OT-What is Wrong with the Country?
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ziik9/1/2016 8:52:12 PM

A lot, really. 

But tonight, it's the sudden realization that college football is on TV, and the featured game is Houston Baptist vs. Arkansas Central. 

Two of my all time favorite schools in college basketball.

But the notion that they are pouring money into the head-knocking, losing propostition that is modern collegiate gladitorial combat is absurd. who pays for that? What is the point? Religion? Sport? Stupidity? Too many Phys Ed. majors? 

I bet, the end of this game, some guys will hold their hands up and waive the NUMBER ONE signal, too. 

When does this end? When one quarter of adult men on Social Security are brain damaged?

Sorry, I actually enjoy the spectacle. But the game is absurd. (I played it. I know it.)

notta hater9/2/2016 6:36:23 AM

saw a cable show news report this spring on the economics of football - it contrasted how folks at EMich U were sleeping in cars and student center couches to make ends meet and pay for college while the football team continued to get a ton of money to lose a ton of games against other colleges who were not much better off -- BTW, the stands were not full. With that said two of my kids opted not to play DI and played DIII at "toney" liberal colleges i.e. NESCAC, and sports enhanced their experience as students as well as the colleges' experience (of course, at the tune of 60k per year from our bank accounts).


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