9/27/2016 6:23:09 PM      Replies: 62

BM5/8/2014 3:29:30 PM

Corey Evans @coreyevans_10
George Washington is showing interest in 2016 Albany City Rocks forward Anthony Gaines



BM6/9/2014 1:33:15 PM

Rival$ article says he has interest from GW, Columbia, Leligh and BU.

BM9/1/2014 8:34:12 AM

David Schneider@ShowTimeNation

2017 New Hampton (NH) G Anthony Gaines (@AnthonyGaines9) picks up an offer from George Washington. #A10 #T2SO

BM9/1/2014 8:52:05 AM

Looks like he may have reclassified from 2016 to 2017.  

BC9/1/2014 10:33:00 AM

My goodness, BM and Tuna were up early this mornng, doing good stuff as well.  

Mike K9/1/2014 8:43:00 PM

Above post was mine.

GW Alum Abroad9/1/2014 9:53:56 PM

"Albany City Rocks"? Does the place suck so bad that it needs a self-affirming nickname?

BM1/22/2015 2:53:00 PM

Andrew Slater @ASlater247

Anthony Gaines'17 @AnthonyGaines9 has offers from George Washington, Siena, & Niagara. Wake Forest & Yale interest

Me1/22/2015 3:00:21 PM


How many guys are we currently recruiting who play for Albany City?

BM6/17/2015 1:45:05 PM

#Insiders100 ‏@ThePrepInsiders  Jun 15
George Washington is continuing to work their Albany City Rocks pipeline. 2017s Anthony Gaines, Hamier Wright, Andrew Platek, Naz Carter....

BM4/21/2016 1:46:10 PM


Anthony Gaines, Albany City Rocks/New Hampton School

Gaines played the best basketball of his prep career thus far, attacking the glass with a relentless passion and producing from all three levels offensively. After averaging 15.3 points, 11 rebounds, and 3 steals and leading the City Rocks to a perfect 3-0 record over the weekend, Gaines should see his stock jump heading into the EYBL's Indy Session. Gaines used his explosive athleticism to clean the glass and finish above players with superior size, leaving scouts with the understanding that he simply "wants it more" than anyone else on the court. Gaines will certainly be followed closely by a bevy of coaches in Indy and picked up an offer from George Mason for his efforts in Brooklyn.

Bigfan4/21/2016 4:52:32 PM

Well if he has interest from Yale,presumably academically can come this year.

Like athlete part,too.

dmvpiranha4/26/2016 2:47:29 PM

Seems to be getting more attention recently as he was offered by Dayton, Toledo, and Hofstra today. as well as Northeastern and George Mason in the last week. 

Bigfan4/26/2016 4:38:07 PM

Let s pick the best.of these Rocks and land one or two.

Coach Carm should deliver.

The Other MG4/27/2016 12:13:44 AM

+1 Bigfan.  Have we gotten any Rocks since Coach Carm has gotten here?  Seems like a lot of talent, and doable.

thinker4/27/2016 1:12:12 AM

Toro is a City Rocks kid

Bo Knows4/27/2016 9:36:37 AM

Can we stop with the Coach Carm needs to deliver City Rocks kids? It doesn't work like that. First of all while Coach Carm did coach there that was several years ago and he did not coach any of the current crop of recruits so while he may, it is not a given that he has any direct relationships with those kids. He might get in the door faster and learn about these kids sooner but that is about it. Second, kids are going to choose the school they want to attend regardless of any past relationships between a coach and an organization. Carm still has to sell GW. We have other GW alums and board members who coach with shoe-sponsored AAU teams. You don't think they would like to see those kids come to GW? It's just not that easy. It has to be the right fit, the kids have to have certain grades etc. There are a lot of factors beyond just a relationship. 

What Carm, Mojo and Hajj need to do is continue to get kids period who can play and thrive at GW. I could care less what organization they come from. If it's the City Rocks great but the obsession with the City Rocks here implies Carm has some advantage and should automatically get these kids. The further implication seems to be that if he doesn't he has failed on the recruiting trail.

Don't sell Carm short. He is an able recruiter. If he gets any additional City Rocks kids it will be because he did a good job recruiting and selling GW not because he was once affiliated with them. 

Mentzinger4/27/2016 10:41:47 AM

Mostly on board with what you wrote, Bo Knows, but you have to think relationships account for a little more when looking at examples like Copes's uncle and similar "deals" for family or associates of recruits. From what I've seen, relationships do matter, a lot, and can often overcome other deficiencies in competing for recruits, for good or ill.

