By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 2/8/2016 9:22:07 PM

There's been plenty discussion about uneveness of effort at times this year. That happens but it happens more often with this team than I'd expect given how veteran the team is with 6 guys in their 4th year of college.

Deep into their sophmore years I'm not really sure "who" Yuta and Paul are. I do know that Yuta is not a guard. ML replaces Yuta with a guard in the first substitution and generally the starting 5 are not on the floor together for a ton of minutes. But what is he? So far this year he's looked more like a hustle glue guy rather than the impact scorer I was expecting after his freshman year. He helps in a number of ways but at times I see him in the game and I think "has he been in all this time?" Can you be a really good shooter and have an entire season long shooting slump? So I really like Yuta but don't really know "who" he is.

The same thing with Paul. Is he a scorer, a point guard? I think the box scores really muddy the issue. JoeMac got hurt 9 games ago. He left that game 9 minutes in and missed the next two. Paul and Mitola split his minutes mostly for those games, but when JoeMac returned Mitola's minutes stayed way up and Paul's minutes have really dropped off.

Win or lose I have seen that the offense has run a lot more crisply with Mitola on the ball and JoeMac off the ball. ML has put Mitola in that spot instead of Paul so that kind of gives us some indication. It also hasn't seemed like Paul has scored a lot in the flow of the regular offense. So I like Paul but I don't know "who" he is either.

A handful of games left and if you told me that GW was going to blast through the rest of the season, win a couple games in the A-10 tourney and get to the NCAA's in strong shape? I'd say, yeah I could see that. If you told me that they'll falter against St. Joes and Bonaventure, get beat early in the A-10 tourney and maybe limp into the NIT? I'd say, yeah I could see that.

So I just don't know what we have here.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 2/8/2016 9:30:18 PM

Yuta is a developing basketball player. I think its clear ML and Yuta are dedicated, both of them, to using Yuta's 4 full college players to becoming a complete player, who will be able to play, and score a ton. A nice college forward, maybe a nice pro guard. (Like the Butler big guard from its final 4 team. )

PJ? A combo. Maybe a back up combo. But, a guy who is trusted to win tight games down the road. 

Nice post, Thinker. it's a fine season, so long as we enjoy the games one by one. Maybe stop the carping along the way, too. (You know who you are. The carpers.)


By: pops (505 posts) - 2/10/2016 4:07:42 AM

113 games into their careers and I'm not sure who Pato and Larsen are.  Regardless of which path the remainder of the season takes, our 3 seniors will go down as great colonials and very good players.  But whether they are any more than that will be determined over the course of the next 10 to 12 games.

The other players are nice and I'm not discounting the possibility that someone like Yuta, PJ or even a Roland catching fire but this is up to Pato, Cavs and Larsen.  How they go, so shall we.  Each of these 3 has the ability to play like a 1st team A10er.  What we saw from Pato on Saturday is what we've been waiting for.  what we've seen from Cavs during stretches is equally impressive and we all know the two sides of Kev.  These 3 playing well together down the stretch could take us to a different level.

whatever, its been a fun ride, if frustrating.  i know one thing, if we do get on a roll the foul shooting of cavs, garino and mitola in particular will prove invaluable.

By the way, agree with Mitola running the offense whenever he's in there.  I like Joe on the floor but he's better for us as the 2 or 3.  I would have liked the PJ from november and december but i just hope the current one can provide some positive minutes.

and finally, I am starting to get excited about swan.  if he can keep providing positive minutes we might start seeing a little bit more from him.

By: pops (505 posts) - 2/10/2016 4:18:58 AM

scratch what i said about garino's free throws.  i didn't realize he was only shooting 67% and 65% in conference.  it felt like he was shooting better than that.  but yuta's pct is now approaching 80 so i think cavs, yuta and mitola's free throw shooting will help down the stretch.

By: Free Quebec (2/10/2016 8:07:17 AM)

One thing I thing I think we have in Yuta is a developing defensive stopper.  His length and ability to move his feet are wreaking havoc on a lot of perimeter players.  

By: Long Suffering Fan (4,106 posts) - 2/10/2016 8:27:18 AM

I actually think we have a pretty good handle on who this team is, Thinker.  We are basically a very good team that matches up with any team in the conference that is one player short (dare I say Kethan?) from being a great team.   There are a handful of games in which we may have fallen flat, but this is a very good team.   We know our defensive strengths (rebounding, length), and weaknesses (small quick guards and lack of speed).  We know our offensive strengths (pound it inside, get to the line) and weaknesses(again lack of speed and no true 2).   We know we lack depth on the bench, especially up front.  We certainly know Pato's, Kevin's Joes and Tylers game, even if there may be some disappointment in a part of all 4's game.  As for Yuta...he is a small forward playing out of position because that position is already taken by a great player.  Mitola is a very smart but otherwise limited substitute point guard who makes the best of his limited court skills.   Swan is a small forward who is rapidly developing (I hope everyone is noticing that) but has a way to go.   Same for Jordan at the guard position.  He is a slasher first and a shooter second.   The only real paradox on the team is PJ, who I beleive cannot play his natural game (a creative wing guard) due to needs at other positions.   Bottom line...this team can beat anyone in the league, and I am not saying the old cliche "on any given night".   There is no team in the conference that can look at GW, either home or road, and can assume a win.   Can you imagine a starting 5 with Kethan at the wing and Yuta coming off the bench?  What is, and what should never be.

By: Free Quebec (6,340 posts) - 2/10/2016 9:37:02 AM

I don't want to turn this into a Kethan thread, LSF, but while I agree with you in theory, Kethan's inability to stretch the floor and the fact that he didn't always move the ball quickly or pass much might have actually worked against the chemistry of this team.  We could have used his quickness at times, no doubt, but I'm not sure we'd be much better with him,

By: Rich Maier (17 posts) - 2/10/2016 9:41:14 AM

LSF, I would take your view of GW down a notch. We are a good team and 1 player away from being very good. A great team wins a national championship and we're much more than 1 player away from winning the NCAAs.  

By: go bananas (2/10/2016 9:50:39 AM)

I think what I like about this team is that I - plus the other team - don't know who are players are. Switching up who has a good night makes us more agile rather than depending on our 1 or 2 star players. I think that's what makes us hard to defend... at least when we're hot.

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