Kevin Marfopower forward - 6-8

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 4/27/2015 3:50:55 PM


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Dan Sullivan@dtsull
@KevinMarfo received an offer from UT-Chattanooga and BU, to go along with interest from George Washington, URI, DePaul, Xavier, & Miami OH

Verbal Commits

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 4/28/2015 7:46:36 AM

I would love a front court of Marfo and Lull.   Sounds like a buddy cop movie. 

By: Mentzinger (3,646 posts) - 4/28/2015 2:42:51 PM

Alex Kline @TheRecruitScoop · 17h17 hours ago

St. Joseph’s has now offered 2016 BABC (MA) PF Kevin Marfo.


By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 4/28/2015 8:39:59 PM

We offered, per Verbal Commits

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 4/29/2015 10:48:21 AM

So did a bunch of others...

Worcester Academy & @thebabc big man Kevin Marfo added offers from DePaul, GW, LaSalle, Hofstra & Lehigh yesterday

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 5/5/2015 10:45:58 AM

per @NERRHOOPS, Xavier offered

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 5/6/2015 8:31:52 AM


By: BM (5,673 posts) - 5/30/2015 1:45:02 PM

Group Stats ‏@GroupStats  3h3 hours ago

EYBL's Top DReb% thru ses 4
1 Kevin Marfo (@KevinMarfo) 28.2%
2 Jayson Tatum (@Im_that_dude22) 24.5%
3 Harry Giles (@TheReal_HG3) 23.6%

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 6/10/2015 2:03:06 PM

Video.  Rebounding beast.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 6/10/2015 2:41:36 PM

Impressive, looks like a great potential successor to BigKev.  To date not many BCS schools have offered? We have a realistic shot at Marfo?

By: MG'14 (310 posts) - 6/10/2015 4:11:36 PM

He has offers from Xavier, Depaul, Kansas State, and Tusla. Something around 25 offers as of now

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 6/10/2015 4:14:17 PM

We have the playing time available in 2016. Lots of playing time.

And a good history with Worcester Academy.

Didn't Carl, the most winning guard in GW history, go there?

Time for what would be the most winning PF in GW history to make an unshakeable commitment to a school with great academics and basketball prospect for him.

By: MG'14 (310 posts) - 6/12/2015 4:54:37 PM

Offered by UMass and BC

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 6/16/2015 2:10:21 PM

Minnesota jumps in.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 8/16/2015 8:29:16 PM

We made his final list!!  So did 9 other schools. 

@AdamFinkelstein: Kevin Marfo final list per WA coach Jamie Sullivan - Pitt, G. Tech, Minn, BC, UMass, St Joe's, DePaul, GW, URI & Providence.

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 8/16/2015 11:29:25 PM

So, for you guys who are much closer to this than I am, considering Collin Smith is in, who of Marfo, Toro, Painter, and Andree would you most like to have sign with GW?  I understand that we would probably be happy with any of them, but it is still summer, and we can still dream.  For those of you who are real experts, can you give it to us in order?

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 8/17/2015 12:44:27 AM

I won't claim I'm the expert on this. Going just on who has offered as listed by Verbal Commits Painter and Marfo have similar interest from similar levels of schools - they would seem to be tier one of the most coveted recruits. Andree would be a full step below that and Toro would be just a little below that.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 8/17/2015 1:55:53 AM

I agree with Thinker's hierarchy, edge to Painter at the very top, the higher BCS level offers, a little more polish to his game, just needs to add a little bulk.  Would be great to see him in a Matt Johnson photo in 1 year's time with his arms folded next to Cimino Goss and Swany. 

Marfo also very good, and no need to fold his arms.  Dude is a bruiser already, has a little bit of a Dwight Howard game.  Either guy would be great for GW. Marfo if you like bulk, Painter if you like polished skill/higher upside.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 8/17/2015 10:57:54 AM

According to the internet, we also have offers out to Truehart, Wooten, Lull and Golden.  Wondering if they are going for three bigs in the 2016 class.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 8/17/2015 12:20:48 PM

Article with a bit more detail.  Apparently schools are doing presentations at Worcester Academy in the next couple of weeks.

