By: Poog (3,875 posts) - 5/19/2012 4:05:02 PM

School announced that Steve Mrowka will not return as GW baseball coach next season.

By: Dolphin Michael (2,188 posts) - 5/19/2012 5:46:41 PM

Close, but no cigar. One wanted more for the guy.

By: GW Alum Abroad (2,456 posts) - 5/20/2012 6:29:00 PM

 Not surprised. Nero is clearly putting his stamp on the department (just ask KH and Bozeman). Take a quick look at the stats for team batting, ERA and errors. On the other hand, in the most important measure of them all, things look good and were improving.

By: notta hater (2,492 posts) - 5/20/2012 10:29:08 PM

 I think it's a new and consistent message.  Win or else.

By: Dolphin Michael (2,188 posts) - 5/21/2012 8:22:08 AM

notta, you may not be winning, but you have to make a case for positive program improvement. What I don't think we saw was a really strong argument abour recruiting. We were getting some nice 5th year guys sniffing at GW and/or playing. Transfers. Actually there was a bit of movement on the pitching, but we just suffered at the plate and at key times in the field.

This is why Nero gets the big bucks.

If anything, I am reminded of the addage about a group of people being chased by a bear, You don't really have to be faster than the bear, just faster than one of the other people being chased. Baseball, if it had any improvement, wasn't enough to outshine any other sport. Saftball made it to the A10 title game. The Colonials were playing and nearly beating the perennial powers in the A10. Over the last two or three seasons, there was steady improvement in the field for the Colonials--one or two field players at a time were bigtime talents. The other players have developed to round out the team.

Baseball produced a number for good players over the past 5 years, but it just wasn't the level of a quality program that was going to play at least 550 or 600 ball and challenge for a title.


By: tk (258 posts) - 5/21/2012 12:35:53 PM

i don't think we'll be getting our next coach from a DII program

loving nero so far

By: NJ Colonial (1,980 posts) - 5/22/2012 9:15:30 PM

Loving the bold post-Kvantz era.  I did, however, meet Coach Mrowka in NYC at the Yankee Stadium - GW Alumni event last year - nice guy, so I hope he finds another job soon.

By: Levinator (1,535 posts) - 5/23/2012 9:39:12 AMAs always- Im not at liberty to discuss anything other than isn't it great to finally have a detailed and calculated-oriented AD? Hmmm. JK was a joke when it came to such expectations. He was much better when you needed to drink enough coffee to digest the buttered roll.

By: Tuna Can (1,661 posts) - 5/23/2012 12:45:08 PM

Levinator, congrats!!!!!

You are the now found, before, missing, 2012 Pulitzer Prize winner for Fiction in recognition of your last post. It was  a fine work that will be treasured for years.

By: Levinator (1,535 posts) - 5/24/2012 2:05:17 AMI'd like to start by thanking all the little people... (ain't nothing but a can of sardines) Keep this proaction going!

GW Investigation

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