The Book of Mojo
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gw050910/16/2017 4:06:09 PM


bigfan10/16/2017 5:43:34 PM

Was thinking very nicely done in reading until the college years.

There, the same Revisionist History started. Some holes in the "story." Who recruited Mojo at Vermont? Who hired him at GW? 

Doesn't have to the same fawning tone as the tremendous two-year relationship with Izzo before his  playing time hints caused Mojo to leave Michigan State for ML at Vermont. But just a factual mention.

Quote about Izzo sounds exactly like Garino' s about ML.

Really hard to move on when GW presents this like a Stalinist textbook.

Otherwise, though a tad saccharine and with detail we would only care about, a very nice job of featuring Mojo.




ziik the bomb thrower10/16/2017 5:57:35 PM

I was going to say something similar, but less incendiary.

There's no good cause to erase ML from memory. Even the Germans have an institutional memory.


gw6910/16/2017 6:09:02 PM

Not an ML fan--but mostly agree with BIgfan here.To write ML out of the 

history is absurd.Shows contempt for all of us.I,for one,am sick of "fake news"

no matter if it's commission or omission.


gw future10/16/2017 11:14:43 PM

Heard it might be a fireable offense to even mention the name Lonergan within the halls of injustice er I mean the athletic department. So no surprise here.


bobo10/16/2017 11:23:24 PM

Wow! Can't they see how blatant and transparently dishonest this puff piece is?  Unlike the previous articles in the Spartan news, this whitewash of history was written by the GW Communications office and was after the legal settlement.  So all the previous excuses from Pravda news of why ML is whitewashed from the history books at GW and MoJo's lifelong mentorship under Larry Izzo is trumpeted.  


gw050910/17/2017 7:32:37 AM

Ugh I realize this post is probably going to blow up this thread, but here it goes:


Do we know whether Mojo considers ML a mentor and that it gets "whitewashed" from articles about him?  Like, prior to ML's firing, is there any evidence that Mojo talked about all he learned under ML as a coach/boss?

Or could it just be that Mojo feels Izzo was a stronger professional influence, regardless of how short of a time he actually spent at MSU?


I haven't had more than cursory interactions with both ML and Mojo so I'm sure others may have more insight on this than I.


gwstaff10/17/2017 9:38:50 AM

MoJo and ML were very close. He was a 3 year Captain for ML and he came to GW because of ML. ML turned his secretary position into a Assistant DOBO spot just for MoJo. ML fought to keep MoJo at GW when he had Visa problems. ML named his son after MoJo, Robert Maurice(Moe Lonergan). ML was not mad that MoJo stayed silent to get the job but once he got a contract he thought MoJo would taking part in the Fake News. MoJo didn't lke Izzo and went to play for ML at Vermont where they became extremely close so it disgusts many of their mutual friends that MoJo allows the revisionist history to continue. It is not necessary anymore. Most people know these facts already.


gwstaff10/17/2017 9:41:26 AM

...would STOP taking part in the Fake News.


the mv10/17/2017 10:07:54 AM

GW0509, that's a fair question and any reasonable conversation on the topic should not result in a thread being blown up.  My response to your question on evidence is that there probably isn't any but why would there be?  It's not like MoJo was giving many interviews while serving as an Assistant Coach or Director of Basketball Operations.  What we do know is that MoJo played for Mike for two years, and then spent 5 years on his bench.  Last year's team played similarly in style to ML's teams.  It would be very hard to conclude that ML had zero positive influence on MoJo's life or career.

There is no need to feel outraged at the continued omission of ML where mentions are warranted, be it on videotape at the unveiling of an NIT Championship banner or throughout the rehashing of MoJo's professional life.  This is the school's position, period.  They fired him with cause and subsequently paid him a settlement to stay silent and not file a lawsuit.  If I were the school, under these circumstances, I wouldn't want to see or hear his name mentioned (in connection to GW) in a positive light either.

