Real message to "The Dude" and friends
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new poster4/6/2016 10:55:34 AM

Contrary to popular belief on this site, all of your opinions especially putting down players and staff are extremely counter productive to the team. they all read this page because like others have said its free press. So if you think about it this site has actually done a lot of harm because it has directly effected players, trust me. Lets not forget they are 18-22 years old are still vulnerable. Imagine if you were working ur ass off for a college u have put so much into and u were being ripped its hard to recover from. its easy to say just ignore it, but imagine people actually ripping u and ur passion in such a public settng. You think u are helping GW basketball, but u have no idea how detremental ur behavior on this site is. recruits and players read this and it isnt nearly as secure as other message boards. i have a great idea, make this site more secure or just communicate in a closed facebook group or something. this site is pure poison for the basketball team u all are obsessed with, if u really were fans u would take what i am saying seriously because it has honestly led to trasfers and decommits over the years as crazy as that sounds believe me. 

The MV4/6/2016 11:23:37 AM

This is precisely why I asked those who might be in a position to know whether PJ read this site or whether comments ever got back to him.  I have said on many occasions that I believe this is an acceptable forum to discuss both positive and negative aspects of this program.  Saying that a player, for example, doesn't deserve to be receiving many minutes is different than saying that the player sucks.  There are right and wrong ways to say everything.

What The Dude accomplished on this site is inexcusable.  He flat out launched a campaign against PJ which could very well have helped negatively impact his confidence throughout the A10 season.  Posting statistics to make a point is one thing, doing it hundreds of times to harp on the same point is quite another.  To say that The Dude crossed a line does not begin to do this situation justice.  You can debate that Paul is a young man who must learn to rise above this but as New poster points out, these are 18-22 year olds who can be vulnerable.  And again, this was no ordinary criticism.  This was blatant, excessive, and infantile.  Even once PJ announces he is leaving GW, even with other posters asking him politely to lay off,  The Dude still had to keep piling on.  In any walk of life, I don't believe I have come across more of a fucking asshole than this guy.

Unfortunately, one of the ramifications of this board is rarely being able to prove or disprove certain things.  So for all we know, new poster is inaccurate and PJ never read a thing on this board.  But my educated guess is to doubt this.  New poster sounds like someone connected to the program and finally chose to speak out once the damage was done.  Herve, there should be a registration feature on this site and this asshole, who I'm convinced contributed towards driving away a popular player, should never be allowed here again.  Because another player will be his next mark.  This "contribution" serves to offer nothing positive and as we are seeing, can in fact be very detrimental.

Hugh Jaynus4/6/2016 11:38:42 AM

If you're a D1 athlete and leave a school because of a few comments from an anonymous board, then that really is a shame. God forbid he was a player on MD, UNC, Duke, etc. who's fan bases are so much bigger and are being criticized on a national level. Its not like the Dude was making stuff up either, there was a lot of truth to what he was saying (he was just saying it strongly).  Unless New Poster can give some evidence, I'm not buying it.

The MV4/6/2016 11:42:48 AM

Fuck that argument Hugh.  I am tired of it.  If New Poster could provide evidence, you wouldn't believe it anyhow so what's the point?  Novbody should have the right to tear down a kid the way this all went down.  This wasn't a case of one person giving his opinion and leaving it at that.  This was a campaign, an online assault.  There is no acceptable defense of this whatsoever.

BACCAS924/6/2016 11:46:13 AM

Did PJ also read that I said he was my favorite player on the team?

