the dude
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the dude2/3/2017 1:27:29 PM

Another tough road game, this time at Richmond.

Thoughts? Predictions?

long suffering fan2/3/2017 2:41:50 PM

Even with me being present, GW pulls this one off in a Mason style victory, but not by as much.  GW. 76. Richmond 66

ziik2/3/2017 2:42:57 PM

Ty outplays Cline. Yuta bounces back. Collin scores in double figures. JH gets free. GW upends the bugs.

invcitus2/3/2017 4:04:35 PM

Came close against URI, Richmond? Can we contain the dribble drives?

dribbles2/3/2017 4:15:11 PM

Everyone needs to get to Richmond to cheer on GW.  I will be there and will be screaming my head off everytime GW makes a good play.  GW wins a close game 71-68.  Go Colonials and Raise High.

gw alum abroad2/3/2017 5:13:47 PM

Political threads STILL get more posts than ones about this game. MoJo does not get a game-blowing T in the second straight game. Richmond's band will be waaaaay worse than VCU's, but act like it isn't. GW fans celebrate by heckling Monticcelo visitors with derisive chants of "Our Guy Was President First!" 


prediction2/3/2017 5:39:50 PM

73-67 Richmond... many made 3's

the mv2/3/2017 6:14:21 PM

A confident team that cut a 22 point lead down to 4 the first time the teams met will show up in Richmond.  Teams have split each of the past two years; there's no reason that can't be 3.  Just no stupid matchups please. (Hint: Put someone on Buckingham who can actually guard him.)

bobo2/3/2017 11:16:58 PM

Image result for prediction pain


high flyer2/4/2017 12:56:02 AM

Anyone know the line on this game?

dcabloob2/4/2017 8:44:28 AM

Richmond's favored by 5½.

maine colonial2/4/2017 9:11:31 AM

Please give Jordan the green light. He needs to take 8 shots or more. Last time against Richmond, he only took 4 and against URI he only took 3 and he was 3-3.

The Union 74 - The Confederacy 68

long suffering fan2/4/2017 11:10:06 AM

Agree completely with Jordan, who is one of the better shot creators on the team.  The problem is he needs the ball and seems to be pretty low on the depth chart to receive it.   Smith needs to stay out of foul trouble.  He certainly should not be the second front line player off the bench...I would start him instead of Toro, then depending on the situation, go with either Toro or Steeves for the primary minutes off of the bench.   My starting 5 are Roland, Sina, Tyler, Smith and Yuta, with Toro/Steeves splitting bench time in the front court and Hart/Bolden splitting time in the back court.   Give Marfo some early playing time, then see which one shows up today...a rebounding force or a bull in the china shop.

rkelley2/4/2017 2:54:09 PM

Disgusting. Not puttling punches today, terrible starting lineup and exactly the one I've posted about time and time again. Bolden, Sina and Steeves on the floor at the same time is a terrible combination. Jordan Roland needs to be at the 2, straight up. GW is getting their ass kicked pathetically, no perimeter defense, no offense besides Cavanaugh.

nj colonial2/4/2017 3:08:41 PM

We need a veteran head coach. A fiery, passionate, take no prisoners head coach.

g2/4/2017 3:26:41 PM

Bolden playing another fine game. Definitely earning his starter minutes. Getting better every game. 

benching cavanaugh for 10 or 11 minutes of first half2/4/2017 3:30:02 PM

Coach was too cautious .  Rest him for a 5 or 6 minutes at most.  GW can't win without him.  It really doesn't make sense to not put him out when GW had the ball with 15 seconds before halftime.

lt2/4/2017 3:36:35 PM

Richmond successfully baited TC and that rule of having a technical count as a personal needs to change for that very reason.  Perfect exchange for Richmond to get our best player out of the game when he was on his way to having a monster game.  Why is that our coach never calls a time out to stop the bleeding.  TC and Yuta need to carry the torch in the second half for us to have any chance.  Hart needs more minutes.


maypoman2/4/2017 4:27:29 PM

Richmond's players are baiting Cavanaugh into committing fouls. 

rkelley2/4/2017 4:27:50 PM

Steeves and Toro lost this game. The stats lie, Steeves was a turnover machine.

