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The Dude12/14/2016 2:15:29 PM

Enter Tacko Fall and UCF. UCF arrives in DC with a solid 85 KenPom.

Thoughts? Predictions?

GW7312/14/2016 2:36:29 PM


If the UFC team that lost to Penn plays the GW team that beat Temple, it's GW 67, UCF 62.   Otherwise, it's UCF 71, GW 63. 




GW7312/14/2016 2:44:28 PM

ESPN RPI Ratngs has UCF ranked 64. GW ranked 171.  Realtime RPI Ratings has UCF ranked 55. GW ranked 169, but says final score will be GW 75, UCF 69. It also says GW will be 10-8 in A-10 and 18-13 overall. I fear that's a little too optimistic.


CT Colonial12/14/2016 3:21:14 PM

Pomeroy barely has us winning (51%).  Should be a good game.  UCF is without their top scorer, B.J. Taylor.  Tacko's probably going to be hard to stop, but it should be interesting to see how Collin Smith matches up against him.  

ELJ12/14/2016 3:26:53 PM

Don't know much about Fall, but his 7'6" makes me wonder if he's a shot-blocker in the low post.  Is he mobile?

ziik12/14/2016 3:35:33 PM

As always, ELJ, the best offense is to go right at the guy. (Well, in the one game I saw this season, it worked for a while)

He is very much improved over last season. I do not know who to compare him with, but, he's clearly got a pro (NBA) future. 

Nero Stole My Boyfriend12/14/2016 4:01:06 PM

UCF's backup 2 guard will explode for 21 points and drain 3s from all kinds of improbable angles. Tacko Fall will drop 15 points and 11 rebounds on us. Matt Hart will score 5 points and make 5 turnovers. Sina will score 8 points and have trouble covering their guards. Early foul trouble for Cavanaugh. He will force some 3s in second half when we fall behind by 11. The opposing point guard will block a couple of Marfo dunk attempts. 

UCF 76 GW 71

The Dude12/14/2016 4:44:30 PM

18-13 10-8 was my pre-season prediction as well. Too optimistic? We'll see, surely 2 games ago it looked too optimistic.

I think at this relatively early stage, KenPom does a better job, although the RPI is beginning to normalize, still a little early for RPI.

Bigfan12/14/2016 4:59:45 PM

Actually Smith has the physical tools/jumping jack ability to help contain Tacko, but don't know about experience.

Interestingly, our other tall Collin could be of help.

With his long arms, wonder if Goss could harass and deflect passes to the giant Fall?

Mentzinger12/14/2016 6:02:07 PM

We have at least 15 fouls for that guy, and he shoots 11 of 27 FTs .... Geez, what should we do? I'm much more worried about controlling the glass. We're also a horrible 3-7-1 ATS and our bench experience is thin.

UCF 75 GW 71.


gwg12/14/2016 7:51:33 PM

GW continues their improved play, allowing our offensive rythm and good outside shooting to get around over Tacko. Hopefully, our big men force him into foul trouble, opening up interior play. The 1-3-1 makes a heroic return to stymie UCF's attempts to pass the ball in to the post. GWG and the other 99 people at the Smith Center all yell really loud, and it fools UCF into thinking its a packed house.

GW 68- UCF 62

fan12/14/2016 9:30:37 PM

Site is under construction at the moment? Wondering if this post will upload, confused.


Fan12/15/2016 2:44:43 PM

Things working again?

GW Alum Abroad12/15/2016 3:52:41 PM

With visitors from Florida in town, heaters throughout the building and the water heater for the visitors' locker room suddenly "fail to work" in the Smith Center. Frostbitten Cent. Florida players play game in their ugly sweaters and their play resembles their fashion. Marfo realizes he is not in high school any more and stops staring at the ball for 10 secs after receiving a pass, TC realizes that scouts might notice if he is not the best player on the court and MoJoBall (tm) gets rolling. Student turn out still sucks and the crusters on the other side find getting out of the parking lot takes longer than it takes a "Trump steak" to pass through one's digestive system.

Tennessee Colonial12/15/2016 4:41:11 PM


The Dude12/15/2016 4:47:41 PM

GWAA, hilarious, bravo. Tacko is shooting 83.3% from the Field.  A record pace I would imagine for FG% Presumably 75% dunks?

GW 64 UCF 61.


Bigfan12/15/2016 5:51:37 PM

Secret for potential win: Extra-breakaway rims with laser technology that folds them when about to be dunked on.

GW Alum Abroad12/15/2016 6:24:41 PM

Tenn. Colonial-- I would count myself among the "crusters" if I were in the DC area and was foolish enough to drive to campus at rush hour on a work night instead of riding Metro. 7:03:22 PM


BC12/15/2016 7:16:20 PM


Tennessee Colonial12/16/2016 9:57:13 AM

Nashville is now horrible for traffic. Thousands arriving every day. 3 houses being put up where there use to be one. More and more apartments. All on a 1960 traffic grid. Worked with ex mayor and governor 20 years ago to find a way to grow rationally. He threw impact fee study away; he wanted to be governor. Need a good transit system, but we'll never get a subway. Bumper to bumper traffic going 5 MPH coming into city in AM and leaving in PM. Real good Urban sprawl. Now, if it rains, guarantee a crash on a major interstate. Tradition down here is that if there is bad weather (rain or snow) the answer is to go faster than normal and cut people off causing major, gridlocking , crashes. Not accidents, but deliberate, stupid, crashes. Native Tennesseans and newcomers driving are not a good mix. Natives do not use turn signals or their horns. Bizarre. I walk a mile to the bus stop just so I don't have to deal with the traffic here. Only time to drive is between 10 AM and 2 PM.  Sorry, this Cruster had to rant.

I like our freshmen and sophs. MJ is doing well. Let the players learn from their mistakes without being pulled. Except for some real over the line or dumb mistakes. He did pull someone off  the court last night after 1. But that's a rare event. Players having fun. Wow! 

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