However, that is not to say that as a student, alum, ticket holder, donor or fan of this program, you don't have the right to be wholly dissatisfied with this.  And, this dissatisfaction is largely due to the school's handling of matters...the firing of ML with a recruit on campus and without alerting the players or assistant coaches until the story had been widely reported, the school's unwillingness to be transparent by disclosing the findings of their internal investigation, the decision to put the fate of this program in the hands of a Provost who was not the slightest bit connected to this program, and the curious decision to retain MoJo without conducting a national search (which of course was completely a financially motivated decision).

This week's unfortunate reminder of what could have been came in the form of an ad promoting the Atlantic 10 tournament  making its first-ever appearance in Washington, DC.  It's not hard to fathom that if all was right in Foggy Bottom and ML were still the head coach (this is not to say that he definitely should be, just a "what if"), GW would be among the top contenders to win the title in its home city.  Instead, we are solidly forecast for an 11th-14th place finish, with very little hope of being a major factor in this tournament (at least in October, before any of the games are played).  No matter your feelings, that really is a shame.


gw050910/17/2017 10:15:40 AM



I just meant is there anything like this?

out there about ML and Mojo. "Coach Izzo and Michigan State have been great to me and I consider them to be my family," said Joseph. "I've kept in contact with them since the school year ended and they've all been supportive through this whole process. My goal was to be somewhere I can be more of a focal point. I believe that can be true at Vermont. They are a good program and have been to the NCAA Tournament three of the last four years. It also doesn't hurt that the school is less than two hours from home. The fans are passionate about basketball and I look forward to starting the next part of my basketball career there."


And how in his hometown paper (not the Fake News hashtag sad failing GW Athletics Communicattions folks), Mojo himself cites his high school coach and Izzo?



gw050910/17/2017 10:22:40 AM

That response was to GW Staff btw.

I guess what I was getting at is it might not be a grand conspiracy why Mojo cites Izzo and not ML as a major influence on his life. He might just be saying how he feels.  

Now what the Athletics Department decides to do is a whole nother issue.  And I agree, I don't necessarily believe in the total removal of any mention of ML in future releases, especially because we did win a lot of fun games and the NIT with him at the helm.



gw future10/17/2017 11:16:45 AM

Here what ya saying GW Staff. However, let's be a little fair to Mojo. The Ministers of Injustice have most likely instructed him not to speak the words Lonergan. He is a young coach with little job security. Not sure you are seeing the true feelings of Mojo. Word around town is GW fucked him on his contract and gave him little security. They have allegedly forced him to keep current staff intact out of fear of legal reprisals should one or more be let go. So when/if Ministers say don't mention Lonergan ever, what choice does he really have? Answer  = none. I'd love for a reporter to ask Mojo if he has been instructed not to speak about Lonergan lol. This is just another example of why LeBlanc needs to make changes. Pravda and Kremlin would be apt descriptions of the current vibe at GW athletics. Mojo is a good guy caught up in a fucked up situation. Hopefully he wins despite of the cards he was handed so he will have leverage on the Ministers and they will either give him legit contract or he can walk. Not much would be better at GW than to see Mojo hold all the cards and watch the Ministers scramble. Then maybe we will learn what he really thinks of Lonergan.


tennessee colonial10/17/2017 11:37:29 AM

Just got back from Italy and visiting Roman ruins. Roman and Italian conspiracy seems alive and well in DC. Sad. And now we have to deal with a Marsha Blackburn,  "The Drug Queen", here in Tennessee.  


ziik the senile old man10/17/2017 11:40:33 AM

Isn't Marsha the Republican Miss America? Their Emily Ratajkowski?


gwstaff10/17/2017 1:04:26 PM

He has been instructed not to mention ML's name as have all of us. The media isn't allowed to ask him about ML. It would be nice if a member of the media had the balls to ask MoJo about ML and why he has never said a word about him. Even the Hatchet writers won't ask MoJo about ML. I guarantee you that MoJo will never say a negative thing about ML. He knows and appreciates all that ML has done for him. He has been forced to go along with the fake narrative that Izzo was his mentor. That is laughable to MoJo's friends and forme teammates at Mich St and Vermont.


flush10/17/2017 1:12:25 PM

The troll for ML is back.  Fact is Mojo does consider Izzo who has beloved players and staff his mentor. ML who abused his staff and players in contrast the school and Mojo are wise to distance from. 


the mv10/17/2017 1:17:22 PM

Q: How does one guard against being perceived as a troll?