The MV4/6/2016 11:49:18 AM

Well Baccas92, if you had posted that even half as many times as The Dude posted on the subject of PJ, that certainly might have helped.

new poster4/6/2016 11:53:39 AM

Believe me, i have connections to the program and parents of players have made comments about the site in past years. these bigger programs have non-public forums that don't directly appear on google when someones names is typed in. also with the pj case, since he is the most recent transfer, he had a entire thread devoted to telling him to transfer. im pretty sure the duke fans arent yelling for chase jeters head because he didn't perform up to their expectations. the bottom line is if u put urself in their shoes and see all of the hate and the fact that they spent time looking up stats to convince u to transfer, its hard to get over that. these players are 1000% effected by this site, some more ways then others, for years. my point is that this site might be fun for alumni/fans it is detremential for players and recruits. i want to respect past/current players privacy so i will not reveal any names but i can 10000000000% garuntee that this site causes some level of harm to the players

bobo4/6/2016 12:03:48 PM

The poster may be new but he/she makes an arguement that's been posted before here really since the beginning of the site.  What the poster and the players have to understand is that this board is not for the players, it's for the fans.  Players strengths and weaknesses will be debated.  If a player can't play defense, hit an outside shot, protect the rim, handle the ball, etc that will be pointed out.  If a player wants to counter that he's undeniably worlds better than anyone posting on this board, he would be 100% correct.  Players are also praised on this board.  Losses are bemoned and wins are celebrated.  Everything related to GW Hoops, purely from a fans perspective.

Clearly it will hurt some of their feelings.  It's not designed for them to read and they do so at their own peril.  If they want to transfer out to another program, it's their choice but probably a foolish endevor.  It's foolish because their are similar board (or boards) at every other major D1 progam in America today.  They ALL criticize players they believe lacking.  Often it is much more harsh than ever sees. 

I do believe posters should be reasonable.  No need to repeatively bash a player over and over or chery pick stats simply to make him look worse.  No reason to ever get personal like calling players loser or quiters or bring up ther religious beliefs (Fitzgerald).  Barring that, this board will likely continue to talk about players - good and bad. 

Facebook is for soccer moms and the no registration policy works well for this site.  Tell the players to avoid it.  Tell them there will be stupid comments by know nothing idiots on the site that will make them mad and drive them crazy.  Tell them there are worse sites everywhere else they may think of going.

Skittles4/6/2016 12:11:11 PM

to a degree I believe it, but to another degree the coaching staff warns them about this site I'm sure and they should realize year a bunch of bitter fans say on a message board doesn't mean anything. Play the game and prove the haters wrong. 

Skittles4/6/2016 12:11:39 PM

*that what ...not year 

Tennessee Colonial4/6/2016 12:14:33 PM

There was a news show on how Facebook and other types of social media outlets have an impact on juveniles. Thank God I rarely, if ever, look at these sites. But the new generations have to have a way of filtering out the  crap. Its like bullying in another form (cyber). Best solution I can see is to NEVER look at it if it says something about you. Now, who wants to be a politician? These people really don't care what others say, and for good reason, for it could destroy you. Fact is, if any school has a fan site, this bad stuff can be expected. I've seen it on the New Jersey HS boys basketball site. And that's state and nation wide. Just stay away from the forbidden apple and don't look, or else your looking for trouble you don't need.

Chet4/6/2016 12:17:16 PM

While I am sure new posster is right and many members of the team (players, coaches, etc.) read this site, I am even more certain that they are warned not to over and over again and told the 'dangers' for lack of a better word of reading into these threads.  This site is awesome, its fun for me to read and write on it and I constantly get news on the team from here before anywhere else.  The players who supposedly read this site probably did come across negative comments or opinions about them, but I am over 100% certain that they were warned that is exactly what would happen.  This site is an amazing resource for fans, a place to praise the team, share news, and vent out frustration caused by the team.  The problem I have with team members on this site is first of all they have been warned not to be here.  Also out of the three things I listed before (praise, news, and negativity) I'm sure they already know about an article of them before it is published and they should get enough praise and shouldn't be searching for some here.  That means that the only thing they learn from the site is the negative things.  I'm not saying do not be honest on here or that the site needs changes.  My warning for everyone who has not realized it already is that despite warnings and knowing they shouldn't, a lot of people read this site, and unfortunately out of the many that do, there are a some that read into this site.  Just remember that when you post becuase even though they should know better, if they do read it they are just college kids trying to do their best.  To have a coach criticize you is one thing, and we all know ML does that better than anyone, but it is another thing to learn that your fanbase does not believe in you.

