3/28/2016 4:27:51 PM      Replies: 27

GW05093/27/2016 8:20:46 PM

What a choke job

DC Native3/27/2016 8:23:25 PM

CBS got what they wanted.

dmvpiranha3/27/2016 8:25:32 PM

Resembled the St. Joe's tournament game a little. It shows how tough conference opponents are versus those out of conference who are not as familiar with UVA's playing style. Won't be surprised if Brey can pull off the upset against UNC in the mini ACC tournament today.

DC Native3/27/2016 8:27:56 PM

Looked like UVA was running the Hobbs "wheel" offense for the last 10 minutes.  Bennett got out coached down the stretch.

DC Native3/27/2016 8:29:37 PM

UNC will win.  Somehow, the celebrity coaches always seem to win.

notta hater3/27/2016 8:36:14 PM

I feel bad for Virginia, but the program is very solid for years to come if they keep the coach. With that said, damn, I hate the Cuse.

ziik3/27/2016 8:38:07 PM

where is the other game on tv? damn I feel dumb



GW05093/27/2016 8:39:38 PM

@ziik, TBS

Gw2123/27/2016 8:45:00 PM

News flash: UVA fires Tony Bennett and hires assistant Lady Gaga. Choke City. 

ziik3/27/2016 8:49:11 PM

thanks 0509, lots o f scam streamers

doug sandels3/27/2016 8:53:09 PM

As the great Gary Gaetti once said, "It's hard to win a game with both hands around your neck."

Thomas3/27/2016 9:07:55 PM

It seemed as if Virginia was stuck on 58 for about an hour, they couldn't execute at all on offense, couldn't stop Syracuse on defense and couldn't rebound!!!

It will be interesting to see where Virginia goes from here because the last remaining players(Brogdon, Perrantes, Gill) who were responsible for this championship level 3-year run they've been will be gone. During this 3-year run Virginia has been a 1, 2 and 1 seed. Next year Virginia  has a McDonald's All-American point guard coming in and a transfer from Memphis who is similar to Cavanaugh meaning a great offensive player and rebounder, but not a strong defender. Will the defensive dominance and top 5 rankings continue in the future???

Long Suffering Fan3/27/2016 9:11:03 PM

Usually there is one team in the final 4 that I hate a bit less than the others, but this year I pretty much detest them all.    Not only can't I watch, but I don't even want to know.

GW05093/27/2016 9:22:17 PM

Rooting for Brey I guess

BC3/27/2016 9:36:29 PM

Have to root for the GW connection with Brey.  Of course my favorite final four would be 4 16 seeds vying for the championship.  Not gonna hold my breath for that one.   Any mighty Big 12 teams left?

dmvpiranha3/27/2016 9:46:39 PM

Yea Oklahoma

Mentzinger 3/27/2016 9:51:39 PM

Syracuse RPI 72 and lost 5 of their last 6 games. 

Mentzinger 3/27/2016 9:54:09 PM

UVa winning by 10+ at half: 68-0 under Bennett

Long Suffering Fan3/27/2016 10:09:57 PM

Guess I forgot that Notre Dame is still alive, at least when I posted.  Don't know the score tonight...not interested enough to check, but yeah, if Notre Dame makes it to final 4, they will be my default choice.

Front Row Center3/27/2016 10:19:09 PM

Does this hurt our RPI?

So Syracuse beats UVA who we beat. That school down the road beat Syracuse, and lost to Monmouth who we beat.

BACCAS923/27/2016 10:50:02 PM

Wow should have gone to law school at Syracuse. Can't believe that Iowa style choke. I guess cheaters do win.  They really redeemed the Commitee by making it this far.  

BACCAS923/27/2016 10:51:47 PM

We had a higher RPI then Syracuse.  I guess we would have won the national title had we gotten in. 

Bigfan3/28/2016 3:10:15 AM

Worse thing is of course,this makes the fraudulent committee look as if they did the right thing,which they couldn't do with an instruction manual.

The MV3/28/2016 9:53:58 AM

I can't stand everything Boeheim (including marrying an attractive woman about 20 years younger than him) but I have to give him a lot of credit.  The press got Syracuse back into the game not only because of the turnovers it produced but also because it sped UVA up, converting 1 out of 5 2 on 1's at one point before finally realizing (though way too late) that it was OK to bring the ball back out.  Bennett must have felt like he had a huge break when Izzo bowed out early but he wasn't counting on facing Boeheim (who also disposed of this country's greatest coach despite having zero career Final 4 appearances, Mark Few.)

NJ Colonial3/28/2016 11:11:49 AM

GW beat Virginia.  Since they joined the ACC, it has taken many tries for Syracuse to do the same.  Even though my cousin is the A.D. there. I still believe GW deserved to be in the Big Dance before the Orange.  But I am happy for him and happy that GW is still alive an playing in late March - Go Colonials!

notta hater3/28/2016 4:05:51 PM

we all know that there are many teams who did not have decent records (some who did not get into the Tournament) who could have gone on a roll if permitted to play. That's not the point of admission. It should be to reward teams who had good seasons against good competition. The year GMU went to the final four there was a bit of a cry that the committee should have let some other so-so team in over GMU. This year they should have sat the Cuse and let some other team have the chance - based on a good season against good competition. They denied some other team a chance at the dream. To make matters worse, they rewarded a team that cheated and it's hard for me to believe that it was an isolated incident. Screw UNC and the Cuse. They should both be on the sidelines next to Louisville and SMU this season.

Mentzinger3/28/2016 4:24:58 PM

Notta Hater +1 (LOL.)

NJ Colonial3/28/2016 4:27:51 PM

Notta, well said!

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