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Nice Men's Tennis Win Today
Created: 4/25/2015 7:19:38 PMReplies: 25
4/25/2015 7:19:38 PM - The Sons of Liberty - 322 posts (#74)

Beat the top seed.  Playing in the finals tomorrow.  Raise High. 

Patrick Nero @GW_AD 

Another trip to the @atlantic10 finals for @GWMensTennis as they beat top seed Richmond. Go for back to back titles tomorrow #RaiseHigh

GWMensTennis @GWMensTennis 

FINAL: GW 4, Richmond 1. The Colonials down the top seed to earn their sixth-consecutive appearance in the #A10Champs finals! #RaiseHigh

4/25/2015 7:26:50 PM - Igor... Not yegor - 291 posts (#83)


4/25/2015 7:44:31 PM - THE DUDE - 529 posts (#48)

Well done tennis team! Well done Patrick Nero!... sure looks like an improvement across the board in our programs, not just hoops.

4/25/2015 8:05:55 PM - MD-DC - 147 posts (#132)

Impressive squad. 6 straight finals is ridiculous. Raise high!

4/25/2015 10:15:05 PM - ELJ - 2,207 posts (#14)

Gotta have something to do with all that positive energy from Poog, who played the sport for Gee Dub back in the day!

4/25/2015 11:33:25 PM - THE DUDE - 529 posts (#48)

Poog, who is the greatest tennis player in GW history???

4/26/2015 1:29:58 AM - Poog - 3,875 posts (#6)

There are five tennis players currently in the GW Hall of Fame, the most notable of which is probably Bob Considine who collaborated and ghosted on numerous books including Thirty Seconds over Tokyo and The Babe Ruth Story. He wrote for the Hearst papers with views consistent with their conservative bent. Dave Haggerty is current CEO and President of the U.S. Tennis Association and until last Sunday April 19, held the GW record for most career singles victories. I had the pleasure of being there and watching that record tied and broken that weekend by current #1 player Francisco Dias who will be going for his 3rd team A-10 championship against VCU on Sunday. No doubt in my mind that Fran will eventually get inducted into the GW HOF after a requisite lapse of time. Even prior to Patrick Nero's arrival, current Coach Greg Munoz has been building a powerhouse team to rival the 1956-1960 teams that featured recent HOF inductee Jim Tarr who won 3 straight Southern Conference singles, doubles, and team championships during his time at GW. No John McEnroe or Jimmy Connors or Alex Olmedo or Dennis Ralston played college tennis at GW but Foggy Bottom did produce solid players and citizens. Six members of the current team made the Athletic Department's Dean's List and three made the A-10 Commisioner's Honor Roll. The perfect student-athlete -- successful on and off the court.

4/26/2015 2:08:50 AM - THE DUDE - 529 posts (#48)

Interesting and strong history Poog, lets hope this new team is building some more of their own history!  Looks like Dias is poised to win his 3rd A10 Most Oustanding performer?  Portugese too, time to bring some of that Iberian Peninsula talent to the basketball program too!



4/26/2015 7:09:09 AM - Igor... Not Yegor - 291 posts (#83)

Thanks poog... Great stuff. Is there an archive somewhere listing team participants (both men and women) throughout the years? 

4/26/2015 8:59:27 AM - Poog - 3,875 posts (#6)

I would be very surprised if GW has a complete handle on its overall record over the years, let alone a roster of the participants. The Hatchet may retain historical files of its issues with some articles on the tennis teams but I can personally attest that those weren't always accurate with the names. Ed McKee probably had the best record of GW's alum athletes, including tennis, but doubt it was ever compiled into anything resembling an all-time roster. Football, basketball and baseball might be traceable but if Dean Kayser didn't put it in his book that probably only CJS fan read, seriously doubt any such listing exists stretching back too far in the paper era past.

4/26/2015 11:52:27 AM - Poog - 3,875 posts (#6)

GW closing in on taking the doubles point, leading in all 3 matches. Lineup is different than the one that lost to VCU 4-3 in January. Long way to go but off to a good start.

4/26/2015 1:52:29 PM - Pkgw - 180 posts (#115)

Any update?

4/26/2015 2:16:16 PM - the sons of liberty - 322 posts (#74)

GWMensTennis @GWMensTennis 

FRAN WINS IT!! A victory at 1 and the Colonials are back-to-back @atlantic10 CHAMPS!! #RAISEHIGH

4/26/2015 2:16:41 PM - the sons of liberty - 322 posts (#74)


4/26/2015 2:16:58 PM - Pkgw - 180 posts (#115)

just saw twitter feed.  Back to back A 10 Champs!

4/26/2015 2:48:05 PM - the sons of liberty - 322 posts (#74)

GWMensTennis @GWMensTennis 

FINAL: GW 4, VCU 2. Your Colonials are BACK-TO-BACK A-10 CHAMPS! #RaiseHigh #Repeat

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4/26/2015 2:56:08 PM - BC - 1,645 posts (#20)

Poog, you know anyone named Jim Paulson?  And old fraternity brother.

4/26/2015 3:03:07 PM - THE DUDE - 529 posts (#48)

Way to go Tennis Team!

4/26/2015 10:59:06 PM - The Other MG - 69 posts (#184)

Extremely cool.  Congratulations, Tennis Team!

4/27/2015 8:24:24 AM - Igor.. not Yegor - 39 posts (#213)

Thanks for your responce Poog.

4/29/2015 8:52:42 AM - DCAbloob - 306 posts (#79)

GW will be at Wake Forest in the NCAA first round Friday, May 8. 

4/29/2015 12:18:48 PM - NJ Colonial - 1,980 posts (#17)

Way to go Colonials - Raise High!

5/5/2015 5:08:55 PM - THE DUDE - 529 posts (#48)

Not a bad showing Poog and other big GW tennis fans:

Senior Francisco Dias earned his third career Atlantic 10 Men's Tennis Most Outstanding Performer nod and five other Colonials took home all-conference awards, the league announced on Monday. Dias, junior Danil Zelenkov and freshman Chris Fletcher were named All-Conference First Team selections, junior Cahit Kapukiran, sophomore Julius Tverijonas and freshman Christos Hadjigeorgiou nabbed Second Team spots, and Zelenkov and Tverijonas also picked up All-Academic Team honors.

For the second straight season, each member of GW's lineup received postseason awards from the conference. The nine year-end awards are the most for any team in the A-10.


5/6/2015 12:44:17 AM - ELJ - 2,207 posts (#14)

Wow, Poog.  Alex Olmedo and Dennis Ralston?  Did you mean to skip Pancho Gonzalez, who might just've been good ebough to win the league title while reading Dean Keyser's Bricks and Straw, which I enjoyed immensely.

5/6/2015 1:18:15 AM - CJS fan - 195 posts (#108)

There was a companion book to Bricks Without Straw published about GW sports around 1975.  It chronicled the original athletic facility of GW: the old Van Ness mansion and the Tin Tabernacle.  It was done in a coffee table book format.  There was also a short history of GW athletics that dwelled on the football team and the basketball team origins.  It followed the style of Bricks Without Straw and came out around 1973.  It may have touched on baseball as well.

I did not purchase any of those two books and I have not seen them for years.  I am not sure the Athletid Department has copies of the book although the alumni house (next to Thurston Hall may have copies.

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