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The MV
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The MV4/18/2016 6:31:07 PM

Haven't seen very much of the innocuous off season fodder yet so I thought I'd get the ball rolling.  Anyone have a good story that took place while you were either at a GW road game or on your way to or home from one, or perhaps just waiting around for one? 

Way back when, my WRGW radio partner and I drove to West Virginia for a Saturday afternoon game against the Mountaineers.  We left early Saturday morning thinking we had plenty of time to make it.  Not exactly.  When we got within about a mile of the arena, the game was to tip off in 50 minutes.  Still pretty doable until we saw the endless lines of cars (and I can safely assume, trucks) sitting in gridlock trying to get into the arena.  We thought we were screwed.  We had press passes and someone must have pointed out to us somewhere along the line where the press could park to avoid this scenario.  But sticklers to detail that we were, we had no idea.  After not moving for a few minutes and convinced that this was going to be a colossal screw-up, my buddy tells me to get out of this lane and get to the far left hand side and just drive.  He assured me, as if he had a clue, that someone would stop us and then we could ask where the press parking was.  Sounded like as good a plan as any so off we went.  All of these WV drivers proceeded to curse us out while violently honking their horns.  We finally reached a parking attendant and asked where we needed to be.  He asks to see our passes, we showed them, and he tells us to come right in.  At this point, I asked him if this was actually the lane for the press.  The man told us that it was not.  The follow-up question was to ask what this lane was for, seeing how nobody was using it (except us).  We were then told that this lane was for the public.  So naturally, we had to ask why all of these West Virginians were sitting in traffic honking their horns like crazy people when all they had to do was move into this far left lane like we had?  His response was, "I couldn't begin to tell you."

We even made it in time for a quick pregame show.

ziik4/18/2016 7:09:30 PM

That trip to Morgantown from DC can take longer than a trek on the Oregon Trail, and there are yahoos all the way. Most are polite. But, polite yahoos still can cause issues.  

Twice, decades apart, I made the mistake of taking Route 50 to Morgantown, thinking it was a direct shot. ( The second time, I had been told, "it's way nice, now.") As it turns out, there likely isn't a straight 3 mile stretch on the road. All hills, turns, and twists. You really need your brakes.

Now, I live in Winchester, and know my way around nearby West Va. Once, though, I got turned about on my way to Harpers Ferry.  I got to a fork in the road, and knew I had to take it, but was a bit unsure, right or left. There was a guy with his boy standing there, waiting for a ride. SO, I asked him. Which way, from here, to Harpers Ferry. He thought a little bit, said, turn right here. So, I turned left. Got there is a juffy. You get used to that sort of stuff out here. 

The MV4/19/2016 9:48:39 AM

Ziik, truer words were never written.  I drove to the game in 2004-05 as well.  Very harrowing at times.  Stayed at the Radisson (where the team also stayed) which is this beautiful building that seemingly appears out of nowhere.  (It's actually a regular Radisson but it appears to be beautiful amidst the other Morgantown scenery.  If you've ever been to the Hyatt in Cambridge, MD, you know what I mean.  Pretty building apperas out of nowhere.)

At the 2004 game against WVU, I sat next to a Mountaineer fan who may have been about 16.  Noticing my GW clothing, he asked if we had come in from Washington, DC.  I told him that we had.  The next words out of his mouth were, "I hear y'all have a big airport."  Yes, the thought that crept into my head was 'yup, that's what we're known for."  I kep that thought to myself and assured him that we actually had 3 big airports that most in the area can easily access.  He came away very impressed.

Two more from Nashville.  We flew down Friday morning and once we landed and were off the plane, we saw Michael Wilbon who was on the flight.  We did the quick glance and smile exchange.  Early in the afternoon, my friend and I saw him again walking the street.  We hit him with a "Let's go GW" and he smiled.  Next, on our way to the hotel where GW was hosting the pre-game event, we see Mr. Wilbon coming out of the hotel.  He says, "we have to stop meeting like this."  Once more, on our way into the arena, we see him approaching the press entrance.  In a very animated manner, he states, 'OK.  This just isn't that big a town."   We all had  a nice laugh.

