My case against Mojo
long suffering fan
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long suffering fan3/12/2017 12:36:32 PM

Let me prefice by saying it would not be the end of the world if Mojo was hired as full time coach; however I think the university would be making a mistake if they did not employ a successful lower level D-1 coach or high assistant from a major program.  My primary issues against Mojo, in no particular order, were as follows:

1.     Lack of coaching experience (even with one year now under his belt).  I though he was slow to react/adjust during the games, and frequently did not now what do do when things started to turn south on the Court.    (With some notable exceptions, I thought we were generally well prepared at the start of the game).  But we were unable to develop a cogent offense the entire season (our spacing was uniformly bad) and always seemed to lack an offensive game plan.   Our assist numbers (the ultimate measure of sharing the ball) was woeful and our shot selection was likewise quite bad.   Over the course of the season, we just had too few easy baskets.   Over the course of the season, any inbounds pass was an adventure.  Over the course of the season, we never seemed to develop a play coming out of a timeout (which in the end cost us the season).    This is a product of bad/inxperienced coaching.

2.     Regression of our key recruits.   I believe Smith has all conference potential and Toro can be a solid A-10 player, if not a star.  Yes, as frosh, their were weaknesses in their games, but Smith showed he could nearly do it all, from a power inside game to hitting the occasional three, to being that rim protector we needed.   To put it simply, early in the season, Toro was a rebounding beast.   Even Marfo showed early potential.  By the end of the season, Smith and Marfo (who I am genuinely concerned may transfer based upon the way they were used) were shells of themselves.  Smith the shot blocker rarely got into the game even though our guards were repeatedly beaten and we needed the interior help.   Marfo was essentially given 2-3 minute blocks of time where he would invariably take a bad shot and never find his way back into the game.   Marfo had a very bad game (I think it was the 2nd VCU game) and did not play another second for the rest of the season.  Although Jair progressed offensively (I continue to think he will be an excellent player), his defense regressed to the point where I know he was hearing it on the court from his teammates.   

3.      While we are talking about misuse of players, I think the most egresious example was Jordan Roland.   Roland showed early on that he was not only a very good player (yes, on both ends of the ball), but he was not afraid to take...and hit meaningful shots.  In fact, if I had one knock on Roland, it was he did not shoot enough...partially because he was a very low option on the court.   Yet during conference play, Jordan's use was extremely inconsistent, as he was passed over for Jair, and at least at this point in his development, Jordan is a much better all around player.   At least in my opinion, Jordan has star potential also, but he was completely stifled under Mojo.   I thought Hart was likewise misused.   An incredible and experiened 3 point shooter such as Matt needed to be on the court 15-20 minutes per game.  He likewise showed an ability to hit the key baskets under pressure, but was on the court too infrequently to do so.   (He should have been getting many of Sina's minutes).


4.    By the end of the season, it was looking as if Mojo could be losing control over the team.   Not only was the incident with Tyler (who probably did more coaching than he should have), but during the season I saw what appeared to be at least 2 other players talking back to the coach.  Whether they loved him or hated him, I never thought any player had any questions about who was in charge under Longergan.   I can't say the same for Mojo.

5.    We also need a proven recruiter, something that Mojo has not demonstrated he can do.

     I understand the argument that the team won 19 games, but I also think that many of Mojo's supporters have grossly underestimated the talen on this team this season.   Tyler and Yuta may have been as good as any 2 players on any other team in the conference.   Tyler's numbers speak for themselves...more so than Yuta; however Yuta's defense this year was probably as good as Pato's last season.   Yuta would always draw the toughest assignment, be it a 6 foot point guard or a 6'10" forward, and would always shut down his defender, while playing nearly the entire game.   We had solid 4th and 5th year veterans, some excellent frosh and what I believed to be an up and coming sophomore star.   These players were not used in a manner to maximize their ability.   Off the top of my head, I can think of one game that we won that we should not have (Temple), and that was after blowing a big late lead and needing a 3 pointer by Cavs in the final seconds.   We did beat a favored Dayton, who was playing in essentially a meaningless game, and even then we blew an 18 or 19 point lead to barely hold on.  Conversely we lost to St. Joes, Lasalle and UAB (all pretty bad teams), lost a VCU game due to a coaching error and got easily handled at home by a decent but by no means great Penn State. 

     Now, please someone give me the defense of Mojo withouth mentioning Lonergan or saying "he won 19 games".   Tell me what you liked about his coaching, his personnel use, his in game strategy, etc. that should cause us to keep him.


phillygwfan3/12/2017 12:54:14 PM

I, like you, don't think it would be the end of the world if Mojo got the job full time.  You listed 5 issues and I think they all are really subsets of issue #1:  Inexperience.  Tha man was never a head coach before and had to learn on the job.  Hell, he wasn't even the #1 assistant.  The question that needs to be answered is "Does he have the ability to learn from his first year and improve?"  If the answer is yes, then I think we keep him.  Personally, I think the answer is yes.  

