New Hire at GW (not basketball or sports related)
Colonial NY
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Colonial NY8/30/2016 5:26:14 PM

GW is in the spotlight on for this new hire.

DCAbloob8/31/2016 10:27:34 AM

And on more than a few right-wing websites.

Since '998/31/2016 10:44:46 AM

pretty cutting edge stuff here. the idea of a former radical consulting governments on ways to deradicalize seems like a no brainer

thinker8/31/2016 11:20:22 AM

Very cool

Mike K9/1/2016 7:01:12 AM

Foolish and dangerous. I would have hoped some academia expressed their opinions in a more vociferous manner. 


Right wing web sites are not sounding alarm bells just to make noise, just look to those  who have been released from Gitmo as only one example.   

GW699/1/2016 7:55:34 AM

As a left-wing pinko fellow traveler commie shrink---at first blush it 

seemed like an interesting idea. After 1 minute of deliberation I decided

their is almost no upside and possibly a lot of this hire.

What ever he can bring to the table cannot possibly offset what damage

he could do. Am I getting paranoid? Probably.---but still,not a good look.

rocket9/1/2016 11:42:57 AM

George Washington U takes heat for hiring former Al Quaeda terrorist -- CSM

Tough call GW69. On the plus side, it wasn't done on a whim -- a la Richie Parker. A lot of thought went into this. Doesn't mean it can't go tits up, but it wasn't done headlessly.

GW699/1/2016 2:08:10 PM

Their is a term called"flight to health"that therapists encounter once in

a while. The patient has a disturbing history that the therapist "knows "

will take some time to work through.---But low and behold within very 

few sessions the patient is"fine". Nothing has actually changed.

They may "actually" believe this--they are not lying.No change has taken 

place.This hire smells a little like that.

Bo Knows9/1/2016 3:21:04 PM

As someone pointed out - there is virtually no upside to this and a lot of downside. Disgusting offensive dumb move by GW. As someone who lost friends in 9-11 (one classmate and one other friend), I am extremely disappointed in GW right now putting aside the basketball issues. Evil is fucking evil and you don't get rewarded with a job for that. GW should reconsider asap. I know several donors who are so pissed off they may stop giving to GW over this. GW is starting to get heat - we will see if they can stand the fire over this moronic move.

ziik9/1/2016 3:35:21 PM

You should know, Bo, we don't know what we don't know about this guy.

Was he a true believer, or a plant? Could he have been an infiltrator or a counter-intelligence guy? Maybe.

And, as I posted elsewhere, we hired Nazis to run NASA, no questions asked. The individual's skills, potentials and proclivities are matters that purported have been vetted by the best. Not the best on the board. The best.

Mentzinger9/1/2016 3:36:21 PM

Hire the hackers and take the skinheads bowling.

GW699/1/2016 3:42:24 PM

They missed me Ziik. I'm highly qualified and very well respected in the

Mental Health community.Could be the right call----just sayin.

Not truly co

bc9/1/2016 3:44:46 PM

Not that I agree with this hire, but there is some possibility of redemption.   I would hope that GW did its "due dilegence" with the utmost of care.  I'd like to see the university's list  pros and cons.  Especially the pros.

GW699/1/2016 3:47:25 PM

As I was saying--It's not that he's a plant or a true believer that's my

issue---it's more subtle than that----and possibly more dangerous--He doesn't know who he is!!!

BACCAS929/1/2016 4:02:08 PM

Hmmm no top 100 recruits come to GW but top 100 terrorists. Great. 

Bo Knows9/1/2016 4:14:51 PM

Anyone associated with or supporting the evil of 9-11 deserves no intellectual quarter from GW. GW is not a social services agency or a rehabilitation facility. If the US government feels he serves some clandestine role in the fight against terror that is something else. We are quickly losing our way here in academia. What's next ... Osama is found alive and he embarks on a campus speaking tour to talk about the evils of terrorism? 

ziik9/1/2016 4:32:42 PM

I do not give a shit about him personally, or his redemption or conversion.

GW had him checked out by the Homeland Security/FBI people (I do not recall which alphabetical agency led the way), and they said the guy is 1) not a danger, and b) more importantly, is a source of knowledge and technique. 


Heck, for 50 years now, we have been using spies to train spies. It is not new.

Just keep him away from machetes and virgins. 

Bo Knows9/1/2016 4:37:29 PM

Ok ziik so let the FBI or Homeland Security hire him. I am not sure why GW needs his "expertise"

ziik9/1/2016 4:46:18 PM

That is rather anti-intellectual, for a college boy, Bo. 