I'm gonna stop cutting Mojo slack here. He's not playing the best players. A couple years ago, Lonergan kept playing Kopriva who killed us while leaving Savage and Yuta on the bench more than they should've been. Last year, Mitola needed to be in there for 20+ minutes a game. This year, MoJo making a huge mistake playing Steeves and Bolden so much over Jordan Roland and Matt Hart. It's obvious on the court, when they're in over JR and Hart, the offense has no range and is inefficient. Defensively, it's nearly as bad, as Steeves is a huge downgrade over Roland and Yuta.

On top of not starting JR and playing him for 30 minutes, Toro has been a bad player. His offense has been fringe, and his defense bad. Smith is the better player now.

1. Sina 2/3, Bolden 1/2

2. JR 1/3, Hart 2/3

3. Yuta 2/3, JR 1/3

4. TyCav 2/3, Toro 1/3

5. Smith 2/3, Toro 1/3

rkelley2/4/2017 4:28:07 PM

Bolden 1/3*

maypoman2/4/2017 4:28:34 PM

Sorry LT I was so upset I didn't read your post about baiting.

rkelley2/4/2017 4:30:05 PM

Richmond didn't successfully bait anybody. That trashbag Johnson can't rub two brain cells together. They're just trash-talking trash.

Shawndre' Jones has class and he's the best player on the team. Cline get's all the glory, but he's mediocre. Nowhere near the player TC is. Johnson is porker, and benefits from having Jones, Cline and Kirby around him.

nj colonial2/4/2017 4:30:34 PM

Damn. Oh well, at least Seton Hall won v. the evil parochial school.


maypoman2/4/2017 4:31:54 PM

Our lack of foot speed, particularly at the guard position, is continually killing us. 


rkelley2/4/2017 4:35:43 PM

We just need a coach who recognizes who the best players are. JR should be starting and playing 30 minutes, all of this in and out, letting Sina run the offense away from him for fear of losing his own job is killing this team.

JR > Sina

Anybody > Steeves

Smith > Toro

rkelley2/4/2017 4:38:59 PM

Matt Hart hits a three and never comes back in the game.

At every opportunity Steeves was in the game, and he was a liability on both sides. At half time, I was astonished seeing he had 0 turnovers credited to him. Maybe it was the announcer constantly calling him "Toro" because of the wrong number. I literally watched him inbound it to Richmond at one point. He constant passed it to the other team, missed easy shots and the open man.

Sina, Steeves, Toro played terrible basketball tonight. JR was obviously out of rhythm, being used off the bench sporadically inexplicably despite having one of the highest ORTG's in the conference and being the far superior guard defensively. Bolden-Sina combo is just bad. Bolden is not ready to be the primary point guard, Sina's only value is dribbling and free throws and should be used at PG for 25 minutes and 0 at SG. 

JR, Hart, Smith need to play more. Much more.

lt2/4/2017 4:43:55 PM

Another game where we were done in by a team with greater food speed,  better dribble penetration, our inability to hit key shots (Toro) and bad defensive rotations.  I fear for our future upon TC's departure.  We don't have the ability get defensive stops and/or score off turnovers.  We played our best when we sped up the tempo and took advantage of our size.  By the way why wasn't Hart on the floor at the end instead of Roland as he is a far better shooter with greater range.  Incidentally the announcer kept confusing the GW players.

la fan2/4/2017 4:50:05 PM

We just don't have the personnel to defend top tier A10 teams.  It is discouraging to know that this team has a hard ceiling for that reason alone.  How do we make a run when other A10 guards can carve right through our defense (if that's what it's called).

elj2/4/2017 4:52:40 PM

I had a commitment and had to miss the game.  Can someone PLEASE post the final score?  Thanks.

lets go2/4/2017 4:55:02 PM

Tyler "The Black Hole" Cavanaugh. We all know he's a great low post player, but when you're double teamed and triple teamed down low, you need to be able to find the open shooters. When TC gets it in the post, he's going to force it up no matter how open he is. So many missed wide open opportunities from the perimeter. I'd like to see TC get his 15-20 points and a few assists. Had 0 assists tonight. 