GW was in Philly 3 times this year and I went to all 3 games.  For the St Joes and Temple games, I didn't seat in a GW section.  At the Temple game, the guy sitting next to me, a huge Temple fan who at one point exclaimed "I can't believe we're losing to GW!" turned to me and said, "Who's your coach?  I really like him.  He's not a lunatic like all of your other coaches."  Likewise at the St Joes game, there was a time when Smith got hacked while shooting and there was no call.  The next time down the court on D, he got called for a cheap foul.  He was really frustrated.  There was a TV timeout and Mojo met Smith on the court and for about the 1st minute of the timeout, just spoke to Smith with his arm around him, calming him down.  The woman next to me stated to her husband that she wished all college coaches were more like Mojo.

I think the man can grow into a good coach.  Duke wanted to fire COach K initially.  Lots of other coaches were better in their 2nd job than 1st.  I would say that we should give him teh chance to grow and improve.  He represents our school well.




dea3/12/2017 1:01:02 PM

wait I'm confused. So MoJo lost control of the team because you saw a 6 second clip of him yelling at a player but our previous coach had control even though like 9 of his players hated him so much they made a national scandal out of his behavior?

The only argument for a new coach is if somehow a great, experiened one presented itself. This seems unlikely. GW is not a great destination for a basketball coach. No fan base, 3rd best team in its market, etc..

The best argument for him is anybody you talk to who has actually coached befor thinks he's incredible.


notta hater3/12/2017 1:05:18 PM

if a coach loses control of his team and defines itself while out of control by going on a six game roll at the time of the season that counts - I'd hire him in a minute


gyph3/12/2017 1:37:00 PM

I thought we weren't allowed to mention Lonergan. Your whole analysis is basically comparing personnel decisions by Lonergan to ones made this year and disagreeing with them. Decisions that with 7 new guys, Lonergan was also going to have to make and struggle with and play with. 

Bolden developed the ability to bring up the ball, properly protect it, and take that load off Sina, who was wilting under it in the beginning of the year. Ate Roland's minutes. Roland probably should have gotten more of Sina's minutes. Then again, Sina is tougher. 

Temple fans, who want Dunph gone and he's going nowhere, and they're being unfair to him anyway, have been babbling to me about MoJo since we beat them. Young. Dynamic. Kids want to play for him. They came into that game expecting an easy W and left shellshocked, and it set the tone for their rest of the season. 

The VCU game was perfectly executed. The entire game plan was perfectly executed, after losing by THIRTY three weeks before. It was a coaching triumph and all you talk about is the final play -- a play NEVER called in college basketball, a play the NCAA issued a rules clarification about to remind the officials that that was THE WRONG CALL. Even on the VCU-Richmond telecast last night the announcer disagree with the call as they watched the replay.

They stayed hungry, they played huge D, they stayed patient, they didn't rush or push or take horrible shots. Unbelievably heartbreaking and disappointing and you'd take that final play back in a million different ways. But it was the game where it was obvious guys were really buying in and there was a real system finally developing. 


la fan3/12/2017 1:43:25 PM

An interim coach can do a decent job and still not get the permanent gig.  At this point I think GW's Admin needs to ask where they want this program to go.  A few years ago Randy Levine led a commission that promised to get our teams to the top of the conference.  That has actually worked a bit for different sports at GW.

But let's just focus on Men's Basketball for a minute.  What would it take for GW to get to the top of the A10?  The answer is better recruiting.  Recruiting that can match the caliber of players we see on the top A10 teams.  ML did a decent job recruiting, although it slipped over his term as coach (as it did with Jarvis and Hobbs).  So how is Mojo as a recruiter?  We have no idea.  I don't think GW's admin has any idea.  Is that a case to look at other candidates?  Yes, I think so.  Does it mean that Mojo should not be considered, or even ultimately hired for the job?  No, it doesn't.  But I don't think Nero would be doing his job if he didn't at least form a list of candidates for the permanent position.  What is the harm in interviewing Dooley, Sutton, Caputo or others, just to get a sense of the field?  All three of these guys have recruiting contacts up and down the east coast.


centennilcolonial3/12/2017 1:53:17 PM

As much as I like Collin Smith and to an extent Toro, both had glaring issues in their games that made extended runs on the court more difficult for both of them- for Smith, it was the fouls, turnovers and offensive awareness.he looked lost on offense and would stand around occasionally for a solid 10-15 seconds till someone yelled at him to set a screen. Also he needs to put on some weight or muscle so he can bruise down low and get more rebounds. All of these are fixable by next year except maybe the weight and I think he really can become the next Hassan Martin and anchor a good defense. Toro while a fantastic rebounder already struggles with turnovers, FINISHING around the rim (he would have been the second or third leading scorer if he could just put back some of his offensive rebounds), and shot selection - it got progressively worse as the season went on and I found it profoundly annoying.

