By: herve (9,159 posts) - 4/4/2011 1:02:26 PM;jsessionid=23B5B02D6E03CC9DE525854AA0B41676?contentguid=I074fM53&detailindex=0&pn=0&ps=4

A-10 coaches

  • Archie Miller, Dayton, 32
  • Derek Kellogg, Massachusetts, 37
  • Chris Mooney, Richmond, 38
  • Chris Mack, Xavier, 40
  • Alan Major, Charlotte, 42
  • Mark Schmidt, St. Bonaventure, 48
  • John Giannini, La Salle, 48
  • Ron Everhart, Duquesne, 49
  • Karl Hobbs, George Washington, 48
  • Tom Pecora, Fordham, 53
  • Phil Martelli, Saint Joseph’s, 56
  • Jim Baron, Rhode Island, 57
  • Fran Dunphy, Temple, 62
  • Rick Majerus, Saint Louis, 63

By: cagwuk (125 posts) - 4/4/2011 2:22:48 PM

He's former Xavier coach Sean Miller's younger brother and a former assistant to Thad Matta (also former X coach).  A-10 board chatter about some sort of nepotism rule that prevented him from being a candidate for previous and future musketeer openings?

By: notta hater (2,492 posts) - 4/4/2011 2:39:07 PM

nepotism?  Miller is at Arizona and Matta is at OSU

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 4/4/2011 3:06:30 PM

He was also an assistant to Herb Sednick.  Very impressive background.

So where do you go from here? (warning: ranmbling rant)

After 4 games, it's pretty clear what we've got: A team that was one injury away from total and complete disaster, and that injury happened. I have no idea how 10 years into the Hobbs era, and in the 5th year after Pops/Mike/Omar/Pinnock left, we cou


VCU to the A-10

Looks like it will be official this week.... VCU joining Atlantic 10 in 2013 By Brett McMurphy | College Football Insider VCU is leaving the Colonial Athletic Association and will join the Atlantic 10 Conference in 2013, industry sources told CBSSpor