A: Call someone else a troll.


gw alum abroad10/17/2017 1:36:23 PM

Before this devolves into the usual evil pantload exchange of inane posts, I'd just point out that no way reporters agree not to ask about ML. However, knowing they won't get an answer might make them less likely to do so in the same way POTUS is not regulary asked about his father's role in the Bund. Also, ML is yesterday's story, getting GW above the A10 lumpen is today's concern.


the real dude10/17/2017 1:53:19 PM

Obvious to everyone except Nero plants here that Nero will go into a tizzy if anyone even mentions ML.

Nero can't change history. Mojo, Haj and Holm all made a decision long ago to follow ML and learn from him. Those that are close to the program and have known these young men understand this.

At the half way point of this season, if the team is not performing well, everyone will be connecting Mojo to ML in order to blame ML for the poor performance. ML has moved on (with what appears to be a fat paycheck) so lets do the same.

Time to turn our attention to Nero and demand results from an athletic department that saw increased funding years ago to perform in the top third of the league consistently. Dude, since you have a lot of time on your hands, do the math and let us know how we are performing - 11 out of 14 isn't top third. Also, I don't want to hear about squash!


gw future10/17/2017 2:43:15 PM

The GW Hoops minders inside the Ministry of Injustice are now ringing the alarm bells as some dared to mention Lonergan's name here. "Flush" seems like an appropriate name because those kind of posts need to be flushed down the toilet where most shit goes. You can hit and run here but the truth is going to march on.


newgwfan10/17/2017 2:52:41 PM

Watched an interview with him and Andy Katz today.  Katz asked who some of his mentors have been.  He named Izzo, John Becker, and his HS Coach.  No mention of ML, but now we are able to cite the influence of John Becker who I believe was the DOBO when you were at UVM?  Don't get me wrong, Becker's a great coach, that's not the point.  

Newsflash for Mojo - It makes you come across as disengenuous not to recognize ML in any capacity ever.  Even if it's the athletic department wishes or public relations move, it reflects on you that you have yet to udder his name in any way shape or form.  You've been gifted a job of HC at GW without the proper qualification to deserve the job you have.  The biggest qualification seems to be that he's smooth with the media.  Give me a break.  Hajj was more deserving of the HC job last year that Mojo was.  Clealry the powers that be had more confidence they could control messaging by hiring Mojo.  


dea10/17/2017 3:03:07 PM

jesus christ what is the statute of limitations on lonergan posts. he's gone. get over it.


the mv10/17/2017 3:07:26 PM

NewGWFan, most of us have aspects to our jobs that we don't particularly enjoy doing but we do because there is no choice.  I believe that's MoJo in this case.  He doesn't strike me as one who is taking any joy in omitting ML amongst those he has learned from or relied upon.  It's pretty clear he's been specifically told not to mention him.  Not exactly like doing a deal with the devil, but the common thread is that he has to swallow his integrity in exchange for a prestigious job within his profession at a salary that most people his age could only beg for.  FWIW, most of us given these same circumstances would likely be handling this the same way.

the mv10/17/2017 3:11:21 PM

Nope DEA, incorrect response.  Nice parting gifts for you.

In a 24 hour window where puts out a fluff piece and MoJo is interviewed during A10 media day, and on both occasions, the name Lonergan is conspicuously missing when one can easily make the case that he should have been rightfully mentioned, this is going to be discussed here.  I'd suggest you get over that.


bigfan10/17/2017 3:25:43 PM

Since we discuss basketball games and players from the 1950s here, think we can discuss the Kremlin-like excommunication of the former coach, especially in something posted a day ago.

Just don't read the post if it offends your sensibilities. That's understandable. Should we be discussing the vaunted sailing team instead?

One question for Mojo,: If Izzo was a father figure, religious icon, celebrated educator, spiritual guide, best man at his wedding (did Izzo attend?), basketball guru, behavioral role model and mentor in all things, why didn't he stay at Michigan State?

And why did he follow that "crumb-bum" Lonergan not only to Vermont, but voluntarily to GW? What does that say about Mojo and the others? Meanwhile, did they sell themselves out for money while working in that horrific atmosphere, or did they legitimately think there was really nothing wrong? Izzo makes ML look like Mr. Rogers.

