Cavanaugh makes CBS Sports Top 100 college players
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2cents10/26/2016 11:37:08 AM

Some other (predicted) A10 players as well. 


The MV10/26/2016 12:23:49 PM

Florida State's Bacon and the freshman Jonathan Isaac are each in the top 35.  Check out the video on Isaac and at about the 20 second mark, watching a 6' 10" guy jump about as high as I've ever seen.  I'm officially frightened. 

If you're looking for a darkhorse in the Big East, you could do worse than Creighton.  GW fans should be familiar with their backcourt of Mo Watson (formerly with Boston University..the one guy who could really play the last time we saw them) and Marcus Foster formerly at Kansas State.

Nice accolades and ranking for Tyler.

Long Suffering Fan10/26/2016 2:32:39 PM

Rank is #46

Credit to Cavanaugh for staying on with GW even after the disaster in August. His school fired his coach, and he could have opted for a late transfer if he truly wanted. Instead, he's sticking it out in D.C. and will be crucial to his team as just about any player listed here. He'll probably average in the neighborhood of 18 and 8.

I suspect that the hiring internally of an interim coach had much to do with this.  I was surprised to see Cline of Richmond in the top 100.  Always thought of him as a nice player (he does well vs.  us) but top 100?

The MV10/26/2016 2:44:23 PM

LSF, Cline is Nancy Lieberman's son.  There might be a PR push in play.

LuvDaGame10/26/2016 4:33:01 PM

Good for Cavanaugh and GW!!!

NJ Colonial10/26/2016 4:58:00 PM

Tyler is true Buff & Blue!


Hatchet Man10/27/2016 11:03:05 AM

NBC Sports names him #83 in list of Top 100 players.

BM10/27/2016 7:16:12 PM

Jake Sherman interview with Cavanaugh.  Worth watching.

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