I doubt either will transfer though as one or the other will be starting while the other is the 6th or 7h man of the bench.

The one area I am in one hundred percent agreement is his misuse of Jordan Roland. He can score and surprisingly play decent defense. There is no reason he shouldn't start over Jaren I'm a bad facilitator and have terrible shot selection, not to mention my lazy and atrocious defense Sina. Jordan Roland could score 15-16ppg a game next year if he doesn't transfer and he will be the only guard who can sorta drive to the hoop please don't leave us.

I actually think our offense was not atrocious as we were usually able to ball screen our way to competent three point shooting and it was great to see Steeves using his high BBall Iq to pass it out for good looks from three.


lastly I think Mojo did not lose the locker room. He had one major blip of yelling at a player and that was because they took a dumb timeout (turns out it was a crucial one)


Ultimately I think you may be right that we should consider finding another head coach but I myself would not be upset if he becomes permanent.



gyhp3/12/2017 1:59:59 PM

Oh, and every VCU fan I spoke to after the game said they were pulling for us bc Richmond's their rival but also didn't want to play us and so were relieved by the final outcome. 

the dude3/12/2017 2:54:21 PM

There is only one reason, and its a very good reason to not hire Mojo. Not a proven recruiter.  

Its a shame that a guy who did a genuinely great job keeping the team together, having them play so hard all game every game, improving enormously as a team as the season progressed, overcoming huge deficits, etc has had so many misguided things written here about him. Things like "Looked like he was losing the team" or every flaw of the team reflexively and with little thought blamed on Mojo all season.

Perhaps one could argue too young, but the sport is filled with great really young Coaches, and has no shortage of old guys whose best days were 30 years ago.  Lack of proven recruiting, that's the reason, no need to invent shortcomings or spend an entire year complaining about things that dont exist, or didn't happen, or misplaced blame.




gyhp3/12/2017 3:06:55 PM

Recruiting is without a doubt the obvious elephant in the room. And how would a staff develop. Man though... could possibly tap into some Michigan State connections.. I wonder who's in the coaching world from that era there. 

Dooley is another Jersey guy who went to Toro's high school. Glancing at the FGCU roster though, it's all FL and southeastern US. Makes sense with his career trajectory. Doubt you can get those kids into GW. Don't know if he still wants to play small school ball, either. Enfield went to USC after it. 


2cents3/12/2017 3:10:27 PM

I agree, having a proven recruiting track record is of high importance.  Every coach has to start somewhere in order to acquire that track record, but we are all tentative to allow our program to be the guinea pig. On the other hand, from the players POV,  I can't imagine recruits and their families not taking a liking to Mojo and wanting their kids to play for him. He is probably, at least personality wise, a breath of fresh air from of the intense personalities they might encounter. He has a lot to offer the program, and any coach coming in would be starting from scratch at GW (maybe bring a couple recruits with them, but still teaching a whole new system to all players). Unfortunately, we still compete with other programs in terms of facilities, fan base, etc. that would be an uphill battle for many coaches.  No matter the final decision, not everyone will be happy. 

1 3:15:35 PM

Recruiting is basically two things:

1) Recognizing talent and potential, and then

2) Getting commitments. 

Arguably, I would say a lot of coaches can do (1). Sadly, only a few schools can get the can't miss kind of talent, but "one-and-done" will never be GW's thing. Therefore, we compete for the rest. Will not go into all the things that make GW a hard sell, but people who think that freshman stars make or break a good recruiting class have not been paying attention. So many JR bashers from last year and the beginning of this year now crying about he should have been starting all along and getting more minutes. Same guys who will be saying in a couple of years how fortunate it was that we got Toro and Smith.

Kellogg just got fired- wasn't he a "proven" recruiter? Hard to figure how what that even means.


sw3/12/2017 4:54:08 PM

"huge Temple fan who at one point exclaimed "I can't believe we're losing to GW!" "


Fuck that guy and fuck Temple


bobo3/12/2017 4:57:15 PM

It's a game that is decided primarily about talent. GW needs to increase it's talent level and athleticism in future recruiting classes.  The best way to do that would be to hire a proven recruiter and talent evaluater.  There are a number of coaches out there that fit that description.  GW should conduct a professional search and see what it's best options are for the program to improve itself going forward.


bigfan3/12/2017 5:57:49 PM

LSF provides a thoughtful and insightful look at a complex issue, from a fan who who is incredibly loyal and travels to games and tournaments.

The best anyone says about Mojo boils down to 1) he held the team together, but in September when this happened, they had nowhere to go. Let's see what happens with our more talented recruits after the season.

2) He has a pleasing personality and is young and relates to the players. Undeniable he is a nice guy, really a good guy and we are proud of him as a whole.

