2018 recruits in action/news
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thomas1/7/2018 2:15:00 PM

I couldn't find/didn't feel like searching for Chimezie Offurum's recruiting thread, so I'll start this one where we can post videos and news about how GW's recruits are playing as seniors. Mezie and Georgetown Prep(who is now ranked #4 by the Washington Post) played Wilson during the week. The highlights of this game are posted down below. Mezie is #12 for Georgetown Prep in white, they show a dunk and a 3-pointer that he had in this game. Wilson has a GW recruiting target in 6-8 swingman Ricardo Lindo, he's #23 in green. R.Lindo was originally a SR in the class of 2018, but decided to attend prep school next year and will be in the class of 2019. 



dave1/7/2018 2:39:48 PM

#3 Jared Bynum, the one in all of the highlights, is going to St. Joe's and is a 3-star recruit.

thomas1/7/2018 2:58:23 PM

Yeah Dave, I know it's not good to hype other players in a thread about GW's recruits but J.Bynum is clearly THE MAN for Georgetown Prep, everyone else plays a secondary role to him. I'm assuming he'll be named 1st Team All-Met by the Post. Bynum and Mezie will go from being teammates in high school to college rivals for the next 4 years(presumably), it will be interesting to see how things play out with them starting next season. Wilson's point guard Hakim is also very good, I'm curious to see what level(BCS, mid-major?) he ends up in college.


the mv1/7/2018 3:48:03 PM

I was talking up Bynum on this board roughly two years ago.  He was VERY interested in GW at that time.  There was no way we would be adding Potter, Brown and Bynum so it will be interesting to see how each of them perform in the A10.


the dude1/7/2018 4:30:55 PM

Thomas, great idea. 

Really like Lindo as well.

chet1/7/2018 4:45:55 PM

So, was ML & his gang recruiting this Bynum kid? Or just telling him to join Longpre?


la colonial1/7/2018 4:55:00 PM


Here are Mezie's numbers through 10 games.  He is averaging 9.7 points per game.  He missed one game.


Bynum is averaging over 21 ppg and is a four star according to verbal commits.


the dude1/7/2018 5:16:01 PM

Watching their film, they both look really good.

the dude1/7/2018 7:26:54 PM

What is the latest on Policelli?

dave1/7/2018 7:33:34 PM

So if I'm reading this link correctly, Mezie had 9 points in the Wilson game and Bynum had 30? 

Mezie's averaging 9.7 ppg?  Oh great... I'm sure he's in for an illustrious career like the current freshman class.

local fan 20231/7/2018 7:49:56 PM

Mezzie will be fine and will be very good A10 player. Lot of you guys were skeptical on Terry Nolan Jr, and we see he's good A10 talent.


Bynum is good but he dominates the ball so Mezie will never put up huge scoring numbers he's more of all around player. That does lot things well. He plays poised n smart basketball even as HS player.  He does lot stuff Bynum can't do.  Reb, guards bigger n smaller , plays above the rim , post up smaller players which creates double teams for open shots, plays in pick roll as person with the ball or can also be the screener.  True Swiss Army knife. 


the dude1/7/2018 10:25:20 PM

Mezie looks tremendous.   Just look at his game film.  Wow.

Interestingly, Marcus Littles, very highly regarded, doesn't really pop as much on his film.


brod1/7/2018 10:49:42 PM


I feel the same way about marcus. I think I saw some fresh/soph year highlight film of his and he looked like a different player - much more athletic and above the rim (lol). Hope he can rebound and be a presence in the post that we desperately need. No more duquesne guards waltsing to the basket.


the dude1/7/2018 11:10:14 PM

Brod, so true, yeah.  So true.

gwb1/7/2018 11:13:26 PM

I have it on good authority that the staff prefers to use the last scholarship on a grad transfer who can come in and contribute right away. 

Not necessarily on another Class of 18 kid and that they have eased off. Not sure what that means about Pollicelli but in the article posted here recently he mentioned the schools that are in contact with him everyday and GW was not one of those schools. 

I do think that makes sense. We will need another big to rotate with Toro and Littles with Steeves and Ziegler graduating along with another good rebounder and guy with great length in Yuta. I don’t know if I see potential there with Javy to help us but it’s hard to say in the limited action he has received. 

