La Salle 79 GW 69 RECAP
the dude
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the dude1/15/2017 7:19:24 PM

More pain.  Middle of game, not too bad, the rest, pain. Too many TOs, couldn't stop La Salle.

 Thoughts? Observations?


gw 20131/15/2017 7:30:35 PM

That was another game in which we looked totally mismatched physically.   Way too many turnovers, do not have the personnel to guard more athletic players.

gw691/15/2017 7:35:11 PM

They played them even in the second half.The good news.

The only good news.

alumnus1/15/2017 8:19:12 PM

No, we didn't play them even in the second half.  When it counted, we went from down 4 with almost 13 minutes left to down 20 with 3:45 left.  Totally meaningless that we cut the lead in half in the last 3:45 when we had zero chance of winning.  Seriously tough sledding ahead. 


umpleby1/15/2017 8:43:55 PM

the number of comments post game is reflective of the state of GW bball fandom. (and the new site format and everything that came with it) 


dmvpiranha1/15/2017 9:14:38 PM

(I apologize in advance if this post is too long)

Another tough loss today. We shot the ball better today, but I'm not seeing defensive improvements that have been plaguing the team the past couple of games. La Salle is one of the top, if not the top shooting team in the Atlantic 10 (transfers have played a big role in that, one place where we have not been able to get significant contributions this year). However, we did not even make it hard for them to shoot from the perimeter. Price was making shots with no GW players even in the vicinity. There was one play in the second half when we were still within reach where the Explorers scored an and-one and off a miss Price hit a shot from the top of the key and Tyler was just watching him like it was practice. There has also not been much of an improvement in protecting the ball. We had 10 turnovers in the first half alone, and almost all of our turnovers this season have felt unforced by the other team. We try hard to pass the ball down low when there are three defenders around which never ends well. In addition to the poor perimeter defense, we have also given up way too much in the paint. When a guard drives past our players, Yuta is the only threat to stop it. We have a bigger team than most and should be able to hold our own in the paint. When we give up points from the perimeter and the paint at a high rate, we are likely to have no chance of winning the game. 

I know Mojo is a first year coach, but those are things that have been primary factors in our losses and I haven't seen any improvement at all since the Richmond loss and VCU blowout. I do like some of the things that he has implemented this year. I like us running the flex on offense. I also like that the players are getting more freedom to play. But, we haven't really picked up the tempo that he said we would do more this season. I think we are actually playing even slower than last year. There was a stretch in the second half where we ran almost every offensive possession until the shot clock hit zero and we were lucky to make a couple of shots. None of those plays looked organized or that there was anything drawn up. Apart from the Tyler pick-and-pop at the top of the key, there are not many other plays that look set up.

In terms of recruiting, (like I've said in another thread here) aside from getting more athletic players, I want us to get an additional recruiter (if possible) for the team whether Mojo stays as head coach beyond this season or not. Carm has great connections in the upstate NY area which is great and we have been able to get players from Worcester Academy (a good program), but we are not doing a good job covering the rest of the country. I just don't want us to get to a point in the future where we are signing players to fill scholarships in the future because we only have connections in certain areas. Not referring to this year or any year in particular. We are more likely to find players that fit our program with more connections and extensive recruiting across the country (not to mention our location as a selling point). I don't think we are bad at scouting talent necessarily, but part of recruiting is being able to have connections to high school programs across the country. 

Tyler - defensively not very good today. I like that he is not forcing shots as much, but it seemed like he scored a very quiet 13 points. Foul trouble could have played a role, but unlike the VCU game, I think the fouls on him were good calls. 

Yuta - shots didn't fall today at times which was the only thing that stopped him from posting a bigger stat line. He had 8 rebounds and 4 assists in addition to his 13 points. His passing ability has really taken his game to another level. I know Tyler is the leading scorer, but Yuta is the heart of the team.

Jaren - played better today, shot the ball when open and made them. Also had 5 assists (and 0 turnovers). Seems to disappear at times. I think Mojo has made the right decision to reduce his minutes a bit. He just seems so lethargic when bringing the ball up the court and I agree with others on here that he is a better fit for the 2, or like a second point guard in half court sets depending on the situation since he does pass the ball reasonably well. I think he is who he is at this point, we should ride him if he gets hot or is more focused on a given night, otherwise we probably won't play him as much, especially if Bolden continues to play at a high level.

Collin - a little careless passing the ball, but was much better with his fouling. Spent a little too much time defending on the perimeter when he should have been guarding the paint more (led to a Price 3 on one possession). He is a 3 point threat like KevLar was at times last season, but spends a little too much time with the ball outside the arc. Not sure why he only played 18 minutes today. 

Arnaldo - shot the ball better today from the field, but was a little too carless handling the ball. Couldn't quite control the ball on a nice pass from Jordan that would have been a sure 2 and had a few other possessions where he just didn't make good decisions on offense. 4 turnovers in 13 minutes is a bit high. Moving forward, he is probably more of a spot starter depending on the matchup or a very good 6th man. Just a tough night tonight.

Jordan - glad he had a decent day shooting the ball on his birthday (happy 20th to him, wish we could have won the game for him). Had a couple of nice steals on defense and also had some nice passes today. It's unfortunate that his size sometimes holds him back from making more plays, but I appreciate that he tries to make the most out of every play.

Jair - like that he is getting the playing time (received 31 today) that he has deserved over the past few games. Continues to be a positive through the rough stretch. Shooting the ball much better during his hot stretch and is just able to do more things with the ball that none of other guards can. Has the ability to drive and his passing today may be overlooked by his scoring. His turnovers weren't a huge factor today. I'm interested in seeing the lineup of Bolden-Sina-Watanabe-Cavanaugh-Smith more or subbing Jaren out for Jordan or Matt. I wouldn't be surprised if he started some games by the end of the season. He has the energy to play the point.

Matt - made a deep 3, but otherwise didn't do much else in 10 minutes. We should draw up more plays for him to get the opportunity to score more. He is a good shooter. 

Kevin - battled hard down low. Would like to give him an opportunity to attempt a couple of shots per game. Two consecutive games with an assist. I think he's getting more comfortable playing college ball. The big men in general didn't play that much of a role today which was disappointing to see. Our frontcourt, although young, is better than most A10 teams and we should exploit that advantage. 