We all like and support Mojo and he has potential to be a great coach with a little seasoning (something that maybe shouldn't be happening at this level).

But if GW is to act like an honorable institution and Mojo is to conduct himself like an honorable man now that any perceived legal restrictions are over, he can't run away from the facts and erase his own personal history.


oliver rooney10/17/2017 3:27:45 PM




gw050910/17/2017 3:35:41 PM

"why didn't he stay at Michigan State?"

I'm about ready to stop responding to this stupid thread I unleashed, but MoJo made it clear at the time he wanted a bigger role and wanted to play closer to home and UVM is the closest D1 school to Montreal. 


the mv10/17/2017 3:48:04 PM

Yes, I have no problem believing that MoJo transferred in order to play more minutes.  This happens all of the time.  I'm also not buying that MoJo didn't like Izzo.  Maybe he was unhappy about his playing time (he averaged under 3 minutes a game as a freshman) but I don't think he calls Izzo and spends some time with him once he was named GW's head coach if he really doesn't like him.  It's clear that he respects him.

This is not an either/or situation, as in was MoJo positively influenced by either Izzo or Lonergan?  Am pretty sure the answer was by both.


the dude10/17/2017 3:53:31 PM

This thread is a good microcosm of what it was like to have a discussion here about ML in the ML era. 

We're in the MOJO era now though, and this was an article about Mojo. 




the mv10/17/2017 4:09:44 PM

The Dude is of course correct.  Let's talk about MoJo.

So Dude, do you think that the school has ordered MoJo never to bring up Lonergan's name or do you think MoJo is consistently omitting any and all such references on his own?


gw future10/17/2017 4:44:35 PM

Dummy Dude will get back to you MV once he has time to consult with the Ministry of Injustice hahahaha.


maine colonial10/17/2017 7:22:32 PM

This guy also lasted about five years and had some notable victories but couldn’t get along with his superiors and ultimately betrayed GW and the cause: LINK

It’s called “damnatio memoriae”: LINK


bigfan10/17/2017 7:57:06 PM

Yield to no one in distaste for enemies of GW. But in this case, the enemy of GW is actually GW.

Thanks for inadvertantly making the case. If you look up that ancient term, it proves what bothers many here, even those who don't like ML.

It is the more modern Kremlinesque/Orwellian order to erase someone from existence like the sickening NIT ring ceremony video.

Obviously, the big university booster here got the Athletic Department memo.

As did the very young head coach, suddenly promoted from third assistant in a no-bid contract for a very desirable job.

But on this GW basketball board, let's talk about such relevant topics as the blueprints for sub-basement of a campus building that have been brought up ad nauseam (if we are reverting to Latin/classical terms), yet have nothing to do with the subject at hand.




maine colonial10/17/2017 9:12:43 PM

As a matter of fact, Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal took drawing lessons in that “campus building” less than two years ago: LINK

And it’s a sure thing that at some point, the Corcoran School of the Arts and Design will be the key to landing a top recruit who wants to be an artist like Desmond Mason, a musician like Wayman Tisdale or an actor like Kevin Peter Hall. Sheila Albertson, one of GW’s soccer players, is a Corcoran student studying classical piano.  

Once the National Gallery of Art begins installing artwork in the Corcoran this spring and it eventually opens to the public, it will attract 700,000 people a year including many potential donors like Beal. LINK


gw future10/17/2017 9:27:02 PM

Maine Colonial as a card carrying member of the Ministry of Injustice serves one function here Bigfan - deflection, obfuscation and deception. Again the truth marches on notwithstanding Maine Colonial.


thinker10/18/2017 3:06:01 AM

A lot of #BowieStrong BS above.

This I can tell you -- MoJo got a 5 year guaranteed contract at an annual rate that was well within the industry norms for a school the size of GW for a new coach with MoJo's experience. 

MoJo was given full power to select/hire/fire his staff. 

You people who want MoJo or GW to praise ML's accomplishments and contributions at GW crack me up. ML isn't Mussolini, but Mussolini did get the trains to run on time. I don't know. Does Italy have a commemorative flag or plaque or momument celebrating Mussolini's accomplishments with the train system?