Will be interesting to see what ends up happening with that final scholarship. 


la colonial1/8/2018 12:43:42 AM

Huskies Fall at the Buzzer

New Hampton, NH - Despite having chances to walk away with the win, the Huskies dropped a double overtime contest at the buzzer to a tough Lee Academy team. Up by four with a minute left in the game, New Hampton couldn't connect on the free throw line leaving the door open for Lee to storm back.

New Hampton was led by George Washington commit Shandon Brown '18 (Boston, MA) and Mason Webb '18 (Oklahoma City, OK) who finished with 25 and 20 respectively.

NHS is back at home Wednesday when they face Commonwealth Academy.
New Hampton is 3-9 so far.


dave1/8/2018 9:03:03 AM

Marcus Littles, our highest rated recruit, is at least averaging double digits (barely):

Marcus Littles (10.7ppg)

Are we dependent on him starting next season?

yinka dont stinka1/8/2018 9:29:26 AM

I kind of think they could pursue another freshman and then later a transfer as well. It not like there is not going to be a single transfer at the end of the season.  Pretty much every team expects at least one or two with the way things are now.

bo knows1/8/2018 10:59:36 AM

Very funny that Dave has an opinion on Mezie. Doubt he has ever seen him play. Funny also that all recruits are judged solely by ppg. Again, whether ppg is relevant depends on what team you play for, what the other personnel around you do and what other skills you bring to the table. MOCO Observer told us about Terry and he also says Mezie will help. I trust MOCO Observer's observations and opinions because he was involved with the organizations that had these kids in AAU.


chet1/8/2018 11:07:38 AM

Who the heck is MOCO OBSERVER?  I don't recall seeing any posts from the guy/girl, on GWhoops. 

PPG is screwy, sure. But, so is the knock that you (Bo?) has any notion of Dave's scouting sources and resources.

How about, for a change, guys/gals post facts and analyses, and skip the slams on other posters? I'm tired already of the same old. 


bo knows1/8/2018 12:53:36 PM

Well Chet has Dave actually seen Mezie play? That's a Yes or No answer. MOCO Observer is a guy well known to GW who is affiliated with an AAU organization. He's been involved with AAU and youth basketball for more than 25 years. Coached or mentored dozens of college players including Terry Nolan Jr. and even 1 or 2 NBA guys. He used to post here but got tired of debating with folks like the Dude over things the Dude knew nothing about. So he stopped. Another casualty of the Dude.


bobo1/8/2018 1:14:31 PM

I like MOCO Observer too but think he can be overly optimistic and an advocate for the local AAU players at times.  That's the primary benifit of the 3rd party sites: they don't have a dog in the fight and will give more critical reviews.


chet1/8/2018 1:33:41 PM

Bo-If you want to know what Dave knows, ask Dave. That's not a Yes or No issue. It's an imperative.

Just looking at this thread, it seems Dave was commenting only on stats. But you're the guy who wants to put Dave's comments in question, so, go to the source. Then, ya can skip the snide aside. 

Ya didn't poke Dude at 10:59. You're slipping up. Put that on your mental checklist: " Poke Dude, every single comment, no matter the subject." 

I'm sorry MOCO Observor (if he even exists) is left quaking by Dude's electronic personna, especially if it scared him off the site. How the heck can he face high school ballers, if he's too timid to withstand Dude?  

Ya might tell your imaginary friend that he can block Dude, and venture out of the shadows. Then, he can state his own opinions, instead of relying on you to abridge and summarize them.

Back to Dave: he's entitled to his opinion. You know that, right? Cause you seem to act, some days, like the only valid opinion on this board is that of your imaginary friend, the guy who is purportedly, a f'ing basketball genius, but just too timid to post.

Don't know why you seem to challenge every guy/gal's right to speak up. 



dave1/8/2018 2:21:15 PM

I know nothing about Mezie other than his 9.7 ppg, his 9 points vs Wilson, and his NR on ESPN.  I would feel more comfortable if it was 19.7 ppg... forgive me.


gw691/8/2018 2:31:33 PM

Dave--You don't know what you don't know.Bo is right on this one.


danjsport1/8/2018 2:42:44 PM

I don't have any idea if Mezzie will play well at GW or not.  I've never seen him play.  Here's hoping Moco Observer is right.