He did start being more like Lonergan and making sarcastic gestures about his player's failures (sit behind the bench some time) and seems to have pissed off Jaren, someone else and of course Tyler.  Believe Tyler was as much of a coach on the court. Jawing at Tyler at the end of a tournament game was emotional and verbal abuse. He should apologize.

But we can forgive him. It is an intense business and ahem, sometimes coaches like Tom Izzo and others who influenced Mojo could have gotten emotional--and its not a bad thing. In fact, as LSF noted, Mojo if he gets the job needs to show who is in charge.

3) We're all okay with him. He has true potential.We don't know if he can recruit, but those who have issues with recruiting need to be aware that Mojo was a recruiter for this team, a primary job of all assistant.

Question is do we want him learning on the job? Ideally, he would have a strong assistant if he got the job or be a super associate head coach, which would be a good idea.

Personally think it might be best for Mojo's career long term for him to pay his dues at a lower level as head coach or assistant at a higher level.

Certainly won't be end of the world if he gets the job, which it sure seems like he will. We should do some due diligence, though.

Pretty much everyone says he is okay or he is learning but good and we don't know about his recruiting.

Usually it is a big deal for us when a coach is hired and we get very enthusiastic about recruiting and the future.

Have we ever been this unexcited about a head coach choice?


long suffering fan3/12/2017 7:20:34 PM

To Mojo's credit, despite there being too many games to list in which the other team would open a big lead because we did not have an answer or the coach refused to call a time out (I understand Mojo will be at NCAA tournament selling his unused TOs to various teams), the team generally would regain its composure and was rarely blown out.    I found it interesting that during the Richmond game, the Spiders were on an 8-0 run that took us from a 2 point lead to a 6 point deficit when there was a stoppage in play for a reason other than our calling time out or a media time out.    When the teams came out again, Richmond cooled off, we regained our composure and instead of being in danger of being in a big hole, it was a game again.   Stopping a game when the other team is hot does work, but not sure Mojo ever bought into that.  In terms of losing control of the team, perhaps that was a bit harsh; however for those who go to the games and looked at the bench turning substitutions or time outs, there were frequently players that would appear to have animated conversations with the coach, including Cavs, Sina and even Jair, and my overall impression was that he did not have the respect of the team as perhaps he should have. 

thinker3/12/2017 10:08:11 PM

Bo, who I have obviously clashed with at times has convinced me over time that it is VERY hard to judge playing time/rotations/adjustments from the outside. There just isn't a way to know what's going on behind the scenes, in practice, in class, etc. We also don't know what the coach is telling the players so we don't know if they are succeeding or failing from a coaching standpoint. More and more I try to abstain from trying to second guess that kind of thing. I don't think it's very fair to judge MoJo on game minutia. 

In a way there really is no such thing as a "proven recruiter" for a school like GW. Dooley and Hobbs for example were great recruiters at Kansas and UCONN. That's almost irrelevant for GW because the schools they are selling, the resources they have, the conferences they are in, the level of kids they are recruiting, EVERYTHING is so different - who knows how it will translate? That's going to be the case for for most assistants at high majors stepping down to GW.

What about a ML or Dave Paulsen type that recruited reasonably well at a lower level? That's a different bird too - It's different recruiting higher level kids. Even Bo, who was ML's #1 supporter indicated that it took several years for ML to figure out how to recruit successfully at GW. He said that the current freshman class was his best recruiting year and an indicator of him having finally figured it out. The KEY recruits of the ML era - JoeMac, KevLar, and Garino were all recruited by Sutton and Strickland. ML succeeded by getting disgruntled transfers from major programs more so than great HS seniors. 

This is NOT criticism of ML's recruiting. HE hired the assistants that helped recruit those players, HE recruited a number of good players himself. And HE really sold the transfers. ML definitely recruited well enough and squeezed enough out the players to be very successful. No matter what, ML gets credit for the success of GW for his 5 years because he was in charge. I didn't think ML would be a good recruiter at GW and he was good enough to have an incredibly successful run. It doesn't matter at all if the head coach or the assistants are the star recruiters.

If ML could hire great recruiting assistants, then presumably MoJo could as well. If ML could learn over time how to recruit more effectively at GW, as Bo has said, then so can MoJo. But he didn't really recruit nearly enough guys to be able to consistently contend to finish at the top of the A-10. Dude has been a principle, and correct criticizer of ML's record of recruiting HS seniors. After JoeMac, KevLar, and Garino BEFORE the current freshmen, the only HS senior that ML recruited that was a really good player was Yuta. I think Roland has a chance to another one. But that's it. Again, this isn't criticism of ML because he did recruit well enough to be very successful.

I remember in the big NIT run last year, one of the tv commentators said "ML is a good recruiter who builds a great team" (or something close to that). And the tv guy was COMPLIMENTING ML because he saw that GW was getting better results than the talent would lead one to predict. 