The #BowieStrong crowd answers: Look trains are important. I ride the train all of the time. I get home to my family on time everyday now. I know the stuff about the Jews was bad but credit where credit is due -- justice demands Mussolini get credit for the trains!!


gw6910/18/2017 6:59:35 AM

My bar is very low Thinker! All I wish for is what you just wrote.

Mussolini exisred.I have no interest in praising ML --for me nothing

beyond his won loss record is laudable-but to expunge him as if he

was never on the face of the earth is absurd.


I used to get a kick studying Russian History -Thompson and Petrov-

everytime a Politbureau member was purged not only was he

written out of the "heroic" narritive --the official photos were also

doctored to "disinclude" the dear departed.One photo had three missing!!


maine colonial10/18/2017 8:21:15 AM

He hasn’t been expunged. All of the stories and videos are still on the GWSports website: LINK

Go back to May 6, 2011 and pine for the past while the rest of us focus on the upcoming basketball season.


gw6910/18/2017 8:32:36 AM

Not pining for the past--we can only move on when our reality is

validated.ML existed,yes,--now we can move on.


gw future10/18/2017 8:57:00 AM

Thinker is being deliberately disingenuous here. Take a look at the buyout my man to see what is real. 5 years is really only 5 years if you can't be easily dumped. The years don't matter. The Ministry of Injustice wants you to believe they are committed to Mojo. Yes they are ... if he wins quickly. Also he is likely lowest paid coach in league. When was last time GW had lowest paid coach in league? #lowbuyout=#lowjobsecurity so #that Thinker. 

I hope Mojo wins and holds the cards to fuck with the ministry of injustice. They took advantage of him and likely will not hesitate to fuck him should it be in their interests. I'm pro-Mojo and anti-ministry of injustice.


thinker10/18/2017 9:21:13 AM

Logically, MoJo would be one of the lowest paid coaches in the league given that a bunch of the schools always pay a lot higher -- like Dayton, VCU, SLU, URI and there are also a bunch of very senior coaches in the league - St. Joes, Richmond, St. Bona, Davidson, Lasalle.

You say MoJo could get fired easily? I guess ML couldn't be fired easily and he works in a gym now. 


thinker10/18/2017 9:28:30 AM


Do you tell your clients who were victims of abuse to remember and acknowledge their abusers' good characteristics and not just focus on the beatings and the rapings? Do you say "sure your dad molested you, but he also took you to Disneyworld"? "Fairness and accuracy requires to acknowledge Disneyworld."


the mv10/18/2017 9:47:58 AM

I had a good laugh reading this line:  

MoJo got a 5 year guaranteed contract at an annual rate that was well within the industry norms for a school the size of GW for a new coach with MoJo's experience. 

I'd sure like to see the comps for: salaries for 31 year old head coaches with zero prior head coaching experience within Top 10 college basketball conferences.  Incidentally, I have also heard that this contract is not exactly what one would call fully guaranteed.  That is not bad-mouthing MoJo; that is conveying what I've heard.



gw6910/18/2017 9:54:27 AM

Thinker--only if they want to talk about it.

ziik the senile old man10/18/2017 10:13:09 AM

This is the sort of riveting repartee that has kept me fixated on GWHoops for 15 years.

Thanks, herve.


bo knows10/18/2017 10:50:05 AM

Without wading too deep into this, a few things can be said.

1. If no guarantee or low buyout, Mojo is easily dispensable at the whim of GW. The amount of years is really irrelevant.

2. Thinker did you really have to make that point using Mussolini as an analogy? This kind of absurd nonsensical (and somewhat offensive) rhetoric is exactly what fuels more posts by those who support ML. But I sense that is exactly what you want notwithstanding your claims otherwise.

3. I would suggest that those who want GWHoops to stop talking about ML stop talking about ML. To be sure, there are pot stirrers on both sides, but I find it fascinating that those who claim we should stop talking about ML here are all too willing to keep talking about ML here.



gw5910/18/2017 11:01:42 AM

Actually one of the most important ideas in therapy is the notion 

in regards to ones parents is to start by "mourning what you didn't get

from them and then acknowledging what you did get".

