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Kenner week four
Created: 7/26/2014 12:12:57 PMReplies: 16
7/26/2014 12:12:57 PM - BC - 1,077 posts (#26)

Ha!  I have no news, but I thought I'd create a place for those who do have news or insight or just want to keep me entertained.  I quote LSF  "My own bump.  (I had to sell my soul to the devil to get it though)." here.  I expect that LSF will atone for his salesmanship by contributing mightily to this thread.  Now everyone go out to the games this weekend and astound us.


7/26/2014 12:29:26 PM - kb - 45 posts (#204)

Here's a run down of the times GW guys play today:

2:15 - Larsen and Bryant
3:30 - Cimino, Jorgensen and McCoy
4:45 - Swan, Yuta, Pato, Cav (I think he was placed on Pato's team, correct me if I'm wrong)
6:00 - Griffin, Savage, Kopriva


7/26/2014 6:12:22 PM - Long Suffering Fan - 3,498 posts (#6)

Was there for about 2 1/4 games today.  First the news...

1.   With about five minutes gone in the first half of the first game, Larsen suffered some type of what appears to be a minor injury.  I did not see anything happen, but when he went to the bench, he was rubbing his right shoulder (or upper arm) and did not return to play for the rest of the game.  Based on Kevin's demeanor on the bench (talking, smiling with other players), it does not appear to be something to be concerned about and his sitting was probably precautionary.

2.    2nd news item...if you were planning on going on Sunday, all games will start 2 hours earlier than what is stated in the schedule.  The PA announcer mentioned this on several occasions.

Now the report...

Darian Bryant did not play particulary well, but he looks very comfortable on the court, is a versitile scorer and can pass.   Interesting, at the end of the game, with his team trying to come back, they were making offensive/defensive switches.  Mo Creek and Darian would play on offense, then be pulled for defense.  Based upon what I have seen in the past and have heard from others, I am not concerned about Darian, who I believe will contribute his freshman year.

Paul Jorgensen:  I very much like all aspects of Paul's game, espeically his confidence on the court.  Was hitting reverse layups, pull up jump shots, driving to the hoop and is a very mature ball handler.  I have a feeling we are going to see alot of Paul at the point this season, allowing JoeMac to play the 2 

Matt Cimino:  remains the most disappointing of the frosh in my opinion, although he showed a bit of a pulse today, hitting a couple of layups and a 16 footer.  Even showed flashes of defense.  Still, make no mistake about this...if you are looking for Matt to help this year at the 4, much has to happen between today and November, as his game is that of a 3.  I see Garino as more of a 4 at this point.

Ryan McCoy:   All I can say is if you liked Skyler White, then you will like Ryan McCoy.   He hit 2 wide opened 3s and a driving layup.  He also seemed to have trouble getting up and down the court.  

My 1/4 game featured Garino.  Swan and Yuta were suppose to play, but they were no shows.  I watched Patricio play for about 10 minutes.  Nothing to report.  He rebounded well, did not score and did not seem particularly interested in playing in a summer league game.

Had the frosh been present, I would have stayed for the remainder of this game, and the next game, which had Kethan, Griffin and Kopriva  I did not.  You will need to ask CJS Fan about how they played. 

7/26/2014 6:20:30 PM - BC - 1,077 posts (#26)

Thanks LSF for your report.   I expect Cimino will hit the weight room as seen in this youtube video (from last summer.)  Looks like a lot of work.

7/26/2014 6:27:49 PM - Chet - 40 posts (#208)

The final game has just been canceled if you are thinking of going, and another reminder that tomorrow is two hours ahead of schedule.

7/26/2014 10:48:18 PM - Thomas - 815 posts (#32)

I don't think Team Takeover's jersey's arrived, so they just forfeited. It appeared as if they had enough guys to play. Garino played well on offense and defense later in the game as his team made an improbable comeback late in the game to tie it and then win in OT. Darian Bryant didn't start the game for DCX, and that may have caused his off game. When he starts/gets a lot of playing time, he does very well in the Kenner League.

7/26/2014 11:29:48 PM - Abe - 238 posts (#91)

Was there for the first 2.5 games today. Was great to see Mrs. L and the kids at the game spending a lot of time with the players. Bummed to have missed Yuta and Swan.  It was nice to see Mo Creek playing in the first game though. The third game was so poor (even for Kenner League) that there was no question of us staying for the 4th unfortunately.

Bryant had an off-game like others said. He didn't see much of the ball and when he did there were a few unforced turnovers.

Jorgenson looks like he is the real deal and will be able to play major minutes off the bench spelling JoeMac this year. Got a real solid handle and was showing off with some fancy streetball passing a few times today. Looked great running the break and he was actually putting in effort on defense which is a rare, rare thing in the summer.

