9/28/2016 10:33:09 AM      Replies: 105

hoopfan789/27/2016 2:13:09 PM

"BREAKING: George Washington has promoted assistant Maurice Joseph to interim head coach for the 16-17 season, sources told @CBSSports."

hoopfan789/27/2016 2:14:27 PM from Jon rothstein

BACCAS929/27/2016 2:16:42 PM


Colonial NY9/27/2016 2:17:14 PM



School press release:

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 2:17:21 PM

hoopfan789/27/2016 2:19:34 PM

" I have the utmost confidence that I will validate the trust that Provost Maltzman and Patrick Nero have placed in me"

also several quotes from PN in release.  Hopefully this puts to rest some of the rumors being spread on here.

BC9/27/2016 2:22:03 PM

Well a surprise I guess, but MOJO is great name for a coach.  Congrats Mojo!

LuvDaGame9/27/2016 2:27:33 PM


Nero Stole My Boyfriend9/27/2016 2:28:07 PM

The next Shaka Smart. This guy has all the players' support. 

BACCAS929/27/2016 2:29:57 PM

I just hope they keep him permanently so he can tell recruits he is here. 

GW699/27/2016 2:31:36 PM

I think now we put to rest the idea that ANYONE on this board

has inside info.Time to move on with reality not speculation.

Mostly nonsense on this board last ten days.

Bea9/27/2016 2:31:57 PM

he seems nice. 

2cents9/27/2016 2:33:52 PM

This could be great news.  I am just glad that the team can move forward...


The MV9/27/2016 2:34:36 PM

Well, it's not Oliver Purnell.  Good luck MoJo. 2:35:15 PM

Bea--you seem nice.

Let's go!9/27/2016 2:36:27 PM

Not a bad choice! Not the most experience, but if Jason Kidd can become the coach of an NBA team, then I have no doubt that Coach Mojo could succeed as the coach of a college team.

The Rabbi9/27/2016 2:37:03 PM

Mojo is an incredibly nice guy who's obviously well-liked by the guys on the floor, but my only convern is that he's now leapfrogged every assistant on the bench as he's gone from Assistant DOBO to Interim HC in just five seasons.

I just hope that there are no sour grapes from the rest of the staff and that everyone gets on board with this. I'm personally excited and obviously wish him the best..

BACCAS929/27/2016 2:39:44 PM

What does this do to recruiting for 2017 and 2018. 

UhOh9/27/2016 2:41:03 PM

I am thrilled to see the new millenium usher in this brave new world. Here's to the future.

Mentzinger9/27/2016 2:41:47 PM

Nice quote from Izzo but an interim coach with no experience in the first chair hired in 2 weeks with a month before the season starts isn't getting me out of my seat.

Notable: Nero is quoted and, it appears, safe.

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 2:41:56 PM

Matt Norlander w/CBS Sports says: "I'm told GW hiring MOJO as an interim HC was done in attempt to keep the staff together and keep the situation as stable as can be."

Interesting that this was perhaps more achieveable with MoJo than Hajj or Carm.

GW699/27/2016 2:43:35 PM

Baccac92---We will find out.Let it go for five minutes please.Enjoy

the resolution.

Danjsport9/27/2016 2:44:12 PM

INteresting choice.  Can't wait to see how it plays out.

Mentzinger9/27/2016 2:45:44 PM

There were really only 3 choices at this stage of the game.

What does anyone think is the marker for "Interim" being taken off? Is there one?

GW05099/27/2016 2:48:49 PM

Whenever ML gave players crap (see: Swan, Anthony) MOJO always seemed to be there to try and pick them back up. Definitely see this move as a way to keep some of the recent recruits happy.  Needs to be seen how he is at x's and o's.

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 2:49:46 PM

conference championship (maybe runner up), NCAA tournament berth, NIT Championship or runners up.