So I think the MoJo isn't a proven recruiter is a bit of a false argument because who exactly could come in and show their success in recruiting in an "apples to apples" situation?



nj colonial3/12/2017 10:25:11 PM

GW needs to interview big-time coaching candidates (Colonial Joe Dooley and others) and Mojo should receive careful consideration as well. But recruiting is critical - and the HC needs to be strongly in charge and a bit feared. 


the dude3/13/2017 12:01:57 AM

3 Excellent points from Thinker.

1. Very hard to critique some of the minutia from the outside.  Thought it was worth praise when it seemed ML and Mojo did a good job, and I've also always been hesistant to make bold assertions when I wasn't sure because from the outside, certain things very hard to know.

2. I've said "proven recruiter" about 10x, but in a sense, GW, its true unlikely to get apples to apples proven recruiter.  I do think a Head Coach who can recruit at D3, and low majors, and then .... a good salesmen is a good salesmen.  To be clear, when I say "proven recruiter" I mean a guy who has taken a program/s as Head Coach, led a rapid rise and sustained it through recruiting.  Personally I guess I should have clarified that. I think we all realize that means a guy from a level to 3 below. People don't make lateral or downward moves without some resume barring some scandal. But 

3. Very true, just to make clear I've expressed a LOT of concern about 3 straight years of observed very poor HS recruiting, but his 2012 recruits are among the best class in GW history.  This current class 2016 I really don't know, def an improvement from 2013-2015, the guys who would be this year's Seniors, Juniors and Sophs has been a major issue. Silver lining, we have no one to replace this year from that 13 class, only Yuta next year from the 2014 class.


boboa3/13/2017 12:40:40 AM

True that there are no garauntees in life so hiring a coach who's been a successful recruiter at another school either as a head coach or an assistant coach doesn't mean that they will repeat that success at GW.  But it's a good indication that they will.  

And there's more reason to believe that a proven recruiter at another school can repeat that success than hoping the coach with no experience or track record of recruiting success will suddenly become one.

Next year's class isn't very impressive from the ratings.  If that happens again for the 2018 class GW will be in a world of hurt.  They better get this decision right.



the dude3/13/2017 1:03:13 AM

Bobo, I agree, but I would limit that to HC.  If you study the careers of HCs, something I've spent far too much doing, you will find that bears out again and again.  I'm speaking specifically of guys who took over as the HC in a bad situation, and immediately turned it around, or took a mediocre situation and led a rapid rise to the top of the league. (in contrast to the keep the ball rolling guys)Every guy you and I have posted the last 10 days pretty much fits that description.

Next year and even the following year (surely next year) are more about the players we've already recruited.  To the extent we're in a world of hurt or in good shape, its about the recruits and transfers we have returning, guys that were 100% ML as HC recruited. What we're really talking about is 4 to 5 years down the road. That's what the 2018 and 2017 recruits will really impact. The complete ZERO from the 2013 class left us ZERO HS recruits THIS season, e.g. Thank god for Tyler but he needed more than just Yuta, and for all of the talk of this year's 3 Freshmen forwards, the team was far better when there minutes went down to close to zero.

Dayton, VCU and URI were really good this year because of guys they brought in 3 and 4 years ago, check that flow chart someone poster the other day (great resource) GW was still good last year because of guys we recruited 4 years earlier and 1 transfer we waited 18 months for.  



chester would3/13/2017 1:33:11 PM

it's hilarious that a Temple fan would think GW coaches are lunatics given the way the Chaney era ended there. C'mon, there have to be SOME youtubes of those press conferences and battles with Calipari.


chester would3/13/2017 1:52:10 PM

Who can Mojo get to be his assistants? How much influence will the AD and school exert on those decisions as part of hiring him? If he has an experienced/associate HC, that will be a threat if next year's team stinks or the Post gets a hold of something. It wouldn't surprise me if GW screws Hhm either way, hired or not.

bobo3/13/2017 2:29:39 PM

Does anyone really believe that MoJo is going to get some top recruiting assistants to come to GW next year? GW would saying that they will be reducing their expectations and going with the lower cost stay the course route with MoJo.  What good recruiting assistant is going to jump on board with that?

Most of the really good assistants have come abord at the beginning of a new coaches' run at GW. Like a Pikiell or Broadus for Hobbs or Suttton and Strickland for Lonergan.  Does anyone see that happening for MoJo next year?

