Patrick Nero was my UBER driver
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1984colonial2/18/2018 11:04:00 PM

My Uber driver today was the one and only Patrick Nero. I couldn't believe it. Anybody on this site know Nero or someone close to him that can update us on his situation?


the real dude2/19/2018 1:49:10 PM

No surprise here. Heard the employment law attorney he hired right after he was turned-in for inappropriate contact (Debra Katz) dumped him before LeBlanc got rid of him.

With his Napolean complex, I bet he's the leader of the Uber driver hang out/smoke spot.


fake future2/19/2018 1:59:50 PM

Absolute nonsense.

paul2/19/2018 2:03:29 PM

Nero was raking my lawn and shoveling snow.

He is going to take down a large tree for me on Wednesday when it is warm.


bigfan2/19/2018 2:30:16 PM

Would be interesting if either the Uber, which may be a joke, or the lawyer (GW graduate, so a good attorney) story is correct.

Anyone with any details on this whole thing welcome to post.


fake future2/19/2018 3:06:04 PM

ML works at a gym in Bowie--for real.


gw future2/19/2018 3:40:51 PM

Well then I guess if Lonergan ever needs a ride to work he can call the SS Nero. Could be a good gig for Nero and he can get back some of that cash he apparently caused GW to pay out to Lonergan in the settlement.


notta hater2/19/2018 4:19:46 PM

It's hard to think I went to the same college as you guys.


fake future2/19/2018 5:19:38 PM

Im beginning to think we are the same person stirring up discord

on the board.You always post right after I do.The only other explanation

is that you FOLLOW HARD.

the mv2/19/2018 5:20:10 PM

Impossible to believe Notta.

gw future2/19/2018 5:26:06 PM

The Fake Future is too dumb to have graduated from GW. Can't come up with an original screen name and takes other people's phrases. As unoriginal and dumb as they come. No way a GW graduate. Probably another guy with a fake diploma or maybe the same guy with another fake diploma. But he sure is following hard and turning into a real fan of mine. Wants to know my every move and comment.  

fake future2/19/2018 5:35:02 PM

You lost big time the first go round.Are you sure you want to go again?

You have no idea what I will do to you--I know who you are--and I have no

limits --even shit that will permanently cause you discomfort.Nothing 

physical--but very scary shit!!Lets get it on!!This is so much fun!!

Follow hard my friend!!!!!Im twice as crazy and twice as sane as you.

I am a very big gypsy!!


gw future2/19/2018 5:40:08 PM

Youre nuts.Im out.You win.

gw future2/19/2018 5:42:49 PM

Thats not me!

gw future2/19/2018 5:49:29 PM

Again last three posts not me. I’m not worried Fake Future you obviously have too much time on your hands. A stumbling bum like you is no threat to anyone.


gw future2/19/2018 6:26:47 PM

Last post not me.Very funny dimwit.Bring it on.


tess tickals2/19/2018 6:42:45 PM

Please fake future, do it. Ma---- needs to learn a lesson about lying.


gw future2/19/2018 8:29:18 PM



fake future2/20/2018 8:26:33 AM



gw future2/20/2018 10:03:46 AM

Post at 8:29 P.M. Not me.

mainecolonial2/20/2018 1:33:35 PM

He doesn't own a car.  He walks.  Lives in Dupont.


long suffering fan2/20/2018 1:51:00 PM

It was difficult to predict where this thread was heading.

gw future2/20/2018 2:35:34 PM

Fake Future is still at it. I think you can all tell which ones I write. There the ones that don’t scream fraud at you. And Tess last time I checked no one calls me Maggie especially since I go the men’s room.


andrew2/20/2018 4:18:08 PM

this is the worst forum on the internet


rich maier2/20/2018 4:55:28 PM

Nothing wrong with Nero trying to earn a few bucks. He didn't get the payout ML did so he will have to work if that next AD job at a Power 5 school doesn't work out (which is looking likely).

Has anyone been able to download my transcript yet?


nerostolemyboyfriend2/20/2018 10:40:26 PM

Doesn't Uber do background checks?

