By: Poog (3,875 posts) - 8/27/2015 12:31:28 PM

GW announced agreement of a home-home series with U of Central Florida. Playing this year in Orlando on December 29. Next year at Smith Center.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 8/27/2015 4:46:26 PM

Good find, poog.

Not hugely excited,since Holiday week precludes a quick trip to Orlando, but like Hawaii, our good coach will make itfun for the players.

Hope potential recruits are noticing these type of things.

GW: serious basketball,caring coach in a family atmosphere,great location, excellent academics. And still time for fun and adventure.

By: Goo Colonials Go (68 posts) - 8/27/2015 6:38:41 PM

UCF wasn't great last year. 12-18 and 5-13 in the AAC. Most notable thing may be their black-stained home court, which is actually pretty cool.

I'm on a plane so can't really find out much on whether or not their expected to improve this year or next. Hopefully they do, and would still rather have a not great UCF on the schedule than a Longwood or UMES or the like. 

By: Florida Colonial (562 posts) - 8/27/2015 7:31:34 PM

Possible connection that helped get this game scheduled



By: Poog (3,875 posts) - 8/27/2015 7:34:19 PM

More about post-Christmas location than opponent. Good interlude between end of exams and start of A-10 season. Beats a Smith Center turkey shoot on the schedule when nobody's around.

By: kb (49 posts) - 8/27/2015 10:01:52 PM

All we need now is for Darnell Rogers to commit to GW so we can see him line up next to 7-6 Tacko Fall when UCF visits the Smith Center in 2016.  

By: GW Alum Abroad (2,456 posts) - 8/27/2015 10:43:18 PM

Making Orlando "fun" would require the coaches working more of a miracle than it would take to get GW to the Final Four. 

By: Maine Colonial (487 posts) - 8/28/2015 5:27:47 AM

I'm predicting the team will visit Disney and there will be pictures of Coach Lonergan wearing mouse ears.

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 8/28/2015 8:54:57 AM

Well, I thought we were a game short when the OOC schedule was first announced (thanks for correcting me at the time Bo) and now, with the scheduling of this game, we have hit the maximum allotment of games. Very glad we didn't leave a game on the table.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 8/28/2015 11:39:43 AM

MV, thanks for not pointing out that was before BB&T was dropped from the projected schedule. At the time of my post then we had the maximum number of games scheduled (including the BB&T) and we now have the maximum number of games scheduled (dropping BB&T and adding UCF).

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 8/28/2015 11:58:02 AM

Bo, why can you never and I mean NEVER admit when you were wrong? You are completely full of shit on this one.  This conversation took place when GW announced its out-of-conference schedule.  At that time, the school announced that it would not be participating in the BB&T.  I then pointed out that we were a game short and you indicated that we weren't. This had nothing to do with not playing in the BB&T as this exchange took place after this fact was announced.  

Whatever credibility you have here, it takes a major hit when you get something wrong and then can't even acknowledge this.  Despite your thoughts on the subject, none of us are perfect.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:00:40 PM

Please somebody find the thread. 

By: Poster (5 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:02:35 PM

UCF also features a 6'10" center Justin McBride.. a junior


By: Poster (5 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:02:53 PM

picture distorted a bit. better link:

By: Poster (5 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:02:54 PM

picture distorted a bit. better link:

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:17:10 PM

7/8/15   7:25:06 pm

Nice try though.

By: Bo Knows (705 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:28:56 PM

I stand corrected MV thought the discussion had occurred much earlier. My apologies. My error eas that the Gannon scrimmage does not count due to NCAA exemption for Non-DI scrimmages. I forgot about that when counting the 27 games and scrimmages. But in fairness, you didn't know that either or I am certain you would have corrected me (and LSF at time) because I did lay out the exact rule in that thread. So yes I was wrong. I will now hang my head in shame. 


By: Nitro (8/28/2015 12:35:58 PM)

Dude, do I now also need to hang my head in shame? 

By: The MV (4,915 posts) - 8/28/2015 12:37:58 PM

Bo, no need to hang your head in shame.  It happens to everyone.

By: Bigfan (2,829 posts) - 8/28/2015 1:24:46 PM

We need some good news soon before board discussion degenerates any further. And this is the mild thread.

A top recruit is obligated to come to GW to break this late summer doldrums cycle.

By: NYGW (132 posts) - 8/28/2015 2:16:41 PM

Honestly I'd just like more of Nitro's thoughts. 

By: Thomas (1,146 posts) - 8/28/2015 2:54:03 PM

Justin McBride looks to have a similar build to Kenner League vet Calvin Brown, who gave GW's big guys some problems last month. So the team knows what's in store when they face J.McBride.

By: ziik (2,950 posts) - 8/28/2015 2:57:14 PM

I've been out with women with that sort of build. None have been any fun.

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