Paul Jorgensen Transfer Options
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thinker4/26/2016 2:46:55 PM ‏@A10Talk  3h3 hours ago Retweeted Jon Rothstein

I could see Jorgensen at Butler. They're losing some quality guards. added,

Jon Rothstein @JonRothsteinGW transfer Paul Jorgensen will visit Northeastern this weekend, source told @CBSSports. Visited Hofstra last week. Will also visit Butler.

Skyhigh4/26/2016 9:28:27 PM

Wow he missed playing with Kethan.  What a reunion and an ideal situation for him if he lands in Indy. Huge upgrade .

Bigfan4/27/2016 4:19:20 AM

Wonder if Kethan had any impact on consideration.

At a minimum,since PJ is no threat to him given his sitout year,imagine they would ask Kethan what he thought about Paul's ability.

notta hater4/27/2016 6:49:49 AM

Butler would be an interesting landing spot. I would think that Hofstra would be a better fit, however.

The Dude4/27/2016 10:59:22 AM

With all due respect, why would Butler want him? I find that very hard to believe.  Hofstra near his home base would be a nice fit and a better match for his skill set, also, playing time considerations etc etc

Craig Martinez4/27/2016 11:13:34 AM

i agree it seems unlikely.

Its possible that they like the potential that he showed his freshmen year and they think that they can develop him while he is benched for a year. and he can shore up weaknesses as guard after a couple of theirs (including Kethan) graduate after next year.

Again, unlikely, but i imagine that is why he is even getting a look.

GW05095/4/2016 2:15:18 PM

Jon Rothstein ‏@JonRothstein  19s19 seconds ago

GW transfer Paul Jorgensen will visit Butler on Sunday, source told @CBSSports. Recently visited both Hofstra and Northeastern.

Mike K5/4/2016 4:03:40 PM

good luck Paulie, you are a classy young man.

The Dude5/4/2016 4:27:33 PM

No way Butler gives him an offer.  All they have to see is his A-10 performance with his 20% shooting. 

Bo Knows5/4/2016 4:39:01 PM

So #Ignore why in the world would Butler have him out for a visit if they have zero interest?????? I guess they are just wasting everyone's time and money.

Bigfan5/4/2016 5:33:16 PM

Paulie is a gamer and a fine player who wasn't properly utilized here,because of the system and little use of bench.

Wish he was staying.

But in any case,let' s let it go and wish him well in hoops and life.

RUSerious5/4/2016 5:56:27 PM

The Dude, seek mental help. Seriously. You're obsessed with a 20 year old  kid.

The Dude5/4/2016 8:29:13 PM

if we keep recruiting PJ talent, the actual obesssion we share (love of GWhoops) will be more like 1988-89 and a lot less like 1998-99

MUST recruit players who can match up with VCU and the like

The Dude5/4/2016 8:32:37 PM

...guys such as Joe, Kethan, JR Pinnock, Carl Elliot, Shawnta, Mike King etc etc - not guys who after 2 rough years are tranfering down to some school 3 steps down

If PJ ends up in the Butler rotation, I'll take 3 months off from reading the rubbish posted here day after day, but until that happens you'll have The Duderino posting the straight dope - told y'all 11 months ago that PJ wasn't top flight A10 material and no one wanted to hear it, even the normally level headed truth teller Mentz... fall in love with your ladies, don't fall in love with every single guy that ML signs, you all mostly seem to want do that the moment they sign their LOIs

Bo Knows5/4/2016 8:37:07 PM

I have a call into Chris Holtmann. Please Chris, I am begging you. Hopefully Chris will do a solid for another GW so Herve will have 3 more months in relative peace and tranquility to develop his ignore function.

LA Law5/4/2016 10:28:47 PM

Just kidding. I can't stop from posting - what else would I do with my time? I don't have a job, I'm a loner (the ladies claim it's my personality, the guys do too) and I love the attention.

LA Law5/4/2016 10:29:34 PM

The Dude, please stop using my moniker.

The MV5/5/2016 9:50:06 AM

Don't have a job?  I'm confused.  I thought you were employed in the erectile dysfunction industry.  Isn't that what you told us?

icarly5/6/2016 9:36:26 AM

with all do respect why is this still news. who gives a shit where he goes, he obviously didnt want to be a part of this program so why should anyone care, lets focus on what we have and who we can get. im tired of all this dick riding on the kid, he isnt so great. we have a lot of players coming in and hopefully we wil go far, how about we just focus on whos on the team. 9:50:37 AM

Haven't paid your dues icarly.Stuff it. 11:03:48 AM

Butler has had in a handful of players for visits most recently a transfer who ended up at DePaul that they didn't offer.  Its possible if not likely this will happen with Jorgenson unless he really has something going when they play open gym.

The Dude5/6/2016 11:38:25 AM

PJ WAS among the most discussed players the last 2 years, the clown car that said he would be amazing like Mailvan now wants to change the subject to ad hominem attack when the real story is that our 6th man shot 9 for 46 and turned the ball over more than Mark Sanchez

The MV5/6/2016 12:04:19 PM

Time for some facts...go get your allergy medicine Dude:

PJ shot 35.6% from the floor this season.  That's a higher percentage than what Alex Mitola shot.

PJ shot 33.8% from 3 this season.  That's a higher percentage than Joe or Yuta shot from 3 this season.

PJ handed out 81 assists and turned the ball over 43 times.  That's the third best assist to turnover percentage on the team this season.

