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GW Alum Abroad
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GW Alum Abroad11/20/2016 8:33:17 PM

Villanova beat GW 16-7 at what is now RFK Stadium. The game marked the beginning of GW's 50 year run of undefeated football teams, something the Colonials have been able to do WITHOUT  having the head coach punch an opposing player in the throat, WITHOUT buying recruits cars and houses and nookie and grades, WITHOUT having the school give so much power to the coach that he can facilitate child rape in the locker room and thwart criminal investigations in to the rapes, WITHOUT having trainers cover up concussions while turning the training room into the epicenter of the on-campus steroid epidemic, WITHOUT the school having to vacate any wins or titles due to blatant rule breaking and WITHOUT the school's academic reputation suffering to build a winner.

And 2016 is proving to be YET ANOTHER UNDEFEATED SEASON!!!

Jermaine11/20/2016 10:14:10 PM

Man, those things all happen at hoops programs too.  They just don't usually happen at a place like GW

ziik11/21/2016 1:47:43 PM

You are right about the trick play. I think the center ran or caught a pass.

The game had some crazy scoring, but I think GW took it on the chin. 

I think that was my only game that year. Well, ever.

GWalum411/21/2016 4:50:49 PM

My freshman year also.  I remember the Army game and the West Virginia

game, but not Furman.

The NY Post referred to us before the Army game as "the only school named after a bridge."

Cutis11/21/2016 7:36:07 PM

I went to several games at RFK between 1964 to 1966. My best memory is hearing the walking vendors chant. "Hey get your mixer . Hey get your chaser" . I also loved the play of Gary Lyles a truly gifted athlete. The year after GW dropped football we were the opening game on Maryland's schedule.

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