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 2:55:39 PM

I am not  knowledgable enough to comment on the choice of Mojo over Turner or Coach Carm in terms of recruiting and Xs and Os, but I am pleased that we hired someone already on the bench.    Stabilizing the team for this year was my primary concern, and a couple of posters already commented that he is popular with the players.  I was also pleased to get  a siimultaneous e-mail from the Colonial Club notifying us of the hire...feeling a bit reassured that  the Athletic Department is still up and funcitoning.  Now start the search for the permanent coach, which can be accomplished while still leaving the door opened for Mojo should he prove successful on the job.  

dmvpiranha9/27/2016 2:56:02 PM

I think it was the right move in general. It also means that we still have a good shot at Longpre with the Montreal connection

danjsport9/27/2016 2:56:23 PM

Mentz- I think a stable year with the support of the freshmen.  This team does not need an "interim" year where the billions of freshmen on the team all leave after the season so GW has to s tart from scratch.

rocket9/27/2016 3:01:02 PM

Congrats to Mojo and best of luck to him and the team. Here's wishing also that the "tight-knit group of coaches" remains just that.

BACCAS929/27/2016 3:04:10 PM

What Craig Martinez posted quoting the CBS report is exactly true.  I got a second confirmation from a source close to the team (no it was not Bo Knows or Skittles). 

Alum19/27/2016 3:12:47 PM

This is what it is.  A stopgap move to buy time, which I appreacite and loathe at the same time. 

I guess Maltzman decided to overlook the fact that MoJo stood by for five years watching student athletes get abused and homophobic comments being made -- in a fashion reminiscent of Sgt. Schultz (that IS one way to look at it, no?)

I wish him luck, but this has been a complete and utter clusterf**k. 

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 3:21:32 PM

Alum1, you dont know that he stood by. You don't know what he did or said. You dont know if he was ever subject to verbal abuse or which episodes of verbal abuse he was present for. 


Alum19/27/2016 3:25:21 PM

I'll tell you what -- let's just go by the circumstantial evidence.  He was there five years.  He never spoke out publicly. He didn't leave in protest.  Those are the facts we know.  Now you go ahead and make up the facts that might have been. 

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 3:29:26 PM

Your right. those are the facts we know. If you think he is disqualified because he didnt publicly denounce his boss (jeopardizing his career in a field that is already very difficult to get into), thats your call.

Skittles9/27/2016 3:30:18 PM

Oh idk maybe because THERE WAS NO ABUSE GOING ON TO COMPLAIN ABOUT. Swear to God some of you would believe the Earth was flat if the Post said 5 players anonymously told them it was. 

GW699/27/2016 3:34:24 PM

Alum1----So it begins---new nonsense,Have you no shame.

You weren't there and what standards are you using?

I'm sure you've always done the right thing.Whatever that is.

1 3:36:40 PM

Mojo is a great guy but is clearly not ready for this. Heard the players wanted him because he was the "nicest" of the three assistants. How does GW spend 12 days and come up with this? You mean you bypass Hajj and Carm for the third assistant? What genius came up with that? It's not fair to Mojo to put him in a spot he is not ready for and it is a slap in the face to first Hajj and second Carm. Wow!

danjsport9/27/2016 3:37:10 PM

Skittles- if there was no abuse going on, on what basis did GW fire him?

Colonial NY9/27/2016 3:38:26 PM

Can we keep this thread to the new coach? We know where everyone - all 22 of us (depending for on how Kanye "posters" there are) - stand regarding Lonergam. We have a new coach and a new season. Let's hope for the best and cheer on our team!!! I hope MoJo succeeds big time this year.

Craig Martinez9/27/2016 3:39:59 PM

+1 Colonial NY

Skittles9/27/2016 3:41:09 PM

They chose to believe lies made by a member of the athletic department and a handful of players with their own agendas and grudges who made shit up to get back at a coach who wouldn't put up with their off the court issues. Didn't someone tell you not to believe everything you read in the paper? There is more to the story you haven't even heard ML side yet and you guys talk about these allegations like they are facts. 

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 3:41:10 PM

Poster at 3:36...what is the basis of your statement that essentially says that the players picked the coach because he was the nicest?  Don't need to use names, but on the face, that sounds pretty ridiculous.  As dysfunctional as the Athletic Department has seemed over the past 10 days, I still give them more credit than that.

thinker9/27/2016 3:47:38 PM

I'm beyond stunned and did not see this coming on any level.

I stand by my earlier statement though. IF the new coach - now MoJo - has IT then we can still mostly weather the storm.