The Dude4/6/2016 12:17:49 PM

Hugh and Bobo, well said.  Nailed both your posts as you tend to always do.

If you have not paid attention, I'm also exteremely ebulient in praise whenever warranted.  I have personally given Kev 2 mammoth hugs this year alone, one after UVA and one the other day at Sign Of the Whale which is highly akward and I'm sure he's thinking WTF, but I don't care, I dig that mountain of a man and all he's done for GW.  Joe Pato and Alex too.  Just like Creek Zeke Pops Carl JR Pops Shawnta Yegor and Yinka, may he RIP.  Next I see Kethan and Lasan I would thank them too.  I respect that PJ tried his best, he's just not got it.

Its not personal that Goss Darian Nick PJ and JR can't really get it done at this level, its not even on them frankly, its more like uh, why did we recruit these guys to a program that was an NCAA single digit team circa 2013/14?  Makes no sense to me we couldn't do better than guys that no other comprable school seemed the least bit interested in.  I guess I'll pose that question one more time, what happened there??

BJT4/6/2016 12:19:07 PM

"Good job, good effort"

The MV4/6/2016 12:23:36 PM

Please don't come on here and say that you respected that Paul tried his best.  What you did was the exact opposite of respect him.  You trashed him.  Over and over again.  Even after he announced he was leaving.

Colonial'134/6/2016 12:46:14 PM

Why the fuck are you hanging out at Sign of the Whale Dude hahaha?

GW '164/6/2016 12:46:26 PM

The Dude, just out of curiousity: Why are you still going to Sign of The Whale if you're an alum.....?

tk4/6/2016 12:52:27 PM

i really don't think anyone went over the line. sure they repeated the same point a million times, but at the end of the day they were facts. the guys that were performing (yuta, joe, garino, KL when he was actually awake, mitola, and TC) were all praised consistently. 


i think at times we were hardest on lonergan. i'm sure he's a million times harder on himself. 

Hugh Jaynus4/6/2016 1:10:51 PM

Still not buying that this is a reason he is leaving. Can we look at the real facts? Sina will be our starting PG next year (hoping for a SG to transfer in and play right away). PJ has practiced with Sina all year and has to realize how he compares to him at the end of the day. But, being an observer of the game, the defensive aspect comes into play too when talking about a player. In ML's system you will play if you can play defense, which PJ cannot. He has to realize that as well. I like PJ as a player also. He came out with a lot of energy and shook things up, but also was a huge liability on the other side of the ball. If he was scoring 6 points and giving up 2 every 3 possessions thats one thing, but it was more of the other way around.  Unfortunately, it seems like a good fit for both parties. Stop blaming an anonymous board full of 50+ year old Jews who have nothing better to do for hurting someones feelings. I'm sure there was some bashing of the core 4 2-3 years back.  But they were all getting PT. I'm pretty sure that is the biggest factor here.

bobo4/6/2016 1:34:58 PM

TK: There is a difference between facts and opinions.  Statements about players' abilities on this board are opinions.  If someone sites a stat, that is a fact.  And just because some players were praised doesn't mean that players who were criticized (opinions) were treated fairly.  I thought dude's critiques on PJ were excessive in both tone and volume (no need to repeat yourself again and again). 

I do agree that ML is probably harder on him self (and sometimes his players) than what we see on this board.

BC4/6/2016 1:48:11 PM

Now matter what, it is a shame that a middle-aged adult has to write demeaning post after post about a 20 yea5r old kid.  I guess it must make him feel important.  Get help Dude.