With the Me Too movement, it won't be long until one of Nero's jilted lover's comes forward and files the lawsuit against GW for predatory behavior by a 52 year old man against co-ed's.

Makes me really eager to send my kids to GW knowing they condone this type of behavior. If I found out my son was having a sexual relationship with a school administrator, I would be at that teacher/administrator/employee's doorstep the following morning. If the NCAA goes after Louisville for a few strippers, what would happen to GW for this conduct? Nero took the term "raise high" literally.


ruserious2/21/2018 6:32:07 AM

^^Lonergan made those stories up.  Why do you think he was fired, led off campus by security and is now working as an assistant at a Bowie gym??


gw future2/21/2018 7:03:59 AM

Post at 2:35 is not mine.I haven't posted on this thread.3:40 on the 19th 

was the last time I posted.CUT it OUT.FAKE is a sick snowflake.


truth serum2/21/2018 10:28:14 AM

Anyone that knows Coach Lonergan knows he is brutally honest. He never lies. That is why the minions have had to hide behind 75+ names to try to destroy his credibility. He didn't make up any stories but just told the truth to protect his players and other students. He is not the one telling the truth now. LeBlanc is hearing from several different factions on what was going on the last 7 years. The resignation is ony the beginning.


gw future2/21/2018 11:13:04 AM

Fake Future continues to sow confusion here because he knows what I know and he is scared. Read Truth Serum’s post again and again. #ticktock Minions. Have a great day!


bigfan2/21/2018 12:38:34 PM

To aid those who think everything was ok except for the mean coach, what factions are telling LeBlanc and what have they been telling him.

fake future2/21/2018 3:05:15 PM

Truth and Future are one and the same--and big fan is just a sad case.

Talk about minions and snowflakes! What a bunch of babies.


nero stole my boyfriend2/21/2018 3:08:07 PM

Post at 1040pm above was not mine. 

chet2/23/2018 2:48:38 PM

My anonymous sources tell me ML will be implicated in the recent college basketball scandal.

The media reported yesterday a number of programs who had players (or family members) receiving money while still in college.

While Lonergan was not named by the FBI, my sources have said he will be soon be named in the Federal Indictment based on the following information leaked to the press:

The following programs were named in the indictment:

Seton Hall, Miami, Maryland, Creighton, Virginia, Wichita State.

During his tenure, GW beat all 6 of these teams. GW, a non-Power 5 team, had to be cheating in order for this to happen.



dudette2/23/2018 3:51:32 PM

Hey Chet, ML wasn't the one giving students $.  lol


the real dude2/23/2018 4:28:15 PM

Dudette, someone is obviously mocking Chet with that post.

Other than point out what we already knew (Chet and his other 8 aliases are ignored), this post reminded me of how many signature wins Lonergan had while here. The ones listed above but I also remember several other great wins, including these 4 in one tourney (NIT):

Monmouth (darlings of the media when we went to their place and smoked them)

U of Florida (lucked out with a home game due to the construction of their new arena)

San Diego State (always dangerous with the HOF Coach Fisher(sp?))


Can anyone tell me what Mojo's signature win(s) are?


brianpaul2/23/2018 4:38:25 PM

33 posts following an original post that is an admitted lie.

Nobody thought to ask '1984 Colonial' why he didn't ask Nero how things were going? You all just swallowed his lie?

Only a handful of you guys seem to have benefitted from your education, Notta, Rich, RU, a couple more.

No matter what ML and Nero are doing, if they are productive, hurrah for them!




bigfan2/23/2018 5:26:41 PM

Wouldn't that same--and quite reasonable train of thought on honest work--apply to those who incessantly mock ML for working in a gym? Though courtesy of GW, he could buy a chain of them.


the real dude2/25/2018 8:38:05 PM

Nero, AKA BrianPaul finally speaks.

Patrick, please tell us when your book is coming out. You have a lot of explaing to do. You are the only one who can tell us the story - GW, in it's infinite wisdom, paid Lonergan a whole bunch of money to buy his silence. You, on the other hand, obviously was shoved out the door with LeBlanc's foot on your ass.

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