Bo- you don't mention having seen him play yourself.  Have you?  What's your opinion of him?


bo knows1/8/2018 3:06:04 PM

I have seen him play several times both on the AAU circuit at 16 and 17 (courtesy of MOCO Observer) and at Georgetown Prep. He doesn't get a lot of shots at Prep because everything runs through Bynum. He can rebound well, he defends several positions 2-3-4, and can finish well around the rim. Good athleticism. His shot is streaky from the perimeter but he is working on that I am told. He is reportedly a hardworker and seems like a humble and high character kid from the times I met him. Based on the fact that I know the types of kids that play in MOCO's organization and their emphasis on character, he is definitely not going to be an ass and will represent GW well both on and off the court. He will be a versatile forward who I think will play 3-4 for GW. 


bo knows1/8/2018 3:12:56 PM

Chet - MOCO Observer is hardly timid lol. Many years of coaching - doubt he is timid. He just doesn't see the need to match wits with unarmed men here. He is about the kids not about winning debating points on some anonymous message board. Told me after last year's mess with ML who he knows well, plus posters like the Dude, the GW message board just wasn't fun anymore. I can respect that. For example. he's way more worried about where his kids are going to college than whether the Dude believes Michael Tertsea is a great recruit for URI.


bo knows1/8/2018 3:24:18 PM

Depends on which third party sites you are referring to Bobo. Many of them are a joke. In fact, the "advocates" are able to shape reviews and influence rankings among novice recruiting analysts because they can either essentially bully them or the analysts want access. Do you think these guys get paid a lot? They are mostly kids with limited perspective and experience. Very few guys know what they are looking at. Half of them read others rankings and used those to form their own. I'd rather trust a guy even if he is biased towards his own kids who has a track record I can see than some unknown guy who I don't have the slightest idea whether he knows a PG from a 2G or a combo.


the mv1/8/2018 3:49:53 PM

Here's a good source...the son of a friend who went to Georgetown Prep.  He is a year ahead of Mezzie, now in college.  Saw him last week since he is home on break.  Really likes Mezzie's game.  Described him as a do-it-all type player with great athleticism.  He agrees with Bo about Bynum; the ball is often in his hands and his score-first mentality got him a scholarship to St. Joe's.  As for Mezzie, Maryland and Indiana were both legitimately interested particularly once his AAU situation improved and he was truly able to display his skills.


chet1/8/2018 4:25:02 PM

Thanks for some first hand observations, Bo. That's much better than the usual, "someone told me another guy says... "  that we see here so often.


the other mg1/9/2018 12:08:26 AM

It will be interesting to see who is better, Bynum or Shandon Brown.

the dude1/9/2018 2:26:40 PM

If you haven't yet, check out Shandon's film. 

thomas1/13/2018 7:50:15 AM

Someone uploaded the entire Georgetown Prep vs. Westtown game that was played last month at DeMatha. You guys can get a closer look at Mezie here, not just his highlights. Although, the play were he caught a lob from an out-of-bounds pass is at the 5:53 mark in the 1st half. Westtown came into this game nationally ranked, they have a potential 1-and-done player heading to Duke next year and a couple other BCS recruits on the team. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j-hCDoix0Do   1st half

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYLliw9Xeyk   2nd half  

1 11:37:46 AM

New Hampton Knocks Off Proctor

New Hampton, NH - New Hampton started strong and never looked back against a well coached Proctor Academy team. The Huskies were led by the strong defensive play of George Washington commit Shandon Brown'18 (Boston, MA) who set the tone for the young Huskies. The game saw ten Huskies score and three reach double digits as Mason Webb '18 (Oklahoma City, OK) led the way with 20, Dyondre Dominguez '20 (Providence, RI) added 17, and Mika Adams-Woods '19 (Syracuse, NY) finished with 15.

The Huskies also had strong contributions from Kerem Ozturk '20 (Istanbul, Turkey), Alex Ionesco '18 (Houston, TX), and Matt Glassman '18 (Bedford, NH).

New Hampton will face another NEPSAC AA foe tomorrow when they travel to Boston to play Worcester Academy at 2:30pm at Cathedral High School.