New poster4/6/2016 2:16:22 PM

Other posters made very good points on the other end as college athletes u must be able to handle criticsm but at the same time it's hard to not read what is written about Urself. Imagine if you were working somewhere away from home and u were facing harsh criticism from ur boss and from strangers on a everyday basis. It's hard to put that into perspective but for these kids it really detrimental  the problem is that literally if u search a players name with ge basketball or Gw hoops shit about them mainly negative stuff comes up. Someone needs to make this page a lot more secure because kids are exposed to it. Also I hate to be a dick but high powered people associated with the program and the program hate this site, because of all the trash written on it. I could understand fusturation but to insult kids about their personal lives and tell them to transfer is disgusting. Put this in perspective for Paul since he is the most recent transfer. Imagine seeing ur name on google associated with Should PJ transfer? What would u do? What would u do if u were swan and u were being ripped of playing poorly Ina. Fucking d2 exhibition. These are kids to have a stranger say u suck and u are a joke about their passion is detremental. Honestly I don't even know if u guys are actually fans since u go from practically blowing a kid to telling him to die after one game. Maybe I am not making a lot of sense and just ranting but if u were true fans u would stop or if u want to say that a kid sucks maybe u should put ur full name down. 2:21:50 PM

The recent wave of anti-semitism on this board is a disgrace.   It's a disgrace to GW, a disgrace to the fans,  a disgrace to this community, and a disservice to the team.   I'm assuming Hugh Jaynus is just the Dude using a second name because no one else has  brought the religion of some fans into it (as if posters' religion is relevant), but whether it's one of two people, please stop.   

DCAbloob4/6/2016 2:29:12 PM

What seems to be unique about this forum is that its threads aren't walled off from the greater internet. They're available through Google search, I even once saw a thread pop up on an app via Google Now. Anyone bashing a player by name is bashing that player to the world. I'm not sure that it's possible in this format but if such threads could be kept internallly accessible, it would be helpful.

Colonial'134/6/2016 2:39:04 PM

I've been saying all of this for a while now... 

And like others have said, you can't compare this site to other schools sites because this is way more public than any others I've seen. You google GW basketball and this is on the first page. Any player name followed by GW, theres a thread from here on first page of google.

Hugh Jaynus4/6/2016 2:52:22 PM

Sorry for referring to myself and a few others Poster. Didn't see how that comment was ANTI-anything. Oh well, just gotta be ready to offend someone everytime I type something in this box. The new world we live in

tk4/6/2016 2:52:55 PM

that is a good point. and herve has been strangely silent so we have no one to herd the cats, so to speak. 

Rich Maier4/6/2016 3:17:03 PM

Chet, you said the only thing the players learn from the site is the negative things. That's a very harsh assessment. Are you saying the players gain nothing from the praise nearly everyone heaped on the players for the NIT crown because they've been praised earlier? You and new poster identified a problem you see with some of the posts. I agree some are outrageous. You've told your players not to go to the site. Yet they do. Don't they share the responsibility? They are adults. They will have to face the real world sometime. What is your suggested solution to the 'problem'?

Skittles4/6/2016 3:22:42 PM

Jesus H Christ (oh damn sorry did I offend someone???). Can't we just get along and talk BASKETBALL. I know it's the offseason but there are plenty of predictions/rumors/transfer talk to keep people busy, I'm sick of threads singling out other posters (even though I've disagreed with The Dude on several occasions it's getting ridiculous all this hate on one guy) or acting like a transfer that honestly was best for both parties is horrible and kills us next year (not even remotely close). The sky is not falling we will be fine without Paul (no offense to the kid I loved watching him play and break ankles). And when we aren't discussing that it's like we only have negative things to say about the coach and other players. We just won an NIT CHAMPIONSHIP GUYS lighten up and lets go back to discussing line ups and what players make strides next year (to the above post mentioning Goss as a failure he is actually a very hard working player from what I've heard and I'm hoping he's able to make some jumps physically and defense wise to earn more minutes). Enough of the Dude hate. Enough of putting down players and coaching staff (if you have negative opinions fine but keep in mind they could be reading this board plus at least back it up with substantial facts don't just make crap up). Enough negativity. You wonder why people worry who reads this board? Cause it's hard to tell some of you are fans the way you talk. Lets make some personal changes on that front and move on from this discussion. 3:25:19 PM

Why the need to mention religion at all? 

Hatchet Man4/6/2016 3:36:14 PM

I'm sorry, but this board is pretty tame compared to most. You want a $225K scholarship? Sack up. Or, you know, find a safe space.