What determines whether he gets the interim label taken off at the end of the year likely get determined by a bunch of different things beyond just record. Off the top of my head, not intended as necessarily comprehensive

1) Does the team play cohesively

2) Are game decisions managed effectively 

3) Any recruits signed this year

4) Do the players appear to buy into MoJo

5) Do players announce intention to transfer

6) Record for the year

7) Overall demeanor and public persona of MoJo

Who knows what happens in life ever. But this is a very exciting thing to me and I'll be rooting for MoJo and the team to see if they can make all of this work! I think he will likely be a coach who is easier to root for than the last guy.

rocket9/27/2016 3:53:45 PM

For the record, last time I looked MoJo was the second assistant and Carm the third.

Bigfan9/27/2016 3:54:54 PM

Picking the nicest though semingly least experienced,a Canadian trait in general,one of the assistants sounds just like GW and today's college world.  Which is disturbing overall, but shouldn't take anything away from Mojo.

So congrats to Mojo on the new promotion!

Can barely summon it up,but he deserves it.

Basically want to wish him good luck for everyone's sake.



GW Alum Abroad9/27/2016 3:55:30 PM

The pep band had better add this to the songbook...

Colonial NY9/27/2016 3:58:09 PM

Apologies for the multiple typos in my last post - was rushed on an iPhone (autocorrect) while preparing an after-school snack for my kid. Anyway, I agree with Thinker's 7 points. I assume those will be the keys to him staying permanently - though some of the ordering could vary. My few interactions with him in the past, he has seemed incredibly friendly and personable and really just enjoyed talking about the team.

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 3:58:11 PM

In other words, Thinker, can he coach, recruit and not embarass the university.  Just curious.  I realize that Mojo was discussed the least of the interim possibilities, but why are you stunned...we all seemed to know it would be one of the assistants, at least that what made the most sense.  Again, I would love to learn more about him   than I already know, in particular his relationship with the players on the team (present and past) as well as what he may bring to the table in terms of recruiting.   My gut says tha there is much upside to the selection...just need someone to tell me why.

The MV9/27/2016 3:58:38 PM

In the very last episode of The Mary Tyler Moore show, Ted Baxter, the bungling anchorman, keeps his job while all of the more talented workers around him ironically get fired.  This isn't quite that but some resemblance may exist.  It does appear that the least polished of the three candidates was selected (Hajj with considerably more experience and Carm with arguably more impressive recruiting ties).

However, in keeping with 1970's television, I'll close with Peter Marshall of The Hollywood Squares, often saying to a contestant, 'I might have gone with Rose Marie for the block, but this might work out for you."

Let's all hope so. 4:02:22 PM

LSF my source is near team. Says TC and perhaps others threatened not to play this season if they brought in a coach from outside. Said players like Mojo best because he is a "nice" guy. Players not enamored with Hajj but ok with Carm. Players essentially dictated this hire because they are so afraid of not making them happy in light of investigation. When in college basketball history has the third guy with no HC experience been promoted over 2 other assistants even on interim basis? Somebody please give examples.

Long Suffering Fan9/27/2016 4:03:27 PM

GWAA...for the song, I was thinking LA Woman ("Mr. Mojo risi"").   

notta hater9/27/2016 4:09:42 PM

congrats to Coach Joseph. My question is: he has a prior relationship with ML (as did H Turner), how did that complicate or not complicate matters? (i.e. knew of the prior situation or is in an uncomfortable position with his former coach and boss etc.)

hoopfan789/27/2016 4:11:07 PM


I think your comment takes reality of situation a bit to far.  My understanding is from the day after news broker everyone with in the team and the athletic department have been working hard to keep everything running as close to normal as possible. 

While players were consulted and kept in the loop (as much as possible), the inmates were not running the asylum.  Saying that TC made threats goes far beyond anything (and potentially makes him look bad).  TC is clearly the captain/leader of the team at this point.  But the process was confrontational and i never heard any threats being made.

GW Alum Abroad9/27/2016 4:11:07 PM

That is not much of a song for a pep band to play during a timeout (a tad too esoteric). Not sure this version would work with a pep band either:

GW Alum Abroad9/27/2016 4:12:08 PM

That is not much of a song for a pep band to play during a timeout (a tad too esoteric). Not sure this version would work with a pep band either:

Bballfan9/27/2016 4:12:23 PM

Just for the record, MoJo played for Lonergan in Vermont, and has worked with Lonergan here at GW - he is a great guy and will do a good job.  He has less experience than Hajj, who would have been my pick, but hopefully Hajj stays on and helps.  Carm only at GW two seasons, not ready to be head coach. 


thinker9/27/2016 4:12:35 PM


I feared the choice was going to be Hajj.