Cimino will need time to develop to really stand and bang downlow it looks like, tho he had a couple nice finishes at the game. He does try to extend his game away from the basket and take jumpers. He was pretty routinely in bad position for rebounds today, hope that improves.


7/27/2014 2:34:52 AM - CJS Fan - 151 posts (#124)

Pretty muxh ditto on what has been posted about the July 26th game day of the Kenner games.  I am suprised at the no-shows.  Team Takeover with Keithan and Nick; and Koriva has been a consistant no-show all Summer.  What's up with Johnny?  Neither Anthony Swann nor Yuta Watanabe showed up for A. Wash. Associates.  As for OOHH'S AND AAHH's,  frankly Marcus Thornton from William and Mary was more entertaining than Patricio who just went through the motions.

Hopefully Sunday will show us more action.

7/27/2014 6:33:20 AM - pops - 297 posts (#74)

i went yesterday specifically to see swan and watanabe so was extremely dissapointed.  did see most of the cimino jorgesen game and the 1st half of Pato's.  Pato has nothing to prove.  there were enough flashes to appreciate what he can do and he can do everything.

i just have a comment to add concerning Cimino.  almost all of the comments regarding cimino have been negative, including mine.  but that's all about whether he's ready for this next level right now.  he may well prove to be the best of this class with a little maturity, some additional weight and muscle.  he has an extremely versatile and advanced offensive game with exceptional hands and a very good shot.  he seems as comfortable playing with his back to the basket as facing up from the perimeter.  he is potentially a huge talent.  he also has a huge wingspan and i suspect could develop into a shot blocker. 

we'll see how badlly cimino want's it and whether he'll put in the work that will be necessary. we'll also see how well ML and crew can develop him.  Cimino is the type of talent you bring in a specialist for to work one on one with.  but the first part will be in the trainer's room simply building muscle and strength.

7/27/2014 8:03:19 AM - Maine Colonial - 228 posts (#94)

I think Cimino is going to prove to be a lot like senior Frank Kaminsky of Wisconsin, who was 6'10", 220 pounds when he commited to Wisconsin and now is 7' tall, 234 pounds. Kaminsky, even though he has grown and added muscle and can play down low, still is more comfortable and effective playing as a forward. And their games are pretty similar: They are both pretty solid ball handlers for big men who are most comfortable shooting from outside.

Coach Lonergan will get Cimino into a lot of games his freshman and sophomore years but he probably won't see a lot of minutes and won't put up a lot of points until he matures both physically and as a college player, which is what Kaminsky experienced. Kaminsky only averaged 8 minutes and 2 points a game as a freshman and then as a sophomore 10 minutes and 4 points. Last year as a junior, after two years getting stronger and working on his game, he put it all together and averaged 27 minutes and 14 points a game and was one of the breakout stars of the NCAA tournament.

Cimino isn't going to be like Larsen starting 27 of 30 games his freshman year and averaging 24 minutes and 8 points a game. But then again with the talent the team has, he doesn't have to be. I trust that Coach Lonergan sees his potential and will develop him appropriately.


7/27/2014 8:26:21 AM - Thomas - 815 posts (#32)

I agree with Pops and Maine Colonial about Cimino, even though he hasn't been as impressive as the other incoming freshman, you can still see the potential with his ability to hit 3's, rebound and run the floor. It's not a situation where he looks totally lost and you wonder how he got a scholarship like a couple players in the past. It looks like GW will have a power forward by committee next year with Kopriva, McCoy(I think he can be a solid contributor this year) and possibly Cimino, unless ML decides to start a small lineup of "The Core 4" with Bryant, Jorgenson or Yuta. I expect those 3 will be major contributors this year.

Did Kopriva decide he didn't want to play in the Kenner League this year? Has he even been at GW during the summer?

7/27/2014 8:51:54 AM - Free Quebec - 5,717 posts (#2)

Thanks again for these reports.  I haven't seen Cimino yet, but while the Frank Kaminski comparison might be a stretch (unless Matt grows a couple inches). From all these reports, I was thinking more like Andrew Smith from Butler, who scored 1 ppg as a freshman, but then was a solid contributor as a sophmore and a high level player by his senior year.  Pops makes a good point, too, that a lot of the development of players like Cimino depends on how much work they are willing to put in.   ML seems to try to recruit guys who are willing to put in that work, but there's no given.


As for Paul Jourgenson, these reports are great.  Sounds like an exciting player who is going to surprise a lot of A-10 fans this year.

