And I always thought it was because they should be in jail.
 9/10/2016 11:36:13 AM      Replies: 8

BC9/9/2016 11:32:47 AM


ELJ9/9/2016 4:54:52 PM

As an aside, the quarterback shown to illustrate a point about referees in white shirts in 1921 was -- as any longtime Redskins fan knows -- the great Sammy Baugh, who didn;'t enter the league until 1937,, after team owner Geortge Marshall drafted him out of Texas Christian, for the then-Boston Redskins (nee Boston Football Braves), who moved to DC in '37, before Baugh's first game.  I guess if the guys who made this video couldn't find a good QB from 1921, they decided to take the best there was at the position, for the photo.

BC9/9/2016 7:12:57 PM

What?  You mean even the media is dishonest?  The world is a dark place indeed!

ziik9/9/2016 9:54:11 PM

Is there anything ELJ does not know?

ELJ9/9/2016 10:11:29 PM


Thought I'd give you a slightly different view of things, recalling your utter love for the officials at GW games.



BC9/9/2016 10:28:00 PM

I think players should call their own fouls, just like on the playground.  That always works doesn't it?

ziik9/9/2016 11:33:09 PM

John Thompson proved, you keep fouling, they swallow their whistles.

Long Suffering Fan9/10/2016 10:38:51 AM

Problem with calling your own, BC, is that in 45 years of playing pickup basketball, there has never been an offensive foul called.   At best, there was an admonishment not to do it again, but no loss of possession.

BC9/10/2016 11:36:13 AM

Can't trust the refs.  Can't trust the players.  Next, you'll tell me, that you can't trust the spectators!

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