I thought the choice would be Carm.

MoJo seemed the least senior and prominent of the 3 so I never figured it would be him. I'm eager to see what he can do.

I also think it comes down to more than can he coach, recruit and not embarrass the school. That summarizes things in an oversimplified way. Obviously it's those things and I think to keep the job long term the school also has to see how he interacts with people - that he has some spark and fire and charisma - that the players really respond to him - that he is confident and professional with fans, alumni and the media - demeanor. That he is up for the task.

hoopfan789/27/2016 4:12:35 PM

*was not confrontational

DEK9/27/2016 4:28:57 PM

Note annoucment didn't mention assistant coaches. Maybe more news coming.

LA Fan9/27/2016 4:35:45 PM

Can an interim coach do much in the way of any recruiting?  I am not sure how worthwhile it is to chase after players right now.  USC football has had an interim coach for a long time and their recruiting has suffered, but they are still getting decent players.  But that is USC Football.

I just don't know how excited a player is going to be about looking at GW right now with the uncertainty.  Do people think Joseph is going to be the coach beyond this one year?  Maybe a 20+ win season does it. We will see.

DEK9/27/2016 4:48:10 PM

Quote did mention tight-knit group of coaches. Wonder if they will hire an additional coach though.


Bigfan9/27/2016 4:51:57 PM

Other than the endorsement of the all-powerful Troy Record which most hopefully he didn't have hand in and our speculation, don't see why Carm would be majorly upset. He is the newest to the team. Seems like a straightshooter and a good guy. And in any case, doesn't have much of a choice, as he is under contract and don't think there are many options for assistant coaches in late September.

Now, Hajj would have a reason to be majorly pissed as he was clearly passed over--and not in a good way. But maybe he didn't want it or something. Trying to keep everything in a favorable light.

BACCAS929/27/2016 4:52:23 PM

DEK, di the announcement mention other assistant coaches?  Yeah LA Fan I have the same question. 

maypoman9/27/2016 4:56:37 PM

All we can do in this untenable situation is hope for the best. Seems like a nice guy with a good basketball background. If Mojo is successful, he'll be back; if not, a full scale headcoach search will take place after the season. Ironic with all of the school's emphasis on academics, character and integrity, that this mess jumps up and bites us in the ass!

The Dude9/27/2016 4:58:46 PM

GW69, agreed.  Congrats to Mojo 5:09:33 PM

If Coach Carm was really under consideration yesterday, the negative shots at Hajj in the Troy Record may have convinced the administration that neither one would bring unity. That article may have backfired.

Remember Fort Myer9/27/2016 5:11:06 PM

Mr. Joseph must not read this Board as he might have taken offense at the "Canadian frog" comment.  Of course, that may not have had any malicious intent and half of all the posts in the last 30 days should probably get a pass.

Glad this is over and I think it is exciting.  Perhaps he doesn't have the most experience but maybe he has the most potential.

Does anyone have a guess as to the style of play MOJO might employ?


The Other MG9/27/2016 5:11:43 PM

I'm a bit surprised, too.  This has a bit of a Putney Swope feel to it, but this might be the best solution to stop the bleeding.  I agree with LA Fan that it might be a lot to ask of an inexperienced Interim Coach to recruit on a high level, but maybe this is the best way to get Longpre, and he would be a godsend.  I think the 2017 class is most likely to consist of transfers, after a permanent solution is decided upon during or at the end of the season.

Now the healing officially begins, and I hope the other two Assistants stay on board for the season and show their quality by doing everything they can to make this team successful this year.  I'm ready to get completely behind our new Head Coach, and have less patience for rehashing a lot of the ugliness we've all been subjected to on this site for much too long.

uhoh9/27/2016 5:20:18 PM

I agree with the other MG. At the same time, it is only fair that we acknowledge that the players and assistant coaches.....regardless of the true reality.....went thru far more an for far longer. Soar on, young men. 5:28:34 PM

Let's hope he's the kind of coach the players will walk through fire for, especailly under these circumstances, and that he can handle the Xs and Os and game management. 

Great opportunity for MoJo and way better than bringing in Jarvis or another retiree.

