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BM8/9/2016 3:35:52 PM

Corey Evans @coreyevans_10
2018 Team Melo guard Wynston Tabbs is on an unofficial visit to George Washington today, per source

George Washington has offered 2018 Team Melo guard Wynston Tabbs during his visit to campus today, per source

Verbal Commits

Prep Hoops

GWG11/28/2016 11:13:52 PM

Link (below) to an interview he did over the summer with a Penn State sports site. Talks a bit about his recruiting process and who he's been getting interest from. Mentions that GW has 'been calling him' and when asked what he liked most about Penn State- he names the facilities, which I imagine is an underwhelming answer if you're Penn State.

ESPN has him as a 4 star recruit- for what thats worth- though I cant seem to find much coverage or stats on him. First part of his interview suggests he sees himself as a slasher.

GWG11/28/2016 11:20:39 PM

Looks like I spoke too soon- the Post has some (slightly old?) stats for him.

Bigfan11/29/2016 1:34:29 AM

Do believe he was at Penn State game.

We are also recruiting him.

Mike K11/29/2016 10:25:31 AM

He looks to be the possible recruit I referenced seeing in another, was he there to see us or them?  Probably both. 10:35:08 AM

If he was at Penn state, then he saw firsthand that we need a wing slasher badly, while Penn State has a couple of freshmen wings who will be extremely hard to dislodge.  If I'm a wing, GW over Penn State is an easy choice. 

GWG11/29/2016 7:10:16 PM

Found a bunch of highlight reels of him- he looks like a pretty versatile scoring threat (caveats about HS bball and selective editing of course apply). He can drive the lane and elevate for a dunk, can adjust his shot mid-air, has a nice jump-shot (with a bit of a fadeaway?), and also looks like a solid 3-pt shooter.

These videos are all of his sophomore year, so alot of growth potential presumably.

I get the sense that Penn State is recruiting him pretty heavily at this early stage (I get the sense we are too), so I think Mike K is probably on point- the Penn State game was a good comparison opportunity for him.

Optimistically- he saw a GW team that was up at the half with close to no production from the teams two best players, and with alot of underclassmen stepping up to fill the breach (Roland, Toro, Collin) that he would be able to complement nicely were he to come to GW in two years. I think the current team- and the freshmen in particular- seem to have good chemistry, which should be appealing as well. Will be interested to see how this develops over the next year and a half.

GWG11/29/2016 7:10:56 PM

aaand heres that link to the videos

dmvpiranha8/11/2017 11:29:01 PM

Boston College (8/12)

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