By: Poog (3,875 posts) - 8/17/2015 2:44:16 PM

Fairly generic description of GW's candidacy. Also noted in another article on that page that fellow New Yorker Jayla Jones-Pack has eliminated the GW women from consideration. She was one of several bigs Tsipis was apparently pursuing to replace JJ.

By: Goo Colonials Go (68 posts) - 8/17/2015 2:53:28 PM

Good video on the page BM posted. He has some nice interior moves. 

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 8/17/2015 3:10:04 PM

I am predicting Georgia Tech.  Since he believes that we (and URI) play in the Atlanta 10, he obviously has Georgia on his mind.


By: BM (5,673 posts) - 8/18/2015 9:22:33 AM

Another article from NERR.  Attached video shows he has decent foot work and keeps the ball up high.  Limited range so definitely not a stretch 4.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 8/18/2015 9:22:46 AM


By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/9/2015 5:09:08 PM

With Dylain Painter looking like he'll be off the board soon, ML is at Worcester Academy today - most likely to see Kevin Marfo. 

Go get him Coach!

By: Florida Colonial (562 posts) - 9/9/2015 6:47:45 PM

Some competition is visiting Marfo also

  1. ERIC HOFFSES ‏@EAHoffses  21m21 minutes ago

    @KevinMarfo looks like big priority for BC and Pitt. Both staffs rolled in with head coach and asst to Worc Academy open gym today @wacoach

  2. PittCabe ‏@PittCabe  32m32 minutes ago

    PittCabe retweeted ERIC HOFFSES

    Dixon watching PF Kevin Marfo.

    PittCabe added,


    Coach Christian and Coach Wu along with Jamie Dixon from Pitt among those at Worcester Academy open gym today

  3. DePaul Recruiting ‏@DPURecruiting  7h7 hours ago

    It's been awhile since DePaul has had a beast...someone who controls the boards and opponents fear. Who's next: Calling @KevinMarfo !

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By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/13/2015 12:57:08 PM

URI signed a PF, probably clearing up some competition for Marfo (and Painter?)

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 9/13/2015 5:07:57 PM

According to twitter, in the last several days the following schools have been in to see the next Big Kev: GW, BC, GT ,PITT, ST JOE, DREXEL, DEPAUL, URI, PC,and other lower level schools.

By: MG'14 (310 posts) - 9/15/2015 9:46:26 PM

Adam Finkelstein ‏@AdamFinkelstein  now17 seconds ago

Kevin Marfo's final five per Worcester Academy head coach Jamie Sullivan - BC, Providence, DePaul, GW & URI.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/15/2015 9:53:25 PM

That's frankly the best piece of recruiting news I've seen here in awhile.

Encouraging sign, BigKev's potential successor indeed.

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 9/16/2015 1:34:32 AM

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed for this guy.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/16/2015 10:03:49 AM

A bit more.  GW & DePaul were the first to offer among his final five.

By: Stuff (93 posts) - 9/16/2015 12:52:47 PM

Becoming an important get

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/16/2015 3:29:49 PM


'16 @thebabc and Worcester Academy forward Kevin Marfo tells me that he has scheduled an official visit with BC

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 9/16/2015 3:34:07 PM

Cue the outraged gasping sounds.


By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/16/2015 5:37:37 PM

Also visiting PC

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 9/16/2015 5:42:56 PM

Is he Catholic?

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/16/2015 5:57:28 PM

Providence BC and GW for some reason are in the running for a lot of the same guys.  Same schools in the BigKev sweepstakes, same 3 schools in the final running for Cimino too. Now, Marfoo too.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/16/2015 5:58:13 PM

* Marfo.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/16/2015 6:21:05 PM

Providence would be an excellent choice - Isaiah Whitehead is going to be the point guard this year after forcing two Top 100 recruits to transfer by being such a bad teammate.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/16/2015 6:30:48 PM

That was Seton Hall, but hey, I make that same mistake.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/16/2015 6:44:30 PM

Dang, that was quite a mistake. I lump all the Catholic schools together maybe?

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/23/2015 12:40:54 PM

PC this weekend

George Washington: “Coach Lonergan has done a really good job recruiting me,” he said. “They also have a great staff and great players that should do very well this season.”