The Dude4/6/2016 3:36:47 PM

I'll second the dude, lets chill the  hate obsession of a few posters.  if you disagree you can state why, the ad hominem nonsense is basically in the absence of a counter argument and tiresome.  The same people who guarnteed good things this year from PJ and JR did neither those guys any favors nor themselves nor the level of discourse here.  

My own view, prove it on the court.  Then we'll rain down the deserved praise. If you take a breath (the anti dude brigaders) I lavish praise on all of those worthy of it, including ML and yes PJ when he did some good things, even pointed out JR showed some glimpses. But do I think the program took a major detour with 9 out of 10 not good recruits? Yes I do and I care about the program, I wonder if the people who write here really do or they are just people looking to argue with anonymous people on a niche fan base site.  Its bizarre at the very least.

I can study film and see things I'm sure even our staff can, doesn't mean I'm a savant.  I've just been Coaching sports for 23 years (began at 16 coaching local WBA leagues)  It really isn't rocket science, long arms, quick feet, explosive athleticism, consistent shooting, high Hoops IQ.  Anyone notice what's missing from the 9 of 10 last Freshmen recruits? a Lot of the above traits.  We just gotta land better recruits, its that simple and of course beat to death.  If you don't like that, counter the argument of chillax.  MV seek counseling, I'm dead serious, message boards are not good for your health it appears. Bo, pick 1 name and stick with it.

hate hate hate4/6/2016 3:38:18 PM

BCD4/6/2016 3:43:55 PM

The old-timers will remember that this is a conversation that comes up every few years. What we've learned:

  1. Self-moderation is good.  
  2. Asking others to self-moderate doesn't work.  
  3. Criticism is a part of public life.  
  4. The players would do well to remember that the comments here aren't meaningful, neither as good or as bad as they sound.  
  5. The posters would do well to remember that the young men/women you're criticizing are actually people. Humans.  
  6. Except Shawnta Rogers. He's a meta-human. 

The MV4/6/2016 3:54:14 PM

Skittles, I believe there is a much larger picture here and the last thing that ought to happen is to have this matter swept under the rug.  For all of the discussion over whether ML runs guys off of his program, we now have a situation where a certain poster may have contributed strongly towards this same end.  That's right, The Dude may be responsible, at least in part, for running PJ off the program.  Here's what we know...his actions most certainly could have.  He ran the risk of accomplishing this.  We don't know how much or how little PJ read what was being said about him so nothing can be conclusively proven here in either direction unless PJ told you himself.  I get that.  But the fact is that his online assault of PJ carried the risk of negatively impacting his confidence and/or giving him cause to leave.  It's a pretty deranged "fan" who would even take such a risk.  Deranged is definitely the right word when you consider that even after PJ announced he was transferring, even though The Dude had won whatever battle he was fighting, even though others asked him to let up seeing how he had made his point (to put it mildly) now that The Dude had gotten his wish, he still couldn't contain himself from taking even more shots at PJ.

Enough of The Dude hate?  Why, because he's earned the right for pissed off fans such as myself to ease up on him?  Think again.

alum14/6/2016 4:05:53 PM

Maybe Paulie didn't want to be associated with a program where a well-known poster jokes about point shaving? 

ziik4/6/2016 4:11:41 PM

Is that the same poster who got Jack what's-his-name canned?

The MV4/6/2016 4:13:22 PM

Sure Alum1, you may be right.  But if you had to guess, which do you think might be more offensive to him:

a) a constant barrage of posts intended to point out how disappointing a player he was; or

b) a comical post about a GW basketball game that took place before he ever even enrolled at GW which obviously had nothing to do with him

Take as much time as you need.  I realize this might be a tough one for you.


alum14/6/2016 4:18:33 PM

I didn't find it too comical.  And as I recall, a lot of other people didn't as well, and you were forced to eat crow  Also, I don't need too much time to think about responding to your bombast -- and trust me, it's not one of the tougher tasks at hand.  For you, above all, to be lecturing anyone about decorum and manners on this board, well, that's surely the thing that is comical. 