C. Goss/Justin/Patrick - Collin played well in garbage time when the game was already decided. Pulled down a couple of tough rebounds and managed to get to the line. I like the potential of Williams. His shots seem to rim out, but he battled for a loose ball soon after he got into the game and got credited for a steal. The season is starting to seem like a rebuilding year, so I would like to see him get around 5 minutes per game to see what he can do when the game hasn't already been decided. Not sure if Steeves has fully recovered from the injury, but didn't even do much in garbage time, except for committing a foul.


We finally enter a stretch where I think we have a legitimate chance of going on a winning streak. We play Duquesne and St. Louis at home, and Mason on the road. Considering St. Louis beat Mason on the road, I think we have a chance there even against a better Mason team. 


ziik1/15/2017 9:17:07 PM

The game was too long. The post is fine, thanks.


rkelley1/15/2017 9:20:59 PM

If we get it together from here, we can still go 18-13 and have a shot at the NIT. I think that's the ceiling however.

La Salle is a 40-50ish team in my opinion. They beat Rhode Island away by 12 last week, they'be beaten Lehigh and Bucknell, and they hung around Villanova in a 10 point loss. The way they shot from deep today, from the corner and from the point was just undefendable. Straight up.

The part that was frustrating was how we had zero answers for their transition game. Everytime GW scored or they got a defensive rebound, it seemed their speed could just beat our defense back to the hoop and answer with an easy 2. Play more guards and use the 1-3-1.

I presume the 3-2 zone we used so much today was supposed to protect against the corner three by getting Collin Smith's length in the shooter's face, but it didn't work at all.

I also blame the unfair calls last game making our defense more conservative to some degree. We need to keep Cavanaugh on the court, and a few times, it was appeared that we weren't aggressive defensively to avoid the foul calls.

A large part of it was La Salle being on fire, and just being better shooters and athletes. They hit 65% of their 3's, we hit 41%. They hit 61% of their two's, we hit 48%. They had 4 less turnovers. The three's they were able to hit were often 5-feet off the line.

That said, I think we need to play JR more. When we took JR out and put in our "BIG" lineup early in the second half, they went on a run and pushed a 5-point lead to a 21-point lead. I don't like having Smith, Toro, Cavanaugh and Yuta on the floor at the same time, it's too slow and clunky. Particularly against a fast and athletic guard game.

I like having Sina, JR, Yuta, Cavanaugh, Toro on the floor most. And then work in Bolden, Smith and Hart. Bolden is a good player, he runs the offense pretty well, but the offense is too slow when he's leading the charge. He relies heavily on his right hand when dribbling and has to ward off the defender with his side. Causes trouble seeing the whole floor and making aggressive passes. On the bright side, he doesn't blindly fire up shots and act as recklessly as Sina. Either way, I want JR on the court more, and Matt as well. And I don't like the BIG lineup with 3 bigs ands Yuta at the same time. 

Toro and Smith are coming back to earth as freshman lately. Lots of mental mistakes, lots of lacks play.

ziik1/15/2017 9:32:12 PM

I cannot cogently comment on this team. I am disappointed, but, I was not expecting a whole lot. 

The Yuta comments by the Piranha are on point. He is the team's best all around player by a fair stretch. He has been frustrated at times, but nothing stops him.

Sina, in my opinion, is a 2nd team point guard, or, as DMV-P suggests, a second starting point in certain ball control situations. Not a shooter guard. 

Jair is improving nicely. All the new players show promise.

Something is really screwy, though, with the way the players come together as a team. The team is less than the sum of its parts. There is no synergy whatsoever. I can imagine another coach getting this same cast of characters to play up to NIT form. This is not a knock om Mojo. The players just need to get a new look from a different pair of eyes, and some imagination respecting how they ought to be playing. 

Who knows? Maybe someone new puts Sina and Steeves to better use. Maybe they both move on next season. 

The board is not the problem.


jermaine1/15/2017 9:38:49 PM

Team has struggled as the schedule got much tougher, most of it on road, will play better as weaker A10 teams come to the Smith

wisconsin colonial1/15/2017 9:54:13 PM

My bottom line today:

Defense was embarassing. They shot so well because we allowed them to shoot layups and open 3s.

On offense, we are way too easy to guard. We dribble aimlessly, then hold the ball, stand around and telegraph our passes.

I was hoping that we would take our lumps during the OOC, but the freshmen and coach would learn and develop -- and then we'd be tough to best in conference play. I'm not seeing that, however. 

Really hope I'm being too pessimistic.


rkelley1/15/2017 10:04:31 PM

As much as I'd like to say the team should be playing better, do we have anyone that can run, defend and make shots like Jaylen Adams, BJ Johnson, JeQuan Lewis, Jordan Price, Jack Gibbs? Do we have a big with the athleticism of Hassan Martin?

GW has some good pieces, we're young and/or unproven. We have freshman, a couple of good vets, and Sina just hasn't siezed the opportunity and taken his game to a starting level. I honestly believe MoJo is getting the most from these guys however, and that the coaching is one of the high points right now. When you look at the talent that the good A10 teams have, we just don't have that. Cavanaugh and Yuta are very good players, but you need more than that. At the most important position on the court, the point guard, we may not even have one starting caliber player that can do the job. We have some guard talent, but the kind that runs an offense? Debatable. 

We need some athletes and shooters to score some easy points. We're asking ALOT from Cavanaugh and Yuta to drag this team. Need far more from Sina and/or Bolden, need JR to step up with consistency, and we need either Toro or Smith to limit the mental mistakes. Their play lately has been aweful.


gw691/15/2017 10:10:39 PM

Alumnus--Like I said ---the only good news!!

rkelley1/15/2017 10:11:45 PM

I don't mean to go off on a tangent. What I realy want to say is--point guard is the most important position on the court and we don't have a starting-caliber A10 point guard. Sina has played at a fringe-starter level, and Bolden is a freshman trying to lead the offense? Not gonna cut it.

