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Committment: medium
Weight: 160
Height: 5-9
Position: point guard
School: Redemption Christian Academy
City: Troy
7/30/2012 10:39:41 AM - BM

GW interest in the 2014 PG according to ($).  Originally from West Roxbury, MA & BABC.  Averaged 13 points and 11 assists last year.

He can dunk!

Google Search

3/7/2013 9:26:51 AM -

This kid is really good, seen him play in florida with his RCA team. Fast as lightning

3/7/2013 3:39:01 PM - Mike K - 122 posts (#2)

I thought Redemption Academy rang a bell, this is an old article....many GW player/recruit references.  This may be educational for the younger posters on the board.

3/8/2013 5:05:40 AM - Bigfan

Not a good reminder on the eve of Senior Day, one must say.

Two things become clear in reading this article from 2006: 1) Martelli was clearly the source on Mo and his high school.and 2) the idiots who ran their biased, unprofessional, one-sided crap in the Post sports section at that time, from the editor to the reporter, weren't fit to shine the shoes of the New York Times in covering this issue.

3/18/2013 1:25:56 PM -

is this kid good ?

3/19/2013 9:49:06 AM -

Redemption has moved to Northfield Mass.. They have two location's now ( troy and now in mass)

3/19/2013 11:29:20 AM - GW Fan

seen him play he is bad don't come to GW

3/19/2013 1:42:25 PM - GW fan

Are you sure ? Seen him play aganist Brewster Academy and kid can go .

3/19/2013 1:45:06 PM -

Mike Rodriguez will be playing on the D.R national 19u team this summer per his BABC coach.

3/20/2013 12:47:25 PM - GW Fan

he missed alot of open passes and turned the ball over alot

3/20/2013 2:00:00 PM - Gw Fan

I seen him last year wasnt good but this year i seen him mature . What game have you seen?

3/21/2013 1:19:55 PM - Gb

Article said he holds offers from Aic, Manhattan, Umass, and coopin state. This kid has to be good if he is running with BABC.

3/21/2013 1:27:25 PM - jr22

This is the oddest recruiting thread I've ever seen. Its just one poster arguing with himself about whether some marginal recruit is any good.

Still, anyone who holds offers from both Aic AND Coopin State deserves a closer look.

4/15/2013 11:54:35 AM - GG

Mike Rodriguez (BABC u17)- A high-energy, first burst lead guard, Rodriguez made a multitude of plays scoring and sharing the ball in the open floor on Saturday evening, including an above-the-rim finish on the break that had the Oosting Gym crowd on full alert to the prowess of his aerial attack.


7/15/2013 3:58:00 PM - Hoops

commited to Marhsalltown in iowa 

7/15/2013 6:20:19 PM - rocket

Marshalltown Community College I assume. My mother was born in Marshalltown. Cem Dinch played for the MCC Tigers. Didn't we have some connection to that guy?

7/15/2013 6:25:21 PM - squid

Oh yeah. We were after him for awhile (and I thought he sounded awesome, maybe just because he has a fun looking Turkish name) but he went to Harvard.

Also apparently Harvard had this guy named Jeremy Lin who was pretty good.

4/7/2014 7:49:32 PM - IOWA hawks

He is too good to play at GW 

4/7/2014 8:15:20 PM - Hugh


4/8/2014 4:26:46 AM - joey he 5'9 ?

4/8/2014 6:27:02 AM - Tuna Can

I like that: "Too good to play at GW" .... I will point out with great deference to ROCKET and others with a certain affection to Marshalltown (myself included since my grandmother lived there) ... that even Marshalltown Tools are made in China these days. Very funny.

4/8/2014 5:01:30 PM -

Let's be real can he play at Gw ? And who offered him already he is 5'10 kinda hard to see him play in the A10

4/20/2014 3:51:48 AM - fan

come to GW !!!!

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