2twotoed1/13/2018 1:02:05 PM

No disrespect intended but I went to the Georgetown Prep vs St Stephens game last night to watch Mezie play, for the 2nd time. He’s a nice player but has not dominated in both games I’ve watched. Granted the point guard for Prep is their focus but I can’t believe Maryland really recruited him. He is athletic.


dave1/13/2018 1:40:57 PM

Would rather have Bynum, but we already have 5-6 point guards for next season. Mezie's averaging 8.9 points per game, including 2, 8, and 9 in his last 3 games. Sad to say, but he'll fit right in with Maceo Jack and Javier Langarica.


la colonial1/15/2018 1:50:21 PM

New Hampton Roll at BABC Prep Classic

Boston, MA - The Huskies extend their win streak to three with a win over a talented and tough Worcester Academy team. In an exciting first half the two teams battled to a tie at half time, but the Huskies rode the hot hand of Boston native Shandon Brown '18 out of the half and began to create separation. 

New Hampton had six figures reach double figures for the Huskies as Shandon Brown'18 (Boston, MA), Mason Webb '18 (Oklahoma City, OK), Mika Adams-Woods '19 (Syracuse, NY), Dyondre Dominguez '20 (Providence, RI), Keenan Fitzmorris '18 (Overland Park, KS), and Bas Leyte (Bergan Op Zoom, Netherlands) all reached this plateau.

Final score

New Hampton 83 Worcester Academy 66



lets gi1/15/2018 6:04:49 PM

These recruits are low D1 talent. And I'm being very nice here! Stop fooling yourselves! Our program has dropped to a low major level. The only way back is to clean house with the staff and get a real coach. Otherwise we will be playing in the bbi,DBi, FBI, Ccbi, orcwhat ever you call the tournament that losers go to every year. 


yinka dont stinka1/15/2018 7:14:41 PM

Surprised to hear that about DJ Willliams.  Based upon the work he did at Simeon I would expect him to more than hold his own in the A10.  The old film on him looks real good.  Hopeful that he proves that prediction wrong.

dave1/15/2018 8:18:47 PM

Im just here to badmouth the program every chance I get!! Its pretty obvious isn't it.






xac1/15/2018 8:48:21 PM

Everyone who's projecting how good our recruits are going to be must have a lot of time on their hands. Two things about projecting:

1) Evaluating videos is difficult. Most of them are compilations of highlights. Doesn't show what players are doing the other 99% of the time.

2) In order to get a feel for how good these guys are, you have to be able to assess the level of competition. Film may look great, but if competition is not good, the tape is misleading.

A good example of this is Kevin Marfo. He was very mature physically, and he could easily dominate high school kids with his strength alone. This stunted the growth of certain skills that would have helped him to succeed at the college level. Kevin was GW's highest rated recruit in a long time (maybe since the ratings started). He may still have a great career, but as with many recruits, you need to have the patience for these young guys to mature physically, strengthen their difficiencies, adapt to college life, or learn a new system. We've had quite a few players who became pretty good players in there Jr/Sr years. In the old days, this was the rule, rather than the exception.

Anyway, I started this because of the comment about out recruits being lower level D1 material. Take a look at the list at this link:

2018 MacDonald's All American Nominees

There's not really a ton of names on this list, but take a look at N. Hampshire, and you might just see a name you recognize.


lets gi1/15/2018 9:03:09 PM

Nominees for a Mcdonald's all american game mean nothing. Playing in the game is something else. Your HS coach can nominate you. New Hampshire? you are kidding me right?

the dude1/16/2018 12:42:28 AM

I've been consistent here for 3 years.  I do put some stock in people paid as a living to do 3rd party evaluations, some, but not too much, in our actual poster names, and literally zero in all of the "new" names that have popped up to trash everything GW suddenly. 

I was high on Marfo and Toro as recruits (we all were?) in large part based on their recruiting rankings and pedigree.  I think I've posted the ESPN insider account on just about every GW recruit of the last 6 years.   When you read the actual analysis, these guys are pretty good.  That doesn't mean they are perfect or that someone playing on a high profile AAU might get over-ranked a some guys overlooked (Collin Smith)  Its overstated how often these reports "miss badly" in either direction, but they of course do.  They miss a lot less than random people posting randomly on a niche fan website, full of wishful optimism (and lately a lot of overt, agenda driven negativity)

I also watch the film available.  Of course, it would be better to see 20 games in person.  Anyone who claims to have watched so much in person of so manys player outside of the DMV, lol, ok. I don't believe. 