MLNLAW4/6/2016 4:34:53 PM

I hate to ask but when did anti-semitism pop up?  I was gone for 3 days on spring break with the kids.  The Dude is the only one I recall that brings up religion and I'm pretty sure he isn't anti-semitic.  

Tennessee Colonial4/6/2016 4:35:05 PM

This is too one sided. Let ML and the players speak up here. We, or most of us, know NOTHING about what is happening inside the locker room. So what we say is all speculation or observations from what we see on the court. I use to be on the inside (locker room) in HS. But even there we didn't know what the coach was thinking. Except to not commit turnovers, play defense, and a layup was a better percentage shot then a 5 foot shot. At least we know something of what the coach is thinking, under Hobbs, nothing was said. Anyway. We are Champions. Lets dwell on that like Skittles said.  

Tennessee Colonial4/6/2016 4:43:35 PM

Anyway, was Mitola happy that he transferred? Was the Championship worth leaving Dartmouth? They all seemed happy about it. 4:51:37 PM

I Disapprove of What You Say, But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It

Bigfan4/6/2016 4:56:18 PM


Bigfan4/6/2016 5:08:24 PM

Sorry. Have a lot more to say on this a bit later.

But anyone notice that we recently have been down to about 15 percent discussion of actual GW basketball-related issues.

And you have to scroll through entire fields of self- aggrandizement,self-loathing,gratuitous poster-bashing, self-righteousness,ego gratification,faux toughness,faux protectiveness,unnecessary bashing,censorship cries, absolutely absurd speculation and a cesspool or petri dish at least of human pathos that could cause even a prison psychiatrist to run away screaming,just in order to try and discuss GW basketball.

Thomas4/6/2016 5:42:27 PM

I agree with Hatchet Man, this board is tame compared to other schools. You also have to keep in mind that there is only so much GW basketball content on the Internet, so even if Herve could make this site more secure, it will still be one of the first items to come up if you do a search on GW Basketball.

new poster, I would disagree about Duke or any other BCS school yelling for an underachieving player's head. I'm sure if you looked at a Duke message board you would've seen fans GOIN IN on some of the bench players because they weren't good enough to get in the game(Duke only played 6 or 7 players on most nights) and give Duke's overworked starters a breather. Also on the Georgetown board, Darian Bryant's former teammate at St.John's got similar treatment to Jorgenson from posters who don't think he's Big East material and can't figure out why he was starting games!!

squid4/6/2016 5:52:03 PM

Speaking of facts, look how many thread names here mention The Dude. I think that says something.

Pogo4/6/2016 6:28:11 PM

IMO common decency demands that "anonymous poster to identifieable person" (i.e. player) should have a different tone than "anonymous poster to anonymous poster".  This is not a call for censorship but a call for voluntary discretion. 

Although some here have said that ML is publicly critical and use that as a rationale for their own criticism, it is also true that ML does not go anywhere near the level of vitriol and scatology as some of these posters. 

Willie4/6/2016 7:15:51 PM

This thread is like an old song - an oldie but goodie. I don't believe for a minute Dude chased off PJ however poor his comments were. But I do believe the players, recruits and parents read this board and some of the comments go way beyond the pale. I also believe the Dude says some ridiculous stuff just for effect - The effect of which is to make this place more contentious which is not a good showing for GW. I had to laugh when Dude criticized Donald Trump in a post weeks ago for he is undoubtedly the carnival barker of this board. But forgetting the Dude for a moment the original post makes some great points that we should all be mindful of. Just because I may think something doesn't mean I have to post it. Sometimes it is just better to keep your mouth shut as there are no prizes for the smartest poster here and these are students not pros. 7:18:59 PM

Great post Willie.

RUSerious4/6/2016 7:39:48 PM

Pogo. Yet another poster who thinks he knows what goes on behind the scenes. 

"it is also true that ML does not go anywhere near the level of vitriol and scatology as some of these posters. "

have you ever been in the locker room or the basketball offices?  Please. If the majority of the posters here knew what goes on 'behind closed doors" their heads would explode.



