Lonergan & King Rice-
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gdub43/20/2016 10:11:46 AM

1. Lonergans comments about GW more deserving than Monmouth of an NCAA bid here:


2. King Rice's not so plesant reaction:

Let's just say King RIce and ML are not having dinner at the Jersey Shore tonight together


3. Supposedly ML & King Rice spoke via phone to clear the air:


I was told King Rice and GW head coach Mike Lonergan smoothed things over today, so there's that. Colonials visit Monmouth on Monday night

Tomorrow in NJ should be a doozy

Thomas3/20/2016 11:47:17 AM

I'm kind of disappointed in ML for making those comments. He played at and got his coaching start at Catholic and Vermont. He should know better than to take shots at the "underdog" school because he came from one. Even at GW ML knows what it's like to have BCS schools look down upon GW and the A-10. Remember how Coach K questioned how the A-10 could have 5 or 6 teams in the NCAA tournament a few years ago? But I understand that the higher a coach goes up the coaching ladder, the more snobbish he will get!!

notta hater3/20/2016 11:56:14 AM

ML was right for thinking it, but it's hard to say and put it into proper context. When you seek to compare your team or conference to another team or another conference you step onto a slippery slope of bashing another program and its accomplishments to make your points. We all went after Coach K for this last year or the season before that. He is right, had we beaten St. Joe's and it had come down to Monmouth v. GW for the final few spost then they would have selected GW to be the last 4 out and Monmouth to be the first 4 out.

dmvpiranha3/20/2016 11:57:34 AM

I think ML meant well. Monmouth was in front of us towards the end of the Bubble Watch and said things to influence the committee. However, I think he went a little too far in calling their bench out. They're having fun on the sidelines getting little playing time and there's nothing wrong with that. They were also definitely deserving for consideration. ML does have the tendency to speak out a little too much now and then which he should probably keep to himself sometimes. It's good that the coaches are on good terms now. 

Free Quebec 3/20/2016 12:03:46 PM

would have much rather he gone after the resume or a team like Pitt.   Will wade did it right, ML should watch that video of Wade's press conference and learn from it. 

thinker3/20/2016 4:06:26 PM

Much more in my year end review but another PR thing by ML that I didn't care for. It's really poor form to criticize other teams in this situation. You have to just stick to the strength of your own team. You couldn't have predicted this outcome when he said it but the NIT definitely would have considered it in the seedings AND you can bet Monmouth will be super motivated by the comments. monmouths fans will certainly be focused on it.

jr223/20/2016 4:51:59 PM

Can we finally just admit that ML is kind of a prick? This takes nothing away from his coaching abilities, and there are numerous examples of other pricks having HOF coaching careers.  As long as he wins, I could personally care less (as long as it remains of the harmless variety).   That being said, he is what he is

Thomas3/20/2016 6:01:09 PM

I agree with FQ, ML should've gone after a BCS school like Pittsburgh or maybe Michigan. ML is setting himself up for a scenario in which King Rice calls him in a few months and says "Since You Talked About Our Wins And Losses, We'd Like To Come And Play You Guys At Smith Center Next Year" and of course ML would want no part of that!! Monmouth returns most of their key players and should be even better.

Gary Williams did something like this about 10 years ago when Maryland was one of the last teams left out. I believe he called out the entire MAAC Conference saying something like, "Those Guys Say We Are Afraid To Play Them, But I Don't See Any Of Those Guys Calling Me For A Game" Of course, immediately after he said that EVERY MAAC school called Maryland for a game and like a COWARD Gary Williams turned them down!!!

bobo3/20/2016 6:10:57 PM

Why the hell would Lonergan not want to play Monmouth?  What because they will be good next year? You serious? That's the reason ML would want to play Monmouth next year.  If GW can get a team they know will be good then lock them up in a home and home engagement.  First game at GW.  It's hard to get good teams to agree to home/home w/ GW.  Grab them when you can.

MLNLAW3/20/2016 8:13:57 PM

Monmouth will be bad in 2 years.  Y'all think it is tough to be GW fans - go visit Monmouth College's facilities and try to recruit.

King Rice deserves a Ferrari - maybe he recruited like Gabe Kaplan in Fast Break.

The Dude3/20/2016 8:22:08 PM

Time for some truth serum Thinker, year end review away sir

Thomas3/20/2016 8:49:44 PM

bobo, my comments weren't necessarily a knock on ML, but a knock on coaches in his position. I just think that the overwhelming majority of coaches will avoid scheduling a game/games against an elite opponent from a lower-tier conference. It will be interesting to see Monmouth's OOC schedule next year.

bobo3/20/2016 9:41:41 PM

I wouldn't compare ML and GW to a power conf coach like Williams at UMD.  Lonergan is looking to schedule good RPI teams for GW home/home.  So they can get a UVA/SHU from power conf or even lesser power conf teams like Rutgers or Penn State.  Before they began a 2 yr home/home with those power conf teams they played home/home with teams like Manhattan, Hofstra and other decent mid-major conf teams...like Monmouth.

Bo Knows3/20/2016 10:31:12 PM

Guarantee that if ML had it to do over again he might not have said it in reference to one school but to schools in general. However, this a tempest in a teapot. It happened, they talked and it's done.

As for the schedule, ML has stated he wants to play the best teams when he can OOC. If Monmouth falls into that category in the future as a team that we should play, I am sure he will consider it. You can't be chasing last year's results in scheduling. We have to see if Monmouth is more than a one-hit wonder although I would note they have few seniors.

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