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3/28/2015 2:26:38 AM - THE DUDE - 209 posts (#108)

As a fairly new reader and poster of this esteemed board, its impossible to not detect an air of defeatism among some of the loyal and thoughtful writers.  1) "Any highly successful coach will just"  ....  2) "We can't ever land a legit top recruit"  3)  "We can't possibly be Gonzaga of the East"  #1 is just not consistent with college basketball history, most do, but some don't leave.  For every 5 Pitinos and Bill Selfs, there's a Mark Few.  #2, So far that track record is pretty low, (that only comes most likely after #1 and #3 or something akin to it, but even in the interim, no guarantee we can't.  I don't think a Derrick Rose is coming to GW but an initially overlooked Delon Wright type might.  We need to prove that first, and its not the only path to raise the program new heights.)  #3 To the we can't be a Gonzaga type team, NONSENSE.  Are you aware of the history of the Gonzaga program?   Gonzaga had never made an NCAA tourney for decades, not once, in 1994 when we had made a Sweet 16, defeated the #1 team in the country with the POTUS sitting in attendance, Gonzaga had yet to play a single game in the NCAA tourney.  5 years later they had played 1 game, a thrashing as a 14 seed, GW meanwhile by the end of the 90s had been to 5 tourneys in 7 years.  Gonzaga fans who saw the GW influx of international talent winning NCAA tourney games as a celebrated Cinderella would have said "please we'll never be a GW."  What a defeatist attitude to have, any success will be met be a lost coach and an immediate step back, we can't do this, we can't do that.  This program can and at some point likely will rise to new heights. We have some fairly unique advantages and some other obstacles, but seriously, Gonzaga doesn't? Is there a man alive today who thought in 1994 that Gonzaga would be sitting on top of its mountain today???  Its been 16 years since that end of the 90's and we have one tourney win. Dissapointing. Yet is it conceivable 16 years from now we could have a highly successful sustain run, absolutely it is.  Although, its a lot less likely if the fan base thinks that's impossible, if they hang onto that defeatism, if the AD and the Coaches buy into that defeatism as well.  If on the other hand you are part of the fan base that demands more, that pushes for more, that helps make your voice heard, you pave a tiny part of the path that may make it so.  Greg Marshall's first 4 to 5 years look a lot like Lonergan's at GW, 4 more years look where they are.    Has Lonergan already set us down that path? Maybe...just maybe he has. Maybe it will have to be the next guy, but that path is going to be paved one day....The Dude Abides.


3/28/2015 8:10:49 AM - Long Suffering Fan - 4,054 posts (#5)

The problem GW basketball has is NOT the administration or athletic department.  The problem is the lack of a fan base, the size of which may fluctuate during good or bad years, but never seems to grow.  We have been able to sustain success iin stretches for several years (i.e. The Jarvis 90s, the Hobbs 00s and now looking like the Longergan era, and crowds will increase, but it just doesn't seem to last.   Until there is fan support for a program that is very much worth supporting, I am not optimisitc on taking that next step...it is going to take more than a great coach to get us there.

3/28/2015 9:15:18 AM - notta hater - 2,467 posts (#12)

how many of you have GW Gnomes in your yard? Dammit, I have to see a Hoya Gnome in my freaking garden every night. Then I have Va Tech and UVA banners lining the street during football season. Heck, I even see Gonzaga and Landon window stickers on my way to work and home every day. I rarely see GW anything. With the total number of alum we pump-out there should be some pride and the ability to push some swag out the door and create a buzz about the school. Not seeing fans at the hoops games is merely a symptom of a bgger problem - and that does belong to the faculty, administration and AD.

3/28/2015 10:18:17 AM - Long Suffering Fan - 4,054 posts (#5)

I used to think it belonged on the faculty, administration and AD also, Notta, but I am not so sure anymore.  I think the AD does a great job of trying to market the team, both at home and away, however it seems that the only things that brings people in are the free food and booze. But then they don't come back until there is more free food and booze.  Yes, attendance has been up the past couple of seasons based upon the teams successes on the court, as good teams will cause the more casual fan to re-engage; but we have never been able to survive the leaner years.  It even trickles down to this board, where the most ardent supporters of the team come to gather...but far,more so when we are good    I don't expect everyone to go to every game and hang on every word that is written about the team, but for some reason, we cannot reach a point where selling out a 4700 seat arena in a metropolitan area of close to 6 million people and a huge alumni base should be such a challenge.

3/28/2015 11:28:39 AM - newtman - 1,347 posts (#25)

Notta, GW really has not developed an identity in basketball. we have over the years been called The GW Colonels more than a few times. I recognize there are some dumb sportswriters but I don't remember anyone calling them the Duke Blue Angels or Kansas Kayhawks. OK we're not in there league but people should know we are the Colonials. 