In that order.One may have a lot of mourning to do!I know I did.

Now I can acknowledge more than on a couple of occasions they 

both really came through.Grudgingly--but it's the truth.

gwstaff10/18/2017 12:25:54 PM

Thinker needs to go to confession after all the lies he has posted on here the last 15 months. He and Steve from Maine are working overtime with their fiction every time some facts are revealed on here.  They never disprove the facts I and others have posted here. 


bobo10/18/2017 1:42:29 PM

After Rick Pitino was named in the recent FBI indictments and was dismissed from Louisville,  the university chose a young assistant coach and former Louisville player, David Padgett.  Pitino ran a corrupt basketball organization that will be absolutely hammered by the NCAA.  Yet in his first interview after being named head coach,  Padgett acknowledged his long relationship with Pitino and how much he learned from Pitino and that he knows full well that he wound not be standing there as head coach if not bit for the coach that he played under (transfer) and coached under.  

To deny or ignore the help and learning that Padgett received from Pitino would an obvious lie.  Similarly,  for Mojo and GW to bury the relationship between Mojo and the only college coach he was successful under as a player and the only coach that ever hired and promoted him after college makes Mojo and GW look insecure and dishonest.   


flush10/18/2017 1:44:09 PM

Benedict Lonergan like Benedict Arnold will not be completely forgotten by history


ziik the bomb thrower10/18/2017 1:45:38 PM

Bobo, reality is overrated.

gw future10/18/2017 1:50:36 PM

Overheard this morning in the Ministry of Injustice - "Unleash the Minions!!!!" Not surprisingly, Flush steps right up. Expect to hear from Dummy Dude soon. 


porter7110/18/2017 2:33:54 PM

I like how every day that goes by, ML becomes more and more of monster in some people's eyes.  It makes no sense to me.  He is now somehow on par with a child molester.  Do you guys not realize that the worse you make ML out to be as an abuser, the more poorly it reflects on the current coach and staff who I think you are trying to defend?

You ask: Do you say "sure your dad molested you, but he also took you to Disneyworld"? 

I ask: "After the child is taken away from the father who molested him, do you give custody to his uncle who watched the whole thing happen, yet did nothing to stop it?"  Under your analogy, this is what happened at GW.






danjsport10/18/2017 2:39:10 PM

I personally find it odd that Mojo doesn't mention ML at all.  Perhaps he does not believe he learned a lot from ML.  Perhaps he believes he was mistreated by ML, but kept the job because it kept his foot in the door.  Perhaps he was part of a coup to get rid of ML.  Perhaps he was asked by the administration not to mention ML.  Perhaps he chose, on his own, not to mention ML because he was worried it would ruffle feathers.  Perhaps he likes the idea of pushing a connection to Tom Izzo because it will help recruiting far more than pushing a connection to Mike Lonergan.  Perhaps he's just a selfish asshole that has no respect for what got him to this point.  Perhaps ML asked him to leave him out of anything positive related to GW basketball, and he's respecting ML's wishes.  

There are probably a dozen more hypothetical reasons why Mojo didn't mention ML.  If I cared tremendously about this, it would probably bother me and eat at me.  Instead, I just hope ML does a good job.  I don't care who mentored him, who he feels helped him the most, or who he feels he can lean on now.  I want him to recruit well, teach the kids to play well, and have a good basketball team.  I'm ready for the season to start.


flush10/18/2017 2:41:21 PM

Bye bye Benedict Lonergan


gw050910/18/2017 2:49:06 PM

Thank you Dan, well said.  

bigfan10/18/2017 3:46:17 PM

Porter71 has it exactly right. Thinker, who has now gone two for two in wildly inappropriate anologies, set him up perfectly with the answer.

75 percent of the coaching staff,including Mojo both played under ML and followed him to GW.

If he was such a monster and they witnessed and thus silently supported abusive horrors and remained, they have no principles and no decency. And no right to sit on our GW bench with our fine young men.

Prefer to think that the whole thing was overblown and our coaching staff are decent people, worthy of coaching our players and representing our university. 

