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If you want to say that Mojo is an idiot who cost us that game last night for guarding the inbounder and setting Goss up to commit that foul, I wonder if you'd also consider Jim Calhoun an idiot for allowing Thabeet to crash into Jonny Flynn back in 2009. Extremely similar situations (Flynn is actually setting a much cleaner screen than Lewis' last night) albeit there's definitely a big difference between 1.1 on the clock and 0.4. 

My general point, though is that you can argue the merits of guarding the inbounder with only .4 on the clock vs 1.1, but I would say to guard the inbounder was not some terribly flawed philosophy. I personally would probably take my chances with 5 defenders in the front court who can either get a hand on the ball or force the catch to be going away from the basket so that they can't get the shot off, but it's a very nitpicky argument. Plenty of coaches would have done exactly what Mojo did and I've seen that play run plenty of times where a guy flops and doesn;t get the call.

That's the real issue here. It was an absolutely garbage call. Good officials do not reward flops with .4 left in a game that has been fairly contested. Look at it this way, if Lewis set a screen for a dribbler in the last few seconds of that game in the frontcourt and flopped once there was contact you think a ref is calling a foul for knocking over the screener? The only time a screener ever falls down is if they're hoping to buy a call. The referee got punked and fell for it and it's embarassing considering it was an illegal screen. To say this was a failure in coaching because Mojo is a rookie who doesn't know how to handle the situation is ridiculous. Jim Calhoun had two championships and was on his way to his third final four and put his gangly 7'3'' guy in the same position to do the same thing. The difference is good refs don't fall for the bait, bad ones do.

Also as to the critcisms on his fouling twice to get VCU to the bonus, that was another pretty tough spot where I'm not sure what the right answer is. I think the strategy would've been better if say there was 45 seconds on the clock when he started doing it, as opposed to 39 because once he had fouled twice too much time was gone to just play defense. But, the strategy itself was not asinine and I think he will have learned a lot from last night.

This is not an endorsement for Mojo to be the head coach next year. We most certainly need to explore all our options, but that was not a game we lost because our coach is incapable of the job.



the dude2/9/2017 5:24:10 PM

Well said 13.

bigfa2/9/2017 5:30:05 PM

Right on the call being stupid and just plain wrong from video evidence.

Disagree on Mojo's culpability. He gets to wander the sideline because he is head coach. Time outs were clearly his.

And his decision, whether an assistant asked him or not as one person states, to put in an ice gold and gangly Goss.

And Mojo's decision not to warn him before in a way that would clearly get through to him, even though most of us in the stands were screaming don't foul.

And Mojo's decision to keep his signature quiet and passive attitude as he saw it unfold and not yell out to Goss. (See the replay).

Personally, like Mojo and though more debatable now, think he can be a good head coach someday with experience. And he is an excellent PR representative, with the exception of last night.

A fine young man who sincerely wants to win, but maybe is trying to please everyone too much. Would make a candidate for Assistant Head Coach once Haj and Carm flee.

No fault of Mojo's that he is in over his head. Hard to imagine someone wouldn't be, thrust into such a postion, maybe six years out of college, and a few years from being director of basketball operations.

But think we all know Mojo's inexperience has been exploited by both opposing coaches and referees.

Like last night's brutal revelation, but not the only example, that inexperience has resulted in a number of losses that could have been or should have been wins.


the mv2/9/2017 5:52:49 PM

There is never any one thing or person that costs a team a game.  I'm not sure how many people are coming on here today and want to make the point that MoJo lost the team this game.  Perhaps I should speak for just myself but what I and what I feel are many are saying is that MoJo did not help his own prospects for being extended last night, and that a more experienced head coach should be hired.  Like most everyone else, I acknowledge that he was thrown into a situation (voluntarily, but still) that was far less than ideal.  Still, as objectively as I can say it, he's just not ready and that sentiment is based on quite a bit more than just the VCU game.


the dude2/9/2017 6:00:21 PM

Guarding the inbounder is what most (all?) Coaches do there, as I noted so did Wade in the exact same situation.  Its not impossible to score there and guarding the in-bounder should not lead to a foul.  If you think Goss is the wrong guy, too inexperienced, I think that's fair but could easily happen to anyone, Goss was probably the wrong choice though (and the right guy TO THROW the ensuing length of court in bounds!)

I used to Coach travelling hoops teams, I'm no amazing Coach.  Any Dad who has coached 10 year olds would tell his kids not to foul in that situation, as did I in many similar situations, any rec leaguer also knows not to foul.  So if you think Mojo didn't, the issue is not experience its competence.  If the Staff did not remind the team in the huddle there (which was several minutes of review) not to foul, its not experience but incompetence.  

I did observe that no one seemed to yell to warn to Goss at it was happening, including Yuta and the entire bench that was a screen was coming. It happened VERY fast, the player was moving and he was out of bounds.  So on balance, could not agree more with 13.  I have also said I would hire a proven recruiter, not Mojo, but to nitpick and unfairly declare every decision as some no-brainer exceptionally stupid decision gets sillier and sillier by the game.

gary williams2/9/2017 11:08:16 PM

Please stop mentioning my name and GW basketball in the same sentence - you are not worthy.

It will be a snowy day in hell before I would want anything to do with your school. You aren't on the same planet as UMD when it comes to athletics or academics - and we are at half your cost!

Keep dreaming you wanna be's. Let the 5 of you who post on this site and the 20 fans who bother to come to your home games focus on the beat down you are about to receive by St Bonnie's this weekend. If we are down at the end, we now have 2 different strategies we can use to pull off the win!

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