By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 10/26/2016 10:55:17 AM

It seems like I can't start a thread these days without a disclaimer so here it goes...There is absolutely no need for anyone to contribute to this thread with a post as to whether you believe Lonergan was railroaded or got what he deserved.  I can take virtually any poster name who has posted on this subject and tell you where they stand on the issue.  And for those of you with the name Poster, you have proven to reside on both sides of the aisle and for all I know, all of you are actually the same person.

That said, there have been a number of posts from Lonergan defenders which take the tone of "just wait until the truth comes out", an obvious implication that there is another side to this story that has not been publically shared to date.  To those of you who appear to know this other side to the story, my question is whether you think it is realistic that this side will ever be made public?  If a legal settlement is ever reached, isn't there an excellent chance that this information will never be shared publically?  Or, do any of you who have taken this position ("just wait until the truth comes out") have any insight that would suggest that ML is more interested in having the complete truth come out in order to prospectively restore his name and reputation, thereby enhancing his future coaching opportunities, than receiving a financial settlement?

Again, this is just directed at those who claim to be in the know that there is more to the story than has been made public.  Thank you in advance for respecting that.

By: gonzo (370 posts) - 10/26/2016 12:20:11 PM

I like turtles. 

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 10/26/2016 12:24:10 PM

I think the answers to the questions you are asking are not knowable at this point. I would imagine that the ultimate need to tell the "truth" or provide damaging information has a price. If ML can receive an acceptable settlement, we may never know the whole truth or such information unless it eventually comes out through other sources. I'd imagine that is the calculation being made on both sides if, in fact, GW has some concerns about what ML may say or what information he possesses. 



By: gonzo (370 posts) - 10/26/2016 1:07:48 PM

all kinds of turles. 


By: Goo Colonials Go (68 posts) - 10/26/2016 1:10:54 PM

+1 Gonzo

By: Poster (5 posts) - 10/26/2016 2:23:25 PM

ML possesses no "information" GW is "concerned about". If he did he would be shouting it from the rooftops.  It's astonishing that some hang on to the glimmer of hope that somehow ML was the one who was "wronged" in all of this.

By: GW Alum Abroad (2,456 posts) - 10/26/2016 2:24:47 PM

Remember when the annual trip to the BB&T would end with joyous chants of "Fuck the turtle" as College Park CC fans would slink back to their suburban duplexes?

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 10/26/2016 2:42:52 PM

And if he shouted it from the rooftops Poster, then he would likely lose all hope of receiving  a penny in settlement money from the school.  So despite what you may think, it's not quite as simple as going on a message board and referring to yourself as Poster.  

Bo, agree with your post but I am surprised by the "wait until the truth comes out" posts given the possibility that Lonergan COULD end up having a viable side to this mess yet we may never end up hearing it.  The posts I am referring to (not by you) seem to suggest otherwise (that we will definitely hear his side, which I am not convinced of).

By: DEA (1,465 posts) - 10/26/2016 2:52:12 PM

there's no grand conspiracy in all of this. Lonergan was a good coach who some people liked but  he went over the line for the school and got fired. Iwould not expect the school to settle and I wouldnt expect much more to come out besides sour grapes. Time for everybody to move on.

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