How Good Were The Teams in Japan?
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ziik9/8/2016 5:10:51 PM

Any expert commentary on how solid those teams were, compared to American College teams?

GW Alum Abroad9/8/2016 5:36:16 PM

Japan Times (English-language daily in Tokyo) called it a "reduced national team", I imagine because among other things Yuta was not playing for Japan. Japan failed to qualify for the Olympics, but China did. Somif you watched the Olympics hoops that could be a.baseline comparison.

On foreign tours, level of competition is not as important as the game films for use between now and Midnight Madness, the quality of the extra practices and the intangible of "building team chemistry".

General Mustard9/8/2016 10:54:20 PM

Well the last time the US played them in bball, it wasn't much of a game. 18u fiba sweet sixteen. At the 18u level, any sneaker company aau team could give them a run for their money

USA: 22-0 5:06 Q1

USA: 49-8 8:07 Q2

USA: 70-13 1:33 Q2

USA: 110-31 4:55 Q4

USA: 122-38 FINAL


Let's go!9/9/2016 12:49:21 AM

They were missing some of their best players, including star centers Joji and Kosuke Takeuchi, and Yuta Tabuse, who is known for playing a few games for the Suns years ago. It was more an opportunity for some college players and pros who don't often represent the national team. Surprised that Yuki Togashi didn't play either.

Some of the players from their Rio qualifiers did play though, like Hiejima, who if I remember correctly led the team in scoring. I'd say their full team is comparable to a top tier D1 college team. They only lost to France, a team full of NBA players, by 17 points in their prepration for Rio.


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