ML the liar
 3/18/2018 1:07:44 AM      Replies: 19

gwstag3/13/2018 12:44:22 PM

It's sad to see the levels my old friend ml has stooped to lying about GW and mojo amd Nero like this on the board.  There is no shame in being a gym assistant but of course that means the settlement was very small no need to lie about that too. Ml always did have a dishonesty issue among his many other issues. Well I try to hold water for him myself these many years but it's sad to see where my friend is these days. 



bo knows3/13/2018 1:16:07 PM

Well I certainly agree with this. Sad to see what my good buddy ML has become.  Everyone needs to get on board with Mojo now it's time to move forward and enough with this anti GW stuff. It's time to support GW and Mojo. You're either with us or against us. 


the real dude3/13/2018 1:21:11 PM

Nero Brigade, unemployed and with too much time on their hands, using legit poster names in order to remove the Uber driver thread. Classic!


newgwfan3/13/2018 1:28:12 PM

How do you know all these lies are Lonergan? Maybe it's just somebody from the board pretending to be. 


bobo3/13/2018 1:34:34 PM


These posts are not from either GWStag or No Knows.  They're from name stealing losers posting in other people's names.


bo knows3/13/2018 1:38:04 PM

I cannot speak for the other fellows but the above post was in fact mine. I've had enough of the lies it's time to move forward and support Mojo and GW. 


newgwfan3/13/2018 1:48:12 PM

This board is idiotic.  Someone posting under my name at 1:28.  Not to mention the entire thread started by GWStag with no actual concrete arguement or logic for the post.  Just getting off on bringing someone else's name down.  

nerostolemyboyfriend3/13/2018 2:08:34 PM

The minions speak the truth. I defer to Bo Knows for all guidance on the board. So if he says let's all move on I guess it really is time for us all to move on. We're all GW fans right? 


sports reference3/13/2018 2:10:17 PM

Even I agree about this and this is my second post! My first post was a total unique new visitor to the site to I swear!! I'm not Bobo believe me! Just a new guy named Sports reference. Let's all move on everybody. 


bigfan3/13/2018 3:38:47 PM

Well I certainly agree. Mojo is a fine young man and it's time for us all to move on. I don't need to ask for 20 straight months what really happens in 2016, I feel like I finally have all the answers, after 19 months of constantly talking about it. Onward and upward.  


bo knows3/13/2018 3:51:24 PM

Once again someone has way too much time on their hands coupled with an agenda. I obviously did not post any of the above. Please do not use my name. I have made my thoughts known in this matter and I support ML. I also support Mojo. Anything else is false. 


bigfan3/13/2018 4:39:57 PM

Need it even be said in reference to the 3: 38 post?

Someone needs to get a life. Sad to come on this board all the time, like we all do, a few days after the end of the season.

But even sadder to come on all the time and post under fake names.


nero stole my boyfriend3/13/2018 5:29:00 PM

The above post was not mine; though I do enjoy reading posts from Bo Knows. 

the mv3/13/2018 5:48:44 PM

It's pretty obvious that a certain poster or posters here have invested in an IP address blocker and is/are now intent on posing as others for no other reason than to ruin this board.  Herve, when will enough be enough?  This has been going on for months and those loyalists who remain here are pleading with you to create a fix, be it registration or some other remedy.  Let us know the price for such a fix and I'm reasonably certain that this will be paid for via donations to the site.  If the reason you're not taking this step is because we're down to something like 6 unique individuals here so it hardly seems worth it, please let us know that.  Otherwise, I really hope you'll consider this.  I realize what a shame it is that this is all being caused by one jerk, or a handful of jerks.  Thanks for considering this, and for all you do to keep this site going.


facts3/13/2018 6:16:44 PM

The minions have never posted any evidence of wrongdoing by ML who has maintained his innocence since the Post article. He doesn't speak about what really happened because he got Paid to be silent. Now the minions try to frustrate those who post the truth by using their names. Sad to see how desperate they have become.


gw future3/13/2018 6:26:08 PM

One wonders whether GW athletics will examine the computers of some to determine how much work time is being lost by some of the remaining minions. I heard a rumor that GW is doing an internal investigation so I assume some of the minions will be identified and sent on their way. Maybe while Nero is working on his resume he can help his followers.


facts3/13/2018 6:41:53 PM

Facts like Nero is an Uber driver. Those are real facts. Everything reported in the Washington post about Mike well those are not real facts. That's What I Call fake news. All the stuff about Nero and the students and dinners together those are facts. Jeremy Lin he's not telling the truth about Mike being racist, just a fake stuff from minions. GW is doomed for 300 years. Mike is the richest man on the planet. He works at a gym because he loves it so much. Real facts


nassar3/14/2018 9:17:08 PM

ML is a deviant like myself .and a liar.  Like myself 


nerostolemyboyfriend3/17/2018 8:57:26 PM

I'm just thankful that ml is not in jail these days. That is where I feared he would end up the way he was behaving.  Hopefully he can stay out of trouble folding towels at the Bowie gym.  


gw future3/18/2018 1:07:44 AM

Ml is in counseling for his anger issues and control problems so no need to worry about him anymore it's all taken care of. 


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