You look at Lewis, Adams, Shawndre Jones, Gibbs, Scoochie--they're a big reason their team is top-100 offensively and even defensively. Their position is the foundation for the team. And then LaSalle, they essentially have a couple of forwards with point guard skills to go with a decent quarterback.

nj colonial1/15/2017 10:12:11 PM

Keep MoJo on staff for continuity but get a veteran, proven, experienced head coach. Two words: Joe Dooley.

rkelley1/15/2017 10:15:16 PM

The years GW has been the best--2013-14 with Joe McDonald in his prime, '04-'05 with TJ Thompson at his best, and '05-'06, '06-'07 with Carl Elliott leading the charge. When you have a good point guard, that's like having a quarterback, it's the foundation. Even last year when Joe had slowed down from playing with a series of injuries for 4 years, we got Alex Mitola's fresh legs on the floor in the NIT and it pushed us over the top.

rkelley1/15/2017 10:16:22 PM

I think it's way too early to judge MoJo. The team has been solid considering how bad things looked back in September. The fact that we even kept our best players is a testament to him somewhat. You gotta give him next year. Give him a shot at recruiting, building the team how he wants.

rkelley1/15/2017 10:17:20 PM

Give Joe McDonald more of a role in coaching in addition to his PD job. His IQ and presence can only help.


luvdagame1/15/2017 11:17:42 PM

I didn't get to watch the whole game but I am liking what I see from Jair. How we perform has some to do with how we match up with the opposing team. I feel like against higher caliber guards Jair is a better fit. I watched him play physical on both offense and defense and even create his own shots these past two games. As a big guard I would like to see him get more rebounds. I said all this to say the coaches should consider starting Bolden when we play bigger and stronger guards. It looks like he had more minutes than both Sina and Jordan and maybe that is a start.

the dude1/15/2017 11:58:06 PM

3 consecutive years of HS Recruiting misses (2013, 2014 & 2015)are why this team is what it is. At the moment we have 2 good players, TC and Yuta. 

Last year we had 6 very good players and the team barely made the NIT, because of an exceptional weak players 7-13, despite a very solid 1-6.

Well, 4 of the very good players graduated leaving us with just 2 this year.  



rkelley1/16/2017 12:17:02 AM

It's tough, we're still reaching for a point guard. We're actually pretty strong everywhere else, but we don't really have one game-ready point guard to lead this team. Sina needs to be that guy, maybe he'll turn it around.


I like Jair, he runs the offense conservatively (this isn't anything new here) but I think he's developing into a more efficient player as he learns. He's developing at a rapid rate, has some indicators showing that he's a cerebral kid (good academically), and he has nice hands. For him to develop so quickly, he must work hard. He missed a lot of early shots but his hitting lately.

At the same time, Jair doesn't seem to have the handling skills to move the offense with an increased tempo. We saw that tonight. He may be athletic, but his dribbling technique and comfort isn't at the level of Sina's. I like him splitting time with Sina at this point.


Jaren is just not getting it done when he plays 34 minutes. His the best dribbler we have, he seems to know the offense technically, but he forces up bad shots and his FG% is terrible. He moves the ball often too quickly for his own good, loses a lot of balls he shouldn't. He also does this thing, when he's waiting for the offense to setup, where backs up against the foul line in front of the wing, corner himself to get trapped. It just seems like a bad spot to control the court, 2/4 of the guys are too far away from you.

I wish we had Mitola:

I wish we had Alex Mitola this year. Joe graduating woudn't have been nearly as painful. Mitola was a great player, that was largely wasted until the NIT where he blossomed. He's a true point guard, and his speed and IQ could've helped us to a 20-win season.

Jordan Roland:

I like Jordan playing more than 22 minutes. Unless he's having a bad game like last game, I think his ability on both sides of the ball should be on the court for 30 minutes. He's a guard who can shoot, dribble, and he's quick enough to defend quickness. We need that.

Matt Hart:

I want to see *more* Matt Hart. 10-12 minutes is a waste of his talents. He was one of the most efficient offensive players on the team last year, and this year he's been put in a marginzaled, support role where he rarely shoots the ball on the court, and rarely gets on the court. He has the best shot on the team, he's a high IQ guy, and he's deceptively athletic. Put him in there for 20 minutes! He was lethal when his USG% was higher last year. This year, his USG% has dropped and his usefulness has suffered. Still, he shoots 40% from 3PT in sporadic opportunities, has the lowest relevant foul rate and the second highest AST/TO rate. Play him.

What I think we should do with our minutes...

Total Minutes -

1. Cavanaugh 32

2. Watanabe 32

3. Roland 30

4. Sina 25

5. Toro 20

6. Smith 20

7. Hart 18

8. Bolden 15

9. Marfo 10


Lineup -

PG - Sina (25), Bolden (15)

SG - Roland (22), Hart (18)

SF - Watanabe (32), Roland (8)

PF - Cavanaugh (25), Toro (10), Marfo (5)

C - Smith (20), Cavanaugh (7), Toro (10), Marfo(3)

rkelley1/16/2017 12:23:51 AM


We really needed Sina to be the third. If he was, we would could've been an 18-20 win team. We're looking like a 16-win team in 31.

I wrote a long post, but really, the lineup and minute allocation aren't the problem. We needed a good point guard to compete and we don't have one. Most important position on the court, quarterback of the team. All of the top A10 teams have excellent point guards.

Hopefully we don't lose anyone aside from Cavaugh for next season. Losing one of the freshman as a transfer would be painful, losing Yuta would be absolutely devastating.

question for new jersey colonial1/16/2017 12:30:49 AM

What's so proven about Dooley?  I know he's a GW guy, but he ineherited a sweet 16 team with most players back and hasn't won a regular season title in a weak league in his first three seasons there.  Maybe he's the guy and I like giving an alumnus a chance, but I don't think it's accurate to call him proven.


gw 20131/16/2017 12:32:27 AM

Point Guard is indeed essential. This roster has NO point guards.  Sort of amazing that for all the mistakes Jair makes, he has actually been an upgrade from Sina the last two games.  

Lot more problems besides the Point. We do not have any Guards who can defend, the three Freshmen F's do not stretch the court, which clogs things for Tyler.  Our best player (Tyler) can not defend well.  (man, did Pato and Kev cover admirably for him last year)  The team is not athletic enough, can not contain dribble penetration nor create it.

Kevin Larsen was a very skilled 260lb beast who forced doubles, a skilled passer.  Tyler as a stretch 4 was fantastic last season.  This year too hard feeding Tyler in the post, a TO machine, he has a hard time maintaining, we have a hard time feeding him. When he's surrounded by F's who do not stretch the floor, it clogs the lane, this is a big part of why Marfo plays so little.




the dude1/16/2017 12:37:13 AM

RK, yeah, if the 3rd good player was a dynamic PG, the dropoff from last year would be less. The man with the ball in his hands to begin every set is immensely crucial.  Taking 5 seconds off the shot clock has increased the need for good PG play even further.

