Where is the defensive improvement MoJo promised?
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numbersdontlie1/10/2017 7:54:41 AM

According to renowned Pomeroy College Basketball Ratings (kenpom.com), the team is rated 11th out of 14 teams in the A-10.

We are currently ranked 132nd overall (108th offensively, 184th defensively) out of 351 teams.

Last year's team finished 52nd overall (29th offensively, 104th defensively).

We knew the offense was going to take a step back with the loss of ML, but what happened to the defensive improvement we were promised?  

Plus here are other numbers from another post yesterday:

"If you look at last season's statistics versus this season's statistics...

The team is virtually identical in a per-game basis in Rebounds, Steals, Blocks, Assists, 3-point percentage and free throw percentage.

The differences are below:

2015-2016:  76 points per game,  44.7% field goal percentage,  11 turnovers per game

2016-2017:  69 points per game,  40.9% field goal percentage,  14 turnovers per game

Defensively, nothing has changed.  

Offensively, last year's team scored over 10% more points per game, was more efficient in shooting percentage, and much more disciplined with possessing the ball (3 less turnovers per game). 

I'm not really worried about the offense.  It's far from a juggernaut, but serviceable in the A-10.  The real issue is the defense.  I thought with the coaching change, we would be trading proven offensive strategy for some sort of bump defensively.  That obviously hasn't been the case.

Your thoughts?"


concerned alum1/10/2017 3:14:11 PM

So about 80 Division I teams have passed us over in both offensive and defensive efficiency since last season?

haha1/10/2017 3:32:15 PM

Numbers don't lie, true dat. This team is not as good as last year's. But let's be realistic, most of us didn't expect this team to be better than last year either. With important players graduated and transferred, this team is going to take a step back. Too many people on this board blame everything on the coaches, but you have to look at the personnel as well. Basketball is not just about coaches, it is a collective effort by coaches and players. Phil Jackson can never duplicate his success with triangle offense without superior talents. Shaq said in public that triangle offense don't work. All that being said, this team so far has survived from pre-season disasters and is now above .500. What do you expect? NCAA bid? There are so many good teams out there. 

Moreover, there are many more games to go, I certainly hope this team to be better, but I'm afraid it won't be comparable to last year's team. AT ALL.


concerned alum1/10/2017 3:49:40 PM

It would be nice to see modest improvement, at least defensively. Not a complete dropoff... and we haven't played VCU, Dayton, URI, etc yet so the numbers may get worse


gee doubleyou1/10/2017 4:04:58 PM

You could blame the coaches for recruiting two 2-star recruits to the 2017 class... at least ML was able to bring in TC and Yuta.  Where would we be without them?  

ziik1/10/2017 4:27:20 PM

If only life were perfect.

gw 031/10/2017 6:30:16 PM

Ah yes, another transparent attempt to couch a discussion into a bash Mojo and bow to the altar of ML from the same old ML culter.  ML missed on 9 or 10 of his last 11 HS recruits, that's why the team is where it is today.  After a little hiatus from this nonsense we see the painful ML cult campaign has returned.

The current interim Coach has to pick up the mess ML's actions caused the program.  Frankly his first two recruits look a lot better on paper than a lot of ML recruits like Collin Goss and Juice Williams.  Nice try though.

haha1/10/2017 9:20:55 PM

Concerned Alum, how would you expect the defense to magically becomes better? what is your recipe? Honestly, this bashing on coaches have been too ridiculous. MoJo took over the team right before the season, and you expect him to change everything to be better? Also, are the players we have this year better than last year? How would you do better? By just simply think we should be better? Then you are wrong. Point. Blank. Period. Stop this nonsense now smh.


class of 971/10/2017 10:04:28 PM

Someone seems to have spent most of their day inventing a ton of various new names just blowing sh-t up here, best to ignore. Otherwise it just blots out actual genuine discussions. 


bobo1/10/2017 10:23:45 PM

We can have a reasonable debate but that's complete bullshit by GW 03.  MoJo doesn't have to fix the mess that was the GW program that ML left him.  GW has been successful the last 3 years and has a stellar freshman class.  ML did harp in defense and was very hard on the players who either missed assignments or lacked effort consistently.

The coaching staff missed on some recruits. But MoJo and the current staff is just as responsible as anyone for the last 3 years of recruits.  Assistant coached recruit players, it's one of their most important job responsibilities, probably their main benefit to a program. 

Maceo Jack is listed at the same level as Juice Williams and Mazzula is a lower ranked recruit than Jorgensen was out of HS.  Cimino, Marfo, Toro, Yuta, Sina, Cvanaugh and Rogers were all higher ranked recruits than the 2017 signees.

There is NO evidence that the recruiting has improved.  To claim otherwise is a flat out lie.



gw691/10/2017 10:34:12 PM

I know different camps tend to cherry pick their facts--but BoBo

your constant partisanship unfortunately diminishes your credulity.