By: ELJ (2,207 posts) - 9/23/2015 1:00:29 PM

To Bigfan,

Yup, Elliott did indeed go to Worcester Academy.  

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 9/23/2015 1:02:03 PM

He says he wants to play right away and get a great education. He won't be promised playing time and will get a great education here . BC and DePaul are rebuilding. URI has signed several power forward types. According to Mike K's theory, it comes down to us and PC.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 9/23/2015 1:03:55 PM

Good that guys like Marfo acknowledge what some of us have known ... that ML has been out there working hard on the trail. The results will follow if you trust the process.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/23/2015 3:06:25 PM

Must you frame everything in such a way? People are eager for better recruiting results, no one has suggested ML isn't working hard.

As for Marfo, interesting to note “I want to go to a program where I will play right away and make a big impact on the team."  We've recently discussed how much of a recruting sell PT is, I'd say there are essentially two guys, those who want to play right away and will say so, and those who would like to play right away.  Its almost always a factor in recruitment. 

As it relates to Marfo, surely seems "you will have a very strong chance to play right away at a good program at GW" would be a strong pitch to make.  Mike K, agree, I'd say GW vs PC.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 9/23/2015 4:31:02 PM

Why does that offend you so Dude? I didn't even mention you. Should we not point out that ML is recruiting Marfo hard which was in the quote? Should we not point that the process will yield results? Not sure what is so objectionable other than you wanting to be disagreeable.

By: Wax Daddy (193 posts) - 9/23/2015 4:51:40 PM

Dude - stop being so argumentative or offended - half of what I read on this board is now from you & arguments, and its getting annoying. Shrug some stuff off or stop posting as much

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/23/2015 5:04:11 PM

The answer to your Qs was already stated above People are eager for better recruiting results, no one has suggested ML isn't working hard.

Lets keep it about Marfo.  You can go after the Windmills on some other thread.


By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/23/2015 7:14:20 PM

We should see if he schedules a visit to GW before anointing ourselves as a leader. 

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/23/2015 7:35:29 PM

I agree with BM. We don't know the context of Marfo's comment. It could mean I'm really interested in GW OR it could mean the opposite while being complementary about ML.

Also no one has ever said that playing time isn't an important factor for some kids because it is important for some kids. Just not important at all or equally important for all kids.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 9/23/2015 11:19:14 PM

Not good when they are visiting other schools,though of course that will happen. Didn't we just reportedly lose a recruit who    signed with a conference rival during a visit?

Hope Kevin sees what we did for Carl Elliott and how well,from playing time to atmosphere to coaching he can do here. He should ask our graduating Kevin.

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 9/23/2015 11:36:24 PM

Obviously high on Coach's list and all of ours.  Getting Marfo would give our recruiting some tremendous mojo.  A very bright future ahead for Kevin if he elects to come to D.C., including healthy playing time on a potentially very good team.

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 9/24/2015 12:13:31 AM

I thought the same thing, Thinker.   Could either be a great sign or a courtesy - though also realizing he publicly whittled down his list to 9 and we were on it, then down to 5 from there and we were still on it suggsts to me more than a courtesy (unless he really cut to, say, 3, but left two on to be nice).   Doesn't mean he's picking us, but I suspect based on the reported winnowing process that there's at least a shot for all five teams.


By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/24/2015 12:36:15 AM

Reading the quotes I had the same reaction as FQ and Thinker. As a crazed GW fan though I'm compelled by Mike K's deduction theory!

Above all, I'm sold by MG.  Lets hope Marfo is too!

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 9/24/2015 11:55:15 AM

Seems like a really fine young man who should choose GW.

If you look at the quotes, virtually no adult athlete could handle it as well as Kevin did. One reason he should be in Washington is he is a natural diplomat and should be here in the nation's and the world's capital. Seriously, he would be great at the State Department with his diplomatic skills.

Also, for those who say playing time is not a factor, check out his quote: “I want to go to a program where I will play right away and make a big impact on the team."

Fortunately, we have a lot of playing time to give and need implact players for 2016-17.

And of his finalists, we clearly offer the best educational opportunities, which he also mentioned prominently. Just five blocks from the White House. President Obama has gone to a game.