As it is, we have 2. Last year, we had those 6, with a core that had played together for 4 years, and that team got one of the last at large bids for the NIT.  

rkelley1/16/2017 12:43:31 AM


I can't tell if we're getting more with less, or less with more.

I look at Price, Johnson tonight and I can see we don't have one guy with that kind of unstoppable talent. they just run by us, or pull up from 5 feet off the line and splash a three. Have we had a guy in the last 15 years with the type of ability that Jaylen Adams, B.J. Johnson, JeQuan Lewis, Jack Gibbs, Kuran Iverson, E.C. Matthews has? Shawndre Jones, Justin Tillman?

rkelley1/16/2017 12:44:41 AM


Good point about the -5 seconds issue and point guard.

Seems to me, that's what we're lacking most. And I'm skeptical Darnell Rogers would've brought answers.

rkelley1/16/2017 12:47:42 AM

Last year, it was frustrating that we just couldn't do more with the talent we had. This year, I'm convinced we're just not that good. 16 wins is what I expect, and I'm okay with that. Worth watching and hoping for the future.

We really need some guard talent, badly. Don't want to waste Yuta's final season--if he even bothers staying. We need some good freshman, and a miraculous transfer. Given the circumstances and the rookie coach, I highly doubt that wish comes true.

high flyer1/16/2017 12:54:33 AM

RKelley, we were briefly getting more with less, because we won so many close games.

Now we are getting about what should be expected with less.  Watching VCU and La Salle and how superior their players are should be a real eye opener for us Colonials fans.

the dude1/16/2017 2:30:33 AM

RK.  Agree about Point Guard, its our weakest position but we're missing a lot more than that.

We are missing:

1. Guards who can penetrate, create fouls, drive and dish.

2. Players who can create their own shot.

3. Athletic ability across the board.  Yuta is really are only truly athletic player.

4. Perimeter quickness to defend penetration.

5. Rim protection. I think in time the 3 Freshmen can develop here, not there yet consistently.

6. Frontcourt around TC that can stretch the floor. Had Larsen and Pato atop the key last year, this year we have Toro and Collin posting up down low near TC.

7. A big who you can run offense through.  Last year, choppy as it was at times, Larsen a great massive width passer who could hold the block, demanded double teams and a willing, brilliant passer.  You feed the post to our young un's shot is going up. Tyler has also forced a good deal of shots. Larsen would post, look for others, re-post. Created a lot of open 3's. Post man and stretch floor around him with perimeter knock down 3 shooters. 

Last year was not a flawless personnel, but we had a lot more of these things. Mostly though we were better in other areas, which is no longer the case.  Team will play better though, we'll have our share of better days.  Just not consistently and rarely against vastly superior teams.


long suffering fan1/16/2017 10:29:55 AM

Over the last 3 games, we have held our opponants to an average of 80.3 points per game, on 57.5% shooting (92-160) from the field and 52% shooting (26-50) from the field.   Want to fix what is broke, it must start with the defense.  Our kids just can't defend...anyone!  After we fix the defense, we can start with the guard play. Over the last 3 games, 34 assists to 44 turnovers.  That is nearly 15 turnovers a game, or, to put it another way, that is 15 trips per game down the court where we don't even get to take a shot.   The loss of composure...that "here it comes now" look on the face of the players is quite evident.  And it could get worse...but the future could also get better.  There is returning talent on this team.   I believe the frosh class of Smith, Toro, Marfo and Bolden is very talented...a talent level  comparable to the Larsen, Garino, Savage and JoeMac class.  I believe that Roland is likewise a very talented player, as is Sina and Yuta.  In other words, I feel we have 7 very talented players that are returning.   What we need is a point guard (hello Darnell?) and a coach who knows how to further develop and better use the talent that we already have, as well as put in place an offensive and defensive system.  This season is shot.   Lets see...we had a surprising win at Temple, then there was the...uh...someone help me here.   What we are now in should be player development and embarassment avoidance (sometimes mutually exclusive).   I have given up hope for the season, but not the future.


bo knows1/16/2017 11:00:24 AM

LSF you've just hit on two weaknesses in the holy trinity of basketball - defense and turnovers, the third being rebounding on the defensive end. Of course all of these go to limiting your opponents possessions and increasing yours. Right now, unless we defend better and stop turning it over, we simply do not have the offensive firepower to overcome those deficits. Simply put, we have to be much better in these areas or the season will go from mediocre to bad quickly.

This is not a talent issue. This is a youth issue and it needs to be corrected through constant messaging and repetition. 6 of our top 9 players either didn't play college basketball last year or played very limited minutes. If I were Mojo I would spend most of my time of getting the defensive end fixed. I would also slow the game down because as ML learned we make fewer turnovers when we do. This team was built to play exactly the way ML had them playing and Mojo needs to go back to a tightly controlled game. We aren't winning shootouts - not with this group of players.

We have a critical stretch ahead with at least 3 winnable games - Duquesne, St. Louis and George Mason. We need to win at least 2 of these 3 or barring a miracle there is zero chance at post-season.

2twotoed1/16/2017 11:00:56 AM

This has been very difficult to watch, both in person and at home. Guard play was and is a huge problem with this team. It would be a real asset to have a 6'6-6'7 athletic wing who can slash and rebound. Our guards are so small and slow compared to most if not all the teams we play.In time, if they don't transfer, our young bigs should be excellent players. The sooner we have a permanent head coach the better. If MoJo is the answer fine. I'm not prepared to say he is at this time. We need athletes that can play at the A-10 level not Ivy grad students or D3 transfers.

long suffering fan1/16/2017 11:45:18 AM

The thing is, Bo, we have been slowing  the game down, either intentionally or unintentionally.   I know at one point in the second half, the announcer during the Lasalle game indicated that we were holding the ball an average of something like 24 seconds per possession.  On far too many possessions, we are forced to take a low percentage shot becuase the clock has run down.  And as for the turnovers...we are not losing the ball on high risk/high reward passes or drives but rather its either ill advised passes or simply sloppy ball handling.  In other words, I am not sure that we are skilled enought to slow the game down for the right reasons.