GW69.4/27/2016 11:05:20 AM


Bo Knows--Wasn't that the main reason he was hired? Really 

just curious.I could very well be naive,but I thought the main 

reason for the hire was the connections.I am open to be persuaded 




Bo Knows4/27/2016 1:24:19 PM

He has connections beyond one AAU program.

The MV4/27/2016 1:51:31 PM

We are also talking about a recruiting class who can't even sign an early letter of intent for over another six months.  Many of the early verbals take place shortly before the high school senior season is about to begin.  It is still April.  So if we're really having a discussion about why we have not received verbals from any Class of 17 players at this point in time, we've got severe problems.  Plenty of time to go for this class.

BM5/16/2016 2:05:20 PM

PC offer

BM5/17/2016 11:53:05 AM

Cinci offer.

Florida Colonial8/3/2016 7:02:30 PM

We made someones final list. Not a bad list. So here you go. Good news

Anthony Gaines ‏@AnthonyGaines9  1h1 hour ago

After alot of time and consideration I have narrowed my list to these 6 final schools. S/o to @jrein44 for the edit!


Florida Colonial8/3/2016 9:35:47 PM

REally??   Some good news and everyone ignores it

Pkgw8/3/2016 9:42:06 PM


thinker8/3/2016 10:38:04 PM

Those are some serious basketball powers with great tradition on the list.

The Other MG8/4/2016 12:09:04 AM

Getting him, under the circumstance, would probably be a real longshot, unless something is decided relatively positively for us by the signing period.  I can't imagine what that good news might be, but I am encouraged that he posted this today, and we are still in the running.  No doubt the people at Dayton and Butler will make our current situation a big issue.

The Sons of Liberty8/4/2016 2:04:35 AM

Nice list.

BACCAS928/4/2016 8:56:44 AM

Probably because of Coach Carm he has on the list.  Hope we are in the running. 

BACCAS928/4/2016 9:04:18 AM

Rated 50th best small forward in class of 2017 per ESPN.  Not nationally ranked otherwise.  ESPN has a 78 rating on him.  By comparison, they had a 77 on Yuta.  And a 78 on Marfo.  Looks like we are competitive for players in the high 70's but not the 80 threshold (based on ESPN's ratings). 9:10:11 AM

Like Doc says ---Lazy!

Florida Colonial8/4/2016 9:55:49 AM

BACCAS92, You spend too much time looking at ratings that are often stale and inaccurate. If you really want to follow rankings, here's a discrepancy. ESPN has him rated 120 overall Link . I wouldnt  get too caught up in rankings/ratings. Better indication is who is on his list. Trust the coaches

NewGWFan8/4/2016 11:01:13 AM

We should be pumped to be in his final six.  The kid is a smart kid and has some great options in front of him.  Lot of respect.  Great mix of successful programs and strong academic schools.  I hope he lands here.

BM8/4/2016 11:16:05 AM

His highlights from Peach Jam

Still Here8/4/2016 11:32:35 AM

This is great. The one thing I will say, though, is that the narrative on this forum is nothing like the narrative about us elsewhere. Ask your non-gw friends what they think about what happened. If they even heard about the scandal, a lot of people I spoke to immediately started talking about how millenials are soft. 

I get that the actual things ML is being accused of are more serious than just that. But for the casual reader who may not overthink it... Not the end of the world for people for people to think that "to win the NIT, GW needed a coach who was hard on them". Again please don't mistake this as me supporting ML even if the accusations are true, but outside of the program a lot of people read the article and actually thought we were a more legitimate competitor than we were because of this.

The MV8/4/2016 11:45:16 AM

Everyone here should please understand that coaches riding their players hard, which includes the use of foul language, is the rule and not the exception.  Some coaches like Lonergan inject some humor while others do not.  If there wasn't an integral part of this story involving sexuality, and we were only debating the transgender remark (with context) and the food stamps remark, I am convinced that this would be a non-story.  You might think that Lonergan crossed a line with these comments but there would not be anything to be concerned about regarding anyone's future.  However, this is not the case, as we all know.

Still Here8/4/2016 12:01:13 PM

Agreed MV, and I believe a lot of recruits and fans outside of GW read the article that way. Which is why I don't think that its nearly as big of an issue as people think. The only real recruiting issue is an uncertain future for ML.

thinker8/4/2016 12:03:43 PM

People who are commenting about the issue of "intensity" with the players are missing the point. This is MUCH more about the employer/employee issues between PN and ML.

