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Secret scrimmage
Created: 10/16/2014 1:15:53 PMReplies: 12
10/16/2014 1:20:20 PM - BM - 5,020 posts (#3)

These things scare me.  Didn't Lasan injure himself during a secret scrimmage?  Someone else too... Pato?

10/16/2014 2:04:05 PM - Poog - 3,678 posts (#5)

Says a lot about finances when a team travels from Virginia to Florida to play a secret scrimmage.

10/16/2014 2:08:16 PM - ziik - 2,588 posts (#10)

Virginia must really fear GW. They are secretly scrimmaging twice. Its a double secret scrimmage I guess.  (I think they take on Gonzaga and some Hoya-like school)

10/16/2014 3:16:43 PM - Free Quebec - 5,791 posts (#2)

I believe we played Drexel there last year, so this is sort of a home and secret home.

My question - does Davidson get paid to go all the way to Texas for a practice, like a buy game?   Seems like an expensive trip for them to get a scrimmage in when there are tons of schools in-state or a bus ride away.


10/16/2014 3:30:03 PM - The MV - 4,456 posts (#4)

Georgetown to scrimmage at George Mason.  You know, just as if it were a real game that counted.


10/17/2014 5:23:21 AM - pops - 357 posts (#63)

just wondering whether there's a way someone might discreetly observe a super secret scrimmage being held on november 1 in the smith center.....

10/17/2014 8:13:13 AM - cagwu - 624 posts (#38)

There's an open-practice Buff vs. Blue internal GW scrimmage for season ticket holders on the 25th.  Just go to that instead if you can't wait until the 11/8 exhibition.

10/17/2014 8:58:25 AM - pops - 357 posts (#63)

not a question of instead

10/17/2014 10:05:30 AM - Chicago Colonial - 11 posts (#243)

You can't attend the secret scrimmage, the doors to Smitty are always locked.

10/17/2014 11:12:59 AM - Not a Stalker - 1 posts (#253)

But if you are a hoops stalker, GW also hosts Drexel swimming at 1 p.m. that day at the Smithy.  That would get you in the building.  :)

I imagine it is not a coincidence that Drexel is basketball and swimming are here on the same day.

10/31/2014 8:21:26 PM - BM - 5,020 posts (#3)

Looks like this is going to be less challenging than expected

11/1/2014 2:41:57 AM - Bigfan - 2,549 posts (#11)

Wish we were tested by a major opponent,as in years past, but who knows how these thins come about. Just be glad to walk out with everyone healthy.

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