Mentzinger9/27/2016 5:53:43 PM

MH@_Michaelinho 2h2 hours ago

Wait...the guy GW promoted to head coach is 31?!? I was half joking before. I'm free in May, have your people contact my people, GW!

Nero Stole My Boyfriend9/27/2016 5:56:11 PM

Mike Jarvis or Chris Monroe as an assistant coach? Can he pick Lonergan to come back as an "assistant"?

herve9/27/2016 5:59:58 PM


ELJ9/27/2016 6:20:51 PM

Didn't see his age listed, but judging from what is in his bio, he looks to be about 28.  Wonder how old Shaka was when he landed the VCU gig. 6:32:36 PM

If you were of adult age and not a racist, homophobic dick, you had a shot at the job.

squid9/27/2016 7:21:52 PM

Sounds like a good pick, I'm excited for it. Hope the rest of the guys stay on and they bring in some kind of senior advisor. 8:50:11 PM

So Mojo is going to be Hajj and Carm's boss????????? lololol Sometimes life just works out so perfectly

Vermont Alum969/27/2016 9:04:08 PM

Wow does this situation sound familiar. The hiring part, not the scandal part that is. When Lonergan left us to come to GW,  John Becker was hired as the head coach after players made it very clear who their choice was. Becker was the "second" assistant at the time and the "good cop" amongst the staff. Fortunately for us it worked out well with the team making the NCAA's that first year and future years yielding 20 win teams. I hope for your sakes (the real GW fans on here and not the trolls) that you see similar success. Give Mojo a chance and your support and you might be surprised at what could happen. I'll be rooting for you guys regardless.

2Cents9/27/2016 9:12:23 PM

Cheers, Vermont guy. 

Mike K9/27/2016 9:30:48 PM

Congrats MoJo and wishing you the best in what can be a tough situation. 

Skyhigh9/27/2016 10:18:00 PM

Congrats to a very nice guy and I wish him and his staff all the best as well as his family.  


UhOh9/27/2016 10:31:46 PM

Stand tall, Mojo. Be open, fair and honest. You are the future. Carry it strong.

Bigfan9/27/2016 11:07:36 PM

"We are the world..."

JP9/27/2016 11:11:35 PM

My guess: hire the guy who will cause the least amount of turmoil and is the only keeper on the staff (for right or wrong). This season is washed out.  Accept that you will lose all the assistant coaches in the offseason.  You are focused on hiring a big coach next year and all his/her staff with no intention of keeping any holdovers.

Tennessee Colonial9/27/2016 11:12:42 PM

Very, very interesting.  Wish him, and us, all the luck.

Long Suffering Fan9/28/2016 12:26:34 AM

We can mourn the loss of what I considered to be an excellent (albeit not perfect) coach in Lonergan and curse both the administration for its manner of handling this as well as the sniffling weasals who cried to the Washington Post that cost our coach his job, while still pulling for a new coach with a good pedigree and cheering as hard as ever for the kids.  This is not mutually exclusive.   After more decades than I care to admit, I am not going to abandon the team over this bump in the road.  In fact, all of a sudden, I am starting to look forward to the start of the season once again.  I thought we were an NIT team before ML was fired and I still think we are an NIT team with Mojo as the coach, not because of who is coaching but because I don't think that Tyler's supporting cast is strong enough to take us further this season.  Fact is, as much as I liked Lonergan, his freshman recruiting has not been good since the Larsen/Cavenaugh/Pato/JoeMac/Kethan class, and who knows...maybe a lighter touch by Mojo may prove to be an on court bonus  And don't underestimate the positives of having a coach with an established relationship with the team.   Lets give it a season before we badmouth the selection.  (Yeah, I know, the first game in which we lose, or even the first game in which we don't win by as much as I thought we should have and I will be all over him).   Hope to see everyone soon.   Now if we can only clean up this board...

bobo9/28/2016 1:40:03 AM

What the hell is wrong with all you people? How in gods name can anyone be excited or enthusiastic about this choice of head coach?

5 years as a 3rd assistant.

No head coaching experience

No record of high level recruiting

Never responsible for game management

Never responsible for running any team.  Not responsible for designing practices, hiring or maintaining staff, dealing with media, game planning, etc.

Who has Josheph recruited to GW besides his nephew Swan?

I've heard ZERO qualifications listed for MOJO except that he's "a nice guy" and the players like him. 


