Arnaldo Toro is playing on ESPNU at noon today
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Thomas3/31/2016 9:39:21 AM

Someone posted about this a few days ago but Toro's name wasn't in the title and some of you may have ignored it. Arnaldo Toro and St.Benedict's will play La Lumiere from Indiana at noon on ESPNU in the Dicks Nationals High School Tournament. It's an 8-team tournament that features elite teams from across the country. St.Benedict's is the 4 seed and if they win they will most likely play Oak Hill Academy tomorrow afternoon on one of the ESPN channels.

Garino played in this tournament 4 years ago as a high school senior. Larsen may have played in it as a high school underclassman when he was at Montrose. The tournament is being played in New York so there is a chance that ML, the staff and some of the players will be in attendance.     

BM3/31/2016 9:42:21 AM

Beat me by 34 seconds Thomas  :)

According to the official bracket, if they beat La Lumiere, they'll probably play #1 Montverde.

The Dude3/31/2016 9:47:42 AM

DVR this folks! Eager to see him 

Bienvenidos to GW very soon Arnaldo!! 1:45:56 PM

LL 60 St B 59

Mike K3/31/2016 2:53:40 PM

Toro had

Mike K3/31/2016 2:54:13 PM

I tried.... Toro had 20

The Dude3/31/2016 2:59:38 PM

check out the size of Montverde...oi vey!

Class of 133/31/2016 3:01:20 PM

I read the article to say Toro only had 10 today, as opposed to the 20 he scored in the first meeting between the two teams.

Mike K3/31/2016 3:05:42 PM

Thanks, not only could I not post, I can't comprehend.

Thomas3/31/2016 4:45:56 PM

I saw parts of the game and it looked like Toro had a similar game to Cavanaugh meaning a guy who can do the dirty work inside and knock down perimeter shots. He picked up 2 fouls early so he never really got into any sort of rhythm offensively. One of the announcers mentioned that Toro wasn't very athletic, but worked hard.

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