By: GWStag (84 posts) - 7/5/2015 2:18:25 PM

By: GW Alum Abroad (2,456 posts) - 7/5/2015 4:23:59 PM

Wow, hard hiting in-depth research worthy of Symour Hersch and prose invocative of Menken from that website. 

Still, nice to get recognition even if it is from a website to lazy to publish anything more intelligent than lists it decides to make up.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 7/5/2015 5:20:48 PM

At least Hersh, the greatest investigative journalist of his era (My Lai, Kal007, Iraq War, Israeli Nuclear Program etc)is being used  as such here, and not the supposed slur/punch line he was just a few weeks ago!

...and a Mencken reference! 2 for 2 GW Alum Abroad!




By: Tuna Can (1,661 posts) - 7/5/2015 5:23:56 PM

Funny, I just said hello to Sy two minutes ago.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 7/5/2015 8:36:26 PM


By: Tuna Can (1,661 posts) - 7/5/2015 8:59:53 PM

Yes. he's a neighbor

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 7/5/2015 9:11:04 PM

Very cool. He's done a great deal of tremendous reporting (a few missteps along the way)  This country needs/ed a lot more like him.  You can tell him at least one The Dude thinks so!

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 7/5/2015 11:58:04 PM

Ask him to look into why Georget**n won't play us?