I guess we should blame Carm and Haj for the poor recruiting 

for2017?Did ML screw up just a little?


maine colonial1/10/2017 10:50:37 PM

Looks like Coach K has some explaining to do too since his team lost to FSU by 16, only 3 points better than GW did against FSU. 

bobo1/10/2017 10:58:27 PM


If the 2017 recruiting class isn't any good blame Hajj.  Blame Carm. Blame MoJo.  That's how it works 69er.  The entire coaching staff recruits so if its a sucky recruiting class they all share in the blame.  The HC bears ultimate responsibity but they all come out poorly for a missed recruit and even more so for a full recruiting class.

I think we need new management.


gw 031/10/2017 11:06:55 PM

Like GW69 says, BoBo your argument rings like pure partisan BS.

Every piece of your argument is falacious, incuding this constant refrain from you that ML's failures in recruiting are Mojo's fault. What a joke. Also, please continue to understate an obvious truth, ML didn't miss on "a few recruits" between 2013 2014 and 2015 he missed on almost every recruit. Was it 9 of 11 or 10 of 11 missed HS recruits in those years? 

As for the mess, yes, the staff now has to clean up both the PR hit of a Coach fired for verbally abusing players, and the fact that ML's actions left the school with an interim Coach.  Given all of that, Mojo's product on the court and landing recruits is rather commendable.

You are making a big stink about Mazzula and Jack? You should be toasting this Staff that they could recruit ANYONE in these conditions, and Mazzula in every way is a good recruit on paper, what was Collin Goss? Nick G? Darian Bryant? etc etc  Please, cherry pick away Bobo, great arguments.

thinker1/10/2017 11:10:03 PM

Comparing this team to last year's is pretty pointless because it's almost an entirely different team.

Starters subtracted who were 4 year starters and professional caliber players: JoeMac, Kevlar and Garino + Subtract rotation players Mitola and Paulie

Add freshmen Toro, Bolden, Marfo, and Smith

Add new transfer who has been hurt some Steeves

Add another transfer Sina

Return Cavanaugh who isn't very quick and Roland and Hart who haven't played many minutes (prior to this year)

New coaching style to a team that couldn't have a lot of chemistry because they haven't played together.

That's not to say that MoJo has been perfect (although how would we even objectively measure that?) just to say that ML or anyone else would have to work through things with this group as well.

huh1/10/2017 11:12:22 PM

Haha what? Bobo wants to credit ML for recruiting and blame his assistants for ML's poor recruiting?

ML had a great recruiting class in 2012 and then three straight poor ones by any measure.  Its been pointed out to Bobo about a dozen times that for most of the period Mojo wasn't an even allowed to recruit, but he conveniently keeps ignoring that fact. I'm not a Mojo guy, I think we need to bring an experience Coach, but his Mojo bashing and re-writing of history gets very old.


maine colonial1/10/2017 11:34:22 PM

MoJo only needs two wins to surpass ML's 10-win first season at GW after the team had 17 wins the year before under Karl. Were you calling for ML's head during that season, bobo? So let's just see how things play out the rest of this season. 

huh1/10/2017 11:50:49 PM

eight of the nine HS recruits from 2013 and 2014 are gone, most barely played before leaving. the success of recent years was almost entire on the back of a single great ML recruiting class that was always going to graduate after last year.  Given that, any Coach would be dealing with a rebuild season.  Even more so since Steeves had added little and Sina has been pedestrian.

as for "stellar freshman class" the board has been wisely rather patient, but is this a little premature to declare such a stellar class? the prize Marfo barely plays, the Guards Williams and Bolden don't play/ineffective.  

bobo1/11/2017 12:21:46 AM

MoJo had been a full assistant coach for the previous 3 years and fully eligable to recruit.  If he didn't successfuly recruit anyone or the staff didn't trust him to recruit that doesn't speak well of him.  

Recruiting is the responsibility of all the coaches. But there is always a lead recruiter for each signee.  It looks like Coach Carm was the main recruiter of GW's recent NY state recruits.  DEA says that MoJo has great contacts in Canada and that will lead to a tremendous pipeline of Canadian recruits to GW.  Not much evidence of that yet.  

We have no idea if Maceo or Mazzula will be good recruits or players like Jorgenson and Bryant.  

What MoJo's supporters seem not to understand is that when they bash the level of talent on the thpe team right now, they are not making a case to keep MoJo asm a permenant head coach.  They are in fact making the case that GW needs to bring in a new had coach (and staff).

gw 031/11/2017 12:51:18 AM

Lets face it Bobo, you are trying to have it every which way.  You don't think GW should hire Mojo long term, well neither do I.  But I'm not going to twist and contort history to make that case. You can just state your view and leave it there. Recent ML recruiting was in fact not very good, and landing Mazzulla in this very difficult environment is a wild success, Maceo Jack if your bother to watch his film looks better than his meager recruit rankings. Those are just facts.  Tough to recruit immediately after the HC is fired abruptly for verbal abusing players and with an interim tag, describing in particular Mazzulla as anything but a wild success is just partisan rubbish.



bobo1/11/2017 1:18:40 AM

You claim that Maceo and Mazzula are wild successes. How the hell do you know?   