This truly is the place for Kevin.

By: Colonial NY (95 posts) - 9/24/2015 2:46:54 PM

Another PF has committed to URI. This would have to effect Marfo's decision, no? Maybe takes URI out of play with another forward coming in in 2016.

Alex Kline ‏@TheRecruitScoop  8m8 minutes ago

2016 Patrick School (NJ) PF Cyril Langevine has committed to Rhode Island.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/24/2015 2:51:06 PM

Wow.  That's their third big for 2016.  Really kicking our ass on the recruiting trail. 

By: Thomas (1,146 posts) - 9/24/2015 3:28:57 PM

BM, I think it was you who posted a link to a Rhode Island message board and they made it seem as if they would take Tertsea OR Langevine, not both. Now that both of them have committed to Rhode Island, I'd assume GW moves up a couple notches on Marfo's list like Colonial NY wrote.

Also, I wouldn't give up on Tertsea just yet, if Rhode Island has a big year and Hurley bolts for a BCS job a few days after Rhode Island is eliminated from the NCAA tourney, GW could be a landing spot for him.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/24/2015 3:37:58 PM

Yay.  We get URI's leftovers.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/24/2015 6:08:48 PM

Wow.  That's their third big for 2016.  Really kicking our ass on the recruiting trail. 

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 9/24/2015 11:08:06 PM

URI was also very interested in Marfo.  If he decides GW is the best fit, we can come out of this just fine.  Granted Hurley seems to be the more effective recruiter, but if we can pinpoint strong individuals and get our share of them, we will be ok.  If Marfo decides to go to PC - oy!

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/25/2015 11:13:49 AM

I think his visit to PC ends today.

Worth 2c, max:  Poster on PC board says a Worcester contact told him Marfo is a PC lean.

By: Kangy (23 posts) - 9/25/2015 6:21:45 PM

He's pitting us and PC directly against each other (and also respectully honoring the victims of a national tragedy):


Rest assured, Foggy Bottomians, I will not sleep until this Kevin Murray fool is destroyed.



Till Marfo.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/25/2015 6:44:19 PM

+1 kangy.  Let him have it.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/25/2015 6:44:55 PM

Take him down Mr. Gareux!



By: CT Colonial (172 posts) - 9/25/2015 7:59:41 PM

His grammar is also a tragedy.

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 9/26/2015 11:26:31 AM

according to twitter, his visit is this weekend.

By: Poster (5 posts) - 9/26/2015 3:48:01 PM

Question: so in today's social media world, I guess it's one thing to follow a recruit's Twitter account - but as an alum, what about contact?  Are you allowed to send these kids notes as to why your school is a good choice? Let me be clear: I AM NOT DOING THAT. Just a question.  I find the whole recruiting thing fascinating.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 9/26/2015 4:41:18 PM

Any guess on which board members are skulking about, trying to bump into the guy? Rocket? Dude? The foreign language version of Thinker?

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/26/2015 5:00:03 PM

Not me, unless he wants to swings by 51st St, The Mets bar on campus, in which case I'll buy him (if permissible) as many (non-alcoholic) White Russians as he'd like. 

May he immensely enjoy his visit and strongly consider signing with GW.

The Duda Abides

By: Florida Colonial (562 posts) - 9/26/2015 5:53:56 PM

Poster on Providence board posted "I was told by a inside source that Marfo will choose PC. Stay tuned". Lets hope its just wishful thinking

By: NYGW (132 posts) - 9/26/2015 6:10:07 PM

Sounds like Neil's alter ego

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/26/2015 6:47:37 PM

The recruiting rules are complicated, but basically almost any fan of GW becomes a "booster" who isn't supposed to directly advocate for a recruit to come to their school. Technically, I believe, only the 4 coaches are allowed to directly lobby recruits to sign. I think you can say GW is a good school, campus is great, the economics department is super, etc. but not supposed to say come to play basketball at GW.

I would imagine that everyone associated with GW or any other school for that matter would be extremely uncomfortable with the idea of fans or boosters encouraging recruits to come to GW or their school.  

