happy thanksgiving
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happy thanksgiving11/23/2017 3:19:22 AM

To all sincere and particularly longtime posters: best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving.

Extra extra helpings of thanks to Herve and his family for putting up with us.

Hope the team and staff, families and friends get a fine turkey dinner and it fuels them to perform to their best. And they enjoy and form lifelong bonds during the warm weather trip.

Those of you who eat earlier have a better chance at digestion during the Xavier game, but hope for a Thanksgiving miracle somehow.

Traditionally, in both a tongue-in-cheek and serious manner, personally mention some aspects of GW basketball as something personally thankful for at the dinner table.

It may be hard to be thankful for much GW-basketball-winning hopes this young season, but we have already won at real life. Thankful that we have fine young men playing for us. No matter what happens on the court, they don't embarass us--and indeed make us quite proud off the court.

And very thankful that Tyler, who made his own luck, is living the dream of playing in the NBA, despite the long odds. Following Pato. And Pops and Mike.

Thankful that in general, we graduate good young men who become professional basketball players, future doctors, accountants, coaches, teachers, counselors, etc. and enjoy all walks of life.

Thankful that Washington landmarks are in view en route. Thankful, that one can go to games and in a few minutes walk around campus places lived during a formative time in life--and see young people still enjoying that time now.

Hope that despite sniping, dustups and near nuclear meltdowns, we are still duly thankful for our little family.

We all have the same goal for success and happiness in the future, just express it in different ways. Hopefully, not in a personal way.

By the grace of Herve, we are here day in day out, not only during the season, but deep in the offseason. He offers an electronic community at the stroke of a keyboard for those who need or want to commune.

Win or lose, that alone is a lot to be thankful for today. And every day.







bigfan11/23/2017 3:20:45 AM

Subject line and poster name should be reversed, but hopefully get the Happy Thanksgiving point.


ziik the tentmaker11/23/2017 9:58:24 AM

Nice sentiments, Big.

I will see if I can get my extended family together for the game. 

I just hope the older ones can shut up and eat. But, I expect a lot of political and sports whining.


bobo11/23/2017 11:14:52 AM

Well said, Bigfan.  Gobble Gobble!


gw6911/23/2017 11:48:21 AM

BigFan--Always impressed by your sincerity and energy!!Hope you have 

a great day--and look forward to monumental upset of Xavier. From my

lips to you no who.


maine colonial11/23/2017 12:08:19 PM

And don’t forget the GW Women will begin their defense of the Smith Center in just over an hour. Lots of hoops the next few days and hopefully we see at least a couple wins. 


tennessee colonial11/23/2017 1:44:09 PM

Hey Maine, any free video?


bo knows11/23/2017 1:45:04 PM

Great post Bigfan! Happy Thanksgiving to All (even the Dude - I am getting soft lol)!


bigfan11/23/2017 4:52:56 PM

Can't guarantee happiness after 5 p.m., but we'll see.

robsmithoasas11/23/2017 6:01:30 PM

GW amazingly scrappy on D has kept them in a game they shouldn't even be in. Threes by Bolden & Nolan have helped immensely as well.

The pressure is on X; not GW! This may be helping as well. Regardless of the outcome, the ONLY way you really can improve is by playing against your betters. That's true individually and for the team as well!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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