You claim that ML (but apparently none of the rest of the coaching staff) missed on 2012-2015.  Cimino and Jorgensen were higher rated recruits than Mazzula. But they didn't work out so they are seen as recruiting failures.  So how the hell do you know Mazulla is a success?

Maceo is as lowly regarded recruit as any of the other recruits GW has had in 4 years, save possibly Migel C. 2 stars with vertually no detailed backround reports.  

You conviniently leave out all of the transfers that ML and staff recruited including Cavanaugh, Mitola, Sina and Zeeke.  They are just as much of recruits as anyone else.  

I'm not saying there wasn't misses but GW continued to have success under ML despite the recruiting misses.  i also think they'd have more success this year with ML as coach then they would without him - add Rogers in and I'd like their chances even greater.

I'm just not convinced that MoJo is anything but an acceptable interim head coach for GW.  They need to move on at the end of the season.


lurker1/11/2017 2:06:37 AM

Bobo, like GW69 said, pure partisan BS and tiresome, you are now stooping to mischaracterizing what people here write.  I am also a believer GW should hire a proven recruiter at season's end, but take a look at what people wrote and how you contorted to deceive, its getting rather silly.

bobo1/11/2017 7:09:22 AM

How have I mischaracterized anything, Lurker?

bobo supporter1/11/2017 7:58:44 AM

I tend to agree with Bobo here.  If we want to get to an NCAA tournament Sweet 16 or higher, we need to bring in a coach with a proven track record.  I think the current freshman class is sufficient and would perform better this year and down the road with a coach like ML. The incoming 2017 class is what is worrisome. Granted it's tough to recruit right now, but I don't think the recruiting situation improves if we just extend the current coaching staff.

The resume of the coach and the opportunity for playing time is what brings in players. Lonergan had the right attributes (DIII national championship at CUA, taking Vermont to 7 straight conference championships and an NCAA tournament appearance with a 65% win percentage). That track record is what enabled the school to land TC, Yuta, Pato, Larsen, Mitola, etc.  As it stands now, it will be very difficult to recruit even if the current staff gets contract extensions. We should bring in somebody with ties to the local hoops scene.  If we can start landing some talent from the local Catholic HS league going forward, that would be a major advantage in the A-10.


beat vcu1/11/2017 9:49:47 AM

How did we go about landing ML?  Is something similar in the works now? 

the mv1/11/2017 10:19:38 AM

My attempt to sort things out:


1) The single most overplayed aspect avbout recruiting is to discuss all of the "misses".  There are 13 scholarship players on a team.  Lonergan routinely played 8 give or take.  That leaves 5 players who you can afford to develop over time, or even "miss on" while still being successful.

2) When a player transfers out, he becomes less than a "4 year miss", which is of course more favorable than a 4 year miss.

3) This year's team is very new, a rebuild according to many of you here.  As a result, criticisms of MoJo that compare this year's results, statistics, etc. to last year's team are completely misguided.

4) However, what some here don't understand is that MoJo should not get a "free pass" from criticism simply because of the circumstances that brought him to the head coaching position.  Therefore, in my mind, it makes far more sense to praise or criticize him from game-to-game, based on what you felt he did correctly or incorrectly during a given game.

5) Regarding recruiting, I believe it's a big accomplishment that MoJo and staff have received one early signee and a second verbal agreement under these circumstances.  Do not confuse big accompishment with "great recruits" because we can't possibly know yet how great, good or bad these recruits will be.

gron1/11/2017 10:19:53 AM

We should stay with MoJo.  The actions of PN with the players spread like wildfire through the coaching ranks (college coaches, hs coaches as well as AAU). The negative recruiting has already begun, but MoJo has proven, by landing these 2 highly ranked players, that he knows how to handle this 'issue'.  I'm shocked he's been able to talk these recruits into coming given the circumstances.  Hopefully, he can set up the same arrangement with the new President that was in place last year.

20171/11/2017 12:43:58 PM







gron1/11/2017 1:27:01 PM

GW 03. How do you know ML was fired for verbally abusing a player?  Did you see his dismissal letter?  Did you read the investigation?  You read Kilgore (PN, Matt Cimino, Lawyer) article and made an assumption, lacking facts, to these false allegations.

 One guy, just one guy, Matt Cimino, who outed PN in a national paper claimed this.  That's it!  All other players coming forward said the opposite.  AND after Matt Cimino outed the athletic director they continued to meet, so I suppose PN had no problem with being outed (SO crucifying ML for this was completely unwarranted-ML didn't go to the press). 

Matt Cimino needed GW to agree to get a waiver to play right away at another University.  Why not let him come back to GW since the coach was gone at that point?  PN can get the assist for THIS transfer.  Pretty sure he's got a couple other assists as well.  Still doing research... 

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