Colonial'134/6/2016 7:43:49 PM

Can we address the real question here - Why does "The Dude" STILL hang out at Sign of the Whale?!? I can't even imagine what kind of person goes there 5 years after graduation let alone 15.

MLNLAW4/6/2016 8:21:58 PM

I can't believe Sign of the Whale is still open.  I didn't even remember it for a few minutes.  Wow.

Pogo4/6/2016 9:07:56 PM

RUSerious.  We don't disagree.  You quoted me out of context. The first half of my sentence that you quoted clearly stated that I was talking about ML's public comments. Go back and read it again. 

But you are making my point.  You said: "If the majority of the posters here knew what goes on 'behind closed doors" their heads would explode."  The reason our heads are not exploding is because ML does  speak  in public in that manner (assuming that he reacts in the manner you describe which he may or may not since as you say, it is behind closed doors.)

Pogo4/7/2016 12:27:21 AM

Meant to say "The reason our heads are not exploding is because ML does not speak  in public in that manner (assuming that he reacts in the manner you describe which he may or may not since as you say, it is behind closed doors.)

Skittles4/7/2016 12:31:42 AM

dont think too hard about it Pogo, RU is full of it as far as what happens behind close doors too. Public ML is very similar to Private ML (no I'm not talking about the sideline show lol) per my sources. Yes, I'm calling you out, and I'd put my sources over yours (or lack there of) any day of the week. You're free to have an opinion but spreading bs is where I'll speak up. 

Mentzinger4/7/2016 8:52:56 AM

Posters talking about posters and their posting? Too much jacking off. If you don't like what's on the Internet, or are upset over the lack of gatekeeping over the truth, go climb back into that dark hole of safe space. I agree with Hatchet Man. GW Basketball doesn't exist in a warm bubble floating through space, and it shouldn't desire to, either, because I remember when there were about 8 posters on here and the team's near-miss agains Georgia tech in Nashville in 2004 drew about 20 GW fans. Go for your goals, players. Ignore the jackwads. Don't listen if you don't like. And enjoy the benefits of a cost-free GW education that will surely get you ahead in life if you ignore the haters and pursue your dreams.

Colonial NY4/7/2016 9:16:51 AM

The Dude4/7/2016 10:19:37 AM

Sign, Still a terrible bar, no longer smells like Vomit and was renovated and new, but is still a great place to meet 23ish year old ladies for 1 night.  They had some party there for young alumni and current students too I guess. It was the typical packed in Sh-t Show and everyone was pumped about the NIT victory/drinking heavily, fun times.

Guy in 30s and  womenn in early mid 20s is a good pairing.  Women mature about a decade before men, so it makes good sense IMHO.  So there ya have it folks. At least its not a diatribe about our poor Freshmen recruiting the past 3 years =)  Don't hate the playa. Love the Game.




Bo Knows4/7/2016 11:51:11 AM

So Dude since you claimed to graduate in 1992 which makes you about 45 what the hell were you doing there "grandpa" - doubling the average age?

LuvDaGame4/7/2016 12:19:05 PM

Skittles I will take my sources over yours and the ML behind closed doors is not the same ML in public. After all, a Senior Associate AD was not assigned to attend practices, home games, and travel with the team because everything is rosey behind closed doors. But this post wasn't about ML and the locker room so I digress. 

Whether or not what is posted on this site drives players or recruits away...I don't know. I think we can all agree what was posted here did not drive PJ away. With that said, criticism comes with the territory, as does praise. If someone is not playing well or has areas of improvement I see no harm in talking about it. It is the belittling and calling players/coaches out of their names where I feel some overstep. I think it's uncalled for but at the same time and for the most part I believe the majority that venture there do it out of frustration and really like and respect the players/coaches. I get it emotions are running high and you've just kicked in your flat screen t.v. But like Willie said, just because you think it doesn't mean you have to post it, especially if it is a personal and unnecessary attack on a player/coach. 

The MV4/7/2016 12:37:55 PM

LuvDaGame, so you don't believe that Paul was driven away by what was said here, but there is no question that he was belittled over and over again here, and you do feel that this type of behavior is uncalled for.  Not quite sure how you reconcile all of this.

