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ziik the soothsayer
 11/23/2017 6:55:41 PM      Replies: 10

ziik the soothsayer11/22/2017 12:25:55 PM

I foresee a fine read, right here:


TIGHTEN THE NOOSE, by GW's Christopher L. Warner (A GWHoops Board Poster)


A board poster has published another book in his hard-edged detective series featuring an experienced big city cop and his newbie Korean-American sidekick, a guy whose scientific training makes the team function.


Tighten the Noose is the new title, and it follows Faces.  Both are intriguing murder mysteries set in San Francisco. The cast of Faces featured low lifes and various sexual rendevous of folks with alternative life styles. It was very well written, giving the reader a sense of another world, one he might only want to visit, but still enjoy for the sake of the exploration.
Christopher L. Warner, a retired DEA agent and current world traveler, is the author. Both books are available in paperback on Amazon.


Tighten the Noose just arrived, so I have not yet had time for a review. But, given the author's pedigree, it's no surprise that it focuses on our current outbreaks of drug deaths, terrorism and human trafficking, as controlled by disorganized criminal syndicates.


This is just the ticket for a Christmas stocking, and a late night reading, with your favorite babe in your arms, a dog at your feet, and a carafe of Irish coffee at the ready.


Chris knows crime a little too well. Don't worry, though. Just read. You'll get a thrill, absent the danger.



ziik the bomb thrower11/22/2017 12:43:04 PM

My uncle, the soothsayer, cannot read. 

He must have all texts read to him. 

His crystal (he says) speaks. I would not know. All is behind curtain, in private, with elders.

largymn11/22/2017 1:50:23 PM

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ziik the tentmaker11/22/2017 1:51:02 PM

Speaking of the illiterate ones can get you in trouble with the kinship, cousin. 

Soothsayer is not alone.

ziik the senile old man11/22/2017 3:54:43 PM

Largymn is not a ziik.

Neither is Christopher L. Warner. (I am certain that gladdens his heart.)

But this Chris can write.

jameslof11/22/2017 5:44:00 PM

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ziik the senile old man11/22/2017 11:33:07 PM

Who is this Jameslof?

carolnet11/23/2017 12:00:57 AM

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ziik the scrivener11/23/2017 9:56:42 AM

This is my first GWHOOPS post, ever.

I enjoyed this guy Chris's book FACES

Creepy, scary. I read it over a weekend. Could not put it down, except for a coffee and a dozen doughnuts. 

Chris can write.

I had some macaroons, too. I forgot that.

chrisw11/23/2017 6:55:41 PM

Thanks Ziiks...but you opened yourself up. You push my book, and here come the bots. There must be a connection there.



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