Herve Any Update on Blocking Feature
 2/11/2017 3:26:36 PM      Replies: 5

luvdagame2/10/2017 6:52:17 AM

I still cannot see anything from Dude and Maine Colonial. I know they are posting by comments from other posters. I never meant to block them.

herve2/10/2017 7:29:17 AM

I am working on the "unblock" feature I swear. There's a good chance your life will continue without the information you are "missing".


the mv2/10/2017 9:32:31 AM

If you didn't mean to block The Dude, no worries.  His views may be read under dozens of other poster names.


boom2/10/2017 2:14:00 PM

Best new feature:. Reading liberal MV invent a conservative USA to argue with himself. Not as great as when MV would argue with himself about the AD or when he 'agreed with himself 100% of the time as Oscar.  But a good new feature thank you Herve 


the mv2/10/2017 2:18:50 PM

Each of these statements is untrue, "Boom".  But I can see why some may feel that way.

Go away Sybil.

luvdagame2/11/2017 3:26:36 PM

Absolutely correct Herve, life will continue. Thanks for the update!!! cool

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