A New Beginning ...
bo knows
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bo knows9/13/2017 9:57:30 PM

With today's announcement I am hoping all parties can move on. Again, ML is not coming back to coach this team. Hopefully, he goes on to great success elsewhere and those of us who supported him here can be satisfied in that and the fact he received some sort of settlement. Those that opposed him have gotten finality. If there is some other shoe connected to this that is going to drop we will all know about it when we know about it. No sense worrying about that now.

Likewise, it is time for GW to move forward under Mojo. For the first time tonight, I now feel that this is Mojo's program going forward and there are no shadows hanging over it. I hope and pray for his success.

That all said, most importantly, it's time to end the civil war on this subject here on GW Hoops. It does nobody any good at this point. All relevant points have been made and debated. Unless some new verified information appears, we know what we already know and no more. No one is changing any minds at this point and I don't know the utility of changing minds at this point either. Again, ML is not coming back. Let him go and live his life. He didn't murder anyone even if you believe the allegations to be true. If both GW and ML agreed to put this behind them, then I think posters can as well.

At this point, each of us has two choices. Either support Mojo and the players or walk away.  Hopefully, you will choose to stay and see what happens. Mojo will neither be the first coach to succeed or to fail at GW. Whatever happens you and GW will survive and so will ML. 


ziik the soothsayer9/14/2017 8:45:56 AM

Bo, how old a man/woman are you? 

I am old enough to know that in this life, the notion that a person has two choices is bunk.

We either have no choices, or we have countless choices. I prefer the countless choice option.

My clan likes ML. But, from the moment Mojo was named, GW was going to 'go forward' under Mojo or not. There was no going back. ML was never coming back.

My clan likes Mojo. We all ought to have backed him from the beginning. Starting now is starting late. 

Well, that is the way I see things today. Heck, it's the way I have seen things for a year. 

I hope the guys who walk away have someplace else to go.



cagwu9/14/2017 8:54:43 AM


the mv9/14/2017 2:09:30 PM

Bo, since your well-intended thread is being buried, I thought I would respond to it.

Too soon.

You can't possibly expect to find a group of people who have been debating the issues behind Lonergan's termination for a full year keep quiet and move on less than 24 hours after a settlement outcome was determined. 

I like and agree with what you wrote and hope that all of us will follow suit in time. 


bo knows9/14/2017 2:49:23 PM

I don't expect it to happen MV, I am just hoping and calling for it to happen. Judging from the other thread, we shouldn't expect it will be anytime soon.


gw alum abroad9/14/2017 4:13:03 PM

This board will not move on (heck, the end of Gimmestob era is still debated here, and he is dead). And people here have more options than the "love it or leave it" dichotomy you propose...


nygw9/14/2017 4:28:55 PM

New beginning indeed!


bigfan9/14/2017 4:55:29 PM

A nice thing to say and well-intentioned in thoughts for the program.

It's easy and popular to suggest.

Be good if you included with that statement an acknowledgement of what you know in terms of a settlement--and what you know that mitigates some of the reporting. A man's reputation, livelihood and children's future is at stake.

Also there is a set of questions, if we are honest, on how we ended in the circumstances of all the assistants involved in this being retained (see how long that lasts after the season now that the case/potential lawsuit is settled)? Lot of odd things about this that don't smell right even if we wind up becoming NCAA Champs.

Fully support Mojo and the team.

Still have questions about what happened. Doesn't change one's feelings about GW basketball, which outlasts administrations, ADs and coaches.

Of course, it will be in the background,hopefully sooner than later.

But it is ridiculous and a bit presumptious to say to those left behind, forget about the head of the household, a day after the insurance payout.

Everyone can make a hundred posts about why we should just forget it.But they have to answer to their own hearts how they have forgotten it.

Absent any new information, correct, we don't need to rehash. And indeed, let's focus on going forward. But now is not the time to stifle debate.

Bo, your post is well-intentioned from what you see for GW basketball. And others are as well.

But we still talk about things here from when some of us, including the AARP generation, weren't even alive.

As have said for years even in terms of criticism of ML, there is no loyalty test to be a GW Fan and rah-rah cheerleading toeing the official line doesn't  make anyone a better or worse fan.