Jaren Sina - If he isn't hitting shots, keep him on the bench. The offense runs better with Bolden on the floor. Sina cannot run an offense to save his life. Or is it in Mojo's gameplan to dribble out the shotclock and not move the ball at all?


Yuta Watanabe - Looks disinterested. Spends most of the shotclock on the weakside....doing nothing. Not cutting, not calling for the ball. He's the team's second leading scorer and goes for long stretches (sometimes 10+ minutes) without getting a shot attempt. The team needs to get him more involved.


Arnaldo Toro - This guy's impressed me. He's strong in the post and fights for the boards. Reminds me a bit of Larsen. Not a great defender, which also reminds me of Big Kev. 


Patrick Steeves - Terrible decision making. Somehow managed to inbound it to the opposition when Sina was in front of him. He shouldn't be starting, tbh. I want to see him playing 15 minutes off the bench. More Smith and Marfo, less Steeves.


Roland/Hart - Not much to say here. If they're hot, play them. 

rkelley2/4/2017 5:00:52 PM

@LAFan, I disagree on the personnel. Cavanaugh, Yuta, JR are excellent players. JR was the 3rd-best ORtg in the A10 by KenPom coming into today's game. Sound like a guard that should be coming off the bench for 20 minutes a game with the likes of Jair Bolden, Jaren Sina and Patrick Steeves playing in front of him?

You give this team to McKillop, Mooney, Wade, '13 Crews and we're competing at the top of the conference again.

Surprise, we out-scored Richmond in the second half with Roland, Hart playing more and Steeves, Bolden less. 

Hart has been playing good basketball for two years here, yet can never break through as a 20-minute player. He's been playing well despite the coaches using him in a way that hampers his rhythm as a shooter.

Steeves should've been credited with 6 turnovers. His counting state line is just another reason why counting stats and relying on A10 statisticians is a waste of time. The TO count is definitely a statistician mistake. If we had any effective way of measuring defense, both Toro and Steeves were hugely negative contributers tonight, as was Bolden. Nothing new for those guys.

You don't use one of the country's most potent offensive guards off the bench in Jordan Roland and have guys like Steeves, Bolden, Sina takes shots over him.


You want to talk about defense? Sina and Steeves are bad defensive players. Roland is the best choice there too. Adn he's so incredibly better at offense he should still be starting regardless.

Were we trying to stop TJ Cline? Then why is Smith on the pine? Toro isn't stopping anyone. 

rkelley2/4/2017 5:03:54 PM


Good call on Sina and Steeves. I think you're unbelievably short-changing Roland. Given how weak Sina, Bolden, Steeves have been, has JR not earned a starting spot and 30-minutes? He's the best all-around guard on this team, KenPom's statline makes that crystal clear, also crystal clear that he's one of the top guards in the conference. He's a better defender, passer and all-around team player. And using him in this way is forcing his shot to disappear. 

high flyer2/4/2017 5:07:46 PM

Our Guards stink, just terrible.  Some nights we cover their asses, and some nights we can't but they stink every game.  Every damn last one of them, too slow can't guard anyone, cant create cant fastbreak, just stink, some hit 3's, hot and cold  and that's about it. = LOSING TEAM

rkelley2/4/2017 5:31:53 PM

Bolden has been a non-contributor for a while now yet he plays as many or more minutes than JR. It's just astonishing to me. We're stuck with Sina, we have to play him, but at least play the best players at other positions. JR has been a stud all season, he got 20 minutes off the bench tonight and hasn't played 30 for weeks and all but twice this season.


gwfan2/4/2017 5:53:45 PM

Agree RKelley, Bolden is just terrible, can't shoot, can't pass, can't defend. I'd rather have JR or Hart on the floor. 


xac2/4/2017 6:12:26 PM

There's a saying "Speed Kills". Speed really kills GW and we have no answer for it. That being said, there were times when we took advantage of our size, but the big problem there is that we have a really hard time scoring layups in traffic. We missed a lot of them. Toro especially. He's still playing with a freshman's strength. Marfo misses a lot of them, but he gets fouled more because he goes up strong. When Steeves has space, he's dead on, but when there's a little crowd, he short arms his shots.