1971 walkon1/16/2017 12:06:10 PM

Aside from youthful mistakes, the offense is without purpose.  If a pass into the low-post doesn't happen, it is all perimeter despiration with 3 seconds left on the shotclock.  How about a drive and dish into the lane at about 12 seconds, rather than a rushed off balance prayer at 3 seconds.  Heck, we have the horses inside.  PENETRATE!!!! 


la fan1/16/2017 12:33:30 PM

So it sounds like our defense is bad, our offense is stagnant, we turn the ball over too much, and we don't have a point guard.  Otherwise everything is great lol.

I think the team is going to be in this mode until a really strong couple of recruits come into the backcourt - well at least as strong as Joe Mac and Savage.  We just need guys who can size up with other A10 guards.  Can Bolden get to that level?  Maybe, but he needs some time to develop.

Otherwise, our team defense is too slow.  LaSalle, and other A10 teams so far, dribble right past our defenders, they rotate the ball over to wide open shooters, they leave some of our guys looking like they are going to break their ankles.  I think GW brings in someone over the summer who can land a couple of solid recruits.  Find someone who can get players in the DMV, shouldn't we at least be able to land a local player or two?

But next year is more rebuilding and maybe we make another run when these freshman are seniors.  I have been watching GW basketball too long and know that with our program patience is a virtue.


bigfan1/16/2017 2:13:47 PM

Personally used to decry ML's grinding offense, which now seems like it was designed by a John Wooden/Red combination/Phil Jackson combination compared to this year's and particularly LaSalle game's face a shot clock violation or heave up a prayer 3 offense.

And from the point of excitment, ML's focus on defense was boring.

But in retrospect, despite the horrifying "abuse" that brought just a handful of home losses prior to this year, ML's strategy seems pretty clever.

CBI seems like something we only dare dream about.

invictus1/16/2017 2:36:40 PM

Hard to understand how a Colonial fan could watch these past few games and now not realize that the issue is personnel. Perhaps it makes one feel better to think so.

bo knows1/16/2017 3:30:29 PM

The issue is youth and inexperience more than talent.

bo knows1/16/2017 3:36:03 PM

Nearly a third of our minutes are going to freshmen.

Another 10% to a sophomore that hardly played last year.

And, finally another 15% to a transfer who sat last season out.

invictus1/16/2017 3:58:51 PM

The youth is a piece of it.  Its not all of it.  So many minutes are going to Freshmen, not because they beat anyone out, but because they just stepped into open roles. The Soph who barely played last year, barely played for a reason.  He also stepped into a wide open role, and now that he is struggling some again, he will keep playing because we have no one else.  

Extreme youth and/or inexperience is a piece of it, agreed. But we are playing so much young/inexperience not because they won jobs so much as stepped into total personnel voids.

bo knows1/16/2017 4:55:40 PM

If you just take the last 12 months ... We did graduate 4 seniors - Larsen, McDonald, Garino and Mitola. We had another 3 players transfer out - Jorgensen, Swan and Cimino. That's more than half the roster. Under any circumstances, there were going to be personnel voids this year. 


maine colonial1/16/2017 5:05:13 PM

Joe, Kethan, Patricio and Kevin didn't exactly light it up their first year at GW:

13-17 Record; 7-9 Conference Record

They played a combined 91 minutes a game: Joe 28.1, Kethan 11.5, Patricio 26.9, Kevin 24.3

Joe: 7.5 points a game/3.2 assists/3 turnovers/30.3 3P%

Kethan: 3.1 points a game/0.6 assists/0.9 turnovers/21.1 3P%

Patricio: 8.8 points a game/2.1 assists/2.6 turnovers/28.6 3P%

Kevin: 8.2 points a game/1.5 assists/1.5 turnovers/0.0 3P%

Total: 27.6 points a game/7.4 assists/8 turnovers/20.0 3P%

You can compare for yourself how this year's group is doing in so far: LINK

As a group the freshmen are scoring 21.1 points per game in 75.8 minutes a game.

invictus1/16/2017 5:22:17 PM

Bo Knows, agreed. I would add a SUPER thin team behind those graduating starters.  We knew last year at any moment we were foul trouble or an injury away from disaster.  Well, this year we basically had that in the form of 5 of the 7 guys who played last year departing.  


invictus1/16/2017 5:36:54 PM

Maine, that team had Isiah Armwood too, the only shot blocker rim protector of the ML era. Still lost 18 games I believe.  Those 4 Freshmen were a lot better than this year's crop to be fair, Pato day 1 was a great defender, Kevin was a post presence day 1. Joe started right away did many things well, Kethan by the end of the year had emerged.  

In contrast, Mojo has actually overachieved with this year's squad, not because of brilliant coaching, but because the team simply won its first 5 very close games.  

The Freshmen this year have had their moments, they are not nearly as good as that crop's Freshmen was, not yet at least. The Freshmen are not the issue, the issue is the prior 3 classes of Freshmen recruiting.

bobo1/16/2017 5:56:14 PM

How was LaSalle's last 3 freshman recruiting classes?  They still beat GW pretty easily.

the dude1/16/2017 6:09:22 PM

La Salle went from a Sweet 16 program to a team that was terrible the last 3 years, 9-22 last year, because of poor HS recruiting.

If you want to be a program relying on transfers that line up a single season after 3 awful seasons, well that is another way to be pretty good every so often.  Hard to maintain on the backs of transfers, and is that what you want for GW?

If you want to sustain success, you build a program and sustain with good HS recruiting.  You augment it with transfers.  Some of those transfers are just to replace the players you lost via transfer.  Good 4 year recruits is what builds  and sustains programs.

bobo1/16/2017 6:27:23 PM

LaSalle had Pomeroy rankings of 104 and 105 in 2014 and 2015 so they weren't awful, just not as good as GW.  Teams need talent and any way they can get that works.  2-3 good transfers every year works.  3-4 good freshmen every year works.  Any combination of the previous works.  I hope GW gets MORE good transfers going forward not less.  I hope they get them every single year. There is 500-600 to choose from every years so they are certainly out there.

the dude1/16/2017 7:02:21 PM

Seems like a straw man Bobo, who is arguing don't try to get good transfers?