Still Here8/4/2016 12:11:46 PM

Thinker that's fair, but frankly I am done thinking/worrying about it. Whatever the university decides is what they decide.  If we are talking about what this means to recruits and the non-gw basketball fan. I'm just not sure that people get it when they are saying "we are lucky this kid is still considering us with all this bad press". Anyone who thinks the things that are currently being discussed on this board are even on the radar with recruits or anyone outside of this school, is crazy. 12:21:53 PM

Still here you can't be serious. It was THE TALK among the coaches at the AAU tournament in Las Vegas that ML was at when the story broke, and I'm sure at all of the other tournaments as well.  To the non-basketball or casual fan, I agree, they haven't really paid attenton.  But you can bet real basketball people are waiting and watching.

GW698/4/2016 12:27:55 PM

Still Here --- you don't need to be a therapist to respond to your post.

It's called denial.

The Other MG8/4/2016 12:33:55 PM

The issue of whether Coach will be here at all or not is pretty central to recruiting conversations, and if Coach Carm or ML isn't discussing this with Anthony, the other 5 coaches on the list certainly are, especially probably Butler and Dayton.  I say we are lucky (and kudos to the coaches) to be a finalist at this point, under the circumstances, and it would be fantastic to actually have Anthony come to GW, regardless of his "ratings".  It would be a very positive sign for the team, and we all could sure use that.

Bigfan8/4/2016 6:25:42 PM

Some great points about good coaches being demanding.

But let' s take it somewhere else,to another thread,guys.

This one should be rederved for all the many reasos,including a coach who just coached up a player into the NBA a week ago,lots of playing time, exotic travel and tournaments,a safelocation in the most important city in the world,great academics wnd graduation for all who stay.

That and a number of other great reasons are why Anthony would be blessed to have the opportunity to go to GW.

He should commit to GW soon and enjoy his senior year, knowing he has a great GW future ahead of him.

GW698/4/2016 7:32:17 PM

Bigfan--Missed your recruiting shtick!!!

Long Suffering Fan8/5/2016 12:26:56 AM

Well said, Bigfan

Bo Knows8/5/2016 8:45:39 AM

I have inside information that we will get this one.  Mark it down. 

Bo Knows8/5/2016 9:23:02 AM

Obviously didn't post that immediately above ... 

Bigfan8/5/2016 7:22:48 PM

GW is right choice for Anthony.

And really the only logical choice when you look at playing time,location,academics,recent player in the NBA,Red Rocks tie with Coach Carm,etc.

You don' t have the chance to play in front of the president,or live a few blocks from The White House at those other,lesser schools.

BM9/13/2016 4:04:13 PM

Not sure if he's visited GW already, but:

AdamFinkelstein's avatarAdam Finkelstein


New Hampton & @TheCityRocks Anthony Gaines @AnthonyGaines9 official visits:

9/14-9/16: Butler
9/18-9/20: Dayton
9/23-9/25: Northwestern

thinker9/13/2016 5:10:32 PM

I don't think he's done an official visit to GW. Of course that tweet doesn't mean that he won't be doing an official visit.

Alumnus9/13/2016 5:17:51 PM

I can't imagine anyone wasting an official visit on GW until the investigation is completed, Lonergan's replacement is announced, etc.

Bigfan9/14/2016 9:08:14 AM

Really not helpful to post things like that in a recruit thread..

Can' t think of a better place to visit for free in the fall than Washington. And GW,a rising basketball program where Anthony could get great playing time,great success (ask NIT MVP Tyler) and a great education. All our players for four years graduate. And we had literally half the A10 All- Academic team.

As well as a player who just signed a guaranteed NBA contract.

Commiting to GW  is a big win both basketballwise and for a future lifetime.


dmvpiranha9/27/2016 4:51:06 PM

Northwestern (9/27)

BACCAS929/27/2016 4:52:41 PM

Game Over. 

Bigfan9/27/2016 4:54:55 PM

Shocking that we would lose a recruit.

We apparently are not rockin' with the Albany City Rocks.

Well, maybe now that things are settled a bit....

BACCAS929/27/2016 4:55:46 PM

Interesting same day as Carm not promoted.   What if Carm was head coach, would he have come? 

The Other MG9/27/2016 5:19:09 PM

My strong suspicion is "no".  And having a better chance with one recruit is not a great reason to choose a head coach (an assistant maybe, and has happened hundereds of times before).  BACCAS92, I think we are going to have to be satisfied with getting very good transfers after the season ends, and hopefully one or two of the 5th year senior type.  If we MOJO somehow can nab Longpre - wow!

BC9/27/2016 5:19:19 PM

No BACCAS92, no recruit will ever come to GW because they know you're obsessed with them.

BACCAS929/27/2016 5:22:55 PM

BC I would treat the recruit like royalty. 

MOCO Observer9/27/2016 6:23:09 PM

It would be very tough for GW to get Longpre now and that is not Mojo's fault. 

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