A Uniting Comment To Fuel The Bitterness From VCU Game
3/11/2017 4:23:10 PM

bigfan3/11/2017 4:23:10 PM

Because personally did not enjoy enough masochism last night, decided more self-flagellation would be in order today, so watching some of Richmond-VCU game.

VCU's great two wins in a row in "exciting games" and Lewis making foul shots was shown on screen as a postive for VCU's tournament resume, avoiding bad losses.

Just "insane" that VCU would win two games like that, with 0.4 seconds left. Yeah, crazy. Funny how that works out.

They reran St. Bonaventure  and GW end of game clips in a proud moments for us. 

Anyway, in an unguarded observation that will unite Colonial fans of all stripes, the color guy (don't know who, didn't sound like "magnificent" David Kaplan and it was on a different network) let something slip.

It's "insane," he said. "I've seen that run 500 times and this is the first time, I've ever seen it being called..."

Play by play announcer interjects: "It's called the hole-in-one."

Funny how that happens, hitting a hole in one twice in a row.

 Two incredible 0.4 second game reversal endings by the officials in a row.

What luck. Que suerte.

Like last night, truly "insane."


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