I also recall from the Hobbs era that the coaches aren't ever really sure if a guy is in the bag until he formally commits. So everybody at PC could be very confident about their chances of landing Marfo and he could still commit elsewhere. Until a guy commits one has to assume that's he's still uncommitted. Remember these are mostly 17 year old kids who obviously can change their minds repeatedly.

I remember during the Nigel situation hearing from people connected to ML and coaches that they were pretty confident that Nigel was coming to GW. At the same time I was hearing from one of my Maryland AAU friends "I promise you Nigel is never going to go to GW."

So you just never know for sure.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 9/26/2015 6:53:52 PM

Clearly, the guy not to believe was Nigel. Where is the guy, now? For how long?

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/26/2015 9:43:40 PM

Fortunately, Booster violations at GW is about the last thing we have to worry about.

Unfortunately, that's because we have a virtually non-existent Booster situation.

Nevin Shapiro is not walking through The Smith Center door, for better or worse, mostly for the better.  That said, even a Virgin White Russian, still a delicious drink. 

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 9/27/2015 12:29:57 AM

Wish one could feel good about this, but PC hints are disturbing.

But maybe,it is just wishful thinking for them.

GW much better for basketball,playing time, academics and location,just five blocks from The White House.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/27/2015 12:51:21 AM

If there's a guy we need on the trail with the recruits, its surely not me nor whomever Rocket it is, its BigfanIndefatigable sales pitch to each recruit

By: Thomas (1,146 posts) - 9/27/2015 9:38:34 AM

Poster posed a good question, does the NCAA have any rules when it comes to social media contact with recruits?? A couple years ago, the NCAA busted a coach for sending too many text messages to a recruit  and they had to put in rules about texting recruits. I'm guessing that some sort of scandal will come out about boosters or coaches creating fake twitter or facebook accounts for the sole purpose of "influencing" recruits to attend their college which will cause the NCAA to put in specific rules regarding sites like twitter.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/27/2015 3:03:10 PM

at Lawless @GiveNGobball

George Washington HC Mike Lonergan is in to see '16 PF Kevin Marfo today at Worcester Academy (MA).

By: Florida Colonial (562 posts) - 9/27/2015 3:17:52 PM

he adjusted his tweet too 

Pat Lawless ‏@GiveNGobball  1m1 minute ago

Boston College HC Jim Christian and George Washington HC Mike Lonergan are in to see '16 PF Kevin Marfo at Worcester Academy (MA).

That awkward  moment when the run into each other. "Damn why is he here".




By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 9/27/2015 7:04:51 PM

Obviously I don't know how high a priority he is but it sounds like both ML and BC coach wanted to be there right after Providence visit to make sure he didn't get sold on first visit. 

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/27/2015 7:10:35 PM

and likely that ML is trying to sell him on a GW visit.

By: JP (438 posts) - 9/27/2015 10:30:06 PM

Sorry, I was the "Poster" on the Twitter questions re: candidates.  I didn't see where I could enter my handle.  I'm getting too old for this shit.  Anyway, fingers crossed on this young man.  Seems like the consensus is that we need him.

By: Poster (5 posts) - 9/28/2015 8:12:15 PM


   (It's on Twitter but I can't post.  Also do not know where I can post my handle.  It's all good -- Thinker knows me.

Oh well, this cat was just wishful thinking at any rate.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/28/2015 9:28:39 PM

“There's an old saying in Foggy Bottom — I know it's in Texas, probably in Foggy Bottom— that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 9/28/2015 9:45:02 PM

OMG!!!! This pisses me off!!

If this is a hoax... I will hunt the MF down and slow feed him his own genitalia.

Providence is the worst city on the east coast. I've spent way too much time there for work and I can tell you it is a huge dump. Why anyone would want to spend 4 years there is beyond me. If you are a tennis player and you get to play for one of the most innovative tennis coaches of our lifetime and you get an opportunity to play for Brown, I could see sucking up the Providence experience. But to be a lost in the crowd backup at PC? When you have an opportunity to be a 4 year anchor in the nation's capitol? Short of someone's aunt getting a cush job at the Dunkin Donuts pavilion, I can't imagine anyone being so naive as to make that call. I mean, BC is a bad basketball situation, but at least it is a solid school in a fun city. I could see someone making that call. What am I missing here? Outside of "poster" as a hoax!!! In which case, I will seek you out. I'm Russian. I know people. Don't close your eyes when you fall asleep tonight ya fish spooning MFer!!!!