GW has never shown an ability to build a program primarily through transfers, and very few nationally do.  They have bolstered the program when the HS recuiting has been good.

This is a team with two currently very good players, 1 transfer and 1 HS recruit.  The last three years of HS recruiting classes yielded 1 good player, that is why we are where we are.  Of those 11 HS recruits, if we had 4 Yutas insetad of 1, we'd be in good shape.




bobo1/16/2017 7:09:41 PM

Or GW could have recruited 7 freshman instead of 11 with 4 more transfers.  Misses hurt but I don't care about the mix between freshmen and transfers as long as the recruit has talent.

gw alum abroad1/16/2017 7:12:13 PM

Hey, if this team had Larry Farmer, Kieth Wilkes, Greg Lee, Henry Bibby and Bill Wlaton, they would go undefeated and win the National Championship.

maine colonial1/16/2017 7:32:03 PM

If you take Phil Martelli and St. Joseph's as a benchmark, it is hard to reload every year and stay at the top. Do you think Phil forgets how to coach some years or he decides to put in a whole new offense and defense and they just don't work? What changes year-to-year is the talent he has to put on the court and it fluctuates as kids like Bembry leave and other kids take their spots as freshmen and have to be coached up and learn the hard way through game experience.

2012-3 18-14; 8-8; 8th in A10; NIT first round

2013-4 24-10; 11-5 in A10; 3rd in A10; NCAA tournament Round of 64

2014-5 13-18; 7-11 in A10; 10th in A10

2015-6 28-8; 13-5 in A10; tied for 3rd; NCAA tournament Round of 32

2016-7 8-8 so far; 2-3 in A10

former colonial1/16/2017 7:38:42 PM

Anyone who thinks this is purely a talent issue versus experience/coaching is in a different universe. When you have inexperienced coaching leading inexperienced players it's like an accelerant. Not blaming Mojo he didn't ask for this gig but it's time to wake up and smell the coffee. This team would have won at least 3 more games (PSU, UAB/Georgia and St. Joseph's) with Lonergan coaching which means we'd be at least 12-6 right now. We don't lack enough talent to be decent right now.


xac1/16/2017 7:52:55 PM

Had to chuckle at FC comment. I guess I could have been contrary and said "No, we would be worse because we would have lost to Temple", but suffice to say that anyone who claims to know what our record would be with another coach has his head seriously jammed in a crevice on the posterior side of his body.


gwalum41/16/2017 7:56:46 PM

Comparing this team to 2012-2013, I find similarities.  Then, we had the core four freshmen, and were lead by Armwood and Kromah. (Dave Pellom was injured during the summer and was out for the season) 

Now we have the new core four freshman and are lead by Tyler and Yuta. We were 13-14 during the regular season in 2012-2013, similar to the record we are going to have this year.

I like our chances for the next three years..


high flyer1/16/2017 7:57:11 PM

Plenty of A10 programs however have sustained winning.  VCU has through many Coaching changes That is what we aspire to do right? Jarvis did, and he left his successor an NCAA team to boot. 

Well, at least we seem to have documented what the issue is, now that some of the anti-Mojo hysteria has died down.


friend of mojo1/16/2017 9:04:08 PM

It is hilarious to read Maine Colonial and PN's other merry men try to downplay the talent level after every loss.   To compare this season to ML's first season is a joke.  This team has a legitimate nucleus of experienced talent which includes 2 of the best 5 players in the A10 in Tyler and Yuta and a former Big East All-Rookie selection, Sina.  We arguably have 3 of the best 10 players in the A10.  Badmouth them all you want but Sina is a very good player who turned down South Carolina and Michigan to come to GW and play for ML and Steeves turned down Vandy and Cal.  
Sina, Yuta, Steeves, Tyler and Smith should start with Roland, Hart, Toro, Marfo, Jair off the bench.  Only one of our top 7 is a freshman!  We have 3 5th year players so the experience is there.  PN is trying to spin things because he needs MoJo to get the job so he won't tell the world what a fraud Nero is.  MoJo was not allowed to work at GW from June-August 2015!  That was when Nero was trying to fire him.  Just ask MoJo or Nero or anyone in the athletic department about that fact.  He was banned from campus!  ML fought to get MoJo back.  Nero wanted him gone. If MoJo doesn't get the job permanently I am sure he and others will break their gag order.  It isn't MoJo's fault we got blown out at LaSalle after beating them 90-50 last season.  It is all the fault of PN.  This program just won the most games in school history last year and over the last 3 years and were poised to have another 20+ win season.  GW would have been picked 3rd or 4th if ML was the coach. PN destroyed the program.  Enjoy watching Marfo, Toro and Smith while you still can.  They will be gone soon.  They all had high major recruitment and will have plenty of options.  Sina will be gone too.  This is just the calm before the storm.


maine colonial1/16/2017 9:11:14 PM

Former Colonial: Why settle for ML in your fantasy world if you could choose Brad Stevens instead? With Stevens as coach, I think we would be 18-0 right now.


gw 20131/16/2017 9:19:28 PM

I wonder what the cult of ML guy here would be saying had ML not been fired for abusing his players and Coached this team to a 9-9 record. 

ML did a lot of things well, but he also recruited a lot of guys who were four levels below A10. I used to think that was just about missing on the guys he really wanted, but when I see someone like 22 year old Steeves, who there was 35 games of flim on last year, makes me think maybe some of the misses had to do with mistakes in judgment.  


former colonial1/16/2017 9:50:47 PM

Can someone really be that out of touch with reality to think the record would be the same if Lonergan was the coach??? Must be one of the minions trying to justify the decision. The cult of ML??? Lol. Sounds like the Kremlin has its propaganda apparatus going full swing here. Did GW hire Baghdad Bob to be its spokesperson here? You couldn't find two college head coaches who wouldn't agree with me that Lonergan is not a better game coach than Mojo right now and that's no offense to Mojo. I'd even bet Mojo would agree with that. You make GW fans look bad when you can't even acknowledge the obvious (even if you dislike Lonergan). 

gw alum abroad1/16/2017 9:50:58 PM

Is there a full moon? Does 9 and 9 have some sort of Talmudic significance? Has a good shipment of extra-powerful 'schrooms made its way to DC ahead of the Innauguration?

