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tennessee colonial
 9/11/2017 9:48:40 AM      Replies: 3

tennessee colonial9/9/2017 9:46:53 PM


The scores posted at the bottom of the site for daily action is totally screwed up. It show us with a win for a women's vollyball game when we actually lost. The scores and W - L designations are more wrong than right. You have to actually read the article to see who really was the winner. Who ever is in charge of the "official" site better get their shit together. Ugh!

bc9/10/2017 12:18:15 PM

Not doing very well in Vball and soccer recently.

the dude9/10/2017 1:53:11 PM

That site has always been incredibly weak.  Its embarrassing frankly. Always looks about 20 years out of date, which is impressive considering the internet age is only about 20 years+ old.

nj colonial9/11/2017 9:48:40 AM

Don't just tell us, tell Smith Center: Patrick Nero,


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