No, the better route for GW to get good recruiting assistants into the program would be for them to hire a brand new coach.  Get a coach with some experience and more relationships and have that new coach bring in a new staff.  That's how GW can bring in better assistants with more recruiting contacts.



gw05093/13/2017 2:45:38 PM

If I were a Top Recruiter™ or Experienced Assistant I would be asking why the hell I wasn't being hired for the head coaching position instead of a 31 year old.  I will say if MoJo does get the job, he should reach out ASAP to high school or AAU coaches in the area to try and resurrect any semblance of local recruiting.

bo knows3/13/2017 2:49:49 PM

Agree with most of what Thinker wrote. I said this consistently with ML and I wouldn't say anything different with Mojo. Folks need to stop reading facial expressions and isolated conversations or criticisms. Unless you are there everyday - that means practice, that means workouts, that means games, that means with the team when travelling or at team events/meetings, it is near impossible to judge the internal dynamics of coaching or how players feel about the coach. Also, most everything is related to playing time. Those with the most PT are less likely to have a negative view of the coach. Those with less PT are more likely to have a negative view. That is regardless of coach right up to the best in the business.

Sorry to also inform everyone that there are no "proven recruiters at GW" available as a coach. No one who is or would be a candidate for the job has demonstrated that they can recruit successfully at GW. So, you have to make educated guesses about that based on history at other schools or past performance. It will be a leap of faith regardless of who is hired. If Joe Dooley comes tomorrow, while you can point to the guys he recruited at Kansas or FGCU and say he can recruit, he has not yet done it at GW. Different school and different dynamics. It may translate it may not. Same for anyone. There are no locks.

So what you are left with is a general feeling about whether or not Mojo or anyone else is the right guy. If it were me, I would interview several candidates and see what the options are. I think the University owes it to the fans and team to do that. That is not to be read an indictment of Mojo. I can say without reservation that if the University determines Mojo is the right guy, then I am ready to roll with that. He has done enough to say he is a solid candidate. But like anything else, I want to know what my options are and only a process yields that. Maybe a lot of the names mentioned here aren't walking through the door to interview. But I want to have a full and frank discussion with those that would to either re-confirm that Mojo is the right guy or perhpas learn that another guy presents more of the vision that we are looking for. You will never know that you have made the best decision at the time unless you trust the process. 

And I would add this - a process would give cover to the administration for whatever decision they reach. 

Finally, the safe pick here ironically is not Mojo. If Mojo is hired and it goes bad there will be plenty of recriminations throughout the University as to why someone thought a young guy with little experience was the best we could do. But, I can't emphasize this enough, I don't want the safe pick, I want the right pick and again, if after considering the options that is Mojo, I won't disagree. But let's hope that the University does not shrink from its responsibility to fully consider all options and then select the best candidate, all things considered.


gw693/13/2017 3:23:53 PM

Mojo has "institutional history" that no new HC could have.I 

realize that it's a small piece- but it's not nothing!I still believe

that unless new hire is a "no-brainer" then what's the point?

Not many of those.--And those folks might be out of our reach.

We are "tweeners".We all want sizzle-but sometimes the long 

game--trusting the process-and taking a leap of faith may be

the way to go.





gwmaven3/13/2017 3:49:33 PM

I believe you can hire Mojo and bring Sutton back as Associate Head Coach (he is much older).  We want Mojo's energy with recruits.  He will learn coaching and he will stay five years at least because he has to learn.  I like Sutton for his recruiting contacts but a Georgetown fan told me he is not a coach just a decent/good recruiter.  I had to sound crass but having a young black coach will be a huge asset over the long run.  Back him with a good Associate who can recruit.  Pay the Associate well.


bobo3/13/2017 5:03:05 PM

Why would Sutton leave Pittsburg to go back to GWU? Kevin Stallings is a very experienced and accomplished head coach in his first year at Pitt.  Why would Sutton leave that to be an assistant under MoJo?



bigfan3/13/2017 6:39:43 PM

Not going to bite on the race-baiting.

But how about reversing positions with Sutton and Mojo, making Mojo associate head coach, a huge promotion from his pre-turmoil third assistant position.

GW0509 made a really good point. Who with the skills we need in a top assistant or recruiter will want to work for a largely unproven 31 year-old?

Not much of an upward career path and we all know how people feel about working for someone much younger when they can't point to a clear reason why they have the top job.

This is a significant question, because Haj and Carm are likely gone, if they have anywhere to go. And believe the other assistant is in his first year in post, and so far, not working miracles with our big men.


the dude3/13/2017 7:08:53 PM

If Mojo lands the full time HC, Carm and  Hajj are unlikely to bolt. 

ruserious3/13/2017 9:21:12 PM

Carm and Hajj will be gone. The administration does not want them there.

mentzinger3/13/2017 9:41:05 PM

We will be relacing Steeves in addition to Yuta after next season

bobo3/13/2017 11:22:03 PM

Steeve, Yuta and Sina after next season.  Cavanaugh and Hart after this season.  2018 must be a monster recruiting class or GW will be in a world of hurt.


the dude3/14/2017 1:27:57 AM

Triggers 2 Questions in my mind:

1.  If you think we have a great Freshmen class this year (a line repeated at times mindlessly as the season progressed) why are we saying that 2018 must be a monster class? If you believe that, its like saying that in March 2013 we must have a monster 2014/15 class.  Have opinions changed about this current very large Freshmen class?

