Elliott and Pops on campus
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Mentzinger9/17/2015 9:57:23 PM

I'd post the photo but I've only been posting here for 11 years and haven't figured out how.

ziik9/17/2015 10:05:41 PM

It's simple.

Scroll down the page. There is an email for a guy named herve. Get his address. Mail him the photo. He send it to BC. BC does stuff like that

The Dude9/17/2015 10:19:22 PM

Mitola rivals George Hamilton in the tan department.

Yuta appears taller than Pops, Goss again seems to be a full inch taller than Cimino and Jordan Roland has gotten a lot stronger in a very short period of time, really impressive work from JR. 



BM9/18/2015 10:06:24 AM

Can Sina reach up above his head for a rebound with those arms?  I don't believe I've every seen a college hoops player looking like that.  Swan looks bulked up.  Hopefully he can produce on the defensive side.

the sons of liberty9/18/2015 11:15:07 AM

Yeah.  Sina is JACKED!!!

2cents9/18/2015 4:14:29 PM

Sina IS Jacked.  He reminds me of my old Heman action figures.  I don't know if this has been posted or referred to, or even if the link will work, but there is also a very short vid posted on the facebook page of a scrimmage.  Hope this works for you.


The Dude9/18/2015 4:25:08 PM

Works fine, small but fine.  Is that Carl feeding Yuta the 3? Mitola defending?

Damn its good to see the old guys back on campus, its a shame they can't stick around longer.  JR's 4th year of eligibility would sure work quite nicely for the 15/16 Squad.

Thomas9/18/2015 5:04:25 PM

Are Pops and Carl Elliot still playing professionally? Do either or both of them live in the area now? A few years ago, someone on here posted that they spoke with Mike Hall and I believe they said he was no longer playing basketball and now resides in this area with a wife and kid(s). Is GW going to honor the 2005-2006 team during a game this year? This will be the 10 year mark of that great team, and it would be good to see all of them together again at Smith Center.

Bigfan9/18/2015 5:41:34 PM

Pops may be leaning over,but doesn't look that much bigger than Pato.

The Dude9/18/2015 6:13:46 PM

Or Jonquel.

As I noted earlier, Yuta appears to be quite a bit taller than Pops.

Since Pops has been in NBA combines, we know precisely how tall he is:http://www.draftexpress.com/profile/Pops-Mensah-Bonsu-304/

That would be a rare example of a pure fact, no opinion.   =)

BC9/18/2015 9:00:39 PM

I deny that I know how to post photos.  Never tried.   Too scared to try.   There is an icon above the text box that says image.   You could try that.  It's the second row from the top, leftmost icon.  Link to an image/photo already on the internet.

ziik9/18/2015 9:07:47 PM

BC: a damned Photo-Denier!!!

The Dude9/19/2015 1:02:52 AM

In 5 years time, BC will be leading a town hall event wearing a red hat in New Hampshire and a fellow denier will pose a "photo denier question" which will cause quite the uproar.

The red hat wil say "Make Photo Posting Great Again"

BC9/19/2015 6:50:55 PM

So why doesn't someone post how to post a photo since I'm at best guessing how to do it.   Better yet, someone could write up a HELPFUL HINTS those of us too old, too lazy or too incompetent to figure out the icons in the POST thingymijig.

The Dude9/19/2015 7:10:07 PM


The Dude9/19/2015 7:16:30 PM

Per Herve's instructions:

You can upload pictures which may be added to the banner rotation at the top of this website. All uploads are reviewed. Some may not make the cut because they are obviously NOT your personal pictures and/or would violate all sorts of copyrights, contain Mentzinger on the hood of a Fiero in his red pumps and an off-the-shoulder number, are not landscape in orientation so they just plain wouldn't fit or are just plain dumb. Sadly, I am the judge, jury and executioner. Don't be an ass and threaten to sue me because you decided to participate in a completely free, semi-anonymous, totally voluntary website. To upload a picture, simply find the file on your computer and choose the 'upload' button.

BC9/19/2015 8:08:14 PM

That wording implies that it's for the top banner and has little to do with posting pictures in the body of the text.  I could be wrong, but that's my opinion.  Nor do I wish to sue Herve.

GYPH9/18/2016 10:58:19 PM

Hall plays in Italy and has been for quite a few years. Couple of injury setbacks. Pops and Hall both came to their 5 year reunion. Hall has one child and it's a little baby. 



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