By: DaxGWPG (8/29/2015 10:17:06 AM)

You don't get significant time for CP3, one of the best EYBL teams in the country, unless you're a special talent.  You can't help but be in awe of Darnell's creativity with the ball and ability to put pressure on a defense. He gets into gaps and makes the right pass. He also has an uncanny ability to finish around the rim, although that will only happen maybe twice a game at the A-10 level.  His skill set is ideal to get others involved, especially in our system.  Darnell will not be relied upon to score as Shawnta was, especially in the short time when he played under Tom  Penders.  

He will be a press breaker, pest on the ball defensively and be able to hit deep 3's, which is critical for undersized guards at our level.  All that skill pales in comparison to the incredible heart and confidence that he carries with him on the court. Everybody seems to question his size as if it's a disadvantage.  In reality, his stature and ability to manipulate the game are what makes him unique and special.  Don't worry about him guarding bigger guys, worry about them trying to guard him out at 35 feet.  They'll be seeing a lot of the back of his jersey as he blows by them.  And if they play too far off, the deep 3 is there to keep them honest.  His impact will not be judged by his numbers but will be obvious for all to see and feel.  

By: Florida Colonial (562 posts) - 8/29/2015 11:24:00 AM

Do you know something we dont know?

By: Chuck74 (6 posts) - 8/29/2015 2:01:11 PM

This is a highly curious post.  It DOES seem as if the poster knows something!

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 8/29/2015 3:26:30 PM

Well, not everyone DaxGWPG has been worried about his size, in fact most people have clamored for Darnell and stated a similar case for signing him.

I agree with your assessments.  They seem to be line with the majority of the board.  

(it doesn't seem the poster is expressing anything other than his view on Darnell, outside of perhaps a tense choice in one verb which might suggest otherwise)

By: Pops (505 posts) - 8/29/2015 5:53:15 PM

Dude, offer your opinion.  don't try to characterize the board as though you preside over disposition of its judgments.

Having said that, Dax, I would be truly excited if Darnell were to come here.

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 8/29/2015 6:54:09 PM

No lecture required Pops. This is about 7th lecture from you on what I should write when I agree with someone.  My post was fine and accurate.  Most folks posts here have in fact been bullish about Darnell. 

 "Everybody seems to question his size as if it's a disadvantage."  would suggest otherwise, the irony of course is that its the original post which "presides over disposition of its judgments."   It just doesn't do so entirely accurately, I decided to note that while otherwise agreeing with its assessment of DR.

Save the lectures for when someone actualy steps over the line here, or better yet, no lectures period.  I assure you they are worse than what you perceive to be the supposed underlying offense.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 8/29/2015 8:34:08 PM

Don't think many are worried about his size. We know Darnell has awesome potential.

In fact, Darnell should come here because this is the only place where no one would question his size, he would receive unlimited fan love and devotion and a huge warm welcome.

Darnell should commit know while the chance is still available and take advantage of this great opportunity. Wouldn't wait too long...

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 8/29/2015 9:04:47 PM

If any of the Rogers family come to Herve's playpen, you know they will read this thread. Try not to take any dumps here, guys.

That first post was very comforting. Its hard to see anybody improving on it.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 8/29/2015 11:33:58 PM

Nut is the last guy in the world that we have to imagine being influenced by what's on this board. He is beyond basketball savvy and is going to help his son get into the absolutely best situation for him. He is going to understand what that is FAR better than any of us.

As I understand it (and I do have some limited access to information) the key things are going to be:

1) Fit with the head coach

2) Style of play

3) The appropriate level of the league - talent wise, and

4) Academic fit

So what that means is -- IF Nut feels that ML would use his son the way he thinks he should, playing a style that he thinks suits Darnell's skill set AND he thinks Darnell can excel at the A-10 level AND Darnell can get into GW academically THEN there is an excellent chance he'll come to GW. Those are the four things that Nut will base things on.

Of those four, I only have a sense about what he wants in terms of style of play. He wants wide open, fast break, running, transition style of basketball because that's the style -- on offense that Darnell can most excel at. I don't know what conversations there have been between ML and Nut on that subject, just that there would have been discussions. I have no idea of what he thinks about the other three factors.

I don't know that GW is still pursuing Darnell at this point or if GW is even still on his list. But there are clear indications that GW is still actively recruiting two other 2016 PGs -- Ako Adams and Christian Vital.

I don't know what school he'll choose but I know that Nut will be fully involved throughout and that those four things will have to line up.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 8/29/2015 11:46:40 PM

Grab the great GW opportunity while he can.

By: thinker (2,825 posts) - 8/30/2015 12:34:19 AM

Neil's prediction notwithstanding, I don't believe that Darnell to GW is very likely. I'm not saying I'm against it or that he wouldn't be good or that I know anything for sure - I just don't think that either side will conclude that it's a great fit.

By: BACCAS92 (705 posts) - 8/30/2015 2:19:21 AM

I am predicting Towson for him to get more playing time.  Just my two cents.  Nonetheless, I would love for him to come.  My wife still remembers his father and asks how is "shorty"?  I told her he made a great career playing in Europe.  I also said that his son is going to be in college next fall.  She said, my we have gotten old. 

By: The Dude (529 posts) - 8/30/2015 2:54:23 AM

Agree with BigFan.

Hard to predict or gauge, but agree with Thinker on one thing here, The Rogers family is not basing their decision in the slighest on what's written on this site, lets give them a little more credit than that.  (Wish they would, its been predominantly a helluva welcoming collection of posts!)

Frankly, that's true of every family, in the event they look at the site.

Baccas, it ages us, and this is Shawnta's 2nd son heading to college, the first one has been there for several years already!