New Contender For Legendary Foul Shots
3/2/2017 3:50:01 AM

bigfan3/2/2017 3:50:01 AM

When Fordham player rammed into Tyler with 0.9 seconds left, a new GW legend was born.

TC calmly stepped up and knocked down 1, 2, and the coup de grace 3rd foul shot to win the game.

Pretty much rippled the cords. No hesitation or doubt.

Tyler, needless to say, deserves this historic spot among his numerous ones in the limelight. He has sacrificed a lot in this confusing and turbulent year.

So, we now enter GW basketball lore.

Where do Tyler's ice-water shots fit in on the scale of great GW end of game foul shot performances. 

Only ones that come to mind are fairly recent, at least for this crowd. Mike King in his first GW game, calmly sinking two foul shots, even after being iced on the second one, at the end of the game.

And of course, Mike Hall versus Charlotte in 2006, Courtesy of an unnecessary and impolite Goldwire elbow, MH calmly sank both free throws to put us back in the game in the waning seconds. It set up the win, with the also legendary Carl The Cat tip-in on Wilmore's miss.

So, TC enters the GW end of game calm free throw Hall of Fame. Sure we have some other examples, possibly going back to the Holup era, or when everyone's shot mechanics were like Steeves.

Where does this calm but gutsy performance of Tyler's fit in?

A lot less is at stake this year, but these were three shots in a row that were legitimate and not courtesy of Larry Lembo. Very impressive performance by Tyler. 

How does it compare on the GW basketball end-of-game free throw history scale?

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