Let's go!9/28/2016 1:41:54 AM

*Tyler and Yuta's supporting cast. I think Tyler and Yuta will share the scoring responsibilites. Yuta's probably more important on the defensive end since he's a great defender at multiple positions.

Porter719/28/2016 2:03:05 AM



Bobo - I'm pretty sure Swan was related to Hajj, not MoJo.

However, I agree with the sentiment.  I'm very nervous about MoJo due to his lack of experience.  While GW is not Duke, we are too high an echelon program to have a coach long term with so little experience.  Barring some miracle St. Louis type run for a few years back, I don't see him staying on after this season.

The timing here really bothers me.  It took 12 days to come up with this?  We knew so little about our assistants that it took 12 days to decide on one of them?  What does our athletic department do?  Basketball is THE PROGRAM, and you don't have any contingency plans or knowledge of your current staff.  Completely incompetent.

I hope for the best for this season and will be cheering very loudly for the team and the new coach.  I also expect to boo very loudly the athletic department and administration for making a mess of this situation.

MLNLAW9/28/2016 6:32:46 AM

Agree 100% with this, "The timing here really bothers me.  It took 12 days to come up with this?  We knew so little about our assistants that it took 12 days to decide on one of them?  What does our athletic department do?  Basketball is THE PROGRAM, and you don't have any contingency plans or knowledge of your current staff.  Completely incompetent."

Also agree that lack of coaching experience is a concern.  NIT is a reasonable goal/expectation.  NCAA if the transfer PG is better than hoped and the freshman are contributors inside.

I hope they called Brian Gregory who needed a few days to think about it before saying no.  I presume they at least called some folks outside the program.  Though hiring anyone outside was a long shot and more disruptive to the people in the program.

This is a make the best of it situation and see what happens.  It should be interesting.



Long Suffering Fan9/28/2016 8:36:53 AM

Don't be naive.   Even though GW may have decided months ago that if ML was fired, they would look to Mojo as an interim, you cannot simply fire and hire at the same time. It is important that the other assistants, whom I presume GW want to stay, feel that they were given a fair opportunity.   Maybe they were quietly pursuing other, outside options that did not pan out.  Maybe it took some time to draw up and negotiate Mojo's new contract.  Maybe the decision was difficult to make and there was deliberation between the powers that be on whom should be hired. In other words, the fact that it took about 10 days between the firing and the hiring were the cause of angst for a nervous fan base, but that by no means contstitued ineptitude.  Finally, how about we give the guy a chance.   All we know is that Mojo is young and has never coached at the D-1 level before.  Know what...the greatest coaches in the game were all once young coaches with their first head coaching job.  And yes, so were the worst coaches in the game.   I am sure that what we know about Mojo is just the tip of the iceburg as to what we need to know to make a fair assessment.   There was something about him that caused him to get the job over the other 2 assistants.    Off the top of my head, I can think of many reasons why he is an attractive candidate, including age, race, familiarity with the kids, his own playing experience and who has worked with both as a player and a coach, demeanor...  Think hard.  Most have graduated from the 56th best university in the country.   I think you too can come up with positive reasons for this hire.

hoopfan789/28/2016 8:53:39 AM


I wish we could give credit for a well though out plan having been in place.  However no plan to install MOJO existed prior to the removal of ML.  The interviews that were conducted were not just for show.  All candidates were considered. 

I think it is great that most are rallying behind him (even if they don't agree with decision).  It would be amazing if the team were able to put it all together and get a bid this year, or at the least meet the expectations that we all had for this season at the end of the NIT!

Alumnus9/28/2016 8:55:51 AM

I wish the new coach and the team well and am willing to wait and see what happens.  We don't know what the team would've been like even if Lonergan had stayed and been cleared or if the grievances never been filed.  What do we have, 7 or 8 new players?  Who knows how they're going to mesh regardless of who the coach is, and how many might've left after a season with Lonergan?  It's a fact that Lonergan stated multiple times that players with a chance to go to the NCAA tournament weren't responding to him or playing defense the way he wanted them to.  Maybe he would've felt less pressure this season and relaxed a little (for him) and let things flow, or maybe he would've felt like he was overdue for an NCAA appearance and pushed so hard that things would've collapsed.  There's obviously no way to know.  Sometimes the best thing is to have a coach who'll make the players feel like it's their time to take responsibility without verbally beating them to death about it.   I understand the concerns about longterm recruiting.  We'll just have to see what happens.  If people want to bail out, I'm not going to criticize them, I just think it's premature to go crazy about it.  The university handled this in a strange way, but I root for the basketball team, not the administrators.