7/27/2014 11:01:27 AM - Poog - 3,595 posts (#5)

Always concerned about immediate judgements and expectations of freshmen...Lonergan is not Calipari or Donovan or K where he's recruiting at a school where his newcomers would typically be expected and capable of making major contributions right away. Savage may be a Core Four now but he wasn't generally viewed that way in his first year in Foggy Bottom. ML is recruiting 4 year players and undoubtedly has his own tally board of what he anticipates getting from his players and when. The progress of some will surprise while others may disappoint but the advantage of building a program rather than merely landing a stellar recruiting class is that there are pieces of a puzzle and depth to work with. Kenner reports are certainly great to read and appreciated but hardly dispositive about how a player will turn out in the more disciplined setting of Lonergan's system.  But it's always nice to hear when you get confirmation that GW has athletes and basketball players coming to Foggy Bottom.

7/27/2014 12:17:19 PM - pops - 297 posts (#74)


Its street ball.  nothing more.

I doubt that any of us feel the performances in the Kenner League are dispositive (dispositive, really?).  nevertheless seeing these kids perform for the first time in person is way better than contriving mental images of what each athlete's particular skills might be off of a video resume.  At Kenner you actually see those skills on display in a game of street ball against comparable or better talent.

Savage may not have earned the instant minutes the other 3 did in his freshman year.  but his skills were evident at his pre-freshman Kenner League games.  It is not at all surprising to those of us who first saw him at Kenner that he has become the player he is.  By the same token it was much harder to find a spark in Maragkos' game and it was also pretty evident that Miguel Cartagena was going to be a long shot.  Joe McDonald's character was clearly on display to anyone looking for it and his basketball nature - how he plays the game, his unselfish nature - these things were apparent.

Also in a positive vein, Kopriva has displayed very optimistic signs in each of his Kenner seasons, enough to hope that he can eventually translate some of his offense to actual games.  Each year he has gotten better and stronger and gained a little bit more confidence and has begun to expand his offense, little by little.  Will he get to where he becomes a reliable 3rd or 4th option, maybe not but if you've seen him at kenner you know its possible.

If you're looking to verify a given athlete has actually showed up to enroll in school, I'm sure there are better sources out there than Kenner.

7/27/2014 1:26:39 PM - raining cats and dogs - 8 posts (#240)

Been to several Kenner games and have enjoyed seeing the new players.  One never can tell how they will ultimately work out (fit in the system, etc,) but all are promising.  Have seen a lot of really good play from Bryant and Jorgensen.  Yuta flys around the court and looks like he will contribute.  Have not seen as much of Swan but did see a game where he hit threes, was out dunking on the break and looked real smooth.  And while Cimino may not have shown as much yet, have seen a lot of good things and he has great potential.  So how much - and how well - each will play right right away, we will find out in a few months.  But it certainly looks like there is much to be encouraged about with respect to each of them even if you tend to be an optimist on these matters as I am.

7/27/2014 10:52:46 PM - Thomas - 815 posts (#32)

I was at today's(Sunday 7/27) games. First, Kevin Larsen played for DCX, so the shoulder injury/discomfort that happened on Saturday wasn't that bad. I arrived at that game midway throught he first half and DCX was down by double-digits against McCoy and Lincoln Park. Bryant and Larsen had okay games. Maybe someone else who went can give you more details on how they performed because I was blown away at the fact that DCX had an overwhelming size advantage in this game, yet trailed by double-digits for the first half that I saw and the entire 2nd half. I couldn't really focus on Bryant and Larsen. McCoy may have been Lincoln Park's tallest player, he played well today, he hit 3-pointers, rebounded well and is a very good passer. He's playing with smart and quick players in the Kenner League and is making nice contributions. He'll be in a very similar position when he suits up for GW, so there is a good chance he'll do the same for GW in some capacity.

Cimino may have had his best game today with Clyde's, he plays like a "stretch 4" as LSF pointed out. He was matched up with a Maryland player who transferred after 2 outstanding seasons at Georgia Tech, he was able to hold his own with him for the most part. He may have blocked one of his shots. Jorgenson had his typical Kenner League game with 3-pointers, slick ball-handling, pull-up jumpers, etc, he was a bit up and down today, but that was because Clyde's was blown out by Garino and co. Oohhs & Aahhs just overmatched them in every way. Garino did the same things today, that he's done for the past 2 seasons at GW, there's no need for a recap

Kethan Savage, Swan and Yuta were no-shows for today's Team Takeover-A.Wash Associates game.

7/28/2014 1:39:50 AM - CJS Fan - 151 posts (#124)

The game to watch on Sunday was the Clydes verses Oohh's and Aahh's game.   Garino was exceptionally good (he was complimented by William & Mary's Marcus Thornton quite well.   Cimino and Prince Harry played well, also.  By the way, that blow-out came after a series of lead changes and surges.  It was an exciting game to watch.  I too was disappointed with the pleuthora of no-shows.  Maybe there are just too many Summer romances going on between our players, the incoming freshmen and the coeds at GW.

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