2. This year's team had slated 9 guys we recruited out of HS who would be Seniors and Juniors. ONE of the 9 players remains.  Why is there so little mention of that? (yes, I know, I say it a lot, its kinda important to the story of GW isn't it?)  I'm throwing this out to everyone, but Bobo everytime I've raised THREE recruiting classes you usually say "what about transfers Dude"  

Truth is we're already facing major consequences of recruiting misses, this ongoing season, next year and the year after are what would be those classes Senior years. This year (none) next year (just Yuta, and yes tranfers JS and PS) and the next year (just JR)  so it feels a little disjointed to me to start dissecting the 2017 recruits or putting ultimatums on the 2018 class. These 3 seasons, this one and the next two are much more about the last 3 years of recruiting. The hurt is underway

The 2018 recruits will impact seasons in the 2020s. 





free quebec3/14/2017 10:36:17 AM

Bobo, one thing worth noting is that Garino, Savage, and McDonald all had lower offensive ratings as freshmen than Bolden, Smith, and Toro.   It takes time. 

We clearly need to recruit better or we're cooked, but MoJo keeping, coaching up, and properly using the highly talented Smith and Toro will go a long way toward determining whether he succeeds. 


the dude3/14/2017 4:13:16 PM

Again, Bobo, agreed.

Its true that Pato Joe and Kethan offensively all made big leaps after inefficient Freshmen offensive seasons.  Freshmen Pato though was the team's best defender and a 6'10 260 freshmen center lead the team in offensive efficiency.   By season's end all 4 were starting.  This year's team improved drastically as the Freshmen frontcourt minutes went way down as the season progressed.  It also improved though as Jair emerged and someone other than just Sina was playing point.  

The point I raised above, is that this upcoming season and the next are really about the last 3 recruiting classes (and transfers Sina and Steeves) than they will be about the 2017/18 and not yet recruited 2018/19 Freshmen class.  The guys getting 80-95% of the minutes next season will still be 100% ML recruited players. Keeping Mojo I think actually makes the next year or 2 more successful, through continuity and retention of players.  The recruiting he does the next year or two will have its primary impact on 2019-2022, and that's where we run some risk hiring a guy with so little track record.



maine colonial3/14/2017 9:10:13 PM

Two of the guys who helped develop the Core Four will be the developing the new Core Five if they all stay: MoJo and Hajj. Plus, one of the Core Four will be helping too: Joe. 


bobo3/14/2017 9:40:15 PM

No, dude, good freshmen play from the start.  The 2018 recruits will be about 2018 and beyond.  

the dude3/14/2017 11:00:34 PM

I'm just wondering if you are so down on ML's present roster construction, as is the implication of your various posts on this thread, where you've been for 2+ years, as I've been about it for about 25 months, and you've either been silent or say "what about Transfers Dude"  Now you seem to include the 2016 class (I think its too early on them to make much of a collective definitive statement) in this as well.  I've also written that good GW players usually play as Freshmen about 10X, in other words you seem to agree with things I've been writing for a long time.

But now, "Mojo must bring in monster 2018 recruiting class or we're cooked"

In other words, you seem to agree with me about  the current roster construction, all of it 100% ML years (+ the 2 incoming HS recruits) and yet  I've never seen you write one word about it.  

I'm amazed how little discussion on the board there is period about it. We don't have 8 of the 9 ML HS recruits who should be our current Seniors and Juniors, and yet we have far more complaints about Mojo's ref coaxing body language blame.




bobo3/14/2017 11:25:37 PM

What's the point of crying over spilled milk?  Past classes can't be changed and only the future freshmen and transfers matter at this point.  

GW loses Hart and TC this year plus Sina, Steeves and Yuta next year. That's 5 of the top 8 players down the stretch this year.  They need to be replaced and next year's class doesn't look too impressive at this point. 

So GW needs to have a monster class (transfers included) in 2018 or they are cooked.


the dude3/14/2017 11:46:17 PM

To understand your program, and to know where you might be heading. you need to understand where you are and why you are where you are.  You seem to have a full understanding of the why we are where we are, I'm just amazed you've waited until very recently to express it.  Its also in stark contrast with some of this site's most frequent posters.

The other piece is that these things are fairly fluid.  Players emerge, some regress, some transfer out.  For instance, we really don't know what the Freshmen class of 2016 is yet.  Frankly, any of them, they all have varying degrees of present level and future promise. I think you might be a little quick to discount their impact and then say ergo 2018 must be a monster class.    