Despite our young, very ambitious and seemingly easily malleable coach's unhonorary degree in Revisionist History, he always has seemed like a very nice guy--and the rest of the staff as well. So maybe they witnessed nothing horribly untoward as to warrant the subsequent hand-wringing and firing.

In any case, no matter what he did or didn't do: Lonergan existed, 75 percent of the staff not only played for him, but sought out employment with him and remained to cash their  paycheck during those allegedly turbulent times.

And all the Pravda-like reports, Politburo-style disappearances and Kremlinesque denials won't change that.



jorma10/18/2017 4:03:36 PM

If you want to see glowing praise of ML in print, you can read ML self authored Yelp reviews of own his performance as a gym assistant.  


merrick10/18/2017 5:54:43 PM

Holy smoke!  I'm glad I don't read this board every day.

Let's see, the GW Men's Basketball webpage does a genteel profile story on coach Mojo and some of the influences in his life.  Sure it's a puff piece, but it offers some additional insights into Mojo's upbringing and approach to coaching that many of us have not seen before.  Instead of enjoying the positive aspects of the story, we get complaints here that it lacks hard hitting Pulitzer Prize investigative pyscho-analytical journalism into the dark side of MoJo's history with ML.  When did you meet him?  What attracted you to play and coach for him?  What did you see as an assistant and when did you see it?

Maybe (dreaming) when GW reaches the Elite Eight and Sports Illustrated wants to do a profile piece on the upstart young coach and the darker times of GW basketball, you'll get the answers you are seeking.  In the meantime, why not enjoy the story for what it is?  No wonder this town and our country is such a mess.  





gw future10/18/2017 5:57:54 PM

Of course Porter71 and Bigfan. The minions have always had trouble with basic logic. They want you to believe, on the one hand, that ML was a monster and, on the other hand, that the assistants were blindfolded and given ear plugs at practices and games. Or they want you to believe the discredited theory that they were just following orders and helpless to oppose such abuse. The truth is the abuse didn't exist to anywhere close to the degree it was claimed because if it did, not one of the assistants who stood by and said nothing would be hire able. The minions get hoisted on their own petard every time.


ruserious10/18/2017 8:06:11 PM

People work for people they don't like or respect all the time. Harvey Weinstein had many people working for him, I find it hard to believe that deep down they liked or respected him in any way. 

Of course how the coaches slept at night knowing how ML treated players and staff is beyond me.

If they thought that ML was mistreated I'm sure they wouldn't still be at GW. 


gw future10/18/2017 8:18:42 PM

So in this thread we've had Lonergan analogies ranging from Harvey Weinstein to Mussolini. The minions are feeling nervous because the Ministry has not been able to explain how the assistants knew nothing. The disconnect is obvious to everyone with three brain cells operating. The minions are wildly lashing out this evening. I feel for them. The reign of error will end soon. 


dea10/18/2017 10:26:26 PM

i just don't think you people are doing Lonergan any favors by continuing this ridiculous charade. I was a fan of Lonergan while he ws here and would be happy for him if he found another good gig but I'm really pumped about MoJo. It's just sad really


gw future10/18/2017 10:54:45 PM

Do you think that GW employees who have selectively leaked info here and posted false and misleading info here are doing GW any favors? 


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capitalcolonial10/18/2017 11:48:43 PM

Do you think GW cares what happens on an anonymous message bored?

free quebec10/19/2017 12:28:15 AM

Shame on you, Thinker.

Comparing ML to a Nazi-allied fascist who helped hunt down and kills jews, and to rapists, is demeaning to this board and a permanent stain on your credibility. 

We know you never liked him, and we know you think people are wrong to point out that omitting his coach and boss when discussing his mentors is picking nits, but come on man - you went to a dark, disgusting place.  Twice.  You owe an apology.



flush10/19/2017 12:34:23 AM

Free,  Tough words for someone making an obvious point, not a direct comparison.  Oddly silent thougb  when Nero was falsely accused over and over again here as some actual sexual predator. Glad you picked the right thing to be outraged by. Well done Free. 


      Stuff you should read

  • Make an argument
  • Don't call someone an evil pant-load
  • Don't threaten to sue someone for your free, voluntary participation on a semi-anonymous site


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