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 9/28/2015 9:53:06 PM

can't find anything onIine at 951pm. igor...don't know what to say.

By: Hugh (209 posts) - 9/28/2015 9:59:26 PM

don't think he's committed. not finding anything on twitter. save your rant for when he officially spurns us, igor.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:01:50 PM

My guess is that every guy on the board has lost a love interest at some point in his life. Seriously, how many of you would rather go back in time than live with the love you have now?

Let's whine, wring our hands, and move on, quickly.


By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:04:10 PM

I have no idea who this poster is or any idea about where Marfo will commit.

On another note, I find it quite flattering that some mysterious poster would invoke my name to try and bolster their credibility ESPECIALLY in a scam/joke looking posting. If only it could be true that my knowing someone would make them magically smarter or better informed.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:13:24 PM

Not seeing anything anywhere and a few sources at GW know nothing about a commitment to PC yet. We might have been had here. We will see.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:27:56 PM

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

You don't all recall that when someone last punked the board about a disastrous injury to a GW star, he made the same "I Know Thinker" reference???

I'll refer you to the Dubya quote I posted an hour ago, a hilarious bungle job when W. Bush, said it but it works quite well in this context.  Strong emphasis hopefully on the "can't get fooled again part" If that doesn't work for you, think about The Who.


By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:34:01 PM

To be clear... my drunkin' rant wasn't at the kid or his choices. By all accounts, he seems like a great kid and I very much would love for him to attend GW. Obviously.

My rant was at the extreme annoyance at someone coming on here and jerking my intoxicated chain by posting false information. Posting intentionally false internet information in regards to big men recruits is the lowest of the low. A curse on his house!!!

As far as my thoughts on the city of Providence.... I offer the following:

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:38:25 PM

Igor, your post was quite clear and quite great IMO.     ......

Pick up my guitar and play
Just like yesterday
Then I'll get on my knees and pray
We don't get fooled again


By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 9/28/2015 10:45:06 PM

Just for confirmation I checked the PC boards nothing there either FWIW.

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 9/28/2015 11:26:47 PM

Three dangers of a baord with no registation:

1) Juvenile hoaxters.

2) Visiting fan trolls.

3) Regular posters who turn every thread into a pissing match.

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 9/28/2015 11:28:16 PM

And 3 benefts:

1) No ads.

2) A system that works very well for our niche audience, but deters outside fans because they aren't used to the format.

3) Free-flowing discussion and debate.


All thanks to Herve!

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/29/2015 6:59:01 AM

AFAIK, PC is waiting on a scheduled visit from Sedee Keita or a hail mary from Wenyen Gabriel.  If neither comes, the spot seems to be Marfo's. I personally won't get optimistic unless he decides to visit.

By: Tuna Can (1,661 posts) - 9/29/2015 7:35:00 AM

I am just excited to read a couple of posts in a row by old friends. Alas, it will end in a few minutes, I am sure.


By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/29/2015 2:16:21 PM

I would love to sign Marfo. Unfortunately I do not see that happening because then my longstanding prophecy of the signing of Toro would not be fulfilled.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 9/29/2015 2:18:35 PM

Thinker, I think we might get one or the other but I wouldn't bet the house on it.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/29/2015 3:46:21 PM

Bo, I'm not betting either way. And my prediction was based on nothing tangble, just a strong gut sense I had from the first inital recruitment of Toro.

By: 2cents (32 posts) - 9/29/2015 5:15:46 PM

Twitter says Cooley is at Worcester Academy today.  But also, strangely, so is Coach O'Shea from Bryant? They weren't top 5  

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 9/29/2015 9:30:05 PM

I'd love to get him for several reasons. 1. he will make us better and will have a lot of playing time 2. we NEED him, 3. we are not listed on ....

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 9/29/2015 9:57:43 PM


Worcester has other players besides Marfo including I believe Saul Phiri.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 9/29/2015 10:13:04 PM

Saul transfered to Putnam Science right? The school with a team but no longer a school?

