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GW Alum Abroad
9/17/2016 1:28:37 PM

GW Alum Abroad9/17/2016 1:28:37 PM

So far GW's public handling of this mess has been missing the "handling" part. So moving forward, what would the peanut gallery here have the school do:

A) Promote an assistant on an interim basis for the season while a full search can be conducted. On the plus side, it brings some stability for 2016/17. On the negative, it will leave a cloud over the entire season and program, feed a media and heckling frenzy on every road trip and not adress the issue of where the program goes beyond this season.

B) Hire a new coach now. On the plus side, it settles things down. On the negative side late-September is a bad time of year to go looking for a coach and only unproven or unworthy (or both) candidates will be available.

C) Sign a "name" to keep the ship afloat until a coach can be found. On the plus side, it will get attention (USF did this with Eddie Sutton a couple of years ago to mixed results). On the down side, who is available and whynis this any better than option A?

D) Bring in a name alum. On the plus side, a Dooley or Pops or Jones would appease the alumni shitstorm and generate some positive press. On the negative side, this might seem like a gimmic that recruits and opponents see through easily.

E) Go waaaaaay outside the box... Jennifer Azzi! On the plus side, what better statement to change the public discussion by replacing a coach fired for homophonia with the first lesbian head coach in DI men's basketball history! On the negative side this may be the most batshit suggestion ever made on this board, and that includes all the Smith Center expansion/bring back football fantasies that get batted around here.


Truth is, turning this shit into shinola is a major challenge.

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