Thank You Phone Call from Players
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Thank You Phone Call from Players4/19/2016 6:05:52 PM

Just received a phone call from Tyler Cavanaugh thanking me for the support of the basketball team.  This has happened for last several years from different players and think it is a nice touch by the Buff and Blue Fund.

The Dude4/19/2016 6:06:41 PM

very cool!!

BACCAS924/19/2016 6:33:33 PM

I got Colin Goss.  He left a voice mail. 

LALaw4/19/2016 7:02:04 PM

Dude, you need to donate some money in order to be a member and receive a call. With all the money you save as a middle aged man still living with his parents, stop perpetuating the stereotype as a cheap ass and try donating some money to the school you claim to have attended.

Long Suffering Fan4/19/2016 9:59:33 PM

I got Collin also.


Florida Colonial4/19/2016 10:02:19 PM

I guess I shouldnt have ignored all those DC calls. I actually answered one today and it was a Ted Cruz.

NJ Colonial4/20/2016 1:02:57 PM

I received a thank-you call too - very nice.

Bigfan4/20/2016 2:38:37 PM

Those who get Collin: tell him to eat more while thanking him for the very nice gesture.

Bo Knows4/20/2016 2:51:27 PM

TC for me

The Dude4/20/2016 3:21:16 PM

Always did like that blonde on LA Law.  the one from Partridge family, she'd be a fun time in the sack, all pent up sexual aggression

Harry Hamlin on the other hand, what a hack actor.  Corbin Bernson too, that show had some serious bad acting good looking broheims.  But man that blonde girl ...sizzzzzled the young The Dude in the 80s  HOT FIRE!

The Dude4/20/2016 3:32:10 PM

As for abodes The Dude owns 14th and N NW condo 1 bedroom bought at the peak of the market, where he blows $ like its 1977 and Bowie has rolled through DC, minus the cocaine and hookers but instead wine and 23 year old Jewish ladies with Daddy $$$ he pulls out of Lulelemon.  14th Street is a dangerous place for a single man, hookers are mostly gone, instead you have 20s girls with Yoga bodies and expensive tastes.  I recommend Le Diplomate if you want to kiss good bye 330 bones on a single night! B too for brunch, 7-11 for some real good slurpies after a soild in DC these days gents

BACCAS924/20/2016 3:44:52 PM

Dude I am at 14th street today as a  matter of fact.  Ate at Lincoln.  Want to meet up and roll on the mats?  Jujitsu folks...Jujitsu. 

LSF, We must have gotten Goss because they must know we know each other. 

GW Alum in Houston4/20/2016 3:46:16 PM

Warning - Off topic

Ugh,  Clicked on a thread in here to read about GW basketball.  

And I'm treated to a match.  Again.  This should be set to "Never Gonna Give You Up" by Rick Astley.  

I don't want to know what the genesis of this is.  I really don't care.  I'm just tired of it.   If the owner of this board wants to ban someone, ban them.  If the owner wants to install a registration and block feature, great.  But until that time if someone you don't like posts, please consider ignoring it.  Especially if the post isn't even remotely controversial.  

Thank you

GW Alum in Houston (ESIA 92).


BACCAS924/20/2016 4:24:12 PM

GW Alum in Houston, are you originally from Houston?  Did you and I go to high school together? 

Dude Fan4/20/2016 4:29:30 PM

Dude, do you ever eat at Baan Thai?  I love that place so much.  The fishball green curry is absolutely delectable.  And there's a sushi place next door that's really good too. I had some nice fatty tuna there and polished it off with some red bean ice cream.  Yummy.

GW Alum in Houston4/20/2016 4:37:14 PM

No. I'm not originally from Houston.  I'm from Alabama originally.  Know a few GW folks from here though.  We might know each other if you're a 92er.  

BC4/20/2016 5:09:16 PM

A lot different now than when I worked at 14th and S for DC Rec.   But Ben's Chili Bowl was good.

BACCAS924/20/2016 6:47:59 PM

Cool GW Fan IN Houston. There was one guy from Houston my year at GW who went to my high school.

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