Saturday morning after the loss to Georgia Tech, my friend and I go to the hotel gym where we find Karl Hobbs and coaches working out.  We congratulate them on a good game last night and a great season.  Hobbs thanks us but says 'I don't know about last night."  Realizing it might be risky, one of us mentions foul shooting, as in "if we had only shot the ball better from the line, we would have easily won."  Upon hearing this, Roland Houston takes a step or two towards us and gives us the hand gesture as if to say "stop talking about this."  So we did.

Anyone else have a story about something that happened while you were at a GW road game?  I'm sure some of you must go to some road games or tournament games.

ziik4/19/2016 11:46:44 AM

They still have the mountaineer who shoots a musket at the games? Now, there is a plot for a murder mystery. (Guy gets hit by the mountaineer/cheerleader.) 

You look up Pat Tallent vs. Bob Huggins on the WVa websites some day. I think Pat beat WVa singleheandedly, most every time, hitting for 30ppg, and leaving Huggs in the dust. 

BC4/19/2016 4:40:18 PM

Pretty sure the musket is still there.

GW Alum Abroad4/19/2016 5:18:10 PM

BGF needs to chime in now about the time the yahoo in the Mountainer get-up said he wanted to fire off the musket... inside the Smith Center!

Rich Maier4/19/2016 7:42:36 PM

MV, great posts. Hadn't realized you were a member of the WRGW team. IN 1991 GW was invited to the NIT our first post-season appearance in 30 years. Met a friend in NC, then met another friend in Columbia, There were some other GW fans for support. We lost the game but the team and the fans felt we were climbing. And GW did.

ELJ4/19/2016 11:25:35 PM

Don't know if this qualifies for this thread or not, but WAY back in the day -- like about 1954 or '55, GW took a trip to Greenville, SC, to play Furman, when Furman had the nation's leading scorer (Darrell Floyd). Anyway, friend Jim Rudin was dispatched to cover the game for The Hatchet, and told me that as the Colonials were going from their locker rook to the court for pre-game warmups, a few Furman fans were lined up with safety pins to stick our guys as they ran past.  Joe Holup later confirmed the story to me.

Holuip had a pretty fair answer for the Purple Paladin fans; he poured in 49 points as GW set a team scoring record that still stands (as does Holup's single-game total), in a 126-109 win.

Mentzinger4/20/2016 12:03:32 AM

ELJ you are a living Buff and Blue treasure my friend.

Chester Would4/20/2016 8:58:45 AM

ELF, did he ask them how they were keeping their diapers on?

Chester Would4/20/2016 8:59:19 AM

sorry, ELJ, I guess I have Lord of the Rings crap on my mind or something.

The MV4/20/2016 11:00:03 AM

What a great story ELJ.

xAC4/20/2016 12:01:42 PM

My worst trip took me to New England in the winter of 1972. GW was in the Hall of Fame Tournament at Springfiled Mass. I remember how icy it was, and the attendance was atrocious. We managed to win our three games (Farleigh Dickenson, Notrheastern, and American International) by healthy margins, but not a lot of memorable basketball was played.

squid4/22/2016 1:01:03 PM

ELJ, that is awesome.

For the NCAAs in Greensboro in 2006, I went down with a bunch of GW buddies from Long Island, NJ and such who hadn't been to the south before (I grew up mostly in TN and TX.) We had a blast generally, and went to a highly recommended BBQ place. It was delicious, and they were blown away when all the cups had Bible verses on them.

And a whole bunch of GWHoops fans met up at a weird bar sort of near the stadium before the game, which was a lot of fun. It was also St. Patrick's Day so we all went downtown to some Irish place. The first bar looked close to the stadium on the map but was actually across some railroad tracks and nobody walks anywhere in Greensobor, so there was no good walking route. I remember an epic journey back.

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