LSF, the GW students and alum have a choice as you know. The vast majority choose almost anything else but they chhose to do something else. It's that simple. Now when you offer food the basketball game is a top priority. You and I have been around forever it's always been that way. It's likely to be a challenge well into the future getting people to attend games unless GW starts recruiting fans. 

3/28/2015 12:47:11 PM - thinker - 2,720 posts (#11)

I'm with LSF. No matter how many ways you twist it around GW is limited by its limited fanbase. I think the students that come to GW have a relatively limited interest in sports and it's proven difficult to make basketball the cool thing to do on campus. And if you weren't interested in the team as a student you just aren't very likely to be interested as an alum.

In a lot of ways GW basketball is like the awesome neighborhood restaurant - it's convenient, the prices are very reasonable, the food ranges from good to very good, it's usually a pretty fun night - everything is right for a successful restaurant except people just don't go there.

3/28/2015 12:56:59 PM - Tennessee Colonial - 1,164 posts (#27)

Yep, went to pick up some printer goods here in Nashville wearin my hooded GW sweatshirt. The checkout guy said, yes, I heard of GW, isn't it in St. Louis.? He said he was a Vanderbilt Polly Si major. Huh?  Maybe its an identity crisis we have. Change name of school the The United States University. Then these fools could not  forget we're in DC.   Now to you guys thinking of cold, I just got in from mowing my friggin grass. March, not April.

3/28/2015 1:10:34 PM - NJ Colonial - 1,960 posts (#17)

Dude: thank you for your fresh and open-minded perspective and attitude. I believe, as I think you and many others do, that GW has unlimited potential. Now that leadership is in place in both Rice Hall and Smith Center that is committed to sustained success - the future is bright for Colonials Athletics. Don't let old time cynics like LSF get to you, they love and believe in GW but they are carrying around a lot of emotional baggage. Go GW - Raise High! 

3/28/2015 1:54:59 PM - newtman - 1,347 posts (#25)

NJ, I disagree that LFS is a cynic. He's telling you his experience over 45 years. I've been here 46 years and I agree with him. Thinker too. We've seen this movie again and again. You think GW has a bright future and we're hopeful too. The older guys are perhaps a little more impatient. 

3/28/2015 2:14:18 PM - Poog - 3,849 posts (#6)

Pocket Protector Patrons' Prescience

3/28/2015 3:14:24 PM - Bo Knows - 584 posts (#44)

Hope springs eternal but Newtman, LSF, Poog, Thinker, and I (and others) have been around too long. You can't make GW into something it is not no matter how badly you might want that. I'd like to dunk. I could practice and try harder everyday. I will never dunk. So I can keep thinking I am going to dunk or I can be realistic and play within my skills and get better at those things that I can. GW has an opportunity to be a perennial nice mid-major program (top 50) who if it catches lightning could push for a Sweet 16 or better very occasionally. To expect a Sweet 16 or better every year is pure folly. To expect to be like Gonzaga is also pure folly for the reasons set forth in another thread. You either enjoy what we have and hope for better realizing it may not happen or you don't. That's not being defeatist or cynical, that's being real - understanding where GW is as an institution etc. I believe it was Clint Eastwood who once said - "A man's got to know his limitations."

3/28/2015 3:28:11 PM - FredD - 589 posts (#43)

+1 LSF An established school which GW certainly is should not struggle to put 3k in the seats for most games IF GWhad real school spirit.  They just plain don't. Not when I went there 80-82 and not now. It's a fun diversion for most students and nothing more. With all the recruiting info out there how many students track recruiting? How many ponder Swann and Cimino's playing time? 50? 100? I'm sure it is not 200. I love GW Basketball but I know where it stands as a priority for most folks.

3/28/2015 3:56:12 PM - - 2 posts (#256)

Change in culture has to start sometime, why not now?

3/28/2015 4:01:13 PM - LA Fan - 1,519 posts (#22)

Beyond UCLA can anyone name a school in a big city that has a really strong local following of alumni a for their basketball team?  New York, Chicago, DC, LA, Seattle, San Francisco, Miami, Boston?  I think there is a reason a lot of the names remaining in the tourny are Kentucky, Arizona, Michigan State, Wisconsin etc.  The two strongest fan bases in the A10 are VCU and Dayton.  If GW were in Dayton we would have a strong fan base too.  

Big cities just don't lend themselves to that diehard sports mentality for college basketball.  Notice I didn't even include Georgetown.  Yes, they play in a 20,000 seat arena, but it is more than half empty for many of their games.  Maryland is a school for the suburbs and beyond.  I don't know how  a city school is supposed to get people invested when the culture of cities doesn't really support that kind of rabid following that you get in smaller towns?

3/28/2015 5:07:07 PM - Real reason

gw is around to piss off the alumni while they are at gw.  The alumni do not give a sh@t about the school.

This has been a 30 year problem.

3/28/2015 6:04:24 PM - Poog - 3,849 posts (#6)

I can attest to 45

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