Hatchet Rehash
Maine Colonial
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Maine Colonial8/29/2016 5:34:48 AM

The first edition of the new school year has an article rehashing the whole story. Everyone is keeping quiet while the investigation is going on. ARTICLE

bobo8/29/2016 9:42:01 AM

On allowing ML to lead the team on thier trip to Japan while the investigation is still ongoing, the president of Student Press Law Center is quoted in saying: Once there is credible reason to believe that a person has a practice of unlawful harassment — and depending on the number and severity of the accusations, GW may or may not have reached that point yet — then you're at greater risk of liability if the person re-offends and commits the same type of behavior,” LoMonte said. “That's certainly something the Department of Education would look at if a Title IX case got escalated beyond the campus level to the federal level.

Many here have felt it telling that ML went to Japan with the team since GW would be more likely to not have ML lead that trip if the investigation was trending towards his dismissal or a finding that he regularly harrassed his players. 

It's also telling that none of the players that have transferred out choose to speak with the Hatchet on this article. The Hatchet couldn't even get any of the former players to speak off the record.  Most of them probably just want to move on at this point and will likely be reluctant to go on record with the investigators as well.

BACCAS928/29/2016 10:06:26 AM

May be I missed it earlier, but I didn't know Nero didn't go to Japan.  Clearly, I will say Lonergeran is gone as soon as he gets a good offer from a program in a power conference.  Rutgers was not it but I could see him leave for lot of different programs.  Right now I think both him and Nero are trying to survive unitl one of them leaves for greener pastures. 10:12:15 AM

Former and current players have not been reluctant to talk to the investigators.  

NewGWFan8/29/2016 10:21:35 AM

Power 5 programs aren't going to touch Lonergan without knowing all the facts here.  He's going to have to be essentially fully exhonorated, otherwise Rutgers will be as good as it gets.

BACCAS928/29/2016 10:30:11 AM

I am just sad that this is going to adversely effect recruiting.  Coming off an NIT Championship, we should be very strong at recruiting and signing top 150 recruits.  Not the Kentucky and Duke types but certainly the Marfos of the world.  Why would  a recruit come with this hanging over our heads. 

Mentzinger8/29/2016 11:46:35 AM

Right, BACCAS, because look at how a Final Four propelled George Mason to permanent greatness.

The MV8/29/2016 12:02:04 PM

Am a little disappointed in The Hatchet's "investigative" efforts.  (Yes, I know they are students and are not professional journalists.)   Was there any expectation that each of their 21 questions would have been answered?  Why not ask 2 or 3 of the most important questions instead?  May very well have resulted in the same outcome but it stands to reason that there would have been a better chance of getting someone to respond to a couple of important questions than a 21 question survey.  Also, I would like to think they could have gotten something regarding the timing of the investigation.  Over in a week?  A month?  Even a range accompanied by the predictable "we will not rush matters" statement would have been a little something.

GW Alum Abroad8/29/2016 12:47:36 PM

The school stonewalled the WaPost ahead of the original story, so why would The Hatchet get any different treatment? There was one snipet of new info-- the school says Nero was never scheduled to go to Japan. 

At this point, the SID would do well to post a snapshot of Nero and ML yucking it up in some casual environment (golf course, student move-in, etc...). 

bobo8/29/2016 12:57:12 PM

MV: What 21 question survey are you talking about?

bobo8/29/2016 1:03:56 PM

OK, it was for Nero and Lonergan, not the former players. ML and Nero ain't answering any questions until the investigation is complete.

Hatchet Man8/29/2016 2:03:38 PM

Seriously MV? It could have been one question ... it would never have gotten answered either. The 21-question mention was probably just an effort to show the paper tried to follow up in a comprehensive way.

The MV8/29/2016 2:38:14 PM

It might not have Hatchet Man, as I pointed out in my post.  But wouldn't there have been a better chance of gaining a response to a small handful of questions, or even to a single question, rather than 21 presented at the same time? 

BC8/29/2016 4:31:17 PM

Considering the legal limbo GW is in, I can't see anybody answering any questions at all.

Bo Knows8/29/2016 4:58:41 PM

Exactly BC. No one is speaking about on-going internal investigations to a newspaper reporter unless they are a complete fool.

Bigfan8/29/2016 6:38:23 PM

Fairly done on what it covers,except for too much credence to the Post report.

And nothing on accusations about Nero ehich at the least seem to have been made. Nd the biarrely placed comment from Nero's lawyer in Post "article" seems to allude to.So that' s a huge strikeout for The Hatchet.

A student journalist who covered GW basketball should have his or her ownsources and get those students involved to speak more and even on the record. Students and recent graduates would trust someone in their peer group more.

Do some real,even-handed reporting of BOTH SIDES with some REAL NAMES attached.

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