Rich Maier9/28/2016 9:10:49 AM

Congrats MOJO wishing you the best. Anybody is better than Lonergan.

bobo9/28/2016 9:11:18 AM

You have to think that both coach Carm and coach Hajj need to get their resumes updated and be lookiing for opportunities outside of GW.  If you get passed over for the 3rd ast just 5 years on the job (moved up from DOBD), you don't have a good future at that program.

People, with good reason, care first and foremost about thier own futures and career paths. For both Carm and Hajj those futures almost certainly lie outside of GW.

Front Row Center9/28/2016 9:14:29 AM

Congrats to MOJO. Colonial Brass has better add LA Woman now to its set list.



NewGWFan9/28/2016 9:20:00 AM

Wouldn't be shocked if he promoted Chris Holm who played at UVM and I believe is on the staff already to third chair.  

GW Alum Abroad9/28/2016 9:26:27 AM

Disagree with the reasoning Bobo (but agree with the conclusion). Assuming the school will conduct a full coaching search in March/April, no new coacb will want to go under these circumstances to a new school with a new University president and want to keep the old guard coaching staff.  That is no comment against the current coaches, just an acceptance of this formwhat it is.

The MV9/28/2016 10:03:39 AM

+1 Alumnus.  It's not like I'm about to start rooting against this team.  Hope MOJO is the second coming of Steve Fisher at Michigan.

Once again, another chapter of this saga, will it be Hajj or Carm, Carm or Hajj, advantages of one over the other, etc., ends with a WTF declaration.  Par for the course, but I can only hope that Maltzman knows what he's doing since there really is no alternative for me to hope for.

Long Suffering Fan9/28/2016 10:23:14 AM

Well said Hoopfan and Alumnus.   And things may work out okay.  Remember that an ailing Penders who sleep walked through his coaching tenure was able to take his first GW team to the NCAAs based upon the strength of the team.   And yes...of course an incoming permanent coach will bring in his own people.  GW plays in a strong, multi-bid conference in which it has more than held its own over the past quarter century and has most of its games on television.   There is no reason we cannot attract some strong candidates for the permanent coaching position if that is what it comes to.  Once again, as long as the school stays committed to the men's basketball program, we should be okay.   Further, if ever there was a time to take a recruiting hit, this would be the best time, with 8 new players and only 2 graduating seniors, one of whom came to GW as a walk on. 

Alum19/28/2016 10:33:09 AM

I'd really like to hear from Maltzman.  I think he owes it to the alumus and benefactors to explain what went into this decision making process.  I agree with MV that we are left with no choice but to hope for the best, but that doesn't mean we also shouldn't hold people accounable for their incompetence.  Their actions have set this program back years, in all likelhood.  Maybe this season will end up being the scrpit for some feel-good Hoosiers II movie and we'll all revel in it.  Or maybe it sets Mojo up for failure, putting him in an impossible position, and having it blow up in his face.  Just the talk about how well he will or won't do at recruiting is indicative of that -- he's not going to recruit ANYONE with the kind of talent we want.  Why? Because no recruit in his right mnd  is going to sign anywhere where the coaching situation is up in the air (to put it mildly). 

So lot's to discuss and lots to consider.  So far, as someone who supports the school, I've heard only from Scott Allen through an email blast.  This is really inexcuable. Nothing from Nero, nothing from Maltzman. 

So, I think its time for Maltzman to step fown from the Ivory Tower and man up.  Explain to us why it took ten days to name Mojo -- with zero experience -- as head coach.  I'd like to hear why you didn't consider a grey hair as a one-year option to stabilize the situation while looking for a new coach.  Maybe you did.  If so, explain why it didn't work out.  All this noise and speculation?  You created by creating a vacuum, Dr. Maltzman. 

I'm not one to say, that's it, I'm never giving to the school. never going to games etc.  BUT I am saying that I'm reserving judgement right now.  I owe the school (specifically the BB program) some money in December. I made that commitment based on where the program was and where it was heading.  I'm going to be watching carefully what happens, but so far, I have to say -- you're losng me. 

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