I ask because the loons seem to be oozing up through the cracks and taking over (this board at least). One poster insists the problem is ML was canned, another that he wasn't canned soon enough for poor recruiting, another that all the team needs to do to be a winner is pad the roster with All-A10 quality players (so simple!) and finally one says blame for the inability to deny LaSalle its plethora of open looks lies with the Athletic Director for wanting to fire the interim coach a year before he got his (temporary) promotion... from the very same AD himself! 

This board used to be a lifeline for the diaspora of Colonial fandom (of which I am one of the farthest-flung members and thus one of those most grateful to Herve for this forum). But honestly now it is as if the LaRouche crowd has learned what a 1-3-1 is, and is setting up tables in airports. (Wow, I just carbon dated myself). When great posters like FQ and Fan From Arlington stop visiting this site to be replaced by wise sages who after every loss authoritatively proclaim what a fired ex-coach would have accomplished, it might be time to join the exodus...

ziik1/16/2017 10:00:56 PM

I miss Lyndon Larouche. Thanks for the reference.

former colonial1/16/2017 10:23:01 PM

GWAA by all means don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out. Lyndon Larouche? GTFOH!

ziik1/16/2017 10:48:40 PM

I had an office in Leesburg, where LL was headquartered. I went to the barber shop, and he was getting a trim. He had 3 bodyguards with him. He was (is?) a total nutjob. And, he has followers.

jwf1/16/2017 11:23:25 PM

I am jealous that I cannot philosophically like GW Alum. The program will survive the recent trauma and move on to periods of excellence, mediocrity and even something less. We'll be there to enjoy it and hopefully have this forum

rkelley1/16/2017 11:48:46 PM

The holding the ball for 24 seconds at a time, someone needs to explain that to me. With the shot clock winding down, doesn't that make it obvious to the defense when you're going to shoot, and make it more difficult for the offense to find an opening because of desperation? 

Why not attack earlier on the clock?

rkelley1/16/2017 11:58:33 PM

I really hope @FriendOfMojo isn't right about the transfers. 

And while I obviously believe we'd be better off with the much more experienced Lonergan, where does that get us? I've already posted in defense of Lonergan, how he was treated given the evidence. But all of that is far from the fans' power. It's evident that the athletic department and the higher-ups feel that shouldn't be questioned at all and they've tried to move on as quietly as possible.

If you really have the inside scoop, tell us more?


fmc1/17/2017 12:15:14 AM

Would not worry too much about "friend of mojo's" fradulent ramblings. 

As for the personnel, Tyler and Yuta last year were paired with Kevin Larsen, Garino and Joe. This year they are starting with Roland, Collin Smith and Sina.  

Just for a moment picture the next game has Larsen Garino and Joe with Tyler and Yuta.  You woudl feel a whole lot better about our chances of wining yea? Well that's the story of GW 16/17.



gw 031/17/2017 12:25:05 AM

Actually, this was the first basketball based, mostly sane, light on loons threads here in a long time. There is a longstanding and quite bizarre tradition here of putting enormous emphasis on in game Coaching decisions when things go wrong game to game.  Happened during the entire ML era too. Most vociferously by the same folks who are now most critical of Mojo in game decisions.  

This season its been taken to a new level, I think by mostly well meaning fans who are resistant to accept we were headed for a big slide.  Yes, there's an ML worshipping loon going well beyond that by I basically ignore all those posts. Funny thing about that loon's posts, this staff was hired by ML, Coached under ML, run ML's zones and plays, and inherited 100% ML recruited players. 



the mv1/17/2017 1:24:11 PM

Am surprised nobody has really talked about this team's confidence or recent lack thereof.  In the last 6 games, coming off a full week layoff after a solid victory over UCF:

Loss at Miami where they were shell shocked to start the game before proving that they could be competitive

Loss at St. Joe's where overconfidence may have taken over in that they felt like they had the game won after a strong start but didn't play the full 40 minutes

Win against Davidson.  A good win but one that they barely hung onto.  A similar feel to the UMES and Siena wins only against better competition.

Loss to Richmond.  Miami revisited.  Fell behind badly before scrambling to make a game of it before losing.

Loss to VCU..Intimidated.  Looked like it.  Played like it.

Loss to La Salle...Again, a somewhat shell shocked start.  Played from behind virtually all game. 

When they play man, they are repeatedly getting beat off of the dribble.  The help defense is often late or non-existent.  When they play zone, it is passive, they rotate slowly, and seemed resigned to giving up open three which A10 players make consistently.  If you can recall when Hobbs went with a full court trap, or when Lonergan refined the 1-3-1, these were weapons.  They weren't designed to mask slowness or keep players out of foul trouble; they were designed to force turnovers and ignite a transition game.

They have looked like a beaten team for a month now.  Many tend to see a player dive for a loose ball and conclude that the team is playing hard.  Not necessarily so.  When guys stop busting their asses to get in the correct position in a zone, and then get that defeated look when the opposition hits a wide open three, that's a form of complacency.  And I think that's what we're seeing right now.

Everyone should remember what an exceptional season this is for players and coaches.  Exceptional as in how incredibly different this year is.  It's hard to find fault under these circumstances.  If MoJo wants to be back next season, he has to find ways of lighting fires under his players.  Other teams are playing like their scholarships are going to be taken away if they don't play with maximum effort.  Sorry but that's not what I'm seeing at this point in time. 

Any reasonable person understands that this is a very difficult situation for coaches and players to be in.  But unlike what someone else said recently, I think MoJo did ask to be in this situation (just not under these circumstances).  This is his audition, fair or unfair.  He needs to make the most of and that starts with building confidence back up.  The schedule helps and I assume the students are back for Duquesne.  At this point, any evaluation of MoJo should start with how hungry and how confident this team looks starting with a hopeful turnaround on Wednesday night.


bigfan1/17/2017 3:08:54 PM

1) No idea of the veracity, but Friend of Mojo is offering some really detailed information. Be interested whether Mojo was banned from campus, presumably due to a work permit situation, for a few months and whether ML fought athletic dept. for him.

Not earth-shattering at this point, but interesting. Friend of Mojo and anyone with any specific details on either side should continue to post, but needless to say, leave Herve out of it. Herve's role in providing a forum has been extraordinary. Here is the only place to obtain any info.

2)Sometimes you can see defeat in the players' eyes. Or acceptance of defeat way too early by using up all the shot clock when we are down, when time to realistically come back is starting tick away.