Again, I am not saying that Paul was definitely impacted by what was said here or not, both during the season as his performance and playing time diminished as well as regarding his decision to transfer.  My point is that this COULD have been the case.  And I guess I'll never understand why a "fan" of this team would want to even take the risk of serving as the impetus to cause this to occur, even in part.

LuvDaGame4/7/2016 1:07:23 PM

The of my favorite posters. I am saying at the end of the day, IMO, I do not believe that what was said on the board drove Paul away or any player for that matter. I just don't have that proof. I have talked to the parents of four players who have left in my five years of being a part of this board and none said it was because of what was posted on the board. Could it happen....sure....maybe...I am just saying I personally don't know that this has been a reason. 

With that said, based on your second paragraph I believe our thoughts are similar. And for what it is worth, let my posts speak for themselves. They alone are proof that I don't believe in outright bashing players.

Bigfan4/8/2016 3:14:48 AM

Could use more, Luv DaGame,about a Senior Associate AD being tasked to shadow the team--and why that came about?

Skittles4/8/2016 4:32:59 AM

There is an associate AD assigned to both GW's men's and women's basketball teams. This is normal for major sports teams such as basketball baseball etc. they go to every home game and travel with the team. They don't go to practices. Has nothing to do with coach or players, meant to free up time for AD. 

RUSerious4/8/2016 7:19:00 AM

Skittles you are so full of BS! Stop!

Skittles4/8/2016 7:50:02 AM

You're a troll sir, go back under the bridge. For those posters interested in the facts on that one I've laid it out above. 

The Dude4/8/2016 9:14:44 AM

Bo, no one cares.  But no, never said 1992.  IN the words of Bob Dole to George Bush 41, "Stop lying about my record"  I'm in my 30s Blue Seats and I know you know this. Late 30s that is, not that anyone gives a sh-t about that.  As in when I began Law School at GW you were threatening to sue Herve in 2006.  I believe when I graduated GW undergrad you were already poisoning this Board, circa 2001 and probably telling everyone how amazing Penders was! Before the Hobbs and Jack propaganda campaigns!  Have a great day Blue Seats, keep it about GW hoops, no one cares about the Ad Hominem rubbish.

As for Sign, some good single guy times, there's no harm.  Lots of "Beautiful Babies"  in the Swingers sense, not really babies, 24ish year old young women, lots of GW law students.  Not exactly M'Pire or Scores, cleaner living, smells better than the 2000s Sign of the Whale

Bo Knows4/8/2016 9:44:01 AM

Classic Dude - "Stop Lying About My Record" but then immediately proceeds to lie about his record and mine. Dude did claim to be here during the Jarvis years for example. You really can't make this stuff up any better. Dude you have zero credibility here. No one believes you, you have a congenital problem with the truth but please by all means keep singing that tune so we can all laugh time and time again. 

The Dude4/8/2016 9:54:06 AM

You are a legit total idiot. Enough already.  I came to GW in 1995 Blue Seats, not that anyone cares.  Came in with one of our great Freshman classes of all time and knew those guys fairly well for  their 4 years, got a Masters and then a JD all from GW, not that anyone gives a damn!

Blue Seats, give it a rest, stick to sucking the testicles of everyone in the AD's office and the Staff.  I am 100% certain you are Blue Seats and so is everyone else here, post away with your 11 names, and ruin every thread with your insults of anyone with an honest and at times critical opinion of the men you pretend to know so well.  And please send by regards to your bestie Tom Crean as well as Few Bobby Knight and everyone else you claim to know so damn well!

The MV4/8/2016 10:36:14 AM

Arrived in 1995 and graduated in 2001?  The 6 year plan does sound about right for The Dude.

Bo Knows4/8/2016 10:57:35 AM

I'm glad you are 100% certain I am Blue Seats Dude. Just another thing you'd be wrong about. At least you are consistent. 

By the way, Tom Crean sends his regards and this so you can put it up on your wall in your mother's basement:

Image result for Tom Crean big 10 coach of year

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