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Congratulations Graduates Aaron, Tony and Jabari !
Created: 5/22/2012 4:33:08 PMReplies: 12
5/20/2012 11:26:37 AM - Gw fan/grad "97"

 Congratulations to these guys.  May they have much success in the future on or off the court.

5/20/2012 1:00:34 PM - bobo

Well said.  Congratulations to the graduates!

5/20/2012 1:41:27 PM - SkyHigh
Thank to each of u for all the hard work in and outside of the classroom. May all of your efforts pay big dividends in the roads that you've chosen for your future.
5/20/2012 3:42:25 PM - Mentzinger

5/20/2012 4:36:54 PM - Long Suffering Fan

 Thought Jabari graduated last year and was in graduate school.  Or was that just the manner fo designating a fifth year senior.  In any event, I am happy to hear that all have graduated.

5/20/2012 8:50:17 PM - CSH

Pretty sure Jabari just finished a Master's.

5/20/2012 10:23:42 PM - notta hater

If Jabari got his undergrad degree that is great.  If he got a masters, that is fantastic!!! Congrats to all the men and women who graduated this year.  I hope to read great things about you and all members of the GW class of 12 in the near future.

5/21/2012 3:34:29 AM - Bigfan

Proud that they got their diploma, as it shoiuld be, along with the work they put in for the team. Congrats, gents!

5/21/2012 3:54:38 AM - Poog

Congrats also to Brooke Wilson, Tara Booker and Sara Mostafa who graduated on the women's side and will be returning for their medical redshirt 5th year under new Coach Tsipis and to Tiana Myers who graduates and moves on. With injuries and coaching changes, it's been a long four years for all of them but they got what they came for -- their GW degrees.

5/21/2012 8:24:07 AM - Dolphin Michael

I second notta and poog. Good going!!!!! Welcome to the real world. I hope your experiences on the court and in the classrooms will help you reach your dreams. These days, you have to be prepared to move your feet!

5/22/2012 3:38:32 PM - nycity hoops

 Congrats to the young men.  Great four years!!!  Many success for all the graduates!

5/22/2012 4:33:02 PM - Seneca

Congratulations to all the graduates. Wishing you the best of luck in the future. Go out and continue to make GW proud!

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