OT: Check out GWSports.com for update on new clubhouse at Tucker Field -- Awesome!
cjs fan
 1/26/2017 4:14:43 PM      Replies: 1

cjs fan1/26/2017 4:09:42 PM

There is a posting at www.GWSPORTS.com about the proposed new baseball clubhouse facility proposed for the Tucker Field at Arlington's Barcroft Park.  Holy cow!  This facilty will be first class -- equal to anything Maryland or Virginia have.  GW will get this because of a one million anonymous gift (hey, that's even before Leblanc arrives and begins his vaunted fundraising voodoo magic.).  Move over VCU and Richmond, GW is going to attract excellent baseball players and dominate A-10 baseball for years to come.

Now why can't we get a crew boathouse!?

nj colonial1/26/2017 4:14:43 PM

CJS - you almost maintained positivity.. until the end.  We will build a boathouse for GW too!

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