Nobody here, myself included, ever said that he would be an all A10 performer, as your blatant LIE would suggest.

Nobody here, myself included, ever said that he would be amazing, as your blatant LIE would suggest.

I am not changing a subject at all.  Your consistent attacks of Paul's play have gone on for months, and you are a complete and utter douucebag not only for your obnoxious campaign to begin with but for also continuing your assault even after Paul announced his intentions to transfer.

It's obvious to most that Paul began the year on a tear and then slumped badly over the majority of the season.  His numbers were disappointing given the reasonable expectations that most had of him and not the LIES that you claim we had.  That all said, he will be visiting Butler University this weekend, which ought to tell anyone with a basketball IQ of say 1 that they see something in his game that practically everyone here except you also sees.  Putting every other reason or opinion aside, the mere fact that Butler is potentially interested in landing him validates all of the good that so many here saw in his game, and needless to say, makes you look like a bigger fool if that's even possible.

Mentzinger5/6/2016 12:34:57 PM


I have met so many amazing people along my journey, and memories that will last a lifetime. GW will always have a special place in my heart.


Mike K5/6/2016 12:37:01 PM

like I said, he's a classy young man. 

Cutis5/6/2016 12:37:43 PM

Well done +4 thanks MV

Bo Knows5/6/2016 2:02:38 PM

The Dude continues to slip to new depths. Seriously man get some help. It has gone beyond being just a little game. I realize that being in your mother's basement limits your contact with the outside world so you probably don't have the normal social graces or filter that the rest of us have. I could care less if you attack me or any other poster. But your relentless and unending attacks on PJ even after he announced he was transferring, is just low and despicable. Of course, I am realizing you don't know any better. So this post really isn't intended for you. It's more intended for guys like PJ who should know that not every poster or even most posters here are going to cheer in their face and then shit all over them on the way out the door. So I apologize for the Dude and just realize he can't help himself.

The Dude5/6/2016 2:09:56 PM

PJ shot 9 for 46 vs the A10.  He had the WORST Otrg and WORST Dtrg on the team in the top 10 in minutes played. 

Nothing to see here folks, same ol Mailvan, never ever wrong, always prolonging and deflecting, a simply I was wrong about PJ and wish him the best would suffice.  I was correct, spot on about PJ but 100% wish him the best, there's no sin in struggling vs A10 beast guards, you either GOT it or U DONT.  How much more obvious could things be to anyone who watched GW in 2015-16 that PJ could neither Guard nor score against A10 players???

Rich Maier5/6/2016 2:16:21 PM

THE Dude, let me be brief: is your sole mission to ruin Herve's board?

LA Law5/6/2016 4:50:01 PM

Please folks, just ignore the knucklehead (aka The Dude). If nobody responds, I promise you he will eventually go away.

Bo Knows5/6/2016 5:00:29 PM

If only that were true LA Law.

The Dude5/6/2016 6:40:14 PM

LA Law is Bo Knows, Bo Knows is Blue Seats.  Bo comes on to kiss ML's ass every day and make sure no one points out anything slightly critical about the program.  Year after year, name after name.  The most pathetic thing online I've seen and I've seen it all in the last 20 years but this takes the cake.  Keep chasing those Windmills Bo Seats Seneca Diageo GW1988.  Herve knows and has proven its the same guy, MV said so for 10 years, so there ya have it folks

time for a large amount of Jack Daniels, its early May buckle in for 4 months of a lot of nonsense about how amazing every GW player is even those who shoot 9 for 46 from the field or 2 for 14 from 3.  OI VEY!! 


The Dude5/6/2016 6:44:42 PM

...Chase away Cutis, chase away Shofaz, chase away anyone who has an opinion that isn't sucking the crown jewels of anyone in charge of GW

that's this pathetic man's mission every day year after how Fing lame you are Bo Seats.  Seriously you are the lamest guy in the history of the internet, you are transparently a quasi sick in the brain guy, what do you get out of it? you sell jock straps for a living and require the coaches to like you? that's the only mystery remaining.  Same old Blue Seats. Same old pathetic crapola, same old 20 names used to pretend he has support and shred anyone who thinks a Coach or AD have made errors, just recall what he thought about Jack or how he thought that GW should "step down 2 levels" Any yeah here comes the "sad dude is seeing things" he writes any time people call him out on his total BS.  Chase those windmills Bo Quijote

The Dude5/6/2016 9:02:43 PM

That rant above wasn't me. I know I'm an asshole but Bo Knows and company are just speaking the truth. I'm warning you all to stop picking on me and calling me out for the fool that I am or I will wander back over to the porn sites where I'm loved.

Bo Knows5/6/2016 9:05:57 PM

For the board, a useful product to wipe the slime after the Dude posts. They are available at

Image result for the dude crazy


The Dude5/6/2016 10:40:48 PM

Herve, having people type other people's names maybe suggests its time for a registration.  Having Blue Seats endlessly post under 10 names is also reason for a registration. Bo Seats get a life, ML...GET some better recruits. 

We just lost Pato Kev and Joe, GW can't win with TC Yuta and asking a couple of Freshman to be A10 beastly ready day 1, although I actually think Marfo will be somewhat ready physically/glass. His offense need a lot of work, but he's going to be asked to do a lot because for 3 straight years we've recruited Freshmen like a bottom feeder A10 team. NOT good

#StillWaiting for the 2nd NCAA win of the last 22 years.. we have 1.  22 years.  Just 1

The Dude5/6/2016 10:59:02 PM

The last post wasn't me.Oy vey!

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