You learn from the people who have the expertise you want to know. Is that simple enough for you?

Or, would you refuse to sit in on a local Bob Knight seminar, because of the threat to the chairs?

GW Alum Abroad9/1/2016 8:10:26 PM

Gee, did any of the folks here upset about this guy protest the CIA agent-in-residence? Any of you boycott the moon mission because of the role Nazis played in it? (Don't give me the "false equivalence" arguement, I have plenty of mass graves to show you...) 

Agree that misgivings are a natural response, but insight and debate might be healthier for an academic institution than blacklisting. Curious that a lame-duck university president made this hire.

squid9/1/2016 8:28:25 PM

I think this sounds like a good hire -- if you want to defeat Islamic extremists, get someone who knows how they work from the inside. The NYT has much more reasonable take on it.

ziik9/1/2016 8:54:03 PM

Squid-you are wise beyond your years. 

Nice site, too. 

COLONIAL HOOPS, guys, visit it. 

GW699/1/2016 9:15:28 PM


After reading article still not sold.Vetted by law enforcement?

Not sure I buy the transformation,but at same time not particularly 

concerned about him doing any damage.The public relations issue is 

separate and of course likely polarizing.

thinker9/1/2016 9:23:47 PM

This is a great hire. If I was in intel I would LOVE to take a course with him. That's an amazing opportunity for GW students. Computer programing students are going to learn a lot more from a convicted hacker who's been hired to teach computer security. No better way to understand our enemies than to learn from a former enemy.

GW Alum Abroad9/1/2016 9:37:25 PM

GW69, would you have been sold if he had been subjected to "extreme vetting"?

GW699/1/2016 9:44:49 PM


We all invent ourselves whether we know it or not--- but this guy is 

amazing at re-inventing himself. Horrific childhood,Columbia masters,

jihadist,prisoner to researcher at GW.I hate to be so cynical,but when

people come that far the foundation is still,unfortunately ,extremely,

fragile.No diagnosis --just generic,anecdotal,clinical experience.

Just an opinion.It would be interesting to see what's going on with him

in five years or so.

ziik9/1/2016 9:54:09 PM

Having experienced a horrific childhood, I concur with some of your comments, 69. I still suffer, and, one of the parents still is horrific.

It never really ends. I had a client, maybe 10 years ago, who was 76 or so when he died. Still reliving the childhood hell. I knew him for years, but he was unable to tell me the facts: his mother was a whore. 


Maybe the Gw hire is getting the help he needs. It is hard to imagine there are not some conditions to his hire.

Mentzinger9/1/2016 10:46:16 PM

The CIA in Residence program began during my years in the mid 80s and you're darn tootin' we protested it, GWAA.

Bigfan9/1/2016 11:52:23 PM

Maybe it would have been wiser to have him as a part- timer or consultant.

And Darnell was too much of a risk to admit...

notta hater9/2/2016 6:27:35 AM

talk about a headline reserved only for the Onion . . .

Kdb San diegof 9/2/2016 9:26:53 AM

The CSM article said they showed the campus of the wrong university initially---still no respect.   

Interesting hire and probably a good one.  In my young overseas days we always read the opposition newspapers first and this is akin to that. He cannot do much harm, and if so we learn from that.


BC9/6/2016 3:37:10 PM

BBC story

The MV9/6/2016 4:22:13 PM

"He cannot do much harm, and if so we learn from that."

Now that sounds like a sentiment manufacturered from the chill, stress-free world of San Diego, and not at all by an East Coaster.

BC9/6/2016 4:43:33 PM

Just maybe, east coasters need to chill.   America is certainly no longer the "Home of the Brave".

Kdb San diego 9/6/2016 5:49:48 PM

That " chill" world can be partially duplicated by fish tacos and Arrogant Bastard.  Oh yes, and the Pacific Ocean or a reasonable facsimile.

BC9/6/2016 6:35:14 PM

Is it any good?  I presume the answer is yes, but I haven't had any. 

Arrogant Bastard

The MV9/6/2016 6:44:06 PM

Am a huge fan of fish tacos and as for Arrogant Bastard, bet you didn't know that was me on the label, did you?

Sadly, I must fold on the Pacific Ocean reference.  Nothing here comes remotely close.

Kdb San diego9/7/2016 8:43:09 PM

Stone is the brewery and soon to open in Richmond and of all places Berlin.  Protypical West Coast very hoppy/bitter ale.  Happy to lead a tour if we can get GW back to play on the West Coast. 

GW Alum Abroad9/7/2016 9:17:06 PM

You know this hire is a reformed man if our discussion of him has gone from his jihadist past to alcoholic beverages!

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