from 10-midnight, and they let you order 10+ drinks for yourself at 11:59.  They had awful live music, but the bar area was decent.  And, man, those open bars.  

3/4/2015 4:56:48 PM - Umpleby

What was Milos again? 

3/4/2015 5:16:51 PM - Porter71

These are a little further away from Foggy bottom, but there was  The Common Share in Adams Morgan  , Georgios in DuPont (had $5 pitchers), and Club Hawk, which was the crappy dance hall above the hawk and dove..

3/4/2015 5:22:20 PM - Free Quebec

the 21st Amendment was torn down in like 89 or 90, well before the time period squid is looking for.  It was on the block where mcdaddens is now and was kind of a stand alone building there before the office building which now takes up the whole block.  

Umpleby, Milo's was a pizza place on the south side of Penn between 21st and 22nd.  It served deep dish pizza and, as Herve said, at some point they added yards of beer.   I think it was only there for 5 or 6 years.  They would serve underage kids so a good alternative once every freshmen realized Mr. Henry's sucked.   

When I was in school, The Black Rooster on L was a popular hangout, but after a flood in the mid to late 90s, they closed for like a year and then when they reopened, they kept it from having a college crowd   It's still there but I don't think its a GW hang out anymore.   Odds/GG Flips was also popular but I think that was gone by Squid's time.    Also spent a lot of Thursday nighta at the Roxy at like 19th and Connecticut for Reggae night but I think that also left around squid's time.   

To squid's question, unfortunately, I'm too old to answer though I have a friend who went there then and said he spent a lot of time at Sign of the Whale (or was it MadHatter's?) on M St  



3/4/2015 5:24:08 PM - SDF

It's Recessions, in the Quincy Hotel. Ridiculously cheap beer; it felt like drinking in a late '70s basement family room or a rural midwestern golf clubhouse.

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