Carl Elliott and of course Cimino, Wocester guys, that program tends to produce multiple D1 guys each year.


By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 9/29/2015 11:14:26 PM

Feels like Toro is Plan B if Marfo doesn't sign with us.  And, while I'd feel good about getting Toro, I'd rather have Plan A, based on everything I've read about both.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 9/30/2015 10:18:35 AM

It's a 45 minute drive to Worcester Academy for Cooley.  Hard to out-visit him since it's barely an effort.

By: Mentzinger (3,646 posts) - 9/30/2015 1:20:21 PM

Just because someone might be your "Plan B" does not mean he will be available when your "Plan A" doesnt work out.

In other words, just because someone is our "Plan B" it doesn't mean we are his "Plan A."

By: herve (9,159 posts) - 9/30/2015 2:16:35 PM

too easy

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 9/30/2015 4:51:41 PM

Well, know one former GW high scorer who could have used a Plan B after telling a national television audience he didn't have any.

Read this thread every day knowing that one day soon, Kevin could see the great advantages of going to GW, from the playing time available to the coaching, to the location in Washington to the excellent academics.

Know Kevin has it in him to make the right decision for his future: at GW where he will grow even more as a player, a student and a person, while being greatly appreciated by the fan base.


By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 9/30/2015 5:01:50 PM

Kevin comes here every day, just to see if you still are positive about him, Big. Sooner or later, your posts will reel him in.

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 9/30/2015 9:08:45 PM

I come here for bigfan's posts... why wouldn't kevin?

By: The Other MG (69 posts) - 10/1/2015 12:02:05 AM

Agreed, Mentzinger, just because Toro might be our fallback doesn't mean that he is just waiting to see what Marfo does.  That's why I'd feel good about Toro, too.  Feeling thinker's vibe here.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/1/2015 12:14:26 PM

Wenyen Gabriel committed to Kentucky.  Keita still to visit/decide.

By: bobo (3,178 posts) - 10/1/2015 3:18:49 PM

What if it came down to either Darnell Rogers or Kevin Marfo and Bigfan had to choose just one of them (and the other one was out)? 

Tough decisions for Bigfan.

By: Poog (3,875 posts) - 10/1/2015 3:59:58 PM

Must have grown up watching Monty Hall, bobo.

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 10/1/2015 7:40:17 PM

Big Kev just tweeted "justly landed in DC" Let's hope it is for a visit! Gotta be!

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 10/1/2015 9:14:13 PM

I hope it's a visit. Then again, coming in the midst of a massive rainstorm might put a damper on the visit. Hopefully unlucky timing doesn't take us down.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 10/1/2015 9:38:58 PM

Let's hope ML & crew have loaded up on bread, tp, and milk in great Washington storm coming tradition.

By: Buff and Blue Bandit (71 posts) - 10/1/2015 9:49:55 PM

Actually could be for the best. He might be able to share in a LOT of team bonding.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 10/1/2015 9:50:24 PM

If Marfo has been reading BigFan's posts, we have little to worry about.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/1/2015 10:30:05 PM

I'm more optimistic that I've been since EYBL when he had a couple of great games in front of half of the NCAA coaching community.  Of course, this is how LSFs are born. 

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/1/2015 10:42:00 PM


EAHoffses's avatar



Worcester Academy/BABC's Kevin Marfo is making an official visit to GW this weekend #pcbb #bceagles

8:11pm · 1 Oct 2015 · Twitter Web Client



By: The Dude (529 posts) - 10/1/2015 11:28:54 PM

Now, if KM Tweets "#Mailvan" we'll know its essentially a done deal.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 10/1/2015 11:34:30 PM

There may be a little rain, but basketball and classes are held 

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 10/1/2015 11:43:56 PM

sorry . To continue, basketball and classes are held indoors.

Time for Kevin to see how much we want him, how much playing time there is replacing another Kevin (Larsen), how good the academics are, and what a great location GW has in the heart of the world's capital, five bocks from the White House.

Enjoy, Kevin.

Everyone here and in the GW fan community is rooting for him to come to GW, where Kevin will be highly valued by the fans and a wonderful,caring family-minded coach. 

