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notta hater8/10/2016 8:34:53 PM

6'5" - headed to Gonzaga and is just a Frosh. Mentions GWU in the link.

Thomas8/11/2016 8:22:56 AM

Thanks for posting that link, notta!! GW is the first school to offer Myles Stute and he hasn't even played his first high school game yet!! He will probably forget about GW in about a year after the BCS blue-bloods like Kentucky, Duke, North Carolina and Kansas start offering him, his parents and AAU coaches more money, jobs and other benefits, plus you'll have Louisville providing hookers for him and his father!!!

Myles Stute has an interesting backstory, he is from Minnesota, dominated the competiton there, his father gets a job offer in the D.C.area, the family moves here, he joins Team Takeover and will now play on Gonzaga's varsity as a freshman. That sort of scenario seems to happen quite often nowadays. DeMatha has a highly-rated rising SR who moved to this area from Alabama before his freshman year of high school. He also played for Team Takeover.  

Even if Myles Stute does forget about GW, it will be interesting to monitor his high school career to see if he takes the Mike Beasley/Dermarr Johnson(local players who also entered high school as 'The Chosen One') route of bouncing around from school to school, having constant eligibility issues and committing, then de-commiting from colleges. Or will he be at Gonzaga for all 4 years of high school??  

notta hater8/12/2016 6:56:36 AM

slightly different narrative here. His father is a partner at a major international law firm where profits per partner are above a million (money aint a problem). I've met the father. He has his priorities set just right and hostesses, strippers, under the table payment type of stuff are a non-starter. If I had to guess this youngster is going to attend the best academic school that he can get into because of his skills. That puts GW in the conversation but think about the public IVY's and Duke, Stanford, GU, a few IVY's etc.

Thomas8/12/2016 8:19:58 AM

notta,  thanks for the clarification on Myles Stute backstory. I feel bad for attaching the negative Mike Beasley/DerMarr Johnson narrative to him. I'm going to assume that he'll be at Gonzaga for all four years and he won't have Shady AAU characters pimping him. It's good that HIS PARENTS will be the ones influencing his decisions and they will steer him to a strong academic school, not the highest bidder.

Has Myles Stute been getting letters or interest from the blue-blood BCS schools?? I'm asking this because a large number of freshman who are good enough to play on the varsity at a WCAC school end up becoming a highly rated recruit and signing with a BCS school.

notta hater8/12/2016 10:02:04 AM

Next time I am with his father I can ask - he merely mentioned that his son was headed to Gonzaga, playing for Takeover, loves basketball a lot and has been getting a lot of attention. I did not ask the natural follow-up questions. A core of the public IVY's are BCS (Virginia, Cal, UCLA, UNC, Michigan, Texas). However, the family dynamic that I see playing out is an educated, professional set of parents who would rather see their son walk across the stage at a Princeton graduation instead of Final Four celebration at Alabama (sorry to offend anybody). I get strong Grant Hill family vibes from them - which to my snobby ass feels very good to observe and sense.

BM8/12/2016 10:24:31 AM


BACCAS928/12/2016 12:54:14 PM

Grant Hill's Dad was a partner at a law firm?  Shoot, I thought he was a wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys. 

Bigfan8/12/2016 2:34:37 PM

Sounds like GW is the perfect fit for Myles.

Great academics; everyone graduates even our NBA players; we have a doctor who was a starter recently; our fifth year transfers are degreed players from Ivy League schools.

And we had literally HALF THE CONFERENCE ALL-ACADEMIC TEAM this year. That's right, one school out out more than a dozen in the league, had half the All-Academic team.

Myles sounds fantastic. Parents sound great. They won't want to squander the educational foundation they have worked all their lives to provide their son. Meanwhile, he should have the opportunity to play basketball at a good level, but still be a college student, not a quasi-professional.

Two letters come to mind: GW.

Notta, great insight.

You have four years to get this point across to the father and the family.

The Other MG8/12/2016 11:59:17 PM

Preach on, Bigfan!

miguclaina11/16/2017 6:46:40 PM

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