TJ Cline is playing extremely well. Not only from the scoring standpoint, but as a traffic director. So, this game was about talent and matchups, and not being able to stop Richmond when we needed to. There will be a lot of things to address this off season, especially in terms of guard play.


bc2/4/2017 6:15:57 PM

ELJ, we lost by 9 or 11 I think.  You can go to the GW site and find links to the Richmond stat site (one of the lousy sites).  By now there might be GW's recap and stats up.   

rkelley2/4/2017 6:18:59 PM

Thanks GWFan, +1

alumnus2/4/2017 6:24:40 PM

I think MoJo is just stuck as far as the backcourt goes.  Neither Sina or Bolden can really run the offense by themselves.  Hart, Roland, or Yuta if you drop him to SG, aren't going to provide enough ballhandling to get the ball upcourt and get it distributed.  Roland didn't play many minutes in the early part of the season, so I suspect his offensive rating is a bit overblown by two or three really hot games.  Otherwise he often seems to disappear offensively, and he doesn't give you that much else.  Hart got big minutes as the starter early on and didn't seem to be able to create anything even against weaker teams.  So there you have it.  I think we're pretty much at the mercy of the schedule for the rest of the season. 

rkelley2/4/2017 6:30:40 PM

Really rubbed me the wrong way watching that nobody Julius Johnson and TJ Cline talk trash and push Tyler Cavanaugh. TC is a far superior player and one who could play in the NBA. He demands some respect. Julius Johnson is a little porker with no skills and he had 2 points in 25 minutes tonight. You look really cool talking, pig fat. And Cline is Mr. Overrated. He a is non-athlete who eats up junk points and has no shot. You take away the real talent on that team--Shawndre' Jones and their coach Mooney--and he fades into mediocrity. He could NEVER pick up the slack that Cavanaugh and Yuta are forced to pick up. He's so priveleged to jave Jones, Buckingham, Fore surrounding him, and is allowed to just clean up.


rkelley2/4/2017 6:33:23 PM


Just give it a try. The 3rd-best offensive guard in the A10 and by far the best guard according to KenPom deserves 30 minutes. You're cutting him off before you give him a chance.

Sina is not useless, he's useless as a shot guard, with Bolden alongside him. Bolden is not ready for more than 1-15 of backup duty. Roland CAN get the ball up court with Sina, and Hart is just being straight wasted.

I guarantee that we will get significantly better results if we start Roland at the 2 from here on out, give Hart 20 minutes a game, only play Jair as the BU point guard, and use Steeves off the bench.


rkelley2/4/2017 6:35:35 PM

If you watched the game tonight, you saw how starkly better the team was tonight with Hart and Roland in. If you watch the games this season, the team is STARKLY better with Roland playing 25-30 minutes. We're much worse with this combo of Bolden at PG and Sina at 2, ESPECIALLY with Steeves on the court at the same time. That combinated just can't score or defend and they got their asses kicked in the first half tonight. Plus Toro's defense is crap, playing Collin more.

lets go2/4/2017 6:42:23 PM

Hart 5 points 2 boards agressive play and what looked like a charge on Kline in 7 first half minutes then DNP in second. Other 3 guards 3-23 today. Hart had 17 v Georgia in one of his early season starts. Correct Kelly Hart is being wasted especially as Sina and Bolden make a march toward >30% floor shooting percentage for the season. 


rkelley2/4/2017 6:49:21 PM

+1 Lets Go

rkelley2/4/2017 6:50:54 PM

Just so mad right now. SO MAD!

fredd2/4/2017 7:38:07 PM

I think if ANY of our guards could stem/slow/interrupt dribble penetration Mojo would play them. It would be clear. All of them get turned easily, all struggle to stay in front of their man, none can really penetrate, lose their man. Yuta is athletic, but he'd have to be a superior athlete to be the guard this team needs. Get the coach right and in 2-3 years we are ok. Make a choice that doesn't work out and it's 5 years of hell.