It's up to Kevin and his family, but this wekend is a great time to announce a commitment to sign with GW on the first day allowed.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 10/3/2015 10:59:31 PM

ML tweeted a bit ago that he ran into a HS friend at dinner tonight and it made his night. Doesn't sound like he was out getting a commitment from Marfo tonight. Maybe he got it ealier today and Marfo flew out ahead of the storm? But then where was ML's cryptic "Great day for GW" tweet?

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 10/4/2015 12:57:36 AM

Maybe the friend he ran into was more of a metaphorical one.  The friend being, "ML, the great recruiter/salesman" of 2000-2012.

Like when you hit a long, straight drive after weeks of terrible golf, and think "Oh, Hello There Old Friend, welcome back"


By: 2cents (32 posts) - 10/4/2015 8:55:31 AM

...or it could have been his old HS buddy.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/4/2015 9:41:44 AM

From PC board:

"Hearing tonight that PC is apparently out of it with Marfo.  BC vs GW it appears."

By: Mike K (1,177 posts) - 10/4/2015 10:16:52 AM

Let's hope that PC Board poster has insider info!

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 10/4/2015 4:04:54 PM

I just re-watched the highlight video again. He is such a big strong kid and almost all the highlights are offensive rebounds and putbacks. You have to think that his game would play very well at GW against top A-10 competition.

Marfo would also give us one of the deepest frontcourts GW has ever seen in 2016 with Cavanaugh, Marfo, Smith, Cimino, and Goss. Understanding that at this moment we haven't seen any of those guys play any meaningful minutes at GW.

By: Poster (5 posts) - 10/4/2015 7:53:40 PM

URI fans are pulling for GW with this one, despite what the Dude keeps saying about Hurley. Marfo would be a great addition to the A10.

By: BM (5,673 posts) - 10/4/2015 8:07:48 PM

One would assume he makes the call in the next couple of days if the PC poster knows what he's talking about.  If not, he probably hasn't found a match and may hold out for other offers during the HS season.

He's the second big that been choosing between BC & GW in recent memory after Cimino.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 10/4/2015 8:38:59 PM

Haha, suuuure, I am certain URI fans are pulling for their A10 rival GW to land a good recruit.  Like a Red Sox fan will be pulling for the Yankees Tuesday night or, Putin pulled for Litvinenko's speedy recovery from polonium poisoning.

BM, that's true, BC/GW and Providence we keep seeing over and over again.  I seem to recall the BigKev Larsen recruitment coming down to GW/BC/Providence.

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 10/4/2015 9:07:20 PM

If the PC elimination and BC inclusion is to be believed, then my over the top drunken rant is clearly responsible. That's right... I'm taking full credit. If my new second favorite recruit (still pulling for Darnell Rogers) ends up coming to GW, then I pledge to script a booze inspired diatribe in every future recruiting thread on this site. Sorry Herve.

In all seriousness, I am really excited about this development. I believe this kid would have a great career in DC within the ML system. I think that ML is a far better coach than he is a salesman (not a dig at his salesmanship.. but rather a tip of the hat to his ability to coach up a team). In all fairness, Boston is a nice city (not as amazing as DC in my opinion) and he will have a fun time there if he goes to BC. But basketball is just an afterthought at BC. Let me guess, they took Kevin to a Football game when he went there for a visit... hmmm. If Kevin really has aspirations of Basketball beyond college, he would be doing himself a huge favor to hook up with coach Lonergan and his staff for the next 4 years. In any case, if a young man like Kevin is savvy enough to recognize this, he will be sure to commit to GW.... and he will be very happy he did.  

By: JP (438 posts) - 10/4/2015 9:57:36 PM

So, hoping for the best, if this was his official visit weekend, when would we hope to hear about a commitment?

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 10/4/2015 11:04:06 PM

Players very often commit shortly after a visit. I don't know if Marfo has viusted BC yet but If it is really down to GW and BC then you would think he'd announce shortly after the last visit.

By: Igor... Not Yegor (291 posts) - 10/4/2015 11:25:39 PM

It was reported that he took a visit to BC several weeks ago.


URI, GW and St. Bonnies interested among others. 2011-12 First Team NEPSAC AA.


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