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herve4/8/2018 9:34:12 AM

My goal is to go to a cell-phone text-back registration type system over the next 10 days, along with making the site easier to navigate or more responsive. "Guests" will still be able to post "as is", but they will be marked as "Non-verified". Have even considered "mobile-only" with just an android/iphone app which is always in reserve and would solve most of "our issues". Long-time posters will have their names "reserved" and will need to contact me directly.

I will not save your cell phone numbers or ever use them for any reason ever...did I mention "ever"?


herve4/8/2018 6:14:58 PM

the perversion of bumping your own thread


herve4/8/2018 6:42:08 PM

bump o rama


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