Given all of that, I say the same thing about these recruits I'd say about any GW class.  On paper, this is a very good GW recruiting class.  Watching film, Littles does not look as good as his reputation, and Mezie looks better than his.

Adding in the 2 transfers DJ and Armel, one was a tremendous player for a Freshman, and one was a big time recruit in the Big 10 who didn't thrive.   Those are 5 players, all 5, I'm pumped about.  With all due respect to the players we could scramble for after the mess that was the Firing/Interim coach 2016/17, night and day, just as you'd expect.

I was also doing back flips about Marfo and Toro, so what the hell do I know, but hey, that's my take on this. 


bobo1/16/2018 12:43:55 AM

8 nominees from New Hampshire: 6 from Brester Academy and 2 (including Brown) from New Hampton.  Similarly, Massachuesetts has 6 nominees: 5 from Northfield Mount Hermon.  

Brown is ranked #16 in the New England recruiting report:  https://newenglandrecruitingreport.com/rankings/new-england-class-of-2018



thomas1/16/2018 9:44:34 PM

This is twitter video of Mezie throwing down a reverse dunk against Bullis recently



the dude1/16/2018 10:38:22 PM

Thomas, wow.  He does look damn good when you watch him!



thomas1/27/2018 6:54:21 PM

St.John's plays at Georgetown Prep tomorrow(1/28) afternoon at 4. Both of them are highly ranked locally and there should be several outlets covering the game. If the game is live streamed, I'll post the link here. 


the dude1/27/2018 10:47:42 PM

Thx T, I'd watch some of that.  Probably be more competitive and enjoyable than the actual GW game



thomas1/29/2018 8:21:15 AM

Marc Stern/Capitol Hoops has uploaded highlights from yesterday's St.John's-Georgetown Prep game. Prep is ranked #5 locally and St.John's is ranked #7. Mezie is #12 and GW sophomore target Ishmael Leggett is #5 for St.John's. Some other notable players in this game, St.John's guard Tre Wood(#2), he will be playing for UMass next year. #14 on St.John's is JR(class of 2019) Casey Morsell, I believe GW had an interest or offered him. 



bm1/29/2018 9:14:47 AM

#3 in white is Jared Bynum, playing for St Joe's next year.

thomas1/29/2018 9:36:21 AM

BM,  did GW offer or have an interest in Morsell?? I could've sworn I saw his name mentioned here at some point. St.John's has 2 or 3 other good prospects on their team, in addition to Leggett.  


gw05091/29/2018 9:46:36 AM

Verbal Commits has us listed as offering or at least interested in Casey Morsell.


bm1/29/2018 12:52:49 PM

Looks like we (and a bunch of others) offered him in May while he was playing with TTO at EYBL.

the dude1/29/2018 9:29:17 PM

Thanks Thomas! Darian Bryant went to St John's yea?

la colonial1/29/2018 9:43:42 PM


Holderness, NH - New Hampton notched a Lakes Region victory tonight against a well-coached and gritty Holderness team. The scrappy play of the hosts kept the game close going into half as the Huskies held a slim six point margin. Coming out of the half however, the visiting Huskies rode 12 second half assists to break the game open to as many as 25.

The Huskies were led by Shandon Brown '18 (Boston, MA) with 18, Mason Webb '18 (Oklahoma City, OK) with 14, Mika Adams-Woods '19 (Syracuse, NY) with 11, and Bas Leyte '19 (Bergen Op Zoom, Netherlands) who finished with 10.

New Hampton hosts Bridgton Academy on Wednesday in a NEPSAC AAA showdown at 6pm.


the dude1/29/2018 9:48:47 PM

Lets have Shandon bring the Dutch guy with him. GW has to get back to international recruiting.

thomas1/30/2018 8:31:00 AM

I looked up Casey Morsell after my last post and saw that GW is interested/offered him like GW0509 and BM wrote. He has a wide range of schools interested in him at this point(Florida, Georgetown, Wake Forest, Virginia, Oklahoma State, pretty much every A-10 school, Towson, Binghamton). Verbal commits has him listed as a point guard, but from what I saw he looks more like a shooting guard.

LA Colonial,  thanks for the Shandon Brown updates, it seems as if he's putting up big numbers and leading his team in every game. It's harder for the naysayers here to bash Shandon Brown in the same way they are doing with GW's other recruits. 