When I began writing here, about Feb 2015, I had mild levels of concern about the recruiting drop off, but as we saw one after another either not play or transfer out, that concern grew/became more concerte,  again there's a degree of fluidity, its not about spilled milk, the whole program is a constantly evolving, dynamic beast.


bo knows3/14/2017 11:48:35 PM

What's particularly odd is that some are harping on ML's recruiting when ML recruited players whether freshmen or transfers have won 93 games (with a chance to win a few more) so far over the last four years with an NCAA, 2 NITs (including a championship) and a CBI. Please tell me all the programs in the US in any conference that have a similar resume. When you get through all the blue bloods and perennial powerhouses, we will see how many A-10 schools are on that list. All this from a program allegedly devoid of talent resulting from multiple recruiting failures. Please also tell me a better four year period in GW basketball history in terms of number of wins or w/l percentage. Perhaps the Hobbs run with 2 A-10 titles compares. 

There is simply no evidence to support your thesis that recruiting failures adversely affected this program to a large degree. Perhaps you should review the four-year record of the school down the street with top 100 talent and wonder what happened.

Much like Mike Jarvis did it with international kids, ML found a way to stay relevant with transfers. The fact is that GW will not regularly attract top 100 freshmen talent, I don't care who the coach is. So anything we get is going to be inconsistent - some diamonds some cubic zirconium. 


the dude3/15/2017 12:06:14 AM

Bo, same old false conflation from you. Address Bobo's summation, tired of you derailing mine.

You know full well that I've lavished ML's early recruiting with the highest praise, and that early great recruiting lasted us through last season, the Core's final year, EVEN AS THE RECRUITS ONE AFTER ANOTHER DID NOT PAN OUT we still had the Core of starters recruited in 2011.  Perpertual thereafter recruiting misses led to a VERY thin team that were all starting 5 and zero bench, but still good, NIT bound teams the last 2 years.  Once the core left, we had two very good A10 players, 1 leaving this year and 1 next. 1 great recruiting cycle, and a sea change thereafter.  Beyond dispute despite your attempts to conflate things. I know you know better, I know.  We had a program in major ascension, and due to ML's 2013 recruiting, we had a program that was weakening.  When 8 of your 9 HS recruits transfer out, something is amiss.  

What you should address is Bobo's post because he's saying ML's recruiting has put Mojo in a must have immediate monster recruiting classes. That's a stronger frame than I would posit but its not far off.  



the dude3/15/2017 12:07:29 AM

*ML's post 2013 recruiting that should read

bo knows3/15/2017 1:24:57 PM

Dude you continually miss the idea that recruiting these days is not just about freshmen. ML was able toi attract kids as transfers  - Cavanaugh, Armwood, and Sina - that he never could have gotten at GW on the front end. Bottom-line is while you may not like the methodology the fact is ML has a successful plan by any GW historical measure.

Now to address Bobo's point. GW just brought in 4 freshmen. They have at least 2 more for 2017. With just 2 current sophs by any calculation and under any coach, 2018 was going to be a big need year to repace Yuta, Sina, Steeves. Of course, transfers could again alter that need. I don't know why you find that so shocking or concerning. Also, any transfer that occurred prior to the Roland/Goss class would be immaterial to this discussion regarding 2018 because they would be gone anyway. So what are we really talking about? 


bo knows3/16/2017 10:31:14 AM

Dude I never got an answer from you. How would anything that occurred prior to the Roland/Goss class good or bad affect 2018 recruiting? They will have graduated by the time that class arrives. The only relevant discussions are Marfo, Smith, Bolden, Toro, Williams, Roland, and Goss. And so far, at least 4 of those look like players we can build around in the future and I haven't given up on Marfo yet. So 4/7 or 5/7 isn't terrible. At GW you aren't going to bat 100%. 

gyph3/16/2017 1:44:05 PM

"Dude you continually miss the idea that recruiting these days is not just about freshmen. ML was able toi attract kids as transfers  - Cavanaugh, Armwood, and Sina - that he never could have gotten at GW on the front end. Bottom-line is while you may not like the methodology the fact is ML has a successful plan by any GW historical measure."

1) Every team is now playing the grad transfer game, Lonergan didn't invent it, and the fact that they can get a great education from GW is part of what's attracting your Steeves and Cavanaughs and Mitolas; 2) Tyler's redshirt year was 2014 and Lonergan hadn't gotten a thing since. And for evey one of them, you have your Gosses, Williams, and Ciminos. 


bo knows3/16/2017 2:08:13 PM

GYPH - Nope Lonergan didn't invent it but he sure used it well. Doubt many teams in any conference can boast transfers as impactful as Armwood, Creek, Cavanaugh, Mitola, and Steeves. And that is all in the last 4 years.


ziik3/16/2017 4:28:44 PM

Are each of those transfers guys that ML had recruited previously? (ie, to play for him as freshmen?)

bo knows3/16/2017 4:50:07 PM

Cavanuagh and Steeves for sure. Mitola and Creek no. Armwood likely not.


bo knows3/16/2017 4:50:23 PM


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