3) Believe that can stop with Duquesne. We can and should have a strong performance at home against a not great team and the students back.

 And we can regain momentum and Mojo tomorrow.

haha1/17/2017 3:28:54 PM

Players meet their ceilings when they see more responsibilities. This is the ceiling of the players' potential. 

haha1/17/2017 3:35:55 PM

If we lose to Duquesne at home, that would be pretty, and that can prolly be a good time to critique the coaches and players even further. Teams that we lost in the A10, whether at home or on the road, are statiscally (Kenpom) better than us, so to me they were undelightful and acceptable. But if we lose to a pretty Duquesne or Fordham team, I can see that as a real problem. Now this Duquesne game is huge. Trust me. 

haha1/17/2017 3:36:49 PM

*pretty bad Duquesne team

swish1/17/2017 3:40:19 PM

You are being punked. this person has libeled college students in the AD's office and trashed Herve, and yet you keep encouraging more of this drivel. 


dkm1/17/2017 5:52:50 PM

I was happy to see your post MV because it contained a view that I hold but have not shared because I do not feel I am as well-versed on the nuances of the college game as others on the board (or put anotehr way, if no one else had this thought I realized my belief might be mistaken).  Now that you have stuck your neck out, I feel better baout joining the conversation.  I too think that the effort of many of the players on defense, especially in the zone, is lacking.  Given that the players rotate in every three to five minutes, I would think that when on the court in the zone, the activity level would be much more visable (arms waiving, feet moving, aggressive close-outs on the shooter, etc).  I just have not seen that level of effort at all, let alone on a consistent effort.  Maybe it is there and I just don't know what it looks like, but to me, given the depth of our rotation, I expected to see more desperation in the level of effort on the defensive end -- at least when in zone -- because players know there is no reason to conserve their energy as they are coming out in a few minutes. 

swish1/17/2017 6:02:48 PM

players do not rotate in and out every three mins. most of staters play 30+ a night

 issue is not effort or waving hands, its foot speed, athletic ability, lack of quickness, overall physical mismatches against faster quicker players in recent game, same issue we have seen at GW for many years, even on much better teams like last year's squad

the mv1/17/2017 6:33:13 PM

Swish, if you can stand it, go rewatch the past two games.  In each, they looked and played like a defeated team well before halftime.  I'm not suggesting that they weren't at a disadvantage when it comes to speed.  But there were plenty of instances where they had enough time to aggressively close out a shooter and just didn't seem to have their hearts in it.  I'm not talking about every possession, but enough for me and apparently DKM to notice it.  I'm not sure you are helping your case saying that last year's defense looked much like this year's.  We have one of the worst FG% defenses in the conference so far and that is a statistic that was extremely important and substantially better over the past several seasons.

swish1/17/2017 6:49:55 PM

team rallied in each game, slicing into huge deficits, before being overwhelmed by a superior opponent.  also you are misquoting me, what I said was :

"foot speed, athletic ability, lack of quickness, overall physical mismatches against faster quicker players in recent game, same issue we have seen at GW for many years, even on much better teams like last year's squad"




tmj1/17/2017 8:11:51 PM

"looked and played like a defeated team well before halftime" that's complete BS.  Team has played hard all year, regardless of results and has many times stormed back from very large point differentials - I get this is hard for some people to accept, but sometimes you are just beat by much better teams

long suffering fan1/17/2017 8:21:25 PM

Richmond, Lasalle, St. Joes, Georgia, Penn State, UAB....they can't all be much better teams.

tmj1/17/2017 8:30:25 PM

I believe the reference was to the last two games.  My contention is the team played hard but was beat by much better teams, in response to someone claiming "the team just didn't have their hearts in it" in those two games

freddts1/17/2017 9:23:57 PM

While it is often a loser for program and player I sure can't blame players for transferring at an ever increasing rate nationwide: Its the leverage they have. I've been wondering about the 3 new bigs and if GW is allowed to recruit JUCos. How would a good PG recruit help with keeping the guys we have 0% - 33%? What do yqall think?


the dude1/17/2017 9:59:46 PM

It really runs the full gamut. For guys getting little/zero playing time, glad they get to transfer somewhere they can find the court. For guys who have a family situation back home, ditto. In the case of Creek, 2 for 2. For guys who leave small programs, raided by a blue-blood, that's shitty.

I've also been wondering about Point Guard.  Hard to land good Point Guards, I'm just wondering why we haven't recruited more of them (or any, going all the way back to post Joe recruiting) Seem to have instead brought in a lot of undersize off ball guards who can shoot.  Is Jair the future at the point for GW?

the mv1/18/2017 9:29:15 AM

TMJ, let's discuss these last two games.  At VCU, very difficult spot and yes, GW clearly lost to a better team.  Does that mean that the team is exonerated from the possibility that they didn't give it their all for 40 minutes?  That GW team showed up fearful and was not the slightest bit competitive.  Is VCU really 30 points better than GW?  Under these circumstances, what I'm saying is human nature.  When you keep getting beat on both ends of the court, you do lose heart.  You do let up a bit, failing to give maximum effort on every possession.  I am not saying that the team didn't try or didn't hustle at times.  

At LaSalle, GW had 9 turnovers in the first 10 minutes of the game.  La Salle has been scoring big this season but their defense is not very good at all.  Once it became evident that GW was going to have a hard time winning a shootout against them, there were some noticeable letups on defense.  At least two of Jordan Price's three pointers came with all of the time in the world to shoot them as very little if any effort was being made to get to him once La Salle rotated the ball effectively.  La Salle shot 61% for the game including 11-17 from 3.  Are they really that good?  There are games when you everything right on defense yet the opponent still makes the shots.  This was not that.  Way too many wide open looks and way too many times we got beat off the dribble without any help defense.  I recognize that getting beat off the dribble is hard for this team to avoid given their collectively slow foot speed; however, failing to have adequate help defense is inexcusable.

So I'll stand by my statements.  I did not nor am I suggesting that GW did not work hard at all throughout the entirety of these games.  There were simply too many instances where they looked beat, subsequently gave up on plays defensively. and appeared to lose heart.

friend of mojo1/18/2017 4:50:37 PM

For the record, I have never mentioned Herve in any of my posts, let alone criticised or attacked him. No idea who was taking shots at him but it's not me guys, sorry. 

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