2 8:17:24 PM

I know for a fact players read this thread- Criticism is important but no need to be outright mean. 


herve2/4/2017 8:27:47 PM

For those of you clamoring for Yuta with a more of guard role, you must not have been around for the experiment of Omar Williams in the backcourt.


cutis2/4/2017 8:27:50 PM

I watched the game and several things stood out. Steeves lack of foot speed and defensive quickness are glaring weakness' . His turnovers were painful .The spurt that GW had near the ten minute mark in the second half was with Steeves on the bench. Every player on the opposing team easily blows by him. Even the announcers commented that he allowed shooters toomuch room. Unfortunately, I also believe that Bolden lacks the basketball skills needed for the A-10. Perhaps, some one could review his stats of last 4 games. Zeros are not a pretty picture. Speed kills and I see no better results in the near future.

high flyer2/4/2017 9:10:06 PM

Roland did not add anything today, RKelley, 10 more minutes would have made no difference. No rebounds no assists no steals, 1 bucket, 3 points.  His defense was the same as all the other guards, very bad, blown by, too small. With due respect, your play roland and hart more it about the dumbest thing on the board.

Steeves, today showed the bad Steeves, his feet are too slow on D, and for a supposed shooter, he looks like a terrible shooter, mechanically and otherwise.  

Sorry, there are no good solutions, play this guy more, this guy less just is not the answer, the only answer would be to get better players.

the mv2/4/2017 10:28:56 PM

One team plays four guards a lot.  The other has 6 guys who stand 6'8" or taller.  Guess which team attempted 30 shots from two and 29 shots from three?

high flyer2/4/2017 10:37:12 PM

One team can penetrate at will against a team that can not stop penetration or create it.  Hard to take good 2's if you can not penetrate. GW was designed to spread the floor with 3's shooters, that is how ML has recruited for years.  Live by that sword, die by that sword.  The problem with this team is not taking 3's, its how few easy 2's it gets.

invictus2/4/2017 11:50:45 PM

No point guard, no one who can defend point guards. Tough to win like that. It all starts there, and then other problems emerge.  Agree about the ceiling, I believe we have seen it a few times already. The first 35 minutes of the last game, Temple, that is the ceiling. Its too low, not enough talent, major roster issues.  John Wooden could not coach this team to the post-season

dmvpiranha2/5/2017 12:11:24 AM

At least watching the Wizards win in person was a silver lining. The team looked very lethargic in the first half. After being fairly good with turnovers the past couple of games, we returned to giving Richmond free points. It was already mentioned, but the inbounds pass from Patrick to Jaren was actually the fault of both players. Patrick lazily tossed it in around the area Sina was standing, and Jaren made absolutely no effort to create an opening for the pass to be made. At this point I think it goes without saying that we can't match up athletically to the Spiders. Jones and Fore are just so good at finishing near the rim (naturally Fore got a new career high against us). Could've been worse if Buckingham was on again too. Cline has definitely improved his efficiency this year from previous years. I still think Mooney is a mediocre coach, but there is no doubt that he does a good job recruiting nationwide. Especially getting guards that can score at will. Kendall Anthony, Shawndre' Jones, Khwan Fore, Demonte Buckingham. Thankfully Jones is gone after this season (and Cline). Fore and Buckingham will continue to wreak havoc. 