As some like to point out, there is a quote that roughly goes: "Those who don't remember the past are doomed to repeat it."

What we can do is not bring this up unnecessarily, dwell on it, ignore the trolls who have come out on this issue and avoid the rabid personal attacks that came before this, but have been greatly exacerbated by this divisive event.

Then, sometime hopefully fairly soon we will be doing well enough so that issue this will be something that can brought up occasionally as recent history like other events, not a hot-button topic.

bigfan9/14/2017 5:19:06 PM

Or "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

lalaw9/14/2017 5:31:22 PM

Well said Bo Knows. I'm sure Lonergan is happy this is done so he can consider the future options that are sure to come next March (at the conclusion of the season). Until then, he has financial security and can spend quality time with his family (not possible for D-1 HC's). However, some part of me thinks that he may walk away from coaching after this experience (and after 28 years of being a HC) based on the amount of money I heard he settled for. Who knows?

As for MOJO, I have always liked the guy. I have followed him since he left Mich St to go play for Lonergan at Vermont, was a team captain for Lonergan and then sought out Lonergan for mentorship as he began his coaching career. My only hesitation is that he was too young and inexperienced for a HC job in the A-10. Add to it the specifics at GW (lack of interest by the students, admissions requirements, funding, lack of leadership from the AD) and it's a recipe for disaster. Also, I predict 90% of the 20 people who regularly visit this site to turn on him as soon as he starts to lose and say "I told you so". I just hope this job (which was pre-mature) doesn't ruin his love of the game and cause him to do a career change. 


bo knows9/14/2017 6:14:02 PM

Bigfan, I guess what I am saying is that either you feel so aggrieved over what was done to ML that you cannot in good conscience support the program any longer or you can now get past it and turn your attention to the future. I am not sure the settlement really changes that equation because even if ML got paid a lot of money and GW was at fault, the remedy is not for him to come back and Mojo is our coach. The genie is out of the bottle and we are left where we are. Not sure a settlement changes much of that. If some future consequences are to be had for anyone else over this, I guess we will wait until if and when those occur. Of course, that will all be factored into the equation.

I don't know what else there is to say that hasn't been already said about this. It is no longer productive to rehash what happened here which is why I've stayed out of the setlement debate even though I probably have strong feelings about it. I think we've all made our positions clear and as I've stated I still believe ML was not treated fairly. Probably will have to take those thoughts to my grave because no one is preparing a powerpoint on the facts of the case for all of us to digest and to sway hearts and minds. If that changes, great, but I don't expect it to. Yes, I know bits and pieces of the story but not the whole picture. And ML and GW are definitely not talking about the settlement terms. So I have no facts as to whether he got $1 or $3.25 million as Neil seems to believe. If I had to guess it was 7 figures. But that's just a guess based on previous information. While that number is most relevant to ML at this point if he is happy and moving on then I guess we should to. Doesn't mean any disrespect to ML or lack of consideration for the good coaching job he did here, it just means GW basketball has a season to play with Mojo and players. I've seen us go through Gimelstob, Kuester, Jarvis, Penders, Hobbs, and now Lonergan. A few of those times I thought the GW basketball world was coming to an end. It didn't. And I don't suspect it will this time either. It is different to be sure but it can still be successful maybe even more successful who really knows? Sorry that these were the circumstances that caused this change but hopeful that Mojo will grab the bull by horns and make us all proud. He has the ability, he has the opportunity, now he has to execute.



bobo9/14/2017 9:31:03 PM

Do all NY Jets fans have to be ALL IN on Todd Bowles?


xac9/15/2017 12:05:25 PM

Looking forward to focusing on basketball. Although I'm typically an optimist, I'm looking at this year to be transitional for both men and women's teams. Both suffered too many key losses and it's a stretch to expect the recruits to compensate right away. Based on what's happened from a recruiting sense (for both men and women), I think the 2018-2019 season and beyond look promising.

That being said, I think at least one, if not both teams, will exceed the low expectations derived from preseason rankings and prognostication. November can't come fast enough.


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