The Dude,  yes, Darian Bryant went to St.John's.



the dude1/30/2018 1:17:10 PM

Thanks Thomas I watched the game video, Mezie looked good as always.

the mv1/30/2018 8:02:07 PM

These recruits are terrible. What are we becoming The Patriot League?


newgwfan1/30/2018 8:03:46 PM

MV has it right. Not even close to good enough. 


dick maier1/30/2018 8:09:51 PM

Only an idiot like that phony Rich Maier can't realize what a shit storm this is.  Going to lose 27 games next season.  Should just fold Athletics department.  


lets go1/30/2018 8:14:25 PM

MV as always hit the nail on the head. All American big deal.   these recruits are low D1 talent.  


alum11/30/2018 8:21:00 PM

Unless we fire Mojo immediately,  we are doomed.  The MV  I agree of course 100% . The only way back is to clean house with the staff. 


jp1/30/2018 8:23:31 PM

Paging Joe Dooley.  MV you are so right.  Otherwise hello Patriot League. 


dudette1/30/2018 8:27:04 PM

The minions have no clue MV.  The same idiots supported Jack Kvancz against your brave whistleblowing. Now they are protecting Nero. 


nerostolemyboyfriend1/30/2018 8:29:53 PM

Not any longer thanks to you MV.  Nero will be in jail soon. ML will have the last laugh. The minions will be silenced. 


edward1/30/2018 9:02:13 PM

Mojo can't coach. Dambrot has done wonders.  MV thank you for shining so much light here. What would we do without you. 


gw future1/30/2018 9:21:22 PM

Welcome to the Patriot League.  I told you all this would happen.  I am convinced MV could win more games coaching this team than this clown Mojo. 


gw 08 alum1/30/2018 9:31:27 PM

I'm totally a brand new poster. Just wanted to say I also agree 💯% with MV.  The coaching is so bad.  It's all Mojo fault he is the worst.  MV you are the smartest poster here. 


gw fan2/4/2018 12:32:44 PM


gw fan2/4/2018 12:35:58 PM

^^ Kid is Legit. Too much negativity from George Washington “fans” 

captain trips2/4/2018 1:12:19 PM

What do people' think of this class? Seems strong to me. 



dave2/15/2018 2:10:45 AM

Saw Mezie in action. He is the real deal.  Littles can ball.  Don't know much about Shanden 

dave2/15/2018 7:07:14 AM

Clearly not me.

dominic2/15/2018 9:17:30 AM

This thread is an interesting study in Group Think. 

I had no idea that this one guy, 'The MV' is so admired.


dom2/15/2018 12:59:22 PM

He says the recruits are terrible, and 'Dick' Maier jumps in to concur. (This thread reads like a legal string citation, with all the concurring opinions.)

I wish I'd seen that diploma, to see if it read 'Rich' or 'Dick.' 

I'd like to know who signed it for GW, too. 


rich maier2/15/2018 1:19:50 PM

Dom, only for you and Chet have I dug out the diploma again. Not Rich or Dick, it's Richard J. Maier. Who the hell signed diplomas in 1972? Of course it was Lloyd H. Elliott. I can send you a copy of my diploma signed by me. Of course there is a small fee plus S&H of $99.95. Say hey to my good buddy Chet. (PS my father never went to college but when asked he said he went to GWU (aka Garment Workers Union) 

dominic2/15/2018 1:36:05 PM

Rich- I know you've got a sense of humor, so, thank goodness. I don't recall why the Board Ass asked you to prove your bona fides, but, he's done worse.

I don't see Chet, but, I see some of his posts.  

My theory is that Dick Maier is GWFuture, who is Former Colonial, who is an alter ego of the Board Ass. I suppose we'll only know when they post they diplomas. I gather there are false positives on 3 Faces; and there are enormous statistical gaps: smart phones and other devices are not tracked. 

I need some more medication before lunch. (If Dick is a distant relative, my condolences.)

Garment Workers Union-did they start with the terrible fire at the shirt factory?


former colonial2/17/2018 2:18:13 AM

I have only ever posted under just my one name, Dick Maier.  The only name I have used here is Dick Maier.


the mv2/17/2018 12:48:54 PM

22 for Mezzie yesterday in Prep’s win over Goss’s former high school.  Nice to see a strong scoring day for Mezzie.


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