We did better on the boards today (38-30 in our favor, and 12-2 on offensive rebounds which helped a lot in second chance point opportunities). Only seven assists today (from three players - Patrick, Jaren, and Yuta). Part of that had to do with us shooting relatively poorly in the game, but there was once again too much hero ball "throw the ball up and hope it goes in" instead of finding a quality open look. Zero blocks which is surprising to see as well. Once again almost yelling at the TV for Mojo to call timeouts. I can maybe understand keeping some in the second half (especially when we were pulling within range) but no excuse in the first half after we lost all momentum with Tyler on the bench. Absolutely nobody showing any emotion at all to build off of Tyler's start (yet again). Richmond does a fantastic job of spacing out the floor, and that makes our defense that much more exploitable. I like that Mojo prevented a second technical on us from happening in the second half by grabbing his players and heading for the bench going into the media timeout. He just doesn't fire the team up well though. The George Mason game seems like more of an outlier. I don't think he is personally getting the most out of the players on the roster, and I don't know if he can develop the freshman in the seasons to come. I do like his poise during the games though.

Tyler - second straight game coming out on fire. Showed a wide range of skills. Spotted up for three, got an offensive rebound and putback, handled the ball and found his own shot off the dribble in the paint. Thought he should have stayed in after he picked up his third foul. He had sat over ten minutes already in the first half. Didn't end up fouling out of the game and handled his fouls better in the second half so could have had more opportunities.

Yuta - agreed that he hasn't been assertive the past couple of games. There were a couple of possessions in the first when Tyler was out that he looked to drive and score (I think one led to a Cline foul). Should have done that more and forced him to defend. Five attempts isn't enough when you go a long stretch of the game without Cavanaugh. Defense hasn't been as good near the rim, but he did manage to snag a few steals.

Jaren - I think given his track record late in games, he got the green light to let it fly from the perimeter when the game got close which is fine. What wasn't okay was all of his other attempts the rest of the game when his shots were contested. It got so predictable that he got an attempt blocked from the perimeter before it even left his hands. It's understandable to have a bad shooting day, but taking a contested shot is a wasted possession. There was one play where he attempt a shot in close with three defenders on him when he could have found Jordan in the corner for an open look. A couple of his attempts killed runs that we had during the game. He had his moments passing the ball, but unless his shot his on, I think he is better served setting up his teammates. Should also try to get to the line more. A great amount of his minutes just feels like he does nothing. Interestingly enough, when we played a little uptempo in the second half, he actually looked a lot better with his court vision and overall play. Maybe the current system in playing slow on the offensive end just doesn't fit his style of play.

Patrick - his great play of late earned him the start against Richmond (a team that really wanted him when he transferred from Harvard). I think we let him control the ball a bit too much today. If he is in good position near the rim, he definitely has a good chance to score. Otherwise, his other shots were well short, and he may turn the ball over. Contested one of the drives to the rim well, but was pretty much burned by Cline all game and was surprised Mojo didn't switch another player on him.

Jair - was clearly taking a page from Jaren's book in the first half. Attempted way too many contested jumpers. His shots in the second half were good looks but was unlucky in them rimming out. Needs to drive more. Jumpers are clearly not working. 0-11 in the past three games. Zero assists today. Overall not been the best couple of games for him. He still remains our best option athletically though and would have been a good counter to Richmond's play had he been on.

Jordan - didn't do much considering he played 20 minutes. Not going to be hard on his shooting. They were open looks just wasn't able to get them to go in the first. Thought he was able to find a better rhythm in the second half, but am not sure he attempted any more shots after he made the 3.

Arnaldo - really needs to try to avoid hand check fouls and stay with his man in the post. It will be hard to get him to play 20 minutes a game before he fouls out. Had a nice sequence in the second half when he went on a mini 7-0 run that was capped off with a 3 from the top of the key. Good on the glass. Even though I thought he was having a good game, I thought it was a bit risky having him play in crunch time, but then again there weren't many options at that point.

Matt - not sure why he didn't play more. I thought he was impacting the game well even when he didn't have the ball in his hands. Active on the glass when he was in and fought for the ball. Unfortunately overmatched on defense when he was in, though. 

C. Smith - played fewer minutes that Goss? I know he picked up two fouls quickly and is a fouling machine, but he is a key part of our team on both sides of the ball. Not sure that Arnaldo was defending that much better in the post.

C. Goss - considering he gets inconsistent playing time, I though he did a nice job in his four minutes. Made both free throws from the line after a foul was called on Richmond when he was fighting for the ball and grabbed a couple of rebounds while he was in. Defense was good enough. What was more significant was Kevin getting no minutes at all. Has he lost the complete trust of Mojo? Hope the few minutes of playing time doesn't make him consider transferring out. I think he can be good down the line with a more experienced coach. 

The tough stretch continues with a home game against VCU. Hoping more players join Tyler in being fired up and ready to play Wednesday night at 9.

statman crothers2/5/2017 12:18:32 AM

TJ Cline 3 point shooting vs. GW this year:  7-13, 53.8%.

TJ Cline 3 point shooting vs. all other teams:  25-92, 27.2%.

Bad defense, bad luck, or a combination of both?

bigfan2/5/2017 12:40:56 AM

Yikes on that Cline statistic.

What about refs letting someone give TC a shove that was more of a flat hand punch? May have been worth prompting refs to review the tape harder.

They have a useless piece of crap baiting TC and no one does anything about it. Meanwhile, our red-hot star player has to sit because of an ineptly-called technical.

Is baiting Ok in the A-10?

rkelley2/5/2017 12:41:28 AM

Shawndre Jones is underrated and one of the top 5 guards in the conference.

If we want to win, we have to play Steeves no more than 15 minutes. He's slow, his defense is bad, he can't distribute the ball and he doesn't have a shot this year. Flashes of Doc Kopriva defensively.

At least one of his turnovers was credited to someone else tonight, I watched him inbound the ball to the other team at around the 12-minute mark yet that TO wasn't credited at the half.

Start Roland and let him play 30 minutes and quite messing with his confidence.His ORTG is at 120 in and out of conference, and he passes the ball crisply and plays solid defense. Gets his share of steals and is an up-tempo player. Cavanaugh wasn't even ready for one of his excellent passes under the hoop tonight right before the technical. That should've been +2 points but TC isn't used to a guard that can get him the ball cleanly since losing Joe and Alex.

Hart should play more too. I've been saying this for 2 years. This shouldn't be a news flash.

Bolden is not a shooter. He's a solid distributor. He OR Sina on the court, not AND Sina. He has an 81 ORTG on the season, ouch.

Toro's defense tonight was bad, just as it was against URI. Smith is the far better defender. And a 104 ORTG isn't as great as some of you are touting. Smith needs to be at 15 minutes when teams have a big that can do stuff.

rkelley2/5/2017 12:42:25 AM

On the Cline stat, I think it's partially coincidence and partially on the bad defense of Steeves and Toro.

high flyer2/5/2017 12:55:16 AM

Cline was left open because our players had to play help D as the Guards blew by our Guards.  If you can play Cline straight up it is not hard to guard him from 3.  Funny, thought I watched the game tonight where Roland did nothing for 20 minutes, I guess he is the answer to all of our ills in this alternate universe.

huh2/5/2017 1:08:49 AM

Solid Defense. Do you watch the games Kelley? He gets blown by.  He is small, not athletic, not strong, does not get rebounds, has to work very hard to stay with any A10 Guard.  Today was Roland on display, when he hits his shots, he is a good offensive player. When the shots do not drop he brings nothing to the table.  Does not defend well, does not rebound, does not create for others, way too small to impact the game if he is not scoring.  The players you want to play less like Steeves Toro and Bolden all do various things well.  Hart and Roland do one thing well and not every night, if you do not see this after two years of saying the same thing over and over again, its helpless.

me2/6/2017 7:55:54 AM

RKELLEY = The Dude 


herve2/6/2017 8:01:59 AM

The good news is we only have 14 more years left of Cline at Richmond. He and Mo Allie-Cox already have twin burial plots selected